Bepannah 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya saves Zoya

Bepannah 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rioters hit at door of the garage. Sunita is panicked and upset that she has no right to marry a Muslim guy. Zoya calms her down. It is your right to marry the guy of your choice. Don’t let anyone snatch it away from you!

Arshad is checking a kid. Ward boy tells him that they should leave to save themselves. Arshad refuses to go anywhere. My duty is to first treat this kid and anyone who needs my aid. I refuse to pay any heed to these riots or threats. You guys are free to leave. Ward boy and nurse resume their duties too. Some Hindu rioters walk in and notice that the kid is a Muslim boy. They stop Arshad from treating the kid as he is Muslim. Arshad keeps nursing the kid’s wound. They ask Arshad about his religion. Arshad replies humanity but they insist upon knowing if he is Hindu or Muslim. Arshad keeps mum. They read his ID Card. This is why you are treating this kid! Arshad tells him that he would have treated any other kid the same way. I wont let you play communal riots here. One of the guys try to stab him but Aditya holds his hand in time. It angers the guy for being Hindu yet stopping his people from hurting Arshad. Aditya says my dharma tells me to protect everyone irrespective of their religion. People who do riots will never understand my dharma. Another guy questions him as to why he is supporting a Muslim. Aditya cuts his finger and puts his blood on his palm. He next adds the blood of the wounded kid over it. Tell me whose blood is it now? Every dharma has a different way to reach out to their Gods but they are based on humanity. We lose our Gods when we sway from that path. Should I not save this kid just because he is wearing a taveez and I am wearing a holy thread? What if it was your kid lying here? Arshad, you should treat the kid. I will see who stops you from doing that till the time Aditya Huda is standing here! The rioters leave.

Aditya asks Arshad where he dropped Zoya. Arshad tells him. He knows of another way to enter inside Bharat Nagar and goes with Aditya.

The rioters keep hitting at the garage door. Zoya is as much panicked as everyone else. A girl is afraid thinking if they will kill them all. Zoya tells her not to think like that. We will win this game. Don’t be afraid. Rioters pour kerosene at the door. Zoya and Javed catches hint of it. Zoya says we must leave from here. Javed points out that that door is the only way to get out from here. Rioters keep using force to break open the door. That girl asks her mother if they lost. Zoya declines. Good always wins over evil. We wont lose. Rioters manage to break open the door. Zoya is standing in front of everyone as a shield. One guy asks them to stand separately depending on their religions. Sunita says Javed is my husband. How do we stand separately? They refuse to spare anyone as Hindu’s have killed their kids too. The Muslim guy steps forward with his sword and is looking directly at the Hindu kid.

Zoya says something in Urdu just when he is about to attack the kids. We are taught that killing an innocent is equivalent to killing humanity altogether. He asks her if she is a Muslim. She nods. My religion tells me to help everyone. I wont mind it if I lose my life in saving these people today! He warns her not to mess with him. Stand aside as you are Muslim. Don’t interfere in my work. She refuses to budge. Islam stands for peace. I wont let Islam be maligned because of a few people like you! All these present here are my people only.

Aditya and Arshad reach the check post again. Police does not let them inside. Arshad addresses Zoya as his fiancé but they do not let him in. Aditya tries to make his way inside by force but in vain. They hear a loud blast. Aditya shouts Zoya’s name and jumps over a barricade. Police does not let Arshad go inside. Aditya continues running fast and shouts Zoya’s name repeatedly.

Inspector tells Anjana they are trying their best. She tells him to bring her son to him. Where would he be! Arjun tells her he is in Bharat Nagar. Anjana panics. He has never been there. What is he doing there? I am stupid. It must be Zoya who would have taken him there. She always makes him land in problems. Don’t know why she isn’t leaving him alone.

Roshana prays for Zoya’s well-being. Noor is nursing Wasim’s wound. Arshad’s mother tells Roshana to have faith in Allah. He will protect our kids. Wasim gets up to go to Bharat Nagar again but Roshana does not let him go. Zoya is already stuck there and you want to go there too! I wont let you go. They see the news about a blast in Bharat Nagar. They also see someone running inside the lanes of Bharat Nagar. Noor recognizes him to be Aditya. Reporters call him one of the rioters.

