Bepannah 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Wasim gives warning to Aditya

Bepannah 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya asks Zoya if they should go home. She replies that she dint stop him. They both smile sweetly. Zoya keeps looking at Aditya sweetly as she sits in the passenger car. He ties her seat belt and she puts his. Her favourite song plays. She tells him about it. Aditya thinks of Arjun telling him not to lose the golden chance so easily. Zoya rests her head on her seat. Aditya tells her that he wanted to tell her that his wish has been fulfilled. I found my peace. I have fallen in love and that is you! Realising that Zoya is silent he turns to look at her and finds her fast asleep. He smiles cutely and drives away.

Doc asks nurse about Sakshi. Nurse tells him that she has been doing everything yet patient hasn’t opened her eyes. Doc tells her to keep him updated. Sakshi thinks doc will leave by 7. I have to leave around that time.

Arjun is worried about Zoya and Aditya’s meeting. Noor is sure everything will turn out nicely. Appi seemed angry in evening but I fixed everything. Arjun is shocked to know that Zoya is inebriated. Don’t know how Zoya will react to Bhai’s words! Doorbell rings. Noor disconnects the call worried that it might be Ammi and Abbu. What will I tell them if they ask me about Appi?

Sakshi opens her eyes and looks around carefully. She overhears the nurses talking amongst themselves about taking a break. This is the chance to escape! She removes the drip from her hand, covers herself with a sheet and is about to g when a lady holds her hand. It is Anjana. Sakshi tries to free herself but in vain. She covers Sakshi’s mouth. The game has just begun. What’s the rush!

Noor opens the door but does not see anyone. Aditya calls out to her in a low tone. She notices him holding Zoya in his arms. What happened to Appi? He asks her the same question. What did you mix in her drink? She does not tell. He asks about her parents but is relieved to know they aren’t home. He puts Zoya on the bed, removes her sandals and covers her with a duvet. Zoya again asks him not to leave. She holds his hand in her sleep. He looks at her. Now? She nods. Never. She shifts her head while talking but gets hurt with her earring. He carefully removes her one earring. She also points at the other ear in her sleep. Aditya happily removes the other one too. Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays in the background. He holds her hand and removes her bangles. Zoya asks him if he remembers their first meeting. Did you think we will be here like this? He thinks of their first meeting. If anyone would have told me then that we will become friends in future or you will call me your best friend then I would have slapped him. She asks him if he will slap her as she addresses him as that only. Slap me. He tells her he will never hurt her. She holds his hand again. Please don’t leave me then. He agrees to stay with her. He moves the hair away from her face. Doorbell rings again. Noor is shocked to see her parents.

Noor talks loudly to her parents. Aditya realises that Zoya’s parents are home. He keeps Zoya’s hand down and bids her good night. The letter falls out of his back pocket as he stands up. He is unaware of it. Wasim and his wife happily discuss how much they enjoyed the event. Noor hopes Aditya leaves asap. How long will I puzzle Ammi and Abbu this way? Wasim turns to go when she stops him. Did you whistle? Wasim asks her if she is mad. There were ghazals and not filmy atmosphere. Where is Zoya? Noor shares that she was tired so she fell asleep. Which was your favourite ghazal tonight? He sings it for her. Aditya peeks from upstairs. He is about to walk out unnoticed when Wasim turns around while singing. He goes quiet seeing Aditya there. Wasim asks him what he is doing here at this hour. Aditya shares that Zoya was unwell so he came to drop her. Zoya’s parents get worried. Aditya lies that she drank a juice which dint suit her. I should leave now. Wasim calls him by his full name. Understand one thing properly before leaving. You are just Zoya’s client. Get over the habit of dropping Zoya to her home every now and then. If my daughter falls in any trouble next time, call me. I will come to her from wherever I am! You wont have to come all the way here to drop Zoya home then. Aditya agrees to take care in future. He leaves. Wasim glares at Noor.

Wasim comes to Zoya’s room but she is sleeping peacefully. She does not respond when he calls out to her repeatedly. He looks at her jewellery and sits down next to her. Why don’t you understand? I don’t trust these Huda’s. I feel restless whenever you go to their house. I feel as if you will fall in some problem. I hate Huda’s as I am more experienced about people than you. You are innocent. You have been through enough but not anymore. Now there will be only happiness in your sleep. She turns in her sleep and coughs. Wasim catches the smell of liquor and looks unhappy. She was given liquor! That wasn’t juice! How dare he lie to me! The letter is lying next to his feet but he does not notice it. I cannot bear this guy anymore. I will have to finish his story!

Precap: Zoya finds the letter and opens it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Thanks pooja for quick update… 2.35am here and finally got ur updates. Thanks alot

    1. Fenil

      Congrats Sumedha !!

