Bepannah 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya elopes from her date with Aditya

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Bepannah 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya repeatedly shouts at him to stop the car and even struggles with the door. She pulls the handbrakes and gets down from the car. He tries to stop her but she threatens him to stay away pointing pepper spray at him. Someone is walking up to them. Driver looks at the guy. The guy pats at Zoya’s shoulder. She turns and sprays the pepper spray at him. Driver asks her what she did. She replies that he dint take Aditya’s name. Driver rushes to bring water. She apologizes to Aditya and hugs him.

Mystery woman wants to kick start the day nicely. It happened just the way I told you right? He is on our side now? A guy is standing behind the curtains. He nods. She claps happily. Zoya can try as much as she wants but she will fall flat on her face. It is my game and my moves!

Zoya is tending

to Aditya’s eyes. I am sorry. I thought someone was trying to kidnap me. He says you always do something strange whenever I try to surprise you. You could have listened to the driver. Why would someone kidnap you? She keeps apologizing to him as she wipes his face clean. He remarks that his life was about to end his life today. You thought you were going to be kidnapped and sprayed pepper spray in your husband’s eyes? She looks at him helplessly. He smiles. She asks him why he is smiling. He replies that she is enough to wound him. I don’t need anything else. She smiles. He asks her if someone kidnaps someone by giving saree, letter and stuff. They touch their heads cutely. She ends up hurting him on his nose and apologizes. He tells her to cure the wounds she has given him. He moves his hair aside and points at the forehead. It is hurting a lot. She kisses him on the forehead followed by both the eyes and nose. Tere Haath me plays. He hints for a lip kiss. She is all shy. She keeps her hand around her ear. He sits there with closed eyes and she ends up shoving an ice cube in his mouth. He looks at her in surprise. You will seriously do this to me? They both smile. They share some cute, romantic moments. He catches up with her. You were afraid to be kidnapped right? I will kidnap you in such a way that you will never be free! She replies that she does not want to be free from him. She begins to tell him about the day they got married and came to his home. He is in a romantic mood. He kisses her all over the face. He is about to kiss her on her lips when they are distracted by some noise. They look around startled.

Zoya panics. Who is there? Aditya jokes that it must be their kidnapper. I will just go and tell him not to take you right away Kyuki Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi. He goes quiet recalling the memory attached with the song. He tells her to wait. I ordered champagne. She nods. I cannot stay like this all the time. I must tell Aditya everything.

Mystery woman gathers a long rope. Zoya can risk her life and fulfil her vows. We have to see what she will do when she is in a dharamsankat. Will she fight or break apart?

Zoya receives a call from mystery woman. Stop calling me and troubling me! Mystery woman is impressed by her bravery. Zoya refuses to be afraid anymore. I will tell Aditya everything and then we will find out everything about you! We will bring you down. Mystery woman laughs. Your husband is very lucky. No new bride is so strong willed. Zoya promises to make sure she is not able to laugh anymore. She puts the phone on speaker and asks someone to speak. The guy takes Zoya’s name. Zoya panics for her Abbu. He must not even get a scratch. Mystery woman tells her to stop threatening. That’s my job. There is a car outside with the number 9211. Go and sit quietly in the car. She ends the call.

Zoya takes Aditya’s name. He tells her he is coming in a minute. Aditya comes but does not find Zoya in the room. He goes to look for her. zoya sits in the said car and asks the driver to drive. Aditya shouts after Zoya. Where is she off to? Zoya gets a text asking her to switch off her phone immediately. Aditya dials her number but it is off. I am coming Zoya but where are you off to?

Zoya asks the driver about her Abbu’a whereabouts. I will give you lots of money. Just tell me about my Abbu. Please help me. He stops the car abruptly and hands her his phone. She thanks him thinking he is helping her but the phone rings just then. Mystery woman tells her that the guy cannot tell her anything. I have bought his voice too. You will always stay 2 steps behind me. Get down from the car now. Zoya complies.

