Bepannah 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi is admitted to hospital

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Bepannah 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya offers to help Anjana but she stops him. What were you asking? He asks her what’s inside the bag. She lies that she was just taking old clothes to donate. He says seems like you emptied your entire cupboard. Let me help you. She again lies that she put blankets inside. He offers to lift it for her as it is very heavy. He tries lifting it and even calls out to the servants. While putting it in the trunk, he feels something strange. She wonders if he saw Sakshi’s hand. Aditya says seems like something else is inside the bag as well.

Zoya scolds Noor and Arjun for what they just said to Aditya. Shall I tell everyone who is the real sweet couple here? Noor apologizes to her. Zoya questions Arjun next. Arjun says Bhai dint like it but how did it sound to you. Noor smiles while Zoya is puzzled. Is there some kind of KBC going on? You guys are asking questions and giving such options one by one. Don’t know what has happened to Aditya. He has become too sentimental since he returned. Maybe his wounds have not healed. Why say something to him which will hurt him again? I will have to go now, pacify him and bring him here! She turns to go when Arjun tells Noor that this is why they did it. Zoya asks them if they said something. They shake their heads. She walks away. Arjun and Noor high five.

Aditya feels there might be a mouse inside the bag. I felt something inside the bag moved. Anjana tells him otherwise but he wants to check once. He is about to open the bag when Zoya calls out after Aditya. He agrees to talk to her once he drops Ma to office but Anjana shocks them both by saying that Aditya is not going anywhere. She ends up scolding him for no reason. You are my son. You cannot just put your wishes on me! I dint want a celebration on my anniversary but you wanted it so I agreed. In fact, Zosh events was not at all required but I still said yes for your sake. Can I not have some time to myself now? I am leaving now. Please don’t follow me. She drives away.

Zoya tries to talk to him but he begins to walk away. She stops him. Where are you running? Are you mad? He tells her to mock her if she wants to. Why do you leave me alone for some time? Zoya goes quiet. Aditya realises his folly and apologizes to her. Zoya hides her emotions and turns to him with a smile. He asks her if he is doing stand up comedy in front of her that she is smiling. She shakes her head. this has happened with me for the first time.
It is first time that my name was taken with someone and he is feeling bad. This made me smile. Am I that bad? They are kids. They said a joke. I apologize on their behalf. I am sorry. Aditya looks away. She asks him to say something. Aditya says I reacted that ways as I have realised how much I love you. Noor says I love you very much too. He suggests running away and marrying then. Noor says we will get Arjun and Noor married in the same mandap. We realised it because of them only. Aditya walks away upset worrying all 3 of them.

Doc reprimands Anjana for bringing the patient in a suitcase. It could have been dire consequences. Anjana is irked. I don’t care if she lives or dies but my sons video call her these days. It will be a problem if she won’t come before them. He speaks of Sakshi’s really bad health when she pays him extra money. Do anything but save her. There should be no records about her presence here in your hospital. This should stay between us only. There should not be any mention of her or Anjana Huda. She pays money to the nurse too. I will come back later.

Shawn tells Zoya about the sequence. Zoya says yes absentmindedly. Arjun makes random funny sequence (with an item song). Zoya says yes to that too without really paying heed to it. Everyone laughs. Zoya looks up suddenly. Why do you do all that? Arjun asks her where she is lost. You just said yes to dance on Sheela ki Jawani song. Zoya says you think it to be a joke all the time. Aditya isn’t talking since morning. He isn’t even picking his phone. Arjun shares that he too tried reaching Bhai but in vain. Noor wonders if he got upset with them. Zoya suggests calling at orphanage. Your mother was going there. She scolded Aditya to not follow her but maybe he went after her. Arjun says she dint tell me anything. He still checks at the orphanage but they tell her that no one is there. He tells Zoya about it. She thinks of Aditya’s words.

Arjun calls Aditya who picks up this time but because of the loud music, she cannot hear anything. Aditya ends up shouting (thinking it to be Arjun) at Zoya. Why are you calling me again and again? Can you not leave me alone for some time? He ends the call. Arjun recognizes the track which was playing in the background. It is played in a Bar on Fridays. They head to that place.

Aditya is drinking. He thinks of his moments with Zoya. What has happened with me? I cannot look at her or be even near her. My heart starts beating faster whenever she comes near me. What is it? He thinks of everyone’s comments. I avoid her to stay away from her and I am even rude to her most of the times yet my heart skips a beat whenever I see her. I feel as if I am looking at her for the first time. He thinks of all the past moments with Zoya. He is speechless upon the realisation. Have I fallen in love with Zoya?

Sakshi wakes up and realise she might be in some hospital. Who brought me here and why? Why is my head paining so much? She closes her eyes the moment she hears Anjana’s voice. She must not know that I am conscious. Doc checks Anjana. She should gain conscious in an hour or two. Where did you keep her because of which she is in this state? Anjana reminds him that she paid him to not ask questions. He says sorry. She gives him a day’s time to make Sakshi well. I cannot risk leaving her here any longer than that. Doc takes her out to show some reports. Sakshi thinks of get out of here at any cost as she only has a day’s time.

