Bepannah Aashqui FF 18th epi

Good Morning My Lovely Readers Dear
Sia Fenil jasmine Anee Thanks a tonne for ur kind words
Thank you silent readers

Recap-zoya is hurt by mahi’s cheating she breaksdown Adi consoles her.Mahi regrets Tries to talk to zoya Adi stops Mahi notices somebody clicking pics of Adiya she informs Adi who does not believe her.Mahi feels she will protect zoya as zoya saved her life

Mahi is walking restlessly in corridors
Mahi ‘s pov- who is paying for Adiya ‘s pic n what will anybody do with their pics whats all this I cannot understand anything
I will have to do something to make out truth
What shd I do

Something strikes Mahi
Marriage preparations are going on in full swing
Mandap is being readied
Zoya is looking at it
She is lost in her thoughts
Tears fall from her eyes
Adi notices
Adi-yaar zoya kya hua
How many tears do u have jab Dekh tab it keeps falling
In college u were so fun loving
How come u have become so sentimental types
Zoya looks in adi’s eyes

Zoya ‘s pov-From The Day I lost love of my life Somebody who was reason for my happiness My life My purpose

Adi-what r u thinking which makes u emotional

Zoya (lump in throat )-Adi every girl as a dream to get married this way with full rituals
But ………………..

Adi-uncle n Aunty didn’t accept ur marriage so u had a court marriage
Adi(teareyed )-but zoya whats significance of these rituals I married pooja with all rituals all vows made
What I. …….. got

Adi leaves from there
Unable to control his tears
Zoya keeps looking at Mandap

Mahi is spilling oil on floor

Mahi’s pov-sorry zoya this time I Dnt want to harm u am doing all this to protect u

Mahi tells something to a employee
A employee calls zoya
Zoya goes in the region where oil is there
Mahi is shown saying something to another employee
Another employee gives something to adi
Adi goes where zoya is going
Adi is behind zoya
There is oil on floor
Mahi crosses her fingers

Zoya  is walking  fast towards Mandap

So is adi

Mahi is looking  around  vigilantly

N zoya  losses her balance

But adi holds her by waist

Adi slips on carpet

N zoya  falls over him

Adi is still holding  her

Zoya looks in Adi’s  eyes

They look adorable  in this position

Bepannah  aashqui  hain tumse plays in Bg

N click  a photo is taken

Mahi smiles

She follows  the person  who has taken pic

She goes behind him

The guy sits on bike

N starts riding

Mahi sits in car

Mahi rides behind him

Sanveer notice Adiya over each other n wink at each other

Sanchi gives hand to zoya She helps her get up

Adi is getting  up when he feels oil in hand

Adi’s pov-I knew mahi can never change Its mahi who has done this am hundred  percent  sure

Mahi is shown  chasing  bike

Bike stops

Mahi notices  its police station

Mahi silently walks behind the man

She sees the man handing  over an envelope  to somebody dressed in uniform

So basically  he is giving  to police man

Police Man (smirks )-U are finished  Mr Aditya  Hooda

Mahi  is shocked

Mahi’s pov-Who is this inspector. How does he know  Aditya n what he wants to do with these pics


Mahi remembers how adi saved her in fire

Mahi-I cannot  let any harm happen to both adi n zoya what to do Adi is not listening  whom should  I tell

Suddenly  mahi smiles


Mahi is shown  entering  a room

Its Mr Harshvardan Hooda ‘s room

Harshvardan  listens patiently  to mahi

Harshvardan  (calmly )-Am sure inspector  is RajVeer  khanna He was in adi’s college Since college  days  he has some problem  with adi He has always  troubled Adi Infact  He planed his accident too three years ago Thanks  alot mahi I will look into the matter

Mahi smiles


Precap -Adiya are holding  garlands They are looking  into each other’s eyes

Suddenly  a voice  is heard -Enough  Aditya  Hooda ur game is finished  now

Now u n ur lover zoya will do romance behind the bars

Adiya are shocked

Just then mahi reaches with Harshvardan


  1. Fenil

    Well done Mahi….AdiYa scene awqw…RV is came.

  2. Anee

    Veryyyyy Nyc Rushii…. Superrrbbb…. Love Mahii….. Good going yaarrrr…. Keep writing…. Luv UU RUSHII. bye tc.

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