Bepannah 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjana tells Zoya to maintain distance from Aditya

Bepannah 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Wasim gets to talk to Arshad who tells him that Aditya ran inside the mob area. Wasim is shocked.

Zoya tries to wake Aditya. You promised me you wont leave me. Open your eyes! She drags him to a corner so as to avoid getting seen by the rioters. She hears the rioters telling each other to check in the garage. She picks up a tin sheet and covers herself and Siddhi with it. She holds him tight and muffles her cries / reactions as the rioters hit everything inside the garage with their sticks. She talks to Aditya. You only taught me how to face my fears. Today I am not afraid for myself but for you! Rioters leave from the garage as they could not find anyone there. Zoya stands up after a minute to make sure everyone has left.

Arjun speaks to Commissioner and finds out that force has been sent to Bharat Nagar. Anjana demands to get her Aditya back. He tries to reassure her. Relax. Bhai will be back. She blames herself for what Aditya is going through and walks to house temple. Why punish my son for my mistake? Arjun is confused but Anjana keeps blabbering. Blood in return of blood and life in return of life but I was the one who did that. Why should Aditya be dragged in it? She starts crying. Bring my son back from anywhere. Bring him back safely. He comforts her.

Zoya makes Aditya lie down on that tin sheet. She fails in dragging it and finds ropes lying nearby. She ties the ropes in the holes on the tin sheet. I wont let anything happen to you! She finally is able to drag that sheet using the ropes. He is too heavy for her but she uses her entire strength to drag the tin sheet. She checks outside before bringing him out of the garage. Rioters come there just then and see her. Zoya looks at Aditya. The rioters start running towards them when a siren is heard. A police van arrives there. They stop the rioters from doing anything to Zoya. Arshad shouts Zoya’s name. She looks up in relief. Arshad runs to her side. Are you fine? She nods. I am fine. I wont let anything happen to Aditya. She holds Aditya’s face. Arshad looks at her. Everything will be fine. I will fix it. They take Aditya with them.

Arshad and Zoya bring Aditya to Huda House. Arjun and Anjana rush to his side. Anjana immediately frees Aditya’s hand out of Zoya’s grip. Arshad asks about Aditya’s room. She takes him upstairs. I will call doctor. Arshad has nursed Aditya’s wound for now. He is better. Dr. Gupta comes there. Arshad tells him about Aditya’s wound. Zoya is standing there only. She tries to go near him but Anjana holds her hand firmly. She pushes Zoya a little behind. Arshad observes it. Anjana says I know I haven’t been good to you and it might have hurt you but I am a mother. My sons are my world. Don’t you think whenever Aditya is with you, he lands in some problem? Arjun feels bad. Zoya says I was. Anjana completes her sentence. You wish to say you don’t want anything wrong to happen to him; and that you are his friend. Don’t you think you should stay away from the one who is getting in problems because of you staying near them? I know Aditya wont listen to me. He is very stubborn but you are intelligent. Please give some space to my son. It is a mother’s request. She moves closer. Don’t know what will happen otherwise. Zoya looks at Aditya and agrees. I only want Aditya to be happy and safe. She leaves with Arshad.

Anjana thinks I spoke nicely to Zoya so I can keep Aditya away from her for now. She wipes her fake tears.

Zoya and Arshad reach Siddiqui House. Everyone is relieved to see them home safe. Zoya tells her mother she is fine. Roshana keeps crying and holds her close. Every second was so difficult for me. Zoya tells her mother she is fine. I am fine because. Noor says it is because Aditya reached there to save you like every time. Zoya agrees. I feel he is an angel. He comes to rescue me whenever I fall in any trouble! Wasim says dint you see how he jumped inside the barricade. He was trying to be a hero without paying heed to the circumstances! Anything could happen. Did you see the condition? It was good that Arshad was there. He showed Zoya’s photo to police, cooperated with police and brought you back home safely. Arshad says Aditya was very worried for Zoya too. Everyone has a different way to react to the situation. Wasim agrees. Mature people react differently though. Zoya is home. I request you both (Zoya and Noor) to stop going to Huda House.

