Bepannah 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya starts falling for Zoya

Bepannah 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya comes home next morning. Anjana is relieved to see him. I dint sleep the entire night. Aditya says I am fine. Dint Arjun tell you I stayed overnight at Zoya’s place? She says that was what worried me. Something happens to you whenever she is around. His jacket falls down revealing his wound. She panics. He begins to tell her when she calls Zoya unlucky. He tells her not to blame Zoya for everything. If I hadn’t reached there then Zoya! He heads to the breakfast table. Arjun offers to feed him but Aditya declines. Arjun says you might not be hungry. Zoya must have fed you something. Aditya remembers the Maggie incident and looks at Arjun. Arjun says you stayed at their place. They must have looked after you. Don’t look at me like that. Aditya gets his coffee. Arjun tells his brother to relax. You aren’t the SIL of the house so they will look after you! Aditya excuses himself. I will freshen up first and then have breakfast. Anjana looks on.

Zoya comes downstairs but does not find Aditya there. She finds a thank you note instead. He is strange. He does not even say bye.

Aditya is taking bath. Title track plays. He tries to get his towel but finds Zoya holding it from the other end. She lets go of it when he looks at her worriedly (he looks freaked out actually 😛 ). He wraps it around his lower half and steps out of the bathroom. He takes out a white shirt. Zoya says I told you that white is my favourite colour. It suits you a lot. He looks in his cupboard and turns to look at her again but she is gone. I wont wear white! He wears a black t-shirt instead. He is bandaging his wound but is about to lose his balance when Zoya holds his hand. He keeps looking at her as she bandages it. She too is smiling at him. It is shown that he himself is bandaging his wound imagining Zoya. He stands up startled. I got hurt on the hand but it seems it has affected my brain. I see Zoya everywhere! I should go out of the house.

Servants discuss that water level has raised so much. It has come to the terrace too. It might have gone in the basement too. Something might be damaged. Anjana Ma’am has the keys. Anjana overhears them and sends them away for some other work. I will check basement myself. She hurries towards the basement.

Arjun comes to his brother’s room. Where are you off to? Aditya wants to go for a walk but Arjun is worried that the road isn’t good. There are potholes everywhere. Aditya says the weather must be good too. Arjun points out that Zoya is coming and he is leaving. Aditya stops in his tracks. Why? Arjun reminds him that they are dancing on the event. Aditya tries to leave again but Arjun tells him to question Zoya if she wants to. Aditya thinks it will only make it worse for him. He excuses himself.

Anjana finds Sakshi lying on the floor unconscious. She cannot die like this. What will I say to Adi and Sakshi? She checks Sakshi’s pulse which is still there. I will have to take her to the doctor though. How to get her out of the house avoiding everyone’s eyes? She notices a bag there.

Aditya opens the door and finds Zoya there. She is wearing the exact same dress (as in his imagination) and smiles at him. He is speechless for a few moments. Zoya greets him and waves her hand in front of him. Aditya pats at his head and begins to go without replying to her. She stops him. Can you not see me? Where are you going? Zosh team also joins them. Aditya realises he wasn’t dreaming. Zoya asks Aditya where he was going. Aditya says I told Arjun I am going out for some important work. Zoya does not let him go. Nothing can be important than rehearsal. She holds his hand and brings him inside. Arjun told me which the good thing was. Why do you try to run away from every situation? Noor and Arjun smile at each other. Zoya asks Aditya to answer. He says sorry. What should we do? She takes him with her. Noor and Arjun high five.

Zoya’s mother (Roshnak) gives tea to Wasim. He is distracted. She asks him why he is so serious. He shares that what happened last night wasn’t right. I was forced to ask Aditya to stay. Everyone was asking him to stay. I couldn’t be rude! You know what kind of relation we share with Huda’s. She suggests him to keep all that aside for some time. Aditya went out last night to look for Zoya when the entire town was stuck because of the rain. He dint stop till he found her. Wasim says I wouldn’t have minded it if he had stayed for dinner. Why did he have to stay overnight? She tells him not to snatch the only friend that Zoya has finally found. He replies that friendship turns into love in no time. Roshnak assures him that Zoya has agreed to speak to Arshad. Why do you worry? He does not want it to get too late. He calls Arshad to know when he is coming.

Arjun and Noor are practising. The choreographer is dancing closely with Mona. Zoya tells Aditya that he too has to dance like that. He nods worriedly. Noor and Arjun are finding it difficult to dance together. Choreographer says it isn’t that difficult. Noor says sorry. It is a bit confusing. Choreographer asks Zoya to dance with him to teach Noor and Arjun dance steps. She holds his hands. He compliments her on her beauty. I feel you would dance really well. Aditya isn’t happy to see them dance so closely. His eyes are fixated on his hands around Zoya’s waist. He gets up and looks restless. He ends up pushing him away and joins Zoya. I have to dance so I must rehearse. Noor and Arjun hide their smiles. Aditya gets lost in Zoya’s eyes as soon as she looks up.

