Bepannah 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya brings Zoya to Huda House

Bepannah 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya bangs at the door. Don’t be so upset Abbu. I dint want it. Aditya tells her not to lose heart. Everything will be fine. She denies. Where will I go without my Abbu? What will I do?

Wasim vows to teach a lesson to Aditya. You have snatched my daughter from me!

Aditya promises Zoya he will protect her from every problem, every pain till the time he is alive. She asks him with which right is he saying so. What am I to you? What’s our relation? He replies that she is the one who taught her to live after dying’ you taught me to stand up once again after falling; you are the one who taught me to love again after losing. You are my life. I will protect you always. Control yourself. He wipes her tears. Come home with me. She asks him how to lose her Abbu and home like this. He reasons

that he is her Abbu. He is stubborn like you. I am telling you he wont budge from his decision right now so I am asking you to come home. She points out that this is her home. How to leave it all behind? Your mother dislikes me very much! He replies that just like Wasim dislikes him yet both Wasim and Anjana bear us for their kids’ sake. Pa offered to speak to Wasim Uncle for us. I am telling you everything will be fine. Come. She goes with him with a heavy heart. Dilbaro song plays in the background.

Glass breaks. Wasim and everyone look at it. Arjun apologizes and agrees to clean it asap. You will get hurt otherwise. Wasim tells him it isn’t needed. House and heart broke. This was just a mirror. He looks at Roshnaq. What’s the use of crying now? She replies that she cannot do anything else. Ia m Zoya’s mother after all. I will feel her pain. On one hand, I am happy that Zoya dint force herself to marry Arshad against her wish. On the other hand, I am worried thiking how Aditya’s family will behave with her! Anjana Huda does not like Zoya at all! Don’t know how much more she will have to bear. Wasim replies that she will have to follow her destiny. He walks inside. Arjun asks the staff members to leave and then assures Roshnaq that Zoya is his friend and sister before anything else. I will always stand with her. You may or may not believe me but do trust Bhai’s love. He wont leave her side at any cost! Noor seconds Arjun. Aditya wont leave Appi’s side ever.

In the car, Zoya is still haunted by Wasim’s words and reactions. Aditya notices her crying. He thinks of Roshnaq’s words. He extends his hand to hold out her hand reassuringly but stops himself. He stops the car and turns to her. He offers her napkin instead. She wipes her tears. He picks her fallen eyelash and asks her to wish. She refuses. My wish will never come true. He offers to wish for her on her behalf. He prays to God to help him bring her smile back on her face. I hope I can give her the love, the wedding she deserves. I hope I am able to give her all that she deserves. She asks him what he asked for. He agrees to tell as and when they come true. The list was long. She smiles a little. He remarks that first wish has been granted already.

Roshnaq knocks at the door repeatedly. She is worried as Wasim has locked himself in the room. It is time for his medicine. Noor asks her Abbu to open the door. Wasim steps out of the room acting all cool and calm. Noor asks him if he is fine. He nods. I will take my medicine. I wont bother myself over what Zoya has done! Those days are gone! He goes to Zoya’s room and removes all the photos from the wall. Noor asks him why he is removing Zoya’s photos. He replies that the photos of the person who does not stay in this house and is no more part of this family need not be in their house anymore. Roshnaq asks him if this will change the truth. I know you are angry but it does not mean she isn’t our daughter anymore. Wasim points out that Zoya dint do the right thing. We get angry with those towards whom we feel something (emotions). I feel nothing towards her. From now onwards, I have only one daughter – Noor Siddiqui. I don’t want any shadow of this Zoya Siddiqui to fall on Noor. Noor requests him not to do so but Wasim focuses on food and medicine. He hands over the photos to Roshnaq. Put them away by then. Roshnaq follows him worriedly. Noor cries looking at Zoya’s photos. You will always stay with me in this house till the time I am a part of this house. I wont let you go anywhere! She hugs the photo emotionally.