Aditya dreams of the same incident and mumbles for water. Anjana makes him drink water. Aditya takes Zoya’s name. She is irked hearing her name and is determined to separate Zoya from her son’s life for once and for all.

Precap: Zoya finds Aditya’s love letter. The name on the bottom is torn. She mistakes it to be Arshad from the A. Aditya on the other hand decides to confess his love to Zoya on Janamashtmi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. The episode was so good !!! But the precap left me speechless…Miss Zoya –
    1. U kept the letter inside the cupboard even before you met Arshad!!!!
    2. U know Adi’s handwriting..he showed u the one liner speech he had written for his parent’s anniversary.
    3. Why ‘A’ for Arshad only n not Adiya?

    Well the makers show unexpected twists…I thought this letter will be critical in the climax sequence of Adiya union but she mistakes it to be written by Arshad…Makers have made Zoya dumb to the maximum possible extent!!!

    I miss ‘Maya’ from ‘beyhadh’ today…she was a psychopath but extremely intelligent that nobody could ever cross her!!!..n Zoya from ‘bepannaah’ is so stupid that she is not in sync with her own feelings!!!!..n this stupidity is surely not pure-heartedness!!!

    I am already not watching the serial on tv..n today I have decided to take a two week sabbatical from the series…this misunderstanding is gonna create a heartbreaking situation for Adi which i cant watch…I will resume watching after 2 weeks when i believe Arshad would be gone!!!

    1. yeahhhh she kept it before she met arshad!
      also today she said that aditya had promised her to not leave her ever.. but wasn’t she too drunk that night to remember anything? or does she remember stuff? or he promised again after that sometime? or she was referring to something else? please help.
      and,@arch,you wont be reading the updates too?
      i don’t blame you though. even i wasn’t watching the whole ep.. and now i too have lost massive amount of my interest! after so many wolf cries,i am not excited for anything now.
      i am so close to being done with this show.
      wake me up when it gets better,cause i too need a break.
      this is too much. I’m anyway an impatient person and now toh i have reached my saturation point.
      i know zoya needs time n all not blaming any character… it’s just that for me, it’s not that bepanaah anymore that i fell in love with.
      let me know when it gets better.

    2. Zoya’s thinking that the letter was left by Arshad is legit because of her ongoing marriage preps…And she has quite forgotten that she got some letter before Arshad’s entry as she didn’t read it back then and kept it away and forgot about it, thinking it to be some waste paper…We all do forget little things here and there…Don’t we??…Just chill @Meera…bepannah is by far the best show in latest times..It’s a beautifully woven love story which will develop with time..It’s zoya’s second love, its natural for her to be a bit apprehensive abt it and so she’s taking time to understand…If you loved bepannah back then, keep supporting it now too…It needs us to keep running on indian television..It’s performing quite well on tv..Lets not make it lose its position

    3. @Meera : I would read the updates but certainly bored of watching too illogical tracks!!!! Zoya’s stupidity is beyond my comphrehension now!!!! Since Arshad’s entry on 10th august story remains the same – Adi unable to propose Zoya, Zoya has no trace of love realisation for Adi n Arshad seems to be a stronger contender than Adi…and admist all this Zoya irritates by being friendly with both Adi n Arshad…but I will resume watching post Arshad’s exit☺

    4. @Shaurya/Shreya/Kiara/whatever is your real name : I know u are the same person as the same logo features when u comment..if u want a different logo to come change your email id when u post…anyways I m not pointing at u…no offence meant…☺
      I know u r an ardent follower of the serial n all others on this forum too like the serial…we all are gonna take a break only for some days n come back…so chill!!!…n low trp for 2-3weeks will not lead to show closure but will definitely serve as a wake up call for makers to end boring tracks!!!?