  2. Neha1

    Episode was good…but the best when Adi came Zoya’s house to drop her home…and took off her earings and bangles…. was awesome.??????
    Sakshi again caught by Anjana…! Anjana is becoming dangerous day by day…
    Precap is interesting but I doubt Will Zya read the letter…. Or Zoya’s parents got the letter…??

    1. yeah,i also think it’s something else! i think wasim abbu must have got the letter..
      and yesss that earring scene!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg! that was so so so romantic! my heart can’t take this! <3 <3

    2. same hereeee.. i think someone will come and then papa siddiqui will read the letter.. :/ although i hope i am wrong about this papa part!
      and yesssss,that earring scene! never thought that taking someone’s earrings off could be so romantic!
      these people are doing a great job,man!
      loving it more and more everyday. <3 :* ^_^

  3. oh no!
    the precap! honestly,i was a bit happy that zoya didn’t get to know about aaditya’s feelings.. she needs to realise this herself first. plus is she gets to know before that,it could jeopardise their friendship.. and i cant see aadi heartbroken again!
    what’s gonna happen tomorrow? i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OOO
    also,this show is gonna give me diabetes at this rate! itni sweetness? uff!
    first yesterday,drunk zoya and now this aadi love! aigooo so cute! <3 <3 <3

  4. oh and thanks for the quick update. 🙂

  5. Tahir shabbir will Play the role of arshad in bepahna he was last seen in nisha aur uske cousin as nisha boss viraj sing Rathore whom she fell in love for the first time…… Nd flim like naam sabhana nd fan….. I heared that he entered in zoya life to gain zoya property nd zosh

    1. Neha1

      Yes, Tahir Shabbir is confirmed to play the role of Zoya’s fiance Arshad…

  6. Thanks for the fast update pooja..another cute episode adi took off her earrings and bangles..woww can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode
    Hope zoya will read it not wasim uncle…this anjana is just irritating hope Aditya and arjun get to know about her… Arnoor are trying their level best to make zoya realize her love… OMG wasim will misunderstand adi as he thinks he made her drink liquor…Love Adiya cutest couple
    I think now arshad will enter and adi will break his teeth???…harshad’s smile and acting just speechless no words to describe and no one can replace him.. Only he can play the role of adi and Jennifer can play zoya
    Salute for their acting..hope trp raises
    Eagerly waiting for the moment when zoya will get to know about adi’s love…same feeling most of the Adiya fans will get diabetes..limitless sweetness and cuteness

    1. i knoww,right?!
      also,did you notice? he FINALLY pushes her hair off her face while caressing! finally! xD
      we’d waited long for that! :’)
      p.s-arshad’s dead! :”D xP

  7. Adiyaaaaa?they are the best ..falling in love with bepannaah by each and every episode.
    Hope she won’t read that letter. Zoya herself has to realize her feelings first.
    Then will start..,” their” bepannah love.❤

  8. Silent reader

    Wonder if Zoya will read the letter or something/someone interrupts. Hate the suspense though. Anjana wins agains. Let’s see how her game ends. Overall Adi and Zoya’s chemistry uffff awesome. Waiting for the epi where Zoya will reciprocate Adi’s feelings.

  9. All this happened because of that stupid sl*t Noor

  10. Neha1

    After watching 2day’s episode, I think (According to me,my realisation) Bepanaah story is just like DDLJ on some points…
    1. In DDLJ, Amrish Puri found Raj-Simran pics and get angry…yet here it’s not confirmed that Zoya will read the letter or not but if she will not read the letter then May be Zoya’s Abbu/Ammi find the letter and read….
    2. In DDLJ, Simran marriage was fixed with her dad’s friend son, but here also Waseem forcefully agreed Zoya to marry/meet Arshad…
    3. In DDLJ, Kajol-Parmeet’s engagement was done and SRK came to win Kajol’s families hearts….but here Wassem hates/doesn’t like Adi but he’s eagerly waiting for Arshad-Zoya’s alliance…. but later I think, Adi will revealed Arshad’s real face to Waseem…The only difference is– In DDLJ, Raj-Simran were in love but here only Adi loves Zoya and she addressed Adi as her Bestie….!!!

    1. Fenil

      wow neha good job !! LOOKS so cool !!

  11. Zoya is interrupted.. she won’t read the letter.. she’ll probably keep it away and realize it later and read at a crucial time after she’s realized or have fallen for adi. Like Noor is still to read sakshis plea for help and only then will anjanas truth come out.

    1. Fenil

      yaa but in sakshi case Noor must have throw that help paper in garbage by now…SO FORGOT about that !!