Anjana is still in the house temple. Harsh asks her if she isn’t praying a little too much today. She replies that she cannot thank God enough. The obstacle of my life is going away from my life for forever. I am talking about Zoya. She would have become Mrs. Arshad Habib by now. Harsh smiles. That’s why I thought what you are doing in temple at this hour. She shares that she is going for Ganesha puja. He has removed all the obstacles from Aditya’s life. She is pleased to see Arjun. Where is Aditya? Aditya calls out to her just then. Anjana thanks God for giving a new life to her son. He came back the moment I said his name. She keeps talking while Aditya tries to tell her something. I wont let you go anywhere now. Is Zoya married? He keeps mum. She asks him to answer her. Zoya is married right?

Aditya extends his hand and Zoya enters. She holds his hand tight. Anjana and Harsh look at them in puzzlement. What joke is this? Aditya replies that Zoya will only marry him as they both love each other. Anjana drops the puja thaal in shock. Anjana tells him to tell her it’s a lie. Why have you brought her here? Are you mad? He tells her that he only brought Zoya here. She was reluctant to come. She asks him what people will say. He tells her he does not care. She asks him if he does not care about his mother too. She turns to Zoya. You trapped my son! This is what you wanted right? Aditya requests her not to say anything to Zoya. I brought her here. We already took a lot of time to understand and accept our feelings. Please accept us. She asks him what he is saying. She is acting. She did all this as she wants the luxuries of Huda House. This is why she befriended you and came close to you! Arshad was used to make you feel jealous. She tortured you so much and even made you event manager in her wedding! Why don’t you understand? He disagrees but she tells him to shut up.

Zoya requests Anjana to listen to her. it isn’t like you are thinking. I love Aditya just as much as Aditya loves her. I accept that I took time to understand it and all this happened. Anjana tells her not to act in front of her. I know your acting well. You left Arshad in front of everyone to make Aditya believe you love her too. Aditya tells her to stop. We both love each other so why are you blaming only her? Zoya has never hurt anyone but I have! She has never lied to anyone but I have! She has never broken anyone’s heart but I have done that too! Anjana asks about Arshad. She left him and held onto your hand in front of everyone? What does it mean? He replies that it means Zoya loves me.

Precap: Anjana has packed her bags and refuses to stay in the house. Aditya gives her his swear. I will do as you say but you wont leave the house. Anjana asks him to choose from either her or Zoya. I do not want to see her in my house again. Will you be able to do it? Aditya looks at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. My hatred towards anjana & waseem is increasing day by day….
    Anyway ❤aadiya.❤jenshed.
    Waiting for tomarrows episode.

  2. Episode was good…but why in this serial from the beginning I feel Adi intensely loves Zoya but Zoya is not reciprocating to Adi with intense love…she is just crying!!!
    Awaiting replies…!!!!

    1. I agree ,this last three episode weren’t dramatic as I expected. Zoya confessed she love Aditya but it’s like she’s unsure even though she said it.

      Seems like it was only said because it was the only way out for her not to marry Arshad 🤔

    2. She is sad right now. Just give her a few episodes and sometime alone with Adi then she’ll be back to herself😊

      1. Neha1

        Yeah, I too think the same right now… it’s a relief that atleast she accepted Adi’s love infront of Arshad and his family and infront of everyone and in 2day’s episode she confessed her love before Adi’s parents too…! So, slowly, we will witness Zoya’s intense n Romantic side for Aditya… I’m eagerly waiting to see their Passionate, intense Love for each other..!

      2. Yup
        But zoya need some time with adi
        For now , there is only chaos and adiya lost it and zoya is sad
        Waiting eagerly to adiya left hooda house, and there marriage
        I wish them to start a new life outside their family.
        Anyway wasim and anjana surely .Don’t konow how it will be.
        What about upcoming police scene?

      3. Neha1

        @Hhh, I guess Waseem filed the complaint against Adi for kidnapping Zoya or else there’s some Zosh’s connection, as per Instagram spoiler Waseem interrupt AdiYa, and asked them to vacate Zosh’s office, after they left from Hooda house and take shelter in Zosh’s office…let’s see…didn’t sure about why and how this police scene come..!