Zoya and Arjun come to the Bar. They go separate ways to look for Aditya. Zoya finds Aditya and is about to go near him when a guy holds Zoya’s hand calling her his girlfriend. Zoya says it is ok. Aditya watches them thus. The guy touches Zoya while talking to Zoya. Aditya starts beating him badly. He thinks of how the choreographer was also touching Zoya in the afternoon and takes it all out on him. Zoya is not able to stop him. She shouts for Arjun who comes there. It is still very difficult to stop Aditya. Zoya ends up giving him her swear. The bouncers asks Arjun to take the guy away or they will call police. Arjun apologizes to them.

Arjun scolds his brother for almost killing the guy. Aditya says he was misbehaving with my Zoya. He is about to fall when Zoya holds his hand. He goes all quiet. She asks him what all this is. He says I don’t understand anything. Zoya asks Aditya to talk to her. I will find some solution. Arjun takes him saying he does not look well. She wonders what’s gnawing Aditya. Why was there much pain in his eyes? I must talk to him.

Precap: Arjun demands to know what’s going on between Aditya and Zoya. Aditya refuses to talk about it. Arjun does not give up. Aditya admits that he loves Zoya. Everything starts and ends with Zoya. If it is love then yes, I do love Zoya!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    Finally Aditya accept he’s in love with Zoya….Adi was so frustrated for his feelings… But Precap was Amazing….Everything starts and end with Zoya….If it is love then Yes he loves Zoya….???? bepanaah pyar…Wow…! Waiting 4 Monday’s episode now and this weekend is long to handle…!

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Episode was ok ok ok…. But #MyZoya was epic and cute dialogue by aditya??????????

    1. Neha1

      Yes Shraddha, Today Adi’s best dialogue was “Usne Meri Zoya ko hath kaise lagaya”…??

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Toooo excited…. But this confession will be short lived as firstly zoya is still unware of her feelings for aditya and before aditya will decide to confess his love to zoya, zoya will introduce arshad to him…
      And zosh is run by zoya, but where the hell is mahi and her mom and how come wasim shifted his whole work in mumbai just in six months?????

      1. Neha1

        It’s good Shraddha, if Mahi and her mom isn’t here…otherwise Mahi again play her evil games, as she once falls for Aditya, if she returns in the show she will do that again…and as we know that Yesterday Adi realized his feelings for Zoya, but didn’t confess infront of Zoya, he just shared his feelings to his bro-Arjun…And coming about Arshad, I definitely know that Arshad-Zoya marriage will not take place at any cost but initially this alliance will Shocked Aditya as he’s in deeply love with Zoya and can’t tolerate his Zoya will go far away from him…We have to wait n watch as how Aditya will Stop Zoya’s marriage with Arshad??? How Aditya will propose Zoya.??? And Will Zoya accept Aditya’s Love for her…??? And most awaited twist is if Aditya-Zoya will marry or No.??

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I am 99% sure that zoya and arshad marriage will not take place either as per every show pattern groom will be changed or may be during wedding evil motive of arshad will be out and to save from bad mouthing, aditya will marry zoya..
      I hope anajana truth come out soon

  3. Oh my god…..Aditya dialogue in precap is heart storming like the Valcano has more power??????????

  4. Aww nice episode adi in love with Zoya. Does anyone know who is the actor playing arshad

    1. No idea..Hope he will be a powerful character..It’s not Vatsal Seth I guess..bcs have seen some news on Insta..

    2. Dawn

      I actually thought it was Vatsal Seth but it was reported that he had turned down the role due yo creative difference.

  5. Wow he will finally pour it out on Arjun…Bepannaah pyar?
    Its going to be interesting. Bcs currently it is one sided love. Don know when it turns it out for both of them. And anything can happen further. Maybe he will hide or may confess.
    We have to wait and watch..can’t figure out wat Zoya’s rxn will be….?
    Waiting for monday…..

  6. I really appreciate Adityas acting talent… So much hooked… He creates some good chemistry wid zoya…. Well we cant wait till Monday as he admits dat he fallen in love wid her… Superb…

  7. This was unreal he should have taken time to realize it

    1. Dawn

      Please watch the first episode.
      Please consider the fake wedding, working together, cricket match, prison break, prison time, when he saved her from drowning, when she saved his family from the explosion, he kept tabs on her when he was in Paris, ice cream date … It would have been Unreal if it was reveled that he loved her when the show was new but today the show hit a century and the CVs decided to gift us today’s intense drama.

      1. I think you are right but that 160 episode thing you sure?

      2. Dawn

        I hope not

    2. Dawn

      They stated that the show is a finite series of 160 episodes so probably that’s why there was no dragging

    3. hey Awantika… maybe it is because we are used to love realisation being dragged for too long in other shows, but i too felt Adi talked about bepannah love too soon. He is realising his feelings, but maybe if there were a few more episode of him in confusion, questioning himself and then accepting it, it would have been better. but then, there is also this naughty brother Arjun, who is hell bent on making his elder brother confess his feelings lol. Also, i feel it is a little better that Adi realised his feelings even before Arshad had come on screen. too many times the writers use a third entry as the only way for the couple to realise their feelings but it always need not be so.

