Bepannah 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Noor and Arjun come face to face

Bepannah 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya pins the doc to the wall. Is this how you will handle my Ma? You wanted me to hospitalise her! You couldn’t handle her for a day! I will sue this hospital legally if anything happens to my Ma. She is my only family now. I will then burn this hospital personally. Doc admits that it was a mistake. We are looking for her. He tells her to find her asap. Nurses are gossiping about Anjana. A lady comes and makes an entry in the register. Nurse gives her a file and card. She is assigned a night shift with Dr. Khanna. They hear some commotion and go to look outside.

Anjana is having trouble wheeling her wheelchair on the road. She is shouting for Harsh everywhere. Autos, cars pass by in high speed. Nurses and ward boys are afraid to go rescue her. Aditya is asking everyone about his mother inside

the hospital. Nurse informs doc that Anjana is on the road. She might meet with an accident. Doc and Aditya rush outside. A truck is approaching Anjana. The same girl rescues her. Anjana holds her hand but is shocked to see the girl. You? Everyone rushes to Anjana’s side. Nurses compliment the girl on what she did. Anjana asks the girl to take her with her. These people are really bad. Aditya runs to his mother’s side. The girl leaves. Anjana questions him as to why he left her alone. He promises her he will never leave her again. Another girl comes to call the girl inside. Dr. Khanna is calling you inside. Her dupatta falls on Aditya as she walks back inside. Aditya is lost for a second. Anjana tells Aditya that a girl saved her today. She was really nice. I felt as if I knew her already. Don’t know what would have happened if it wasn’t for her. He assures her he wouldn’t have let anything happen to her. Nurses take her inside. Aditya asks a nurse to find out about the girl who saved his mother.

Wasim tells Roshnaq to leave the lights on. She knows he is upset that the girls have gone away. They will be back soon. He asks about Zoya and is unhappy to know that she isn’t talking much these days. It is good that the kids should be engrossed. They should just be away from Mumbai! Roshnaq is sure Zoya wont go back to Mumbai. She is smart enough. He hopes for the same. Noor calls Roshnaq. They talk to her on speaker. They pray for the well-being of their daughters. Wasim hopes that they don’t fall for those guys ever again!

Flashback shows Zoya coming to her Abbu. She breaks down in front of her parents. Wasim takes one look at her and announces that they are leaving Mumbai tomorrow itself. Pack our bags. He comforts his daughter. Roshnaq knocks at Zoya’s room. Inside, Zoya cannot stop herself from thinking about Aditya’s accusations. Tears stream down her cheeks as she stares blankly ahead her. Flashback ends. Roshnaq is caressing a photo. Everyone says that Aditya is your past. No one ever told me what really went wrong. I thought you guys loved each other honestly. How did it end so soon? I know you are acting strong and I hope you continue being strong. I am still afraid thinking that you are not over Aditya yet. I know that it is same for him too. I wish I knew how to fix it.

Anjana is sleeping. Aditya is sitting next to her and refuses to leave her side. Doc tells Aditya to go home and relax. We will find a good nurse for your mother. Aditya tells him it is ok. There is no one at home anyways. My home is where my mother is. You need sleep and not bed to really sleep. I will stay with Ma. Doc gives in and excuses himself. Aditya picks up that dupatta as he heads outside the ward. He looks at the dupatta. Anjana’s words echo in his head. He lies down on the chairs outside the ward and covers himself with that dupatta. The girl is walking past him when she sees her dupatta draped over him. She picks it and walks away. Aditya sits up immediately. He finds a coffee mug there and picks it.

Next morning, it is Noor’s orientation day in a NGO. A lawyer is invited to guide them about the life of refugees. Noor is surprised to hear it is Arjun Hooda. Arjun and Noor look at each other but then she looks away.

Mili is waiting eagerly for Aditya. Staff members gossip that Aditya lectures them for being punctual yet he is missing from an important meeting. Mili calls them heartless. His mom is unwell. I wish I could stay with her. He does not allow anyone to interfere in his personal matters. A girl taunts her for the same. Mili tells her to say whatever they want to but not take it out on Aditya. She speaks to Aditya’s photo lovingly. I guarantee your heart will beat for me one day. I will teach you to live again. She kisses his photo.