Aditya comes to Huda House and shouts Zoya’s name. Arjun asks him what happened. Aditya says Zoya was with me but she left suddenly. Her phone is unreachable. She is acting strange. Arjun too finds it strange. Is everything fine between you guys? Aditya nods. Everything was going perfectly but then she suddenly left in a taxi without telling me. What is it that she cannot tell me! Arjun says something that alerts Aditya. Did Zoya tell you something? What is it? Arjun says maybe it is too early for her to move on. Aditya denies. Zoya and in fact both of us moved on before marriage which is why we got married. Arjun reasons that she might have realised it after wedding maybe. Maybe she is not able to handle all this. Aditya gets thinking. Arjun says I might be wrong too. I just said what came in my mind. Aditya starts thinking on those lines. It means she is still not over her first marriage. I am not her first love! Arjun tries to cover it up when Aditya receives a call. He leaves right away.

Zoya finds herself in some fair. She walks around fearfully and in tears. A kid hands her an envelope and a pen. She finds divorce papers in the envelope and is stunned. She looks around worriedly. A guy hands her a phone and walks away. Mystery woman calls her and mocks her. I want you to divorce Aditya Huda!

Precap: Zoya says you want these papers to separate me from Aditya. I refuse to be your puppet! I want my Abbu before I give you these papers! I will count till 10. She starts counting backwards. Mystery woman eyes her worriedly. Zoya is in tears while counting.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. C entire Instagram was gaga today…but I was right…the saga of ‘boy who cried wolf’ continues…n Arjun said some stupid things today though unknowingly!!!
    @ Eri, Neha : My best wishes to both of you!!!

    1. Neha1

      It’s okay if they didn’t consummate…I agree with Eri….coz now the most important thing what we want that Zoya must tell everything to Aditya about the Blackmailer….and whatever Roshnaq said was absolutely correct…. this is the new beginning of both AdiYa and in a relationship they have to build their relationship stronger specially in the initial stage…. consummation can wait but stronger relationships between The Partners are most important than anything else, which cannot be on hold or wait… And the new Promo is out which indicates that may be Zoya tell Aditya Everything coz I saw the promo it’s clear that they’re pretending to be separated. So, it’s interesting to watch them fight against the Evils… Till then these lovey-dovey and cosy moments are good to watch….. But Today’s Episode, AdiYa chemistry was soooooo hot and I like them to watch Romancing…. Today’s episode was full of hotness and Romance…??????????

      1. @ Neha : what was the need for such heavy advertising by colors, Jenny n harshad saying ‘love empowers all’ when it was again going to be disrupted???…n they posted almost entire scene which they shouldn’t have done bcos such scenes have potential to give high TRP!!!…
        Yes consummation should not happen b4 all these dark shadows are present in their life but one kiss (I know they dont kiss for real in Indian serials) can happen n 2 episodes atleast of peace can be granted to Adiya!!!
        Anyways, may be I have become very cold n critical but somehow the episodes since August are just not enticing me to watch on pre leap phase I watched almost all episodes on TV n when I missed it was purely due to personal reasons!!! N online I m doing selective watching!!!

    2. Arch you don’t have neutral feelings for the show anymore, if it bothers you so much why you keep watching it?

      1. @Eri : I dont watch it on TV.. I watch scenes on Instagram or fast forward on voot..n yes read updates…no dear…I m neutral bcos initially I used to be very affected when some crap tracks were shown but now I dont get affected emotionally…n irrespective of being in India since Zoya went with Adi from her nikah ceremony i didnt watch a single episode on TV!!! Just didnt feel like tuning on TV!!

      2. I might be wrong but from your comments it sounds like you have started to hate the show and that is not being neutral. I too have my dislikes and i have clearly mentioned them. But i can’t say that everything is black. I do appreciate the good parts and complain for the nonsense. So if you really choose to skip certain episodes and watch some it means you still like something isn’t it, then why you don’t say that?
        I repeat maybe my impression is wrong ?

      3. @Eri : C the meaning of neutral means neither love nor hate…I certainly dont like many parts of the serial in last two months …total deviation. ..but some episodes like Zoya leaving nikah n going with Adi, Adiya marriage n their lovely dovey conversations I do like….but overall lost interest otherwise i was a very active TRP contributor…n most importantly I said I am emotionally detached so none of my feelings for the serial are strong enough to stress me…n as far as my comments are concerned they are purely analytical, critical n sarcastic now!!! Hope u understood my words correctly now!!!?