    3. Neha1

      It’s true that Adi intensely loved Zoya….but Zoya just realized her feelings for Adi right now…so that intensity of love Will take some time as of now Zoya was disturbed of whatever happened and didn’t understanding how to react… she’s happy to choose Adi but had a pain and hurt about both parents specially Waseem and Anjana’s disagreed for their relationship is somewhere affecting/bothering her… Things had happened differently and Adi he’s pretty much sure that he loves Zoya and can’t live without her and the way Adi’s realisation shown, it’s completely opposite of Zoya’s realisation track… So, I guess Zoya is now taking time to things get normal first…but I’m sure that in upcoming episodes we will definitely able to watch Zoya’s intense love for Adi…
      As we all know that both had some similarities…and they both are compliments each other…and the spoiler is Zoya will ask Adi to complete the Saat Phera’s to complete the marriage, is itself says her immensely love for Aditya…So, @Arch give some time, I think makers definitely will show both Bepannaah love for each other…

      1. Thanks Neha! I AGREE WITH YOU 100%.

      2. Neha1

        Hey @Meera, Glad to see you and your comment…😍😘plz keep commenting dear…

    4. Neha1

      And @Arch, As a friend she already proved that intensity in her friendship…so now realising the love for Adi…that love will be as intense as her friendship was…

      1. Neha1

        but no doubt that Adi intensely Loves Zoya comparing to Zoya’s love…I too eagerly waiting to watch Zoya’s intense love for Aditya..❤😍😘

  3. Neha1

    Waseem is too much… Actually I had expected this from Waseem after AdiYa’s Union…
    Anyways, The best scene of 2days episode is, the car scene where Adi noticed that Zoya was crying and disturbed of whatever happened… He try to hold her hands by reassuring but stop himself…and give her a napkin to wipe her tears while her eyelash has fallen on her face and Adi pics her fallen eyelashes and make a wish on her behalf to bring a smile on her face, to keep her happy, to give her that Bepannaah love and successful marriage which she deserves…😍😍😘😘😘🤗🤗
    When they enter Hooda house… everyone gets shocked… Anjana asks what’s this..and Adi replied that only he will marry Zoya coz they both loved each other… Love the way Adi stands for Zoya Infront of his mom…
    Precap…😯 That’s why I think Adi will leave Hooda house as he can’t leave Zoya and can’t obey to his mother’s wish…So, AdiYa will leave Hooda house… waiting for 2mrrow episode.

  4. Lawd have mercy one drama over ,next one start.

    Zoya is a grown woman,Yash was unfaithful, not sure if he illtreated her.

    Get over it ,move on ,stop being daddy’s puppet. You already got your mother’s blessing,she’s the one that bore the pain and brought you into the world.

    Go with your guy and build a future for yourselves.

    Wasim was just the s%#@m donor ,cant spell it out lest Pooja block my comment


    Harsh should house Anjana in a chicken coop , she’s carrying on like my neighbor old yard hen that has chickens.🤣🤣🤣