Aditya imagines dancing with Zoya romantically on Tera Hone Laga Hoon. He swirls holding her in his arms. Zoya ends up telling him that the song is over. Everyone claps for them. Noor tells them that they look so cute together. Aditya looked so cute. Arjun calls them perfect couple. Aditya tries to go but Arjun asks him again. Aditya ends up shouting at him shocking everyone. Zoya looks at Aditya worriedly.

Anjana is dragging the suitcase to her car when Aditya calls out to her. She wonders if he saw anything. She looks at him. She lets go of the suitcase handle. Sakshi’s hand pops out of the bag. Aditya starts walking towards his mother. What are you taking in such a big bag and where to? She looks at Sakshi’s hand worriedly. Aditya repeats his question. Sakshi thinks Aditya wont forgive her ever if he finds out that she has kidnapped Sakshi.

Precap: Someone holds Zoya’s hand and pulls her to him. Aditya walks in and beats the guy. How dare you touch Zoya? Aditya does not stop even when Arjun or other tries to pull him away. Zoya asks Aditya to talk to her. I will find some solution. Arjun takes him saying he does not look well.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Neha1

    Wowww, Amazing….?? Today Adi got jealous of that choreographer and Zoya’s dance…. And the way both Adi-Zoya dance in their dreams were Amazing.??
    Finally, ArNoor getting success in their mission…?????but later he shouts at Arjun….Anjana had covered Sakshi in that suitcase… ?
    Precap is interesting waiting 4 2mrrow episode..?

  2. Awww .. adiya????.. tqs pooja.

  3. Shibil

    Mind blowing ….OMG Adi’s dream ….

  4. My biggest question..
    Who is going to fall for the other firstly?
    Thanks god its aditya

  5. I think washim make some condition with Zoya …. if she wants to do hood’s Anniversary she has to meet asrasd……. He wants zoya to marry with arshad ……. Nd precap arshad hogayai lagta hai

    1. Neha1

      Today’s Precap, showed that Adi is so restless and feel helpless that he don’t know how to tell Zoya that he’s falling for her that he’s getting Crazy (Aditya ki Deewangi) that is hard to handle…And I think that this might be ArNoor’s plan to realise Aditya his feelings for Zoya….that’s when that guy holds Zoya’s hand, Adi couldn’t control of his anger on that guy, Adi was beating him that how dare he touched Zoya….And When Zoya asking him to tell what happen to him, what’s the matter, trying to find solution of this as he is her Best friend, that’s when Arjun came and said that he’s not well and take away… I was staring Adi’s facial expression that he’s helpless and confused…not confused but yeah it seems that Adi wants to say that I LoveYou Zoya but can’t say…. Just hope that soon Adi propose Zoya and wanting more AdiYa Romance..????

  6. Waw… Really amazing episode… I watch only one serial… That is Bepanah…. Nicely shown… Its hard to believe dat pooja fallen for dat yash wen such a lovable Aditya der…

    1. Neha1

      Yeah, but somewhere it’s good that atleast Aditya find Zoya….and I really think that their pair is fabulous and far better then AdiJa…i.e. Adi-Pooja.

    2. What adi felt for pooja was never love but friendship but he was so used to her that he thought it was love.

  7. Feel sad for adi. He really start to love zoya but he can’t confess as zoya just think adi as her best fren . What adi goIong to do now. For today episode was awesome n the expression of adi was superb as always

  8. Mohammed ayub

    Wowwwwwwww?adiya looked damn brilliant together and Adi’s dance and expressions my god! Killed us tonight and hope we see #adiya’s romantic cute moments more and more and Jenny as always looked ravishing,beautifull and gorgeous no other words to express our beauty you two #adiya look very cute together ❤️

  9. Can anyone just explain me that did adi know about arjun-noor?

    1. I don’t think so.. but I mean,Bada bhai h woh uska afterall! :p so he might! but i don’t think it has been shown in the show that he knows..

  10. Dawn

    Intense precap

  11. Wow….adi is getting jealous…2mrw is bepanahs 100th episode.Hope bepanah team surprises us with some super duper adiya romantic scenes.
    Arshads entry will make them realize the love that they have for each other.
    And yea cudnt stand this psycho anjana!
    Thanks for the update 🙂

  12. Hope colors will not offair bepanah soon
    I watch only one show
    It ‘s tough to compete with two established show
    Trp 1.7

  13. I hope colors will not offair too soon.trp is 1.7
    It’s tought to compete with two established show

  14. Neha1

    This shot is Amazing and Outstanding.????? The way Adi carry Zoya in his arms…Yyeeessss..????

  15. Neha1

    Aditya was lost in Dancing with Zoya that he didn’t realise that the song is finished…!???

  16. What a precap.. adis helplessness.. Zoya understanding something is wrong with him.. Arjun understanding his Bros dilemma.. done to perfection? abhi bhi Zoya is nowhere in the love scene

    1. Ooshi

      Totally agreed

  17. it was so funny when adi pulled the choreographer out and arnoor laughed , the dance was wonderful , cant wait for todays epi

  18. Today is 100th episode of bepannah… Adi got jealous woww
    Harshad is too cute and no words to describe Adiya ‘s pair
    Waiting for today’s episode

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