    5. I too think this will be the best option. I will skip bepanah for a week or two and then see what happens.

    6. Nothing will happen or change. It’s stuck in a loop.

    7. Neha1

      You’re right Arch, After watching Precap It’s so sad and disappointing to watch and that’s why on Saturday She may accept Arshad’s proposal too… Aditya left Shocked and Heartbroken…
      Waseem and Anjana are so bad to watch…”Mood kharab hi Jaya hai Inn dono ko Dekh me”…. I thought that atleast after saving Zoya, Waseem will appreciate Aditya’s efforts but nothing happened like that…he still appreciate Arshad and his maturity… it’s good that Arshad is mature but Aditya rescued her putting his own life at risk, can’t you see Papa Siddiqui… Loved the way Noor and Zoya gave looked to Waseem…

    8. Mousumi Rekha Mishra

      U r right

  2. I’m hoping that Arshard is like Sehbans character Ajay in Udaan, even though Chakor lead him on in her naivety once she explained that she’s with Suraj he was very gentleman about it even though it was her fault. Zoya isn’t misleading Arshad so once he realises that Aditya has feelings for Zoya I hope he steps back with dignity. I quite like Arshad I don’t want him to be negative.
    Arshad wasn’t there to see how Adi saved Zoya but he still spoke up for him whereas Zoya should have told Wasim that if he hadn’t jumped the barricade she would have been dead.

    I really on some level understand Anjanas over protectiveness, she was hurt,betrayed and humiliated by her husband and she bourne it but it sent her over the edge when she found out the same thing was going to happen to her son. A mother will handle pain upon herself but can go nuts if someone tries to hurt her kids but most people will feel angry and lash out but she’s gone full on psycho, she’s scary especially how she wiped that smug look of the doctors face when he tried to blackmail her and she did it all so sweetly which makes her more dangerous

  3. ugghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WASEEM IS SO ANNOYING!!!! CAN I PLEASE USE SWEAR WORDS? CAUSE I WAN TO SO BADLYYYYYYYY!!!! CAN’E HE SEE HAD ADITYA NOT ACTED THE WAY HE DID HIS DAUGHTER WOULD HAVE DIED!!!!!!! REALLY MR.WASEEM? And here i was.. thinking yesterday you might have gotten into your senses!! i don’t blame anjana though.. cause (a) she’s partly right if we maybe for a second see from her point of view.. aditya had no business going to bharat nagar,he did that for zoya.. and (b) she is not mentally stable.. which got clear when noor too was asking arjun about his mother being different from others.. So it’s okay.. she has a medical condition.. can’t really blame her.
    anyway,coming back to what’s really bothering me… THAT WASEEM.. does he care for his daughter at all? or has HE fallen for arshad? he should marry him instead.. he anyway seldom respects his family members..! and even ZOYA! yeah,she saved her for that but wait why the hell did she NOT stand up for aditya in front of her father when he was crossing all levels of stupidity?! ugghh and in the precap.. arshad? i realize she cant think of aditya straight away,, but didn’t that letter say that zoya is his sukoon? and adi legit wished for sukoon right in front of her.. she had made him do that in fact!
    also,the language use of ‘main’ instead of ‘hum’ um.. zoya,duh!
    but okay,i will still forgive her for this since she was amazing in saving aditya today! <333
    but even so,after reading that letter if anything,she should be really mad at arshad for pressurizing her! so why the spoilers of her falling or agreeing to marrying him are doing rounds?
    also,i swear,if one more time aditya says he's going to confess,I'm leaving! what the hell? the makers can't show aditya saying the SAME dialogue in legit EVERY GODDAMN episode! IT'S SO ANNOYING,REALLYY!!!!!!