Doc apologizes to Aditya for yesterday. We will find a great nurse for your mother. Aditya also apologizes for being so rude yesterday. I have no one else in my family. Don’t know how I will live without her. Doc nods. We will find a perfect nurse for your mother. Aditya looks at Anjana who is still sleeping peacefully. I will be back soon. I wont let anything happen to you. He kisses on her forehead before leaving. Aditya is near his car when the nurse comes to tell him that that girl was a physiotherapy intern. It was her first day. She was on night shift. Aditya tells her to thank the girl on his behalf. He gives her some money to give to the girl. Nurse takes it. Aditya is driving when he receives Mili’s call. She informs him about the clients waiting for him. He tells her to keep them engaged till he comes. I am on my way. She agrees. Take care of Ma’am. Nothing is greater than mom in the world. Hope she gets well soon. He thanks her and ends the call. Aditya is unable to see anything due to the shine coming from a bracelet. He stops the car and notices the girl with the same dupatta on the road. He takes Zoya’s name. She boards an auto before he can get down from his car. He starts following the auto.

Mili says Aditya is never late. In case he is late, he gives instructions to manage. Her friend tells her to keep trying his number and goes inside to check on the clients.

The past moments flash in Aditya’s mind as he starts chasing the auto. It cannot be Zoya! What if it is indeed Zoya? How does it matter if it is Zoya?

Mili is worried for Aditya. Just pick my call once and say that you are okay. Don’t trouble me like this Adi Sir!

Aditya collides with a car while trying to overtake the auto. The guy taunts him. Aditya beats the guys as they pass remarks about his wife. Police comes on the spot. The auto is on a standstill nearby. Aditya sees it as he leaves in the police jeep.

Precap: Doc tells Aditya that his mother is improving a lot. She has made a special connection with our new intern. Aditya is curious about the new intern. Anjana is all calm with the new intern and holds her hand assuredly as the girl gives her an injection. Aditya sees it and looks relieved.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What is this ???? Four more episodes to go and today’s ep start again around 10:50, seriously I wanted to see adiya today’s as this will be the last Monday we will get to see them on bepanah and why are they using body double, when shitara claims to be India’s version to Game of Thorne’s , has Colors TV degraded to an extent that they are not able to afford full fledged Jennifer winger scenes, oh on😭😭😭 when will viewers get to see more of adiya within these days.

    Won’t be tuning into colors unless they bring back our jenshad together in upcoming projects.

    Nice to see arnoor face to face, seems like Arjun was happy seeing Noor while Noor as usual still acting spoilt and upset

    Eagerly waiting to adiya happy union as ending now.

  2. Haven’t seen the episode but it looks like so far so good. We’re not seeing Zoya again today. Are we seeing her on Friday only? I see why we need an extension, badly. Ohh my head hurts thinking of our beloved show.

  3. Neha1

    Episode was good…. Finally ArNoor faced each other…. Arjun is lawyer…
    Adi follows Zoya… But indulge into a fight…
    Zoya is the new caretaker of Anjana… and now Anjana and Zoya’s bond become stronger…. And this will melt Adi’s heart again and last they reunite….
    But Everyone questions how Zoya become a nurse….I guess in her college days she studied medical science….but didn’t join her that as her career now after separation she thought to become a doctor…. Only my guess…we all know anything can happen in TV’S world.

  4. Why are they using Jennifer’s body double last time when rajveer revealed himself they were using harshads and Jennifer’s body double . Today also 😭😭😭😭 please want to see more of jenshad-adiya .

    Waseem still upset with Zoya in Mumbai , don’t know what and how will he be convinced and happy about adiya union.

    Today’s episode Aditya seemed hurt also possessive when the accidentwala guy asked Teri biwi ko Chua Kya, although he was hurt beacuse of rv one night stand condition with Zoya and diya separated he still can’t take a word against Zoya.