  2. So much love between these two ,yet so much distraction ?

    Really eh know what to say tday.
    Arch say something that could enlighten us ?

  3. Neha1

    Today’s Episode was nice …. AdiYa closeness, their intense romance was Awww…??????but they didn’t consummate coz of BM.
    But again Fandom was right Zoya left from the date with Aditya…
    Aditya senses Zoya’s wiered behaviour….And that shadow must be Rajveer…
    I felt bad for both AdiYa….as Adi want to spend some quality time with Zoya and Zoya was eagerly waiting to tell everything to Aditya but they both couldn’t talk…
    Precap is in suspense… don’t know what will happen… waiting for 2morrow episode.

  4. Hating new villain, but needed for the story… aadiya????.. I somehow feel waseem is supporting this new villain. I really don’t want to c misunderstanding drama b/w a adiya..
    Nice episode. . ❤❤❤❤aadiya..

    1. I think Wassim is involved, there’s no way he’ll pass up an opportunity to destroy Zoya. Besides, when you something once and get away with it, you’ll want to do it again.

  5. Neha1

    So, Yes The New Promo was nice as they both are pretending to be angry and separate but in reality they are together to fight with Evils… They both pretend to be separated Infront of their parents but after that in alone they together celebrate Karvachauth…

  6. But I m still unable to connect the dots…has waseem intentionally gone on Rajveer’s side?..what about the promo that showed Anjana’s suicide attempt n Adi’s promise to stand by her?…n now this new promo suggesting Adiya pretending!!! I m still puzzled…does the new promo imply Zoya told Adi the truth!!! I seriously dont think so!!!?

    1. Only makers knows
      One can learn how to destroy a good show or good episode from makers
      Seriously everyday adiya is suffering after marriage which is intolerable
      Show some good episodes

  7. So i switched off when again phone call came
    Everything known to me that zoya will run to save her abbu and sign divorce

  8. I think Waseem.isnt kidnapped at all…coz what Zoya was made to hear was just a recording and her getting all panicked was’s all rajveer and Nani’s game plan…the mystery is deepening and its thrilling…

    1. Neha1

      Yes @Diya, I too thought the same…It wasn’t Wasim’s voice…. it’s a planning by Rajveer and his Nani

  9. Can someone give a tight slap to Arjun on my behalf please, I am too far away to do that.
    He just added fuel to Adi’s already present insecurities. Doesn’t he have something better to do, go and pacify Noor for example. Anyway that was a weird reaction of Arjun, he knows his brother well and knows his alluding will hurt him, why he did that. I don’t want to think much over it because the last thing I want is he to turn negative.
    Rajvir where are you, please come, your nani is too boring to handle. That shadow was too slim to be Wassim, it looked more like Rajvir or Arjun type of silhouette but there were no sign of glasses . Maybe nani refer to her self and her daughter as us, and the third one is non other than Rajvir, he was accepting to tie Wassim with those ropes. We will see tomorrow if Wassim is really there tied up or it was just an imitation of his voice over the phone.
    I think Roshnaq will be the ray of light guiding Aditya. He got a call right? Who was it, Roshnaq already knows about Zoya keeping a secret from Aditya and she might get concerned because both Zoya and Wassim are not responding to the phone.
    I felt bad watching Zoya leaving Aditya that way. But that was needed to make Aditya doubt on ongoing things. And seriously that was the only thing reasonable to do. Were you expecting Zoya to say: Abbu your timing is bad, have patience just an hour because I am on a hot date with Aditya. Another reasonable thing to do was waiting for Aditya to come, explain to him what was happening and then together search for Abbu, but Zo was running out of time so by by Aditya.
    And the first part of the episode was just love, there was a perfect balance between love, fun, hotness, shyness, humor, tenderness, goofiness, craving, caring, romance and i don’t know what else.
    I expected that phone, and i didn’t expected any C thing (i do hate this term) so i wasn’t disappointed. Just for one thing, Zo couldn’t tell the truth. But maybe that is not needed anymore. Adi will find out before she will utter a single word.

