Bepannah Aashqui FF 19th epi

Greetings For The My Lovely Readers
Thanks a tonne dear readers for all ur encouragement

Recap- mahi tactfully makes out the employee taking Adiya ‘s pic She follows him n comes to know that The employee is giving photos to a policeman who seems to know adi n wants to seek some revenge
Mahi is confused
She approaches Mr Hooda
Who feels adi’s college mate rajVeer is behind all this.

The Mandap is ready
Zoya is working non stop
Adi gets a plate of food for zoya
Adi-Zoya u r not a machine or robot u r a human n u need food u Dnt need electricity to wrk u need food
Zoya smiles a little
Zoya-Adi y giving me such big lecture u could have simply said have food am I a kid u r explaining me all this
Adi-my urdu queen u Dnt understand simple language n I Dnt know urdu so this was my urdu

He makes zoya eat
They have intense eyelock
Zoya too makes him eat

Zoya (glitter in eyes)-Adi I was missing this word my urdu queen so much U know I always told yash how u referred me my urdu queen I used to tell him so many things about our college days about our friendship

Adi(inquisitive )-n he didn’t mind

Zoya-Adi whats there to mind he respected our friendship

Adi (looking lost)-pooja always had a problem with ur n my friendship

Zoya -Adi actually pooja………

Adi interrupts -i know she loved me too much she was possessive for me I meant world to her blah blah
Zoya pooja didn’t leave a single opportunity to criticise n humiliate u and u

U cannot hear a word against her.
U always take her side

Zoya looks deep in adi’s eyes

Zoya’s pov -she kept somebody who meant everything to me happy how can I n y shd I hear anything against her
Who kept u happy

Adi-what zoya tell me

Zoya (calmly )-Adi she was not bad at heart she never harmed me y shd I hear anything against anyone who hasn’t ever done any bad to me

Adi-Actually u r too good zoya to notice any bad any harm anyone does to u
But y are we talking about those cheaters

Adi leaves in anger

Zoya gets back to preparations with her mind lost somewhere

Sanchi is dressed as a bride

Zoya enters her room

She admires her beauty

Zoya-sanchi aap zanat lag rahe ho

Sanchi blushes-zoya when somebody loves us from heart our face glows no makeup can give that glow am so blessed to have Veer in my life

Zoya-Allah mihaah aapki jodi hameshaa banakar rahee

They hug

Sanchi -Zoya u are too good i will pray to God that u too may get this glow on face and true love u deserve

Veer is looking in mirror

Adi enters

Veer-Dnt u think tdy girls will faint seeing me Dnt u think am looking amazing

Adi smiles -yes dude but u know ur smile is hearthob n this is because of sanchi

Veer hugs him-yes adi completely agree without sanchi am nothing

Veer -yaar Adi I wish to see this smile a real smile on ur face too

Sanchi n Veer enter Mandap with Adiya

Sanveer look at each other

N Adiya at each other

Veer goes near sanchi compliments her n brings her to Mandap they walk hand in hand to Mandap

Photographers ask to hem to pose

Sanveer are posing

Photographer ask them to pose with garlands

They pose but something is missing

Photographer ask them to hold garlands in a particular way sanveer are unable to photographer says he will give demo

Sanveer wink At photographer

He gives garlands to Adiya

Adiya feel awkward

Sanveer smile looking at them

Sanchi-Veer they look so perfect this way thanks because of ur idea we got to see them this way

Veer-I hope this happens in reality soon

Photographer makes them hold garlands lift it to each other n look in each other’s eyes they are lost in each others eyes n are holding garlands

Just then a voice is heard

Amazing just few months have passed after ur spouses death n u both are ready to marry each other amazing

But Mr Aditya Hooda n zoya siddqui ur game is over now time to romance in prison

All are shocked to see police enter

Adi murmurs-RajVeer ……

Zoya is confused

Mahi n Mr Hooda enter too

Precap-Lady cop is pulling zoya She is crying in pain

Adi-RajVeer y r u troubling zoya u have a problem with me spare zoya rajVeer

RajVeer laughs-Adi so much love why did u marry n cheat pooja

Zoya n u cannot live without each other poor pooja

Adi holds his collar

Zoya stops adi

  1. Fenil

    Awesome !!
    Loved It !!
    Can’t wait for next !!

  2. Hey it was awesome , actually ( don’t feel bad ) I think you should make some changes in your story because it is similar to the bepanah story in TV itself , so just make some other twists which is different , so post soon and sorry if you feel hurt with my words , ?

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