    1. Omg you took the words right out of my mouth.

  4. These comments ?
    Great script, wonderful acting. After all Arshad seems to notice the love between Zoya and Aditya. Maybe he’s a good guy after all and may bring them together.
    Hope it’s a false rumour that this serial will end in September.
    Seems like I may resume watching bepannah …

    1. Had it been ending in September they won’t drag one twist for such a long time…things would have moved at a much quicker pace!!!! N there can be a twist every month to keep the serial going!!!…but makers always get a lot of pleasure by stretching tracks n keeping the lead pair separated to prove their eternal love!!!…unfortunately ‘bepanah’ too joined the bandwagon of boring n repetitive serials!!!?

  5. Neha1

    Don’t know if Zoya really falls for Arshad or not but I now get a cleared picture after watching yesterday episode and Precap that Zoya will agree to marry Arshad and if I’m not wrong then, Zoya will talk to Aditya about the letter she got and we knew that Aditya’s A is left and other piece of paper teared…So she might discuss over this letter about Aditya thinking that this letter was written by Arshad…As she assumed “A” for Arshad but not Aditya and then after learning this misunderstanding from Zoya, Aditya will try to sort out the misunderstanding of Zoya about the letter but then Arshad came in between…and again Adi’s unable to express his feelings to Zoya…So, in short, Makers will make agree Zoya to accept Arshad and later Zoya realize her feelings for Aditya but I really want Aditya to resume his Pilot Job and give space to Zoya so that she realised How much Adi’s matters to her… Even if Adi try to Avoid/Ignore Zoya, will be okay… But the only thing is bothering me is Aditya’s heartbroken condition, can’t see him in pain…Harshad Chopda is too good in his acting as well as giving the expressions… Jennifer is too good but makers portrait her character so stupid which is why I always appreciate Harshad aka Aditya over Zoya’s character…

  6. Worst precap after a good episode

    Not progrssing at all

    At least move the story

  7. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Bepanah lost it’s original track, rytheme and charm! Nothing left in the show! Irritating precap! Now, I will watch the show after Arshad exit. Really don’t like the current track!

  8. New pics on instagram….Dahihandi competition it seems between Adi n Arshad…hope this competition is won by Adi…will wait for the written update as not interested in watching this Arshad track!!!

  9. Wassimmm you are an ungrateful person definitely.

    That was a tragic comedy view actually.
    In a room full of people everyone knows what is going on, Noor knows, Roshna is doubting something, Wassim hopes not to be true, Arshad is already getting hints after 3 days, exept of Alice in Wonderland that is still unaware of the world surrounding her.

    Come on !!!!!!

  10. Neha1

    OMG.. After “Biryani Competition”, I guess there will be a “Dahi-Handi Competition” between Aditya and Arshad…It seems be like that…and Tahir aka Arshad had 103 fever …Must say, So dedicated Actors.??in Bepannaah…!

  11. Neha1

    After watching this pic on Instagram, I really want this time Aditya to win not Arshad…but Arshad “Lambu” hai…

  12. Hi everyone
    Commenting here for the first time

    From episodes of this week, It seems like Roshana can see Aditya’s feeling for Zoya

    Do you guys feel so??

  13. Neha1

    Arshad and Aditya will climbing on a pyramid made by boys respectively…both try to broke Dahi-Handi Handi..but when Arshad burst the Handi, Pieces of glass will collapse in Arshad’s face and he fell down…And also Arshad will learn that Aditya did that fake Emergency call…after this Dahi-Handi competition, Arshad doubt on Aditya again but it’s not Aditya, Anjana is behind the conspiracy..!

  14. I am trying to decipher the new promo.
    Zoya will turn down Arshad’s proposal.
    Adi will confess his love but not to Zoya i think, to Arshad.
    Zoya will get mad at Aditya due to Arshad accident and this will lead to their permanent distance from each other.
    I don’t understand the scope of these misleading promos, just it makes me angry and not wanting to watch the show, it doesn’t make me more curious.

    1. New promo again pathetic…Zoya will think Adi is responsible for Arshad’s accident n agree to marry is misleading n things will not happen exactly as shown!!!…Zoya continues to be irritating as always!!!…chalo at least Zoya will know Adi loves her…anyways bye to serial for two weeks!!!