  8. Dawn

    I hope Sakshi manages to escape but the lady is weak, I don’t know if she will manage or in the event of her escape she will be captured.

    Anjana is one unreasonable and blonde character …

    ArNoor never seems to disappoint. Love them.

    Aditya spill out your heart we hear you.

    I can’t wait to see Anjana and Wasim’s reaction with regards to the new development.

    How will Zoya react? Will she blush and shy away? Will she accept Adi now? Are we going to wait for months before the CVs decide to pair them or will it be immediately.

    Generally ***Beautiful Episode***

  9. Sanchayita

    Beautiful episode as always..can’t wait for the next two days after watching the precap ??

  10. I heard that bepanah serial going to finish in 60 more episode . Is it true

  11. Neha1

    Meri Zoya ke sath badtamizi kar rha tha, woh dekha nhi tune..!

  12. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah
    its 100th episode.
    Wonderful Episode.

  13. Okay.. Okay.. I NEED TO CALM DOWN! My poor heart can’t take this! ???? this weekend is the worst of all,dude!
    How do they expect us to wait for 2 whole days?!?! What? ??
    P.s- boy,do I feel sorry for Arshad now! ????
    Also,thanks for such quick update! Love my fam. ❤️

  14. Oh,one more thing.. The way aadi said,”Zoya,mujhe kuch Samajh ni aa raha h!” Ufff!! I know he was having very mixed emotions.. But did he really have to look that cute while saying that? Dammit. I think I’m ‘ded’ xD????????


  16. Is it true there will be only 60 more eps in bepannaah…no pls dont do that .We want our show more and more.We cant live without Bepannaah And Adiya …Dont do that…..we want more eps….???

    1. Neha1

      Yes, I too heard that Bepanaah only had 160 episode but now the maker’s are in talk wth the channel…and for that Trp should increase coz last time it was 1.7 trp and the other side,Roop -Mard ka naya swaroop has 2.0 Trp… both Bepanaah and Roop started in the same month, March.! Anyways, nothing has decided yet…but We all hope that channel and makers give the extension for Bepanaah…and for that plz it’s a request to all do watch the show on TV at 9:30pm…I hope the show will run atleast 1-2 year… like Krpkab..!

    2. Tellychakkar says it is a 160 episode series ..but Harshad clearly stated in launch party interview that it is a 1 year series…infact writers have story ready for 12-15 months…even CVS previous outing ‘beyhadh’ was a 1 year series…I would be disappointed if they end the series by Oct-nov 2018 but would be really happy if they end it by March 2019… We atleast need 6 months of proper Adiya story ..their life after marriage also needs to be explored…in 60 episodes all this is not possible..

  17. Gazab episode .where is Mr hooda?? I think Sakshi will escape before party .mast action .MERI Zoya love this part .adiya love story is blossoming so nicely

  18. OMG… I became a fan of Adiya
    I can’t even remember them as Jennifer and harshad they are living in their roles
    I hope they’ll fall in love really
    I can’t wait for two days and 100th episode is just killing
    The way adi said usne meri zoya ko haat lagaaya oh damn how cute they are
    It’s better arshad don’t disturb them as adi will just kill him
    Bepannah pyaar ????
    Adi realized that he fell in love…everything starts and ends with Zoya if this is love then I love her?????
    Love u Adiya
    Anyone know who’s going to play arshad?

    1. Ugh I really want them together in real life! Why can’t reel life become real life? It’s possible and I’ve seen dating articles between them. I see no difference from the way Adiya and Jenshad look at each other. God please grant my wish. Every couple I shipped with insane chemistry ends up marrying

      1. Jennifer is committed to Sehbaz Nazim(The actor who played Yash in the show)

      2. @ Jack…No Jenny isn’t committed to Sehban either…She herself confirmed that they are just friends…In fact recently her name was linked with Karan Wahi due to some close pic of the two during her bday celebrations…n there are rumours that she is dating Hard had…But truth is Jenny is single as on date…

  19. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja
    Although I accept a serial should not be dragged but don’t want it to end so soon
    By the way congrats to all BePannah fans for completing it’s 100 episode
    Can’t tolerate sakshi anjana hiding track more

  20. Hey guys can anyone tell me the name of tht song which ws playing in the bar

  21. Neha1

    Upcoming Spoiler :- After realising and accepted the love for Zoya, Arjun advice Aditya to confess his love for Zoya. Aditya thus decides to work on Arjun’s advice where he get ready to confess love feelings.
    Aditya gets Shocked hearing that Zoya building New relation with Arshad and not him.
    However, Aditya’s this happiness will be short lived as before he would confess love, Arshad will make his entry introducing self as Zoya’s Fiance leaving Aditya Shocked. Will Aditya still confess his love or Will he change his mind…Let’s wait n watch….

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