    1. I know Seychelle,you don’t like Waseem. No body here does. And that you tried to just lighten the mood and put humuor in here(maybe) but please don’t say like that. How do you expect her to move on exactly? Her father has just called her a betrayer who has hurt him twice! He compared her love confession as the dhoka from Yash. Everyone knows in her family how big of a deal that was and Waseem saying that this is what she has put him through TWICE is really very hurtful. Hell,forget Zoya,I am hurt.
      So how do you expect her to be all giddy and all ready to start her life with Aditya just because her mother hugged her? A day ago she was this businesswoman,strong confident ,successful. Today,she feels as though she has lost everything. She doesn’t even have a place to stay!! She has lost herself as an individual. She has Aditya true. But what about HER? She now has to get married to get a roof over her head? She worked her way up to this day? Where she loses her respect all in one go.. because she dared to love? Also,
      She has always been her daddy’s little girl. Waseem’s love for Zoya does not exist,I agree but that does not mean that she doesn’t love him either. Waseem is her FATHER!! And not just a spe*m donor. Wtf? Please. It’s not even funny.
      Also,she HAS moved on from Yash but that trauma was just all brought upon her when his father blurted those things. She is a human after all. I see people getting excited over adiya’s first night on insta but I mean,really? Is that what this is all about? Everybody is sorry for Aditya. Does no one see zoya’s misery? Yes she brought it all upon herself.. fiiiine. Enough Yar. Ab Tak adi ko maaf Kar chuke hote hum.. ho gayi galti.. yeh but toh Dekho ki kis kisse lad gayi bandi adi ke liye..
      She made a mistake.. she was stupid. Par uski itni badi saza? And then also people are expecting her to GET OVER IT?? REALLY? I think it’s about time WE move her tears matter to no one? No one but Aditya.
      What’s this all about?
      Yes she has her mother but even then.. she did get evicted from her own house.. I’m very sorry if I’m misinterpreting your comment but this has been going on around the fandom lately which just made me feel really hurt and I couldn’t stop myself from commenting..cause some one has to. We all want adiya.. but now that we’ve waited till now.. let’s wait a little bit more.. and be considerate towards zoya’s feelings as well.. she can’t be romancing Aditya right now. Poor girl has been through so much. It won’t even come out as as beautiful. We all HATED this track but now that it has happened.. let it shape it’s course. It’s like Google maps.. you’ve taken a wrong turn so it’s just rerouting.. destination is still the same! Be patient..
      i really liked what @eveylyn said though.. I wanna see them comforting each other.. even if not physically,not by words.. by just being there,understanding each other.. it’s the little things,really. And BEACAUSE they’re grown ups.. I know they’re gonna do it.
      You know, have always been sad with zoya. During Yash n all.. I was sad because she was sad but today… I am sad FOR her. I am really just pitying her right now. She has no HOME( which isn’t just a place to stay.. it’s a feeling.)and ,the one place she went today she had to face anjana’s Harsh words and god knows whatnot did she say to her.and that too when she is so emotionally unstable right now… But of course adiya romance,her moving on as though nothing happened is more important. Right(?)!
      P.s- it’s not just for you,dear Seychelle please don’t take offence.. I really like your comments.. it’s just that I have been seeing so much hatred for Zoya on insta n everywhere… That I had to say it. I mean,what is happening fam?? Why such hatred for Zoya? Yes she is parlty responsible for such turn of events.. but forgive na now Yar.
      To err is to human after all.. right? At least she realizes it now.

      1. Hey Meera, you proved it again why i love to read your comments. BTW, are you convinced yet that Zoya really loves Adi or is there still some confusion?

      2. It’s ok Meera,everyone opinion may not be the same but it’s always a pleasure reading others.

      3. Anju5u

        @ Meera…
        Glad to c u back…😊😊😊
        N @ dhara….u said it right 😊

      4. Cudn’t agree with u more meera 🙂 i feel too pity for poor zoya that she had gone thru so much. Getting all the blames from both the sides. Yea it took her time but its really not easy to accept the 2nd love especially when ur trust has been broken once by ur 1st love. Getting cheated by ur partner will give such a void which will never be filled no matter what. You only just learn to live with it. u have all these fears running thru ur mind coz u dont want ur heart to fall to the floor again. Maybe its different for a guy..they dont care or fear about the society but from a gal’s perspective i could totally understand her actions and fears and never want to criticize her. it takes some time to gain trust from people again.u dont want to mess up ur life again and get criticized and mocked by the society and more importantly u dont want ur father to get hurt. At one point i felt bad for waseem too. From a father’s perspective, he too got hurt. He will realize soon that she made the right decision this time. True that waiting for adiyas romance but i dont judge her at all for her actions.

      5. Hi Dhara! Thank you dear.😇😊
        And no,there’s no confusion now😂 She does love him and she’s been pretty vocal about it too. It’s just that it’s Aditya’s time right now and I’m sure that when Anjana’s Truth will be out,zoya’s love will shine too. And as for the normal days, they might not be perfect but I have faith their love will create magic.💫💕
        Thank you anju5u! Glad to see such love. More back to youuuu🙆🏻