    2. Neha1

      God damn….Wth…Hate the promos now….all the promos are misleading…. which is why the interest of the show has dropped down…And already 119 episodes are done but no progress in the Love story between AdiYa…We all witnessed 98th episode where Adi-Zoya coming closer, their bond get stronger and 103 episode was, where Adi is ready to confess his feelings for Zoya….but didn’t confess as Zoya was inebriated state…but after yesterday’s episode and learning about the upcoming Promo…even I too loosing my interest on Bepannaah… Show name is Bepannaah but there’s no story of Bepannaah Love between the Lead Actors after completing 119 episodes…but K will definitely watch today and Tomorrow episode to know exactly what will happen and if Arshad didn’t exit mid-September then I too stop watching Bepannaah…
      I now hating Zoya…. specially her dumb and stupid character…. Jennifer is no doubt a good actress but makers didn’t sketch her character well comparing to Harshad as Aditya…I love both Harshad and Jennifer but hate this current track and irked with Zoya’s stupidity and dumbness…just can’t believe that a successful business women can be so clueless about feeling of Love and Friendship… I find Arshad more sensible than Zoya…And I’m furious on Makers of the show…

    3. @Neha1 : Same old crap…Heroine misunderstands hero and holds him responsible for a conspiracy he is clueless about…Arshad comes to know of Adi’s prank n his dahi handi accident must be caused by Anjana…Arshad misunderstands it to be Adi’s conspiracy and tells the same to Zoya…Zoya believes Arshad n holds Adi responsible for endangering Arshad’s life…since she is extremely principled (n stupid) in a fit of anger she will agree to marry Arshad!!!…she will break her friendship with Adi but miss him a lot n admist all this misunderstanding may get cleared n at 11th hour she will back off from her Nikah with Arshad….Adiya story is not unique it is same like other serials…no matter whatever route it takes now!!! Sigh!!!

  15. The new promo also proves Arshad will not exit next week….god!!!! N situation will reach up to Zoya-Arshad wedding???…rubbish…same nonsense that exists in other serials…the new promo strengthens my argument of taking a break from the serial…the day I get to know from the web that Tahir’s stint in the show has ended…I will return…not even going to read updates…will only follow precaps

  16. Are they giving this types of promos for trp?

    Real viewer of show like tk watch adiya not zoya arshad

    Bepanah will loose trp instead of gaining

    Yrkkh has something to hold viewer; even after change of leads people still watching this
    A good family drama.

    Kundali is ekta show. All ekta show are shown very attractive from first episode. And every seems that something happen but that never happen

    Bepanah is modern show. Only young viewer like to watch They should work on adiya love track by this they can get trp.

  17. If Arshad goes or not has no importance as long as Zoya will refuse his proposal. I think this was confirmed from Jenshad in one of their recent interviews.
    Arch at least wait till tomorrow’s episode to take a decision?

    1. @ Eri : I don’t have much hopes even if promos are misleading…track will be very boring till Arshad is there n post that too boring track will continue till ‘Principled’ Zoya gets proof of Adi’s innocence n true love!!!

  18. Neha1

    This is Ridiculous, Zoya slaps Aditya and accept Arshad to marry him…Oh God….Wth is going… Really hope this promo didn’t come true…or else I would like to bid adieu to the show untill Arshad track didn’t come to an end…!

  19. I prefer comment on the daily updates rather than promo…
    Zoya never knew of Yash and Pooja’s affair, now her best friend did something that risk her life .
    Why rush into a relationship with Arshad when her husband were dishonest and your best friend did something immature n u feel hurt and betrayed.
    Guess the story will be better without a relationship for now.
    Zoya can spend a few days or weeks thinking about Adi ?

    1. Actually I don’t even think Adi did something other than prank call…but the Janmashtami accident that happened with Arshad is what had irked Zoya…n that I feel is either conspired by Anjana or Arshad himself or may be both together!!!!..but I seriously don’t want makers to turn Arshad negative!!!

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