  5. Anjana ? Is she a mental case or amnesia case , she said the girl who saved was pyaari and acchi ladki ….well does she even remember making promise to herself for turning zoyas life into hell.

    Don’t know why am I complaining today, to be honest I am just trying to convince that it’s impossible to cover up all bits and end on happy not and expecting some miracle for BB extension

  6. Hi all,
    I cant let go this beautiful serial.
    Today’s episode was awesome.
    I want to see Adiya love beginning again.
    But it is going to end in 4 more days…😥
    Why Jenshad didnt continue on voot?
    Why colors never gave this serial it’s due share?
    Why, why, why???
    Jenshad’s new pics on Instagram make u feel worse that show is about to go off air!!!
    Btw makers are confused now…in one scene Zoya is called new physiotherapy intern and in another scene psychiatrist intern!!!🤔🤔🤔.
    Anyways let her be anything but dont end show…
    God let serial get a season 2…my last hope..
    Colors I hate u for snatching our beloved serial…never will i watch any of ur serials ever again😡😡😡…I hashtagged colorstv n posted lots of hate messages on instagram…I really hate this channel for messing with a masterpiece like ‘bepannaah’!!!
    @ Eri : I am 33..I m in ur 30’s club too😁

    1. Thank God 😂
      I started to feel like an auntie😥

  7. How they will conclude it within 4 episodes.
    Bepanah will get a rush ending
    Don’t think they will solve those murder mystery
    Sad for harshad; why his shows has been are ended within year

  8. A patient escape on a wheel chair 🤣
    Was she speeding 😂
    Well I’m beginning to pity Anjana that crazy woman ,don’t know bout y’all.

    But look how Mili trying her luck 😃

    Eh feel like watching episodes so will keep up with the updates till a reunion.
    That is if there’ll be one.

  9. Zoya adityahooda

    The show has become soo interesting now…… But still its painful to watch Adis condition…..I already expected that arnoor will have a patch up @ some other city……the show is still having half hour duration…..some romours were there that it will be for 1 hr…it also turned to be a fake one…I still can’t understand how the hell will they windup the show with this half hour in 4 days…if it was for 1hr then perhaps there had a chance……but now I feel totally confused with the intension of the channel…..what they are upto????I feel scared that we won’t get a justified climax @the end…I doubt whether those mysteries will ever be unfolded…..there are many loopholes in the story.
    1.poosh murderer….what really happened @that night. ….???
    2.harshads and poojas secret
    3.who bribed yashs friend?
    4.sakshis blackmailer
    5.Anjana and harsh secret a day b4 adiyas court session
    6.Vasims role in poosh murder
    7.poojas unsigned divorce papers??
    8.harshs murderer
    9.the person behind Adityas and Zoya murder attempt.. Sakshi alive or dead?

    how can they coverup all these in 4days….I hope that atleast we get a proper justification for all these….and such that a proper climax can be reached….

    It’s quite irritating to see the promo of tantra and Sitara….I hate that shows.
    I want it to go off air soon…. especially that Sitara which is gonna replace bepanah…wishing all the bad luck to sitara show from the bottom of my heart…

    Coming back to our show I feel that there is some reason behind Adi neglecting Zoya…I think that all that he said to Zoya that night was just a lie….he was acting as if he doubts her..for some reason he wanted to distance her from him for a while….that day we saw him running towards her and entering a wrong room…then next scene was he standing @the door step..I think something might have happened in between these 2 scenes….may be Nani blackmailed him or for some other reason…..he may be forced to be harsh on her….
    He still loves her…in today’s episode he was chasing her madly… means….he needs her still..he is missing her badly….Anjana finally started liking Zoya…positive move….
    And that Mili is gonna have a heart break soon…she can never get Adi…he always belongs to Zoya ..
    Excited for tomorrows episode..
    It’s really hurting that only 4 days are left now..with passing of each episode we are moving towards the end…..I feel soo down…will miss ADIYA….hope some miracle happens @ the last moment so that we get some extension..