  12. New sopiler : Bepannaah: sad to read :
    Aditya makes preparations to propose Zoya. He thinks its the right time, he should propose Zoya. He dreams of a love confession to Zoya. He plans a date for Zoya. Till she reaches, he rehearses his love proposal and waits for her. Zoya gets to hear his rehearsal and asks if he is in love with someone. Aditya proposes Zoya. Zoya breaks her ties with Aditya, as she doesn’t believe on his commitments. She will be rejecting his love proposal

    1. Fenil

      Ohh this will gonna sad !!

  13. Priyu

    Hello BP fans!! ? I wished at least Zoya was awake when Adi said that he loves her ???? though she wasn’t in a state of mind ? Adi is so clever ?he rang the bell and spoke slowly thinking Zoya’s parents are at home ???Adi could have escaped from the window of Zoya’s room like before. So none can notice him ? but he did stupidity ???and got caught ???? Waseem misunderstood him ??????I don’t want this to happen ????? loved it when Adi removed Zoya’s earrings and Bangles ❤❤❤❤❤ it was heart touching ❤❤❤❤❤?

    I think if a boy fall for a girl, the first thing that boy must do is , winning that girl’s parents’ hearts. It’s the only good way. And successful way. ? I hope Adi has ever listened to this advice….

    If Waseem saw Adi lifting Zoya , I’m sure he would have shot Adi ?????? I heard that Zoya will reject Adi and end his all ties with him..later she will realize that she also loves him. But I don’t want this spoiler to be true.
    I think Adi should give time to Zoya and make her realize that she loves him too. So Adi won’t have any rejection from Zoya. I wonder why he never think that Zoya will reject him ???????????????????????

    Hope Waseem ji won’t kill Adi ?? it would be enough if he doesn’t do so. But I think he will make Adi realize that Arshad will be Zoya’s future. Waseem ji can make Adi away like that only ????????

    If Arshad starts loving Zoya then there will be a mess? if he starts loving Zoya’s company and wealth, then Adi’s one and only way to win Waseem ji’s heart is exposing him somehow. But I don’t think this will happen easily. While doing this , Waseem ji will think more wrong about Adi and he will misunderstand Adi more. Then finally at last time he will believe him and then will clear the misunderstanding which will take a lot of time. I hate that ?

    If Noor didn’t do that stupidity of giving that juice, Adi would have at least got an answer from Zoya. Why didn’t she even bother to think that Zoya won’t be in her senses if she drink that stupid juice. She almost ruined Adi’s date . He seems like a one sided lover waiting for his lady love to fall for him one day ? this is the worst. Till when should he wait. Girl’s don’t fall in love with boys so easily after all ??bad luck of Adi. What to do ?have to wait…..

    And about precap, I don’t think Zoya will read that letter as in many serials this type of things happen. If CVS consider our show as an unique one, then Zoya might read the letter. ???
    I wonder how we got such a low trp ????? ? Even Naagin got 4.or such trp . How!!! I mean it’s not realistic also ???? our bepannah love deserve 1000000+++++++ trp right ?????????

    1. Fenil

      Awwwwww My Emoji Queen Priyu !! So happy to see your comment after a long time feel like I m reading your comment after 7 births. So cute comment loved it to the core !!
      I think if a boy fall for a girl, the first thing that boy must do is , winning that girl’s parents’ hearts. It’s the only good way. And successful way. I hope Adi has ever listened to this advice…. hahahaha u r right but boy should win girl’s love na why to waste time before her confession to her family lolz.
      those shit things only happens in that crap YHM lolz.
      All thanks to Noor that we got cute Talli Zoya ,My Jenny did magic !!

    2. Priyu

      ?????no I don’t think so
      If parents agree, then their marriage will surely happen. But if the girl agree, she can’t be sure of their marriage. And ? I didn’t watch yhm. ? Noor did a stupidity by that ok.

    3. O Teri……. Kiddo
      so much pain in your biggie type heart for Captain !! Why so less Emoji……….

    4. Priyu

      ?what to do didi he keep hurting my small heart?. See now he’s unable to express his love ?? so sad. My bad that I like him ?

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Till date,I don’t understand Wasim! Why he always misunderstood Aditya. Aditya always protect zoya from danger. But Wasim is never ever thankful to Aditya.

  15. Heyloooo

    1. Fenil

      Hello Pinku dii

    2. Hey Pinks……… ?

  16. Fenil

    Adi removes earings that sequence was so romantic and touchy … I have watch this sequence in many shows films but never felt this magic which was created by AdiYa !! So romantic !!

  17. Fenil

    Mere haath mein tera haath ho …Anjana and sakshi’s scene Cvs should gave this background song !!

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