    1. Neha1

      Yes, when Arjun said those things to Adi, I too thought why he’s spoiling Adi’s mind with such negative things… But thanks to that phone call and Adi ran….
      And I think Rajveer and his Nani didn’t kidnapped Wasim, coz when I heard “Zoya” …it isn’t sounds like Wasim taking Zoya’s name…it was someone’s voice or recording…may be that was a plan of Rajveer and his Nani to put Zoya in midstream…
      But yeah, yesterday’s 1st part of episode was Awesome….full of hotness and Romance…. loved it… AdiYa’s chemistry is Amazing ????

      1. Yes the voice sounded different but if he wasn’t there what was the need for those ropes ?

  10. Some scenes are removed from the episode i think. He got lipstick on his checks but she didn’t kiss him, or i missed it ????

    1. Neha1

      Yes, On Adi’s eyes the lipstick mark is there….I saw it…

  11. She is the real red hot chili pepper. And yesterday i was really wondering about that ice?
    She always has something interesting in her bag like that nail cuter?

    1. Neha1

      Seriously, Eri when she put ice cubes into his mouth I was like Hahahaha?????but then I thought? the she put Adi hold on to get more closer to him….coz when he’s about so close to kiss?her, she suddenly put ice cubes in his mouth….Adi was like you (Zoya) mood killer and Adi said :- Seriously, Tum aisa karogi mere sath.

      1. She exactly knew what she would achieve by doing that?

  12. Neha1

    Hehehe ?????? This scene was so funny
    Adi :- Pehle Aankhein(eyes) jala di or ab Naak(nose) phod rhi ho…Kya Karna kya chahti ho tum…
    So Cute and funny scene… Loved it..????

  13. Neha1

    Adi is in a Romantic mood and she’s about to tell him everything but couldn’t… Their chemistry…????

  14. Neha1

    Adi accidentally sings “Dil abhi Bhara Nahi”…. which was Poosh’s favourite song…. Both become silent.

    1. Recalling that moment he will furthermore think she is not over her past yet. Because she run away exactly after that.

  15. Neha1

    Jenny’s imitating Harshad….on Reporters request…
    Seriously, they share a great bond offscreen too…. that’s why we love Jenshad/AdiYa’s chemistry onscreen.?????

  16. Neha1

    This was the one of my best scene from yesterday episode…both expressions was Superb…????

  17. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am really confused whats going on???? But I think its wasim plan to seperate zoya and aditya…

  18. Morning to everyone in India time zone or elsewhere

    It’s night time here in Canada. Was reading some online forums and kind of got worried. Why is the $#@ trp for BP a measly 1???????

    What is going on??? Yes the nani track is on but seriously. There are incredibly worse shows out there with higher TRp and BP is awesome. It’s a complete package. The Indian aunties don’t stay up to watch BP. So is it that we aren’t a powerful enough gropu? I’m sure BP is slot leader. And I read it’s consistently in top for online ratings. So what is going on?? Help.
    I don’t want the show to get cut short as this one writer seemed to imply. But maybe some
    people are just negative. .

    You guys seem way more in the know than me. The blo*dy TRP is ruining the awesome show we witnessed today!!!!

    1. @Rads : BP is a finite series only…Harshad told in launch interview that a story for 12-15 months is ready that is upto May 2019. In between there were reports that it is a 160 episodic series…but we have already crossed that mark I guess…n every now n then rumour mills float around that show will go off air soon !!! But no official confirmations yet!!!
      Except for the first week BP always had a small viewership base compared to other shows bcos it deals with extra marital affair n second marriage…plus many Muslims find Zoya’s actions more Hindulike so may be we lose out some fans there!!!
      Off late the story has deviated from what makers promised us in the launch party!!! This deviation coupled with the 10.30pm timing change which is indeed late night for office goers n fans who have to attend morning schools has further pulled down the TRP!!! But once BB is over our show may get its original time slot of 9.30pm!!!
      But if TRP continues like this channel generally ends the show…but they have to bring the show back at 9.30pm slot n test TRP figures!!! If at prime time also it continues to get such low TRP then closing it is sensible!!!