    1. @Zoya AdityaHooda :

      U are going to get no answers to 1,2,3,5,6,7,10

      4. Sakshi’s blackmailer was Ashish – Yash’s was revealed in one of the episodes!! I dont remember exact episode number!! was a few episodes before Adi threw Sakshi out of the house!!

      2. Presume Harsh knew about Pooja’s pregnancy with Yash’s child bcos this secret Zoya came to know from family friend and not the diary!!!

      7. Presume under Anjana’s pressure Pooja did not sign divorce papers!!!

      8,9 : Indirectly revealed to be Rajvir and his Nani

      10. Now you have to presume Sakshi dead only

      N we will also never know who tore pages from Pooja’s diary!!!.
      We have to assume that Anjana paid for her sins by losing her mental balance and her husband!!!
      Apart from changing time slots these unanswered mysteries that kept on building up led to BP’s downfall on TRP charts…had the mystery n thrill quotient been maintained instead of a draggy Arshad track n nani blackmail track things could have been better!!
      Worst part about everything : we didnt even get a proper Adiya love story. We waited more than six months for Adiya marriage but post marriage not a single proper romantic sequence!!…😥😥😥😥😥

  10. What is this ???? Four more episodes to go and today’s ep start again around 10:50, seriously I wanted to see adiya today’s as this will be the last Monday we will get to see them on bepanah and why are they using body double, when sitara claims to be India’s version to Game of Thorne’s , has Colors TV degraded to an extent that they are not able to afford full fledged Jennifer winger scenes, oh on😭😭😭 when will viewers get to see more of adiya within these days.

    Won’t be tuning into colors unless they bring back our jenshad together in upcoming projects.

    Nice to see arnoor face to face, seems like Arjun was happy seeing Noor while Noor as usual still acting spoilt and upset

    Eagerly waiting to adiya happy union as ending now.

  11. I always love count down but this count down is heart breaking 😭😭😰
    Just 4 days left 😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Don’t usually comment on precap but ah hope that guy in the green is not what I’m thinking.
    My heart might stop !

    Arch 33,Eri 37,I’m 37 who else people😀

    1. Hahaha you too 😂😂

    2. Then, I’m the dinosaur, at 40!!

    3. Neha1

      I am 30…but obviously not married.

      1. Hope you will find your Aditya Hooda very soon in case you haven’t find him yet 😍

    4. Fatmi

      I’m 28 and married also 😁😁

    5. Well,I guess I’ve been awfully rude..
      I should probably start using honourifics!
      Shall I call you all eonni? That’s what I call my sis.. it’s Korean for elder sister.. I mean I could call you all didi but that would be weird in English.. idk.. what would you prefer?
      P.s I’m sorry for my previous casual comments btw.. it’s just that it never felt that way.. and because we all shared some common viewpoints it was mostly like I was talking to my friends and when we start to analyse the EPs and read between the lines and figure out the deep stuff in the show.. it didn’t occur to me to keep a track of our ages! Lol.🤣😋

      1. No no no didi please 😖
        Spear me 😊

        Every time “didi” is mentioned i remember Mahi😭😭

      2. Don’t worry about that, continue commenting the way you’ve been doing. This what I love about this forum, we all have our opinions about our beloved show and they’re not the same. And, there’s no insulting or insults. For me this is my ‘let my hair down’ space.

  13. Adi’s situation is heartbreaking. At least I’m enjoying the storyline even though I’m more interested in AdiYa but Adi makes up for it. It’s as if this story was written for Harshad and they found Jennifer for him. I’m amazed by Wasim. He took one look at Zoya, he didn’t want an explanation or anything, he melted. I know what hate him but he’s different from Anjana. He’s still Wasim but different… Arnoor was too cold, didn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy seeing them. I’ll just enjoy the story until they decide to grace us with AdiYa.

  14. Priyu

    Nice episode. Maybe that girl is Zoya . It’s sad to see Arjun not coming to see his own mother. As Noor had promised, that she won’t have any relationship with Arjun , I don’t think they can be aside. It’s not possible for a good end after all .. Now anjana seems not to recognize Zoya ! Maybe now she will start liking Zoya and accept her. Hope soon Aditya finds out about Zoya or else we won’t be able to see her more .
    Feeling very sad as this is the last week of bepannah. No bepannah after this week …………..