        And thank you Nila! 😊

      6. Thank You Meera 🙂
        Btw, I am used to seeing your pink coloured logo in comments and not peach coloured XD

  5. Neha1

    Did anyone noticed Mr.Hooda’s expressions in today’s Precap…it seems he had no problem with AdiYa relationship…I think he will going to support them along with Arjun…
    I saw Harsh’s expression when Anjana asked Adi to choose between his mom and Zoya… Harsh was looking upset with Anjana…
    I don’t know WHY but I get a feeling that Mr.Hooda Will support AdiYa…I just hope that he’s not having any evil intentions behind AdiYa support…

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I will not be surprised to see Wasim and Anjana joining hands to separte aditya and zoya..😏😏😏😏😏😏

    2. When will Zoya anD Aditya will marry??🤔🤔🤔🤔 or we are going to witness live in relation until anjana truth is out

    3. Writers are just dragging show…

    4. Arjun said he is zoya’ friend, share brother relation and in heart must be saying brother in law relation too..😜😜

    5. I hope Noor and Arjun don’t bear much because of all this drama..

    6. Wasim anger 😠😡can be justified as he is angry with zoya for choosing love♥ again over family which hurt him, but I wonder why writers are making Anjana character as phsyco mother, for whom her son should be her only, he should not marry: rather she want to control his son life.

    1. Riana

      Shraddha… Zoya and adi are already half-married remember the virani drama when they actually got half married… Only sindoor part was left

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Ha ha ha ha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…. But serial me marriage aise thodi hoti hai, pura extra drama or hungama hota hai, vrna arshad ke sath itna lengthy drama thodi drag krte.. Or fir jab writers ke pass koi story nhi hoti hai ya koi or drama nhi hota hai to shadi hi to krva dete hai kisi na kisi ki…. Or shadi karvane ke sare record to yrkkh ne thod hi diye hai, jitni shadi usme hoti hai kisi show me aaj tak nhi hui hogi😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

      2. @Riana : No Zoya’s pheras were also left!!!…only Adi completed his pheras!!!

  7. Neha1

    Good night friends..see you 2mrrow…

  8. Anju5u

    “U deserve this !!”Felt like telling this to anjana( adi once said this to Zoya ) but today as a bepanaah fan I felt like telling this to anjana on behalf of all bepanaah fans….😝
    Loved the car scene….n bgm when adi made his wish on behalf of zoya….😍😍😍😍( I was missing that bgm so badly)
    @ Neha c…..that’s how Arjun escaped breaking the mirror…n letting Waseem know that he is stuck inside 😁😜😜
    @ Arch yup…it’s true ….Zoya has to be more expressive I feel. ..😜 but don’t worry….once they r chucked out of hooda house n away from the vamp anjana….it will happen for sure…👍😎 infact I am happy to hear the news that both the families disown them…’s better that they stay alone n only then they will get their ” we time” 😍😋
    N about the precap….adi’s eyes when anjana says those words …it’s just awesome 👌👌
    Waiting waiting.,. 👼
    N thanks Pooja…for the update 🙏

    1. Neha1

      Yes @Anju, he broke the mirror and came out of Siddiqui’s house… but you see Arjun reached before AdiYa….lol😜😛😂😃

      1. Anju5u

        @ Neha
        Chote tho bahuti super fast hein ( in everything than adi,,) 🤣😝

  9. Anju5u

    N…poor Noor I must say…. repercussions r gonna be on her… 😐😐😐….
    1.Not in talking terms with Arjun
    2. troubles from the womaniser boss coming up
    3.Zoya chucked out …n waseem’s all eyes on her now… altogether it’s gonna be hell for our dear kohinoor 😐

    1. Neha1

      Agree with you @Anju..

  10. Actually Aditya’s character itself is more intense than Zoya’s….so the manifestation of his love looks very intense but Zoya’s love I feel will always manifest in a subtle way compared to Adi’s love!!!!….Zoya is always made to go through so much that she ends up crying a lot!!!! N sometimes after seeing her as strong Maya keeping aside the darkness of that character I feel Zoya is too weak!!! Somehow never been able to connect with Zoya and her pain!!!
    The only time I felt her pain was yesterday when she was cursed by Arshad’s mom. N Arshad’s mom is also not wrong bcos any mother would be extremely hurt when something like this happens with her child!!!