    2. In india bepannah is 3rd( meams last) on that time slot
      I agree with your poimts
      Time slot leader is a show which has shiwn black magic track for leads union and people gave them more trp when the track started

    3. And it is on 10.30pm slot which is also bad time to watch

  19. I am here to see the links
    Neha always post all good link with jenshad???
    But i am not liking the episodes
    Every episodes zoya and aditya suffering
    Which is irritating???
    Never watched a show in which all good and bad happen on same episodes???
    They need twist and emotions for show running but with these extent jenshad is not capable to hold viewer like me???
    When i decide i will continue on tv they just irritate me with episodes or promo.???

  20. Neha1

    Adi’s life was about to end his life….Poor Adi… Whenever he trying to surprise her..he gets Shocked ?.

  21. Okay. Guys thanks for explaining it.

    I don’t mind if it’s finite but at least the channel gives it a chance which I think it is. It just doesn’t make sense – we got two really good actors. Great supporting cast. Sets are great. Story line is different and yet BP is 3rd. Oh well. I’ll be honest. I didnt watch it from when it started. It was on colors and I had always snubbed it thinking it a regressive channel. But Harshad acting pulled me in as a viewer 4 months ago and I’ve rewatched it all. In the summer I watched because Aditya was falling in love with Zoya and was excited to see if she did too with him. Plus they look amazing together! I think viewership is changing. People record and rewatch it later. In Canada I never watch basic channel anymore. Or even English shows on tv. Can watch on Netflix. Or stream. No one wants ads anymore. But tv has to make $
    Anyways let the tv guys figure it out. We will enjoy the show as long as it is here! Yay! I’ve been recommending it to my friends and family to start watching it too!

    Let’s look forward to the wink wink moment today. Hopefully it’s KC shown today!

  22. I don’t mind the irritating track now with nani because I know Ranveer is around the corner and then all he*CK I’d going to break loose. When he was on the show he was sooooo good at being soooo bad that I hated him. He’s a good actor too. I wish he would just get lost sooo bad they way he was after them. But he United them. (The jail scenes were awful. ESP when he got Adi beat up and Zoya harassed). So as long as our two leads are together. All is well. Out of 25mins we get to watch maybe 5 mins Aditya and Zoya. 10 mins nani. 5 mins filler. 5 mins family supporting cast. I’ll take it! The alternative is no / zero Zoya and Aditya. And that would suck. So have a great Friday everyone!!

  23. Neha1

    Bepanaah Fan’s have a Meltdown on Twitter seeing Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget Steamy Romance….! (swipe n watch)

  24. I sensed a bit of tension today here..perhaps This makes it better..
    SOMETHING to look forward to,maybe. Idk though.
    Makers,please get this!!


  25. You know what Meera, the main reason i started watching this show was the story. I wanted to see how they will portray the falling in love of two people already experienced in life. All the other shows have one male lead obviously not stranger to relationships and s*xual life aged 30 and the female lead is a pure untouched young girl of barely 20. And after so many hurdles, after fighting villains of all kinds, their love wins, all is well, and bas it stops there.
    But in this story is different, the moment the villains are defeated and you think the deal is done, we are safe, at that moment other demons rises. And they are, gelosy, insecurity, doubt.
    Does he/she love me as much as he/she loved the first one?
    Das he/she loves me at all?
    Does he/she compare me with the previous one? I am better, i am worse, i am less?
    And when it comes to intimate relationship things get even worse.
    No man on world is comfortable knowing that he is not the first one for the woman he truly loves.
    Not matter if he lives in a big city, or a small town , it is educated or not, his nationality, no matter if he tries to be cool about it, it does always hurt.
    It is a cave type instinct, it’s in one’s DNA,no one can denny that. And that feeling can suffocate you, suffocate your love if it isn’t taken care of.
    And at the moment Adiya got married i was very disappointed because neither of those layers was explored.
    I guess now is time to do that. The moment Arjun mentioned Zoya is not completely ready to move on, the already existing demons in his mind took over. Pooja already choose Yash over Adi, is Zoya doing the same? He thinks what is wrong with me , i don’t deserve to be loved. And what makes this thought stronger is Zoya’s strange behavior. Yes she is constricted by the circumstances but in reality they are not ready for this. She has not told him yet that she loves him, why she feels uncomfortable doing that, yes she does love him but is still afraid of telling it out loud. The moment Adi started to sing that song they were remembered of Poosh in the middle of their romantic moment. They are not ready for intimacy because other important things are not done and said till now.
    Hope they will come along.