  15. let see hw adiya come face 2 face

  16. Neha1

    Aditya burnt Pooja’s all memories but He just covered Zoya’s memories….that show’s how Bepannaah he loves Zoya that he can’t able to burn Zoya’s memories…. Coz he knew that he immensely gonna missed her and he wants to revive or relive those moments and reminisced those memories which is belongs/related to Zoya…He always wants Zoya to be his only:- Physically, Mentally and Emotionally… And it doesn’t matter to Adi if Zoya physically isn’t there with him but she’s there with him in his heart❤️, mind and Soul that he himself didn’t let her go from there…. This is called Bepannaah Mohabbat.
    Thank you and Love you😍😘😘 Harshad Chopda for being Aditya Hooda and will always miss this Character as it’s very close to my heart ❤️ and Soul.

  17. Adi is still driving.
    I couldn’t understand if his “it doesn’t matter if it is Zoya or not” was a angry one or a defeated one.
    He was able to catch sleep hugging her dupatta just the way he slept hugging her pillow long ago when was inebriated from the allergy medicine.
    Oh my god what a mess.
    I don’t understand nothing.

  18. I’m hoping that that nurse won’t Zoya because that would make no sense.. first it was Zoya who walked out of adi’s life and I was all praises for her since that felt right and now one year later she herself walks back in? That too when adi made no legit efforts to sort things out?!?
    So I mean.. Zoya,brains?
    But then I don’t want any new entry either.. and if it’s his assistant then God knows that I’ll flip. Like is nobody using their brains?
    Is the show really ending this week? Waseem is still mad! Along with so many other things left as is it gonna wind up,I’m still lost.
    As for the good thing about then ep.. well if I do not look at it like bepanaah and think of it as a mediocre show that I watch for timepass.. I like how the story is building and am kinda excited to see her new look all.. but then it’s also for just 4 EPs so?!?
    Other than that.. nothing.
    But I genuinely love Harshad. Uff.

    1. You are right Meera nothing makes sense. I hope they won’t tell us she is doing a sacrifice for Anjana because it is lame. How so easily will he ask sorry and how the hell she will forgive him. Then how everyone will accept them together again. This is not a half cooked story this is completely raw. Who will eat this?
      Unless at the last moment they will show the reason Adi acted that way and Zoya has already found about it. They may come with nani blackmailing Adi with the registered scene or pics of Rajvir and Zo. Because he is still searching for them through police right?

  19. Medha

    Episode was ok, all were brilliant in their scenes specially Anjana & Roshnaq…. Adi is feeling Zoya’s presence in his around that shows how much he loves her,,,, Aditya was looking so Handsomw while wearing Goggles 😎 … loved his Heroic Avatar when he beated those Sadakchhap Boys…. Arjun was looking happy when he saw Noor there… but this Noor showing her so called attitude….
    Just 4 Episodes are left how they will wrap the story donno…… Hope they will end the story with a Happy Note !!

  20. Along with the show our comments are suffering too.

    1. Yeah,with no real story theres only so much we can try n figure out now.. they all just abandoned the story and left it solely to the audience but at least give us something to try and make sense of! xD
      I remember how we used to read the facial expressions of people and then talk about the gush of emotions one must be going through.. but then ofc there were those emotions. They were present and we felt them.
      With the show all haywire rn,my constant thought is whaaaaaaaat?! 😂😂
      And that where’s zo?! 😛

    1. They have a nerve! I know our show is ending but that tweet!!!!

  21. Neha1

    This scene….

    Well, I’m just waiting for Adi’s reaction when he learn that nurse is none other than but Zoya….Also I wanna know that this Kunal is going to play a Cupid between AdiYa or not, as per the earlier spoiler.
    Don’t know why, but my heart and mind is not ready to accept that Bepannaah has only 4 Episodes left…. I still think that if somehow channel get ready for 1month extension will be good for Fan’s and for the show as well… I really wonder that how makers will wind up the story in just next 4days…🤔🤔

  22. Neha1

    Just wanna say this to “Colors Channel”..
    Bhoolna mat Colors Channel, “Humari nafrat, Humari Mohabbat se Zyaada Bepannaah hai”…

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂(masking my tears)
      So trueeeeeeeee!
      Colors should be banned from itv altogether!
      They shut down imaginetv same should happen to it.