Anjana and Arjun also see the news. Anjana says why Aditya always runs to save Zoya. Arjun reasons that he goes to save his friend always. Who else will do that if not him? Anjana refuses to lose her son because of Zoya. He isn’t her bodyguard!

The guy raises his sword to hit Zoya but Aditya holds it. He stares the guy right in his eye while his blood spills on the sword. Zoya cries seeing him there. Aditya hits the guy using his other hand and fights with other rioters too. Zoya tells everyone that Aditya is fighting for them but they have to do it on their own now. You have to fight your fears on your own! Rioters have no agenda. Religion never teaches you to fight with each other. It is everyone’s right to live freely in this country. Pick up the weapons and fight for your right! Everyone picks up a weapon each and fights with the rioters.

Aditya asks Zoya if she is fine. She nods and asks Aditya about Arshad. He came here to drop me. Did he reach safely? Aditya looks at her. He notices one of the rioters throwing a stone towards Zoya and turns her around. He gets hit on his head instead. She holds his head and her hand is drenched in his blood. Aditya passes out in her lap. Zoya shouts his name as she cries.

Precap: Zoya tells Aditya she wont let anything happen to him. She makes him lie down on a tin and pulls it using ropes. Rioters see her thus.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Neha1

    Stupid Zoya… Still worried for Arshad… he’s on the gate but Adi put his own life at risk to rescue her but she’s showed her worry for Arshad…. Adi’s all efforts are waste…she didn’t see how Adi’s blood spilled on the sword and he hurt during the fight also…Adi get hurt on his head…
    Precap:- worried for Adi…hope he will fine…otherwise Anjana will not spare Zoya…
    Waiting for 2mrrow episode… but Don’t know why I get a feeling that Zoya will agree to marrying Arshad… I hope I was wrong, but if it’s true then Adi will be Heartbroken…!

    1. No dear…Zoya’s concern for Arshad was normal not the way it was portrayed in the promo…n Adi too saved Arshad bcos he blamed himself for both of them being in trouble….:)
      Chill…u saw how Zoya broke down when Adi got hurt n started bleeding…today for the first time Zoya has risked her life for Adi n is determined to save him…n i sense the beginning of her love realisation…it is going to hit roadblocks but atleast today there was a start!!!!
      But Adi’s stupidity of calling Arshad from his own cell phone is gonna put him in trouble!!!…but ultimately it will be Adiya!!!!?

    2. Neha1

      Yes, agreed… Hope ADI will not caught by Arshad for that call… Waiting to watch Zoya’ realisation..

  2. Poor Adi…,.I just hope Zoya realises….it’s Adi who is his true love….n not arshad

  3. Now she’ll realise that she loves him ?

  4. Finally a good episode,no need for Zoya to be in the arms of Arshad for a story.
    I must say Jennifer and Harshad are really good actors ,no need for dialogue just look at their stares. Reminds me of Mulder and Scilly.
    Would like to see them on the big screen one of these good days with their professional acting skills…

  5. It is ok to worry about arshad , At the same time when u see aditya u have to ask ‘aditya r u fine’

    1. Zoya did ask Adi ‘is he fine but it was quick!!!!…n promo was misleading…Zoya’s worry for arshad was normal not hyper as shown in the promo…but when Adi got hurt she broke down n was determined to save him…tomorrow to save him from the rioters she may call Adi her husband!!!…n Adi also saved Arshad n Zoya’s concern for Arshad was humanitarian not the way it was portrayed in the promo!!!…:)

  6. Today’s episode was good!!!…today I got to see a glimpse of Zoya’s love for Adi!!!!…hey colors stop giving misleading promos!!!…the last promo you gave was the worst of all the promos n it created an uproar among fans!!!!???

  7. Mona146

    why is it that anjana watches everything on news. why does she watch news at all.

