Bepannah Aashqui FF 20th epi


THANKS  A Tonne Dear Readers  for ur encouragement

Sia my darling  reader thanks  alot for expressing ur view I appreciate  dear yes the rides of twists n turns will start soon in a epi or 2

Recap-zoya and adi are standing in Mandap n holding  garland towards each other they are giving  demo to sanveer for posing that very moment  inspector  rajVeer  comes N says that Adiya have killed yash n pooja n now Adiya can romance in jail

All are shocked  to  see police

Adi murmurs rajVeer

RajVeer  (lots of attitude )-Mr Aditya Hooda ur gave is over finished  U have been enough  time in open air now is the time to go behind bars criminals  Dnt look good in open

Aditya  (sternly )-what nonsense  n what are u doing  over here rajVeer

RajVeer (firmly )-Aditya  Mind ur language u are talking  to An ACP

Inspector  RajVeer khanna

Not rajVeer

Pandu arrest them


Mr Hooda enters with mahi

Mr Hooda-ACP RajVeer u cannot  touch  my son what has he done

Rajveer (devilish laugh)-Ohhoo so daddy is here to save his criminal  sonny Mr Hooda r son is a murderer He with his beloved  zoya has murdered  yash n pooja

Mr Hooda-whats the evidence  where is evidence

Rajveer -Justice  Hooda u Dnt even know this much evidence  is required  in courtroom a suspect can be taken in custody with arrest warrant here have a look

Rajveer gives arrest warrant  to Mr Hooda

Mr Hooda starts to sweat

Adi gets worried

Mr Hooda (dumbstruck)-Non bailable warrant

Rajveer -Justice  Hooda am no kid I know ur influence  so know how to play my move so now ur son will stay behind  bars till hearing  of case

BTW u need not worry he was my classmate I will not trouble  him Infact I would ensure they have  a nice romantic  peaceful stay

Rajveer  winks

Mr Hooda feels helpless

Sanveer are confused.

Mahi seems panicked

A lady cop grabs zoya ‘s hand

Zoya feels pain

Adi notices

Mahi comes in between  -u cannot take zoya like this hellooo listen to me

Cop pushes mahi

Mahi falls

Zoya worries  for her

Sanchi helps Mahi get up

Cops drag Adiya

Zoya  is feeling uncomfortable  adi senses

Adi (calmly)-RajVeer

RajVeer  (angry tone)-ohhh Aditya I explained  u something  right

Adi (trying  to stay calm)-Inspector  Rajveer Sir u have  a problem  with  me so take me Am ready to come y drag zoya in all this

RajVeer smiles -awwwwww such a cute couple  Adiya  zoya too is a criminal  u both are involved  so obviously  I will take both na As it is u guys cannot stay away from each other  I have  seen that in college  too.U ppl had amazing  chemistry. BTW adi y did u marry pooja she loved u so much .Adi u are a cheater u ruined  her life

Flashes of pooja holding  yash’s  hand comes before  adi’s  eyes

He fumes in anger

He holds rajVeer ‘s collar

He is about  to hit him

Mr Hooda gets worried

Zoya -Adi control  anger will make things worse

Adi stops

Rajveer (smiles )-remote  control zoya has what a love

We will discuss  ur love story in police station

Adiya are pushed inside jeep

All are worried

Adiya  are sitting  opposite to each other

Tears fall from zoya’s eyes

Adi notices

He keeps his hand over hers

Both are tear eyed

Their eyes contact  with each other

Deep contact

Adi n zoya are put in opposite  prisons

A lady cop pushes zoya in

She gets hurt

Adi gets concerned

Tears fall from his eyes

Zoya -Adi am fine

Rajveer-mere samne wali kidki mein ek chand ka tukda rehta tha………

Enjoy guys romance in opposite  prisons good night guys have fun

Adi is fuming  in anger

Zoya signals him to stay calm


Both sit in prison

They look at each other


Both are worried

Food is pushed in prison

Zoya looks at dried burnt roti

She takes a bite

Adi looks on worried

Zoya starts to cough

Adi -Zoya water water

Zoya somehow manages to go n fetch herself  water

Adi feels relived

Zoya is hungry n again tries to eat

Adi shows her to dip roti in water

Zoya exactly  does that

Zoya smiles at adi

Both dip roti in water N have


Hooda house

Arjun n Mr Hooda are discussing  something

Anjana  is worried -Arjun Harshvardan do something  my adi is in prison  n zoya Zoya too is in prison  she is a lady it might be so uncomfortable  Do anything  get them back

Harshvardan hugs her-Anjana  this rajVeer is very smart he has arranged  a non bailable  warrant  Dnt wry I will take the earliest  date possible  n get them out

Arjun-mom Dnt wry bhai n zoya are there together  u know na together they can face anything

Anjana  hugs Arjun

N cries

Zoya is trying  to sleep

Lots of insects

Adi feels helpless to see zoya struggle

Something  Sony trikes him

He signals zoya  to remove her dyppata n wave it to make insects go away

Zoya does that

Adi does with handkerchief

Precap-Adi n zoya are talking  to Harshvardan

Harshvardan -see u guys Pls Dnt hide anything  rajVeer was in ur college he can use any info against  u both so let me know  everything  properly  so that am prepared

Zoya’s pov-sorry uncle some secrets cannot be shared Its best if it remains  in heart


Rajveer -Zoya was not adi’s friend she loved him loved him alot

He presents some ppr

Adi looks at zoya

Zoya looks down


  1. Jasminerahul

    sad that rajveer arrested adiya accusing them of killing their spouse.jail scenes were touchy.adi helping zoya to solve her problems was caring

  2. Fenil

    Can’t see them like this
    waiting fot next.

  3. Anee

    Wowww Rushii… Its Amazing updates dear… but u posted so late…. yaarrr I can’t see them like this… feeling really bad for them to dip Roti in water then eat… but I know u will definitely do some magic to sort out their problem…. Merii RU hai na sab theek kar legii Right?? ek aur baat sanveer aur rehenge yaa bas yahin tak tha un ka track… pls yaarrr kuch Dailogue Sanveer ko bhii dedo… jaise tum ne kaanchi ff pyara sa rishta main Ishita ruhii un ko diya thaa… aage dear tumarii marzii jaise tum chaho story ko maintain kar saktii ho… kiyun I will read anything that you will write…. Love u Ru bye tc.

  4. It was good , thank you for replying to my comment , I will wait for the twist and turn as you said it is complete Ng soon , I waiting for that , post soon

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