  23. Zoya adityahooda

    You r right…i may not get all those answers….but how then our show can get meaningful conclusion???

    I too think that we won’t get any more adiya romantic scenes….there is no chance for it…..and we may not see adiyas complete family with those 4 kids….sooo saddd……

    1. Tragedy of ITV : Most of the shows dont get meaningful conclusion.
      The last episode may end with a kiss..that’s thr only romantic Adiya scene u can expect now!!
      ITV will never change
      They start a beautiful story
      They attract us.
      When we start getting immersed they change track.
      Then they depress us.
      The numbers fall. Channel steps in. More damage done to serial.
      Then things look up . Story comes on track.
      We get bonded to it…
      N one fine day..
      Everything ends with an incomplete story

      1. You know soemtimes i feel that tye show ending with a complete absurd endin might actually be good cause then,there will be something different and sort of unique left in the show! But i guess im going crazy! 😂🤔
        Cause the reunion,if that happens that is,is gonna be real disappointment from our expectations.. and again, i think the last romantic thing would be a hug! 😢
        It is not in this life that we may see adiya kiss….
        Ugh. Just the thought of the damge done is so frustrating!! :/
        Waiting for zo’s entry today!!!!! Kuch toh interesting hoga!!I hope she comes,i mean.. she must! Its only 4 more eps ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
        And needless to say,she gon slay!

  24. What’s this age discussion about???
    Seems like I’m the youngest one here… I am 18

    Jennifer is my favourite actress and I only watch her shows and I don’t watch any other serial… I am also sad that the show is ending… It’s just unbelievable… It feels like the show started yesterday only…

    Anyways, I was just wondering that isn’t it fascinating that something fictional can bind someone, can lead in formation of something real… like friendship you guys here

    P.S. – I love reading the comments here
    All of your comments are simply amazing
    I’m sorry for being biased but Arch’s comments are one of the best among best comments I have come across…

    Also forgive me if I went wrong anywhere…

    1. There is no age discussion. We are making fun of our ages. At least i feel 20 every time i comment 😊
      But is nice to see that no matter our age differences we like the same show and agree on different points of it. Even when we disagree we have fun 😅

    2. @ Shyla : thanks that u like my comments…everyone out here is wonderful n I love reading comments everyday…
      Well u are not the youngest…there is someone from Sri Lanka who is 15 followed by Meera who is 17!!!😀

  25. Neha1

    Harshad Chopda’s name initials HC cake 🍰… It’s beautiful…👍👌😍

  26. Neha1

    Jenshad’s not sure to be work again but they’ll plan after 30th…what they want to do… nothing sure right now…
    But there’s one thing I noticed that both were quite sounds upset…as the shoot is over. Tomorrow’s last shoot.. looking like they cried, look into their eyes…

    1. They haven’t done enough scenes! That’s what we’ve been saying all along that there is so much more to be shown but this abrupt ending. Thank you Neha, my head is pounding. This is soo final now. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔 I love Harshad and Jennifer. I love Jenshad. I’ll always love AdiYa. They were number 2, they’ve just jumped to number 1. Their sincerity has just bowled me over. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Neha1

    The way Adi looking at her and she’s blushing….We’ll gonna miss it a lot… Nice click 👍👌😍😘

    I think Jenshad dating in real life…the show producer naihal.bagora is teasing them…when in the past 1 month so many negative rumours can be true why cant this positive rumour also become true🤩😍😍😍😍
    From Jenshad Shipper

  29. I have to say this, Mili is so sweet. Her concern for Adi is so genuine. She’s the only one in Adi corner, if I think about it. I feel sorry for her because her wish of making Adi’s heart beat for her will never happen. But, she is a sweet kid.

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