    Wasim is as psycho as Anjana. Yesterday he vowed to destroy Adi. N after reading the spoiler that Wasim is gonna ask Adiya to vacate Zosh I recollected some pieces. In the initial episodes Wasim was burning a paper which looked like some financial statement. At that time he muttered to himself that some truths must be buried forever. I think he destroyed Yash n made him bankrupt bcos Zoya gave up her family for Yash. N he put Yash in a soup that Yash had to borrow money from Wasim for the Mumbai basically he wanted Yash to bow in front of him…He definitely has a role in Poosh murder bcos on the day of the accident he had a dent on his car. When Arjun met Wasim for the first time he warned Arjun that those who go in search of truth often end up losing their own lives!!!…

    There is definitely an attempt to murder on Poosh by both Anjana n Wasim for the same reason – Poosh were cheating their kids…n I don’t think Anjana n Wasim were together too in this plot…it would be interesting to c who else tried to kill Poosh n who was eventually successful in killing them !!!!😁

    1. Anju5u

      @ Arch
      Ya I agree with u probably both anjana n Waseem tried to murder.but ..initial episodes were against harsh and waseem right. We didnt doubt anjana then.Harsh tore off few pages from pooja’s dairy…..dunno whats that for…many mysteries unsolved.time will only say. ..🤔🤔

      1. No Harsh didn’t tear off the pages…he was infact searching for them…the hooded person tore off the pages n the hooded person in Hooda mansion turned out to be Anjana…Anjana tore off the pages bcos I guess they contained Pooja’s pregnancy truth with Yash’s child!!!

    2. Absolutely true Arch, Wassim is obsessed as much as Anjana, and if they really have done it once they will do it again. They both will attempt to harm Zoya and Adi again. Though I am not convinced with the reason, they already hated Poosh, the cheating issue was just an excuse.
      About our sweet little crying at every second Zoya i must say in this moment she is the one more at loss. She has just lost her family for ever, this also shows that her love is not that weak.I haven’t seen Maya so Zoya is ok for me.
      But yes Zoya should stop crying now and on, poor Jennifer the amount of glicerine she has been using because of Zoya 😂

      1. I have no problem with Zoya’s crying in the last 2-3 episodes bcos her dad ousted her, she got cursed n Anjana too hates her. But Zoya has been crying a lot since episode 1.

    3. Neha1

      See…that’s why I called you “Female James bond”…but the narration of you story as per your thinking is seems to be true…I too think that Waseem and Anjana’s involvement in Poosh’s murder is going to be true as both has a grey shades in their character at times…but I also doubt on Harsh Hooda initially, let’s see who actually killed Poosh, untill now, Anjana is definitely we knew for which extent she can go to get her Son Adi’s love…both Anjana and Waseem had a similarity that both wants their child will live their life with their(Anjana n Waseem) wishes…Anyways, let’s see what happened on 19th March night, How the accident cum Murder happened…????

    4. Oh my god,arch. This makes so much sense.
      Waseem could’ve done that to Yash. And one things for sure and that’s that he definitely has something to do with poosh.
      Anjana and him.. Both are weird and Do not show normal human behaviour. Both really push their limits. Anajana has been exposed to the audience and I think Waseem will soon be too.
      your right. It will be interesting. I his hope no more new problems for AdiYa come just yet. I hope this gets sorted soon first.

  11. Riana

    JOKE OF THE WEEK – Zoya wants hooda house property !!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Anjana madam i guess you’re forgetting that ZOYA IS AN ENTERPRENEUR !!! 😎😎😎😎… Infact you can be the person who wants property !!!… 😏😏
    Awww how adi and zoya stayed together through the whole episode was beautiful 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩
    Precap – EVEN MORE AND MORE FUNNY… Anjana hamare aankho ke samne se niklo !!! 😡😡😡😡

    1. @Riana : Anjana also forgot that Zoya is from an equally rich family…she has been brought up like a princess with lots of servants by her Abbu in Marjorie..
      N at present Adi is jobless living on his past savings n father’s money. May be Zoya his paying him some return on his investments from profits of Zosh Company!!!
      So Anjana indeed cracked a joke!!!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Sorry * Masoorie…this auto correction feature in phones these day simply distorts the real thing we wish to say😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

  12. So simple and yet so meaningful. My boy , he is still scared of touching her, still doesn’t consider to have the right of doing that.

