Bepannah 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Roshnaq supports Zoya and Aditya

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Zoya requests Wasim but he pushes her towards the door. Aditya holds her in time. Zoya and Aditya look at each other. She cries and turns to her Abbu. Please! He says you too love Aditya. Aditya addresses him as Sir but Wasim is too stunned. How did you do it second time? Zoya requests him not to say so. I tried a lot. I dint want to hurt you ever. I tried very much. Aditya adds that she isn’t at fault. Arshad’s mother taunts them saying that they don’t feel insulted. Only Zoya has feelings. Why did she have to do all this drama if she dint want to marry Arshad? Why did she have to make fun of him? Her husband asks her why she made Arshad wear that ring in front of Aditya in hospital if she dint intend to marry Arshad. Arshad requests everyone to not blame Zoya. She isn’t at fault

here. She was unaware of her feelings. She has realised her love for Aditya today only. Zoya tells him he is a very nice human being but he does not deserve all this. I wont be able to love you ever as Aditya has taken that place in my heart. Arshad nods. She adds that she dint realise it wasn’t friendship but love. I am so sorry. Arshad is happy that she could finally understand her love for Aditya. You should be happy or 3 lives would have been ruined because of one mistake!

Zoya tells him she feels bad that everyone is upset with her. He justifies her stance. Everyone is upset as they are angry. I am sure they will understand your decision is right once they calm down. Arshad asks his parents to come. Maybe I was supposed to come only this far. Arshad’s mother says we thought we will turn relatives but I regret the day Wasim called Sohail to discuss your alliance with Zoya. The day which was supposed to be the most memorable day for them has become a nightmare for them! Zoya has disrespected all of us. She will never be happy! She will have to pay for it one day. It is a curse form a mother! You wont be happy ever! Zoya cries. Please forgive me. I never wanted to hurt anyone. I dint want to do this ever. Sohail tells her to apologize to God. Maybe he will forgive you. He asks his wife to come. Zoya is in tears.

Arshad hands over the ring to Zoya and takes her leave. We will meet again if it is God’s will. He tells Aditya to keep her happy. He nods. All the guests leave one by one.

Aditya holds Zoya’s hand. She looks at him emotionally and breaks down. She turns to her Abbu with dread. Wasim sits down. Aditya and Zoya walk up to him. Wasim’s eyes are pinned at their joined hands. Aditya says I know you are hurt because of what we have done today. I know you are upset but I assure you that Zoya and I! Wasim warns him not to take Zoya’s name again. Both of you should leave the house right away. I don’t even want to see her face. Aditya reasons that his anger is making him say all this. Wasim looks at their hands. Aditya and Zoya let go of each other’s hands. Wasim repeats his words. Zoya and you should leave right away! Roshnaq and Noor question his decision. Wasim shouts at everyone to be quiet. I don’t want anyone supporting Zoya in this house. If anyone is on her side then that person is also free to leave right away! Zoya calls him Abbu but Wasim warns her not to use that word for him ever again. Do you even know its meaning? You made me look down in front of everyone. I always asked you if you are marrying Arshad willingly or not. You always said yes. Zoya tries explaining. Roshnaq tells Wasim he will regret his words later. Wasim tells her that Zoya has never cared for his love. She always ignores me and chooses the guy who isn’t right for me. She has always chosen the guy over me. Yash cheated you once Zoya but you have cheated me twice. She requests him not to say so but Wasim repeats it. I stood by your side whenever you needed me. I never said no to you. I was there whenever you needed me. You never cared for my love, my intentions or anything! Zoya tells him not to think so. No one is more important in my life than you. I can never hurt you. That has never been my intention which is why I was trying to marry Arshad. This time I wanted to be your good girl but my heart took over during wedding. I wont be able to live without you. I wont marry anyone if you will tell me not to marry Aditya. I will stay alone forever. Don’t push me away from you, from your life. I wont be able to live! Wasim tells her to live her life. I have nothing to do with you anymore! You are free to make your decisions. Just leave with Aditya.

Aditya begs him not to say so. Don’t do this with Zoya. She wont be able to live. She will die this way! She hurt you once and is still punishing herself. Don’t push her away now. What’s her mistake here? She just fell in love with the guy who loves her too. I know you don’t like me but you know that I can never hurt her. I promise you I will never cheat her. I will try to give her all the happiness she deserves! I know the pain of a broken relation, of a broken marriage. I promise you I will never break her heart. I will live this relation my entire life. Please agree. Wasim asks him if he is done. You must be happy. You snatched my daughter from me! Take her and leave! Stop augmenting. He steps aside.

Roshnaq helps Zoya and Aditya stand. She tells Aditya not to cry. You are shedding tears in front of a stone. He dint melt seeing his daughter’s tears. How will he fall for your words? He is sure Zoya is making the biggest mistake of her life as he cannot see the truth behind your relation. She tells Wasim this is the in fact best decision that she has made in her life for herself. What did you want? You want Zoya to marry Arshad when she loves Aditya? You want her to live a life compromising everything? Roshnaq tells Zoya that her Abbu may not support her but her Ammi will always stand by her. I will support you in your every decision. I only know that when you get love, you gain everything slowly. Your love has won today. I am giving my heart to you (Aditya). Take good care of each other. Be with each other through thick and thin. May Allah bless you always. Aditya nods. You have my blessings always. Stay happy. She hugs both of them.

Wasim asks them if they are done. Will you guys leave or shall I throw you out? He holds Zoya’s hand and pushes her out of the house. Aditya holds her. Dilbaro plays in the background. Zoya bangs at the door. Abbu please do not throw me out of your life! Please open the door Abbu. Aditya looks on sadly. Zoya breaks down.

Precap: Aditya comes home. Anjana is happy to see Aditya. I wont let you go away from me forever. Is Zoya married? He keeps mum. She asks him to answer her. Aditya extends his hand and Zoya enters.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Yes 😍

  3. okkay … so basically i just wanted to put my view out there… In my opinion Arshad is a better man than Aditya. Call me old school , but a man who respects his elders , respects you , your views on life and your space will be a better husband. Arshad is a respectable man who respects Zoyas space, he got an actual job and is mature and on the plus side his parents would treat her well . Aditya on the other hand is rude to his elders and butts his words in everywhere , he is not mture enough for Zoya and well his mother is a psyco who is going to torture Zoya. Yes Zoya is already in love so she sees past this , and not to say Aditya will not look after her well, he probably will. But Zoyas father made a good decision by asking for Arshad. Arshad will make a better husband. This is just my view.

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