    1. Neha1

      Superb Eri.,.. you’re absolutely correct… Now it’s a high time that Zoya must tell Aditya Everything before it’s too late…and as per the new Promo, I guess she’ll somehow managed to tell Adi Everything… Anyway, I’m waiting for today’s episode.

    2. Eri, I agree dear.
      Yes i realize that completely and that is also why I have expressed my disappointment with this track as well.. I never opted for this family drama but the story of individuals.. Infact if you see, adi and pooja’s problems were elaborately discussed but zo and yash’s weren’t really. And trust me.. The most, I was The MOST disappointed with what they did at yash and pooja’s death anniversary.. I was actually anticipating that day.. Really. But they didn’t explore any of the emotions that one would’ve gone through on That day..I legit cried seeing that pathetic episode.. And was very very disappointed with the makers.
      And to add to that because zoya hasn’t been expressive at all.. To Aditya.. She fought with people n all but she never really said anything to Aditya or even herself i think. i. e. Her rushed realization track has now also resulted in this-ad’s insecurities .. And this does feel real.. Whatever aditya is feeling right now. People are bashing arjun but i think after a long time, something normal happened.. Like these thoughts should come.. And be resolved.. These were the emotions I was hoping to be explored..i really LIKED that song scene.. I got emotional when he sang that.. So that is what I meant when I shared this post..that besides this family drama that has now been started.. It would be nice if the makers show adiya growing too.. They were supposed to be best friends right? I don’t see them being that after the wedding.. Those midnight talks about whats troubling them.. All gone.What happened?! They are so engrossed in not making the same mistake that they’re not realising that here, zo has become yash-handling all the problems herself and Aditya… No, wait.. I have no complaints form aditya. None yet.. But seeing that anjana promo has troubled me a lil bit. Bu i wont comment on that. As of yet, I’m happy with Aditya. He’s been perfect. So yeah, I too realize the depth of this show and I understand what you’re saying completely.. I too am not interested in their s*x life. Why would I be?! Just knowing that they genuinely are happy is enough for me.. That they’ve actually grown.. Just knowing their journey is enough. But it has to be THEIR journey. Period.
      I don’t know if you’ll read this.. Cause it’s too late.. But yeah… I had to write. We are all on the same page writing about different stuff. But all of that matters in some way. Metaphorically speaking ofc.

    3. To summarise yeah, your words are exactly my point. And explanation to why I am not liking this these days. There was so much already to be resolved but this.. This shitty nani track happened instead! Not fair.
      I too wanted to see the emotions you said to be explored and resolved too. Cause this is what matters and is relatable and realistic. And while all this seems simple.. Its not. It’s really not. I wouldn’t mind poosh murder mystery to be there as well.. This is actually thrilling… But the way it is happening is not. There’s so much potential in this story which I can see going down the drain and that is why I feel sad.
      The genre was not entirely romantic here. If I wanted just that I would’ve seen a chick flick.
      So I want that consistency to be maintained.. I genuinely felt that that scenes where aditya sings that song and what arjun said were the two moments of just few seconds that felt like bepanaaah but that’s it. It again got lost. Even if there is no candle light dinners for their confession everytime, I would still watch. I have always been expressive on how I would appreciate if the track is as simple as it gets.
      Now that that can’t happen I can just savour these moments and hope.
      That now at a least amidst this I see the bepanaaah essence and not just adiya becoming sherlock or just saving and hugging each other from nani/rajveer attacks.

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