  8. Guys, bepannah back on track…I’m gushing after watching today’s episode…Ab lambu ki jaldi hi chhuti hogi…zoya’s realisation about to begin…I knew it !!!i knew it…The makers had something intense in store for us and bang on!!
    Bas sab support karte raho aur tv pe dekhte raho…trps kam ni honi chahiye…Bepannah love to adiya!!!

  9. Finally i am happy as promo was misleading.
    Last few years most shows promos are hyper.
    It will be best if zoya realize herself what she needs
    I do not mind if she accepts arshad proposal with request of his father/ or by finding arshad good. Till she has no love feeling for arshad i am with the series

    1. Don’t worry Zoya will not have love feeling for Arshad but to take audience through a roller coaster ride, makers may make Zoya accept the proposal n believe that he is the right match for her!!!…but in that case Arshad may not exit exactly by the end of next week but little [email protected]??

  10. the only thing grating for me is Zoya’s obliviousness to Aditya’s feelings. has she not changed at all from the girl who stayed with Yash but could never understand from his expression/body language that he was going through many financial problems? same thing with Aditya. his words, body language, expressions, actions… everything is screaming that he loves Zoya but Zoya has no clue!
    but i dont find her behavior with Arshad odd. we never knew what kind of person Zoya was before tragedy came in her life. after Yash’s death and betrayal she became very quiet, and with Mahi and her mother constantly blaming her, and even Aditya being harsh with her, Zoya had become very reserved. but marrying a person of another religion against your family’s wishes takes courage, right? it is possible that she was always an overtly friendly person and after achieving success, she has gone back to her bubbly self but with more confidence. and she still must feel guilty about the fact that she went against her father’s wishes and married Yash, but he cheated her and was going to divorce her. she cant refuse her father again. so she has given this 2 week window and she is a nice person. she was so nice to even Mahi, then why she will be rude or cold to a guy who actually seems like a great person. Arshad has an easy attitude, good with children in the hospital, and he stood his ground in the riot’s face and chose to do his duty instead of running away. that combined with past guilt and constant pressure from her father will lead Zoya to be polite and friendly towards Arshad. that doesnt mean she is sending ‘signals’ to anybody. just because a girl is smiling at another person or trusts him to go to secluded places doesnt mean she wants to marry him! it is also clear that she liked Aditya’s biryani better, but declared Arshad as winner maybe just because he and his family were her father’s special guest. she just gave a stupid reason and declared him a winner but that doesnt mean anything. it might even be interpreted as Zoya is closer to Adi and thus thinks he will understand that declaring Arshad winner is just a formality.
    i agree, Zoya has badly friendzoned Aditya. i believe she does love and respect Aditya a lot and if she became aware of his feelings she will start thinking about it too. but right now, she just smiles stupidly whenever Aditya’s face is burning with passion. but i hope during the riots, when she fears that something might really happen to Aditya, she realizes how much he means to her. btw, i just love the fact that during floods Adi saved Zoya and now Zoya will protect Adi. 🙂 and i hope when Arshad sees how close Adi and Zoya really are, and then finds out who called him, he leaves them at peace. after all, until now, he seems like a genuinely nice person. (and also Wasim softens towards Adi after seeing how much Adi can do for Zoya) the villainy of Anjana is enough for this show

    1. Love ur opinion.. best review ?makers will want everybody to think like you..

    2. loved it! agreed 100%.
      i also didn’t think she was sending any ‘signals’ and i swear i thought about that biryani winner reason too,i was just upset that it was show.. as a whole ep on a biryani competetion is just really annoying! it just made no sense and that too whne we were already upset with the pace!
      anyway,ofc we all are hoping her smiles will now be for a different reason as she looks at aditya! xD
      but still,loved your views..hoping to hear from you in the coming eps as well.. 🙂

  11. The fact that Aditya went crossing all barriers and arshad was still try to negotiate with the policemen makes my heart Happy. I hope Zoya,or Waseem abbu gets to know of this . And not that phone call..
    Would hate to see anajana do anything now.. no shit bruh! Not now.
    It’s adiya time.
    Realization started? Or she gonna hug arshad? If she again plays dumb,I will go crazy I swear.
    Enough of this arshad drama… Let’s get the story started now.. (hoping for so)
    Also, I felt like slapping him when he said mangetar!
    And,why did he leave hospital and come anyway?
    Whatever, I hope aditya is okay!! He has to be.
    And finally zo realizes something and gets it together!
    Uff.. ?????