    1. @Eri : Yes the characters are in their 30s n already married before…even Zoya still says with what right Adi will give her happiness…Makers don’t want to promote nameless relationships like bf-gf…so I think the leads will get married soon!!! N Adiya are shown as principled individuals from the start except for Mahi n Arshad fiasco!!!…so makers sometimes make them less principled just to bring in love triangle twists!!! N that seriously irritates me!!!😥…anyways story back on track now!!!…please Zoya n Adi have not changed their clothes since the past 7 episodes!!! I feel more uncomfortable than Adiya watching them like this!!!😂😂😂😂

      1. True, but at least Zoya has removed her jewelry in the precap.

    2. At least someone noticed despite loving her he understands her emotions .

      Love the respect .

    ‘Bepanah’ still out of top 20!!! List heavily dominated by supernatural and reality shows!!!!😣😣😣😣

    1. Anju5u

      Hmm but that’s not fair 😔😔 didn’t expect it this time😭😭

  14. Neha1

    I think that this time Aditya should sing the same song which he sung earlier during the riots and both Adi-Zoya get locked in room… May be after hearing this song Zoya will again smile reminiscing the old moments between them…😜🤣🤗😍😘 Tum. Ding ding ding ding
    Ek office mein band ho, Ding ding ding ding ding,
    Or bijli chali jaye, Ding ding ding ding ding….😉🤣😂😍😍☺️☺️🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  18. Neha1

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  19. Neha1

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  20. Neha1

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  21. Neha1

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    1. Neha1

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  22. Neha1

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    Zoya :- Waah.! Jahanpana…kya aala bowling ki hai

  23. Neha1

    Aditya was always there for her(Zoya)….In that fake Marriage Infront of Virani’s, Yash’s mom Madhu slapped Zoya and Adi hold her…
    And Now when Waseem pushed Zoya, again Adi came to hold her….
    So, yeah there’re many similarities between that fake marriage and this marriage…both the marriage was incomplete…I do not regret that this marriage is incomplete but Want that atleast in Zosh’s office AdiYa marriage should be done…

  24. He has always been a gentleman, but this time is not a matter of being gentleman or not. Both times in Siddiqui’s and Hooda’s house his holding of Zoya’s hand is his support to her against everyone, they already have confesed their love to the others so it is easy for him to do this, he doesn’t feel awkward doing that. In the car scene is different, his holding of her hand would show his affection to her, his love. But till now they have confessed nothing to each other. So they are not ready for this.
    To be honest, i felt bad for Aditya when Zoya asked him with which right you are saying this things. She was talking about the right society gives to married people to be together. But is that enough ??
    She could have had this easily with Arshad, what was needed was just a signed piece of paper. Why didn’t she choose that??
    But he had a answer for her, and he was talking about the real relationship that a couple should have, the committment, the trust, love between a man and a woman.
    And only when these two faces of the medal are together, only then a relationship is complete. One cannot stand without the other.

  25. Neha1

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    “Kehte hain Khuda iss jahaan mein sabhi ke lite, Kisi na Kisi ki hai banaya had Kisi liye…. Kuch toh hai tujhse Raabta.”

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    1. @Neha : This is trp of week 38 : 13th to 19th Sep…Arshad track got over on 25th Sep…so next week it will raise !!!! But dont expect it to reach top 10….heavy competition from weekend, reality, supernatural n prime time shows…Kasauti 2 n dastaan-e-mohabbat too will enter trp list soon!!!so makers should not churn out bugging tracks like Arshad!!!!

    2. Aap ke as Jane see which airs at the same time slot has high trp after showing shitty stuff like black magic and we are losing out due to time change…bp will not survive long I’m sure now at this rate..please watch on TV everyone

  30. Now i am having doubt will it suvive long,
    Good thing is that roop and silsila also dropped
    Indian audience choice is bad
    Aap ke aa jane se 1.5
    Nazaar 1.8
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    Zoya’s behaving like a wife… like it…
    Today’s episode glimpse…

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