  12. Also,since I was too depressed to watch last two eps.. and I was badly missing the old Aditya and Zoya,I binge watched the previous eps.. so if so still doesn’t get it right
    .pro tip:don’t feel low.. try doing that,it helps..
    P.s-ik it’s not related and I probably shouldn’t ask.. but any humsafars fans in the house??

  13. today’s episode and tomorrow’s promo is good.Its time for Zoya to risk her life for aditya and also realise her feelings for him and get the hell arshad out from Zoya’s life.

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Hope zoya will realizes her love for Aditya soon. Precap is interesting! But why Arshad called zoya his fiancée. Zoya is not understanding Aditya feelings because it’s zoya’s habit in the same way zoya unable to understand Yash’s financial problems. But, I am really not interested in watching Arshad and zoya’s love-story. I am also not interested in watching zoya accepted Arshad marriage proposal.

    1. Arshad addressed Zoya as his fiancee but today Zoya may address wounded Adi as her husband to save him from the mob!!! I have a strong feeling!!!…hope makers don’t show Zoya feeling a connect with Arshad or agreeing to marry him!!!!…but some major roadblock will definitely be their before Adiya union !!!

  15. She is your fiance in your dreams doctor Habibi. He had not the right to call her that, specially after Zoya request to not pressure her. I was just starting to like him and he ruined all.
    Except for this i liked the episode, specially the messages in it.

    1. I can accept all excuses for her to agree to marry Arshad but falling for him is disgusting!!!

    2. This is fake spoiler…most of the spoilers given by bollywood life are fake…she may agree to the proposal but certainly not fall for him…purely under pressure or inability to realise her feelings!!!!… but this Janmashthami Arshad will be the one to enlighten Adi that Zoya saved him n will also tell Zoya how Adi risked his life to save her…scene released on instagram!!!

    3. This is fake spoiler…most of the spoilers given by bollywood life are fake…she may agree to the proposal but certainly not fall for him…purely under pressure or inability to realise her feelings!!!!… but this Janmashthami Arshad will be the one to enlighten Adi that Zoya saved him n will also tell Zoya how Adi risked his life to save her…scene released on instagram!!!

  16. Neha1

    On Janmashtami special episode, Anjana will apologize to Zoya and she also invite Arshad and their family…. I think in upcoming episode, Adi will treated by Dr.Arshad in hospital and Anjana reaches there when she learn that Adi get injured to rescue Zoya from the rioters…. She first, scold and blame Zoya for Adi’s condition but after Arshad’s treatment Adi will saved and fine…. So, somehow Anjana learns about Zoya’s alliance with Arshad and On the occasion of Janmashtami, Anjana invites Zoya and Arshad’s family and will apology to Zoya and Anjana gets relieved to learn that Zoya-Adi will never be together….
    And I think that Zoya will talk to Aditya about Arshad that She’s gonna accept this Marriage Proposal, she might say Yes to Arshad and Adi gets shocked and Heartbroken?….I heard about this on E24 U, Me or TV….but it’s my prediction/instinct that Zoya will accepts Arshad…. I may be wrong….but it seems to be happen like this…! Let’s wait n watch…!

  17. Neha1

    In U, ME or TV, they said that Anjana invites Arshad in Hooda Mansion to Celebrate JANMASHTAMI, and Anjana will Apologize to Zoya and her behavior will changed for Zoya…..So, I think Anjana behavior changed for Zoya–reason is she learn about Zoya-Arshad alliance… And my above comment, I think “Aisa hi kuch hoga”…In Saturday 1hour special episode..

  18. Neha1

    And Again Bepannaah Trp is 1.8 with coming down to 18th position..

    1. That’s ok…it is consistent…n past two weeks were boring so we must be happy that trp is consistent !!!…n this week many serials have fared poorly!!!!…some not so popular series named ‘alladin’ has entered top 10…ISA out of top 10 since last week!!!

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