Bepannah 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya and Zoya part ways

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Bepannah 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir tells Zoya that he knows she is compelled to do all this but she should give some nice expressions. Atleast don’t ruin my mood. He takes out a lipstick and applies it on her lips and around them. She pushes his hand away but he tells her she is looking beautiful. She cries.

Nani tells Aditya not to delay anymore. Hope my Rajvir wont like Zoya too much and you will then lose her for forever. Aditya runs out. Nani pities him. Don’t know if he will be able to save his ZOya or not.

Rajvir sprinkles rose petals all over zoya.

Aditya requests Inspector to let him speak to Zoya. Inspector allows him.

Aditya calls Zoya. She is about to pick it but Rajvir puts the phone far away from her.

Nani pats at Aditya’s shoulder. He begs her to tell him where Zoya is.

She asks him if he will follow her words then she will help him. She gives him a phone. Just follow the location. I will then tell you where she is. He requests her not to play such games. Tell me honestly please. She again tells him not to be late. Hope my Rajvir wont fall completely for her. He runs.

Rajvir leans closer to Zoya’s hair. What are you thinking Zoya?

Aditya is following the location on foot.

Rajvir pushes Zoya on the floor. He shows her handcuffs. Do you know what it is? It is both fun and punishment.

Aditya enters in the wrong house. He runs outside as soon as he realises it.

Zoya’s hands are tied to a bed. Rajvir leans over her. She is able to take her hands out. He tells her she can leave now. I have played as much as I wanted to with you. She sits up asking for proof. He holds her from behind. Why do you need proof? Aditya will come out. They look up and see Aditya standing at the door. She is surprised to see him. Aditya pulls at Rajvir’s collar. Zoya tries stopping him but he insists. Rajvir says I snatched this girl from you. You loved her immensely right. I got her now. Zoya tells him that nothing happened between them. Rajvir nods. We were only talking to each other entire night by looking in each other’s eyes. He leaves them there.

Aditya looks at the bed. You made a deal with Rajvir for entire night to save me right? Just say yes or not. She nods. I had no other option. He calls her a cheater. He asks her why she dint tell him once. She speaks of his condition but he says I was atleast breathing in that condition. How to live now?> How to look at you now? You used your body to cheat me? She tells him she did that to save him. He says it would have been better if he would have died instead of seeing this. How can you stoop so low? She says I dint do anything. Even if I did it like you say, I did it for your sake only. I was ready tos sacrifice my body, my dignity for your sake. You will still blame me? He nods. She is angry that he needs proof to determine if she is pious or not. You believe that Ravan and want me to give Agni Pariksha? This Sita wont give any Agni Pariksha as you are not Ram! I cannot believe it that you are one of those men who think that a woman’s body is her true dignity. I will never trust you again. We share nothing from here on! You can stay alone with your fake fame and pride Mr. Aditya Hooda! She walks out of the room. Aditya sits on the bed disturbed.

Next morning, Aditya comes home. Nani is drinking happily. She welcomes him home. I am not feeling happy for you. So much happened at once. Father died. Brother left the house and mother became mad! Your support has also left you. I wonder how you are still standing strong on your feet. If it was someone else in your place then he would have died. Either you are strong or shameless. Aditya tries to walk away but she does not let him. You and Zoya have played games with me and Raj. Are you done now? She calls out to Rajvir in between. She asks him to have a drink. He begins to walk away again but Rajvir asks him to stop. Why are you hiding your face? Aditya attacks him. Anjana begins to descend the stairs but trips. She hurts herself badly. Aditya rushes to her side. He shouts at the servants for help but no one comes. Nani and Rajvir are happy to see it. Nani suggests celebrating now as they have achieved their mission. They wave at Aditya as they leave. Aditya keeps calling out to the servants.


Aditya keeps covering his face using a cushion. Zoya asks him to wakeup. He asks her to wake him nicely. She smiles. She leans closer and he hugs her. She asks him if he loves his sleep more than her. He denies. I cannot stop dreaming about you since I have fallen in love with you. They share some cute romantic moments. She walks away teasing him. Aditya sits up and calls out to Zoya. He starts looking for her. Come back or I wont spare you. It is too late. He comes downstairs and opens another room. He stops in his tracks seeing Zoya hugging Rajvir. Zoya remarks that it is indeed too late. You found me yet you lost me for forever. Zoya smiles at Rajvir as they part. Alarm starts ringing. Aditya wakes up shouting against it and realises it was his dream. It is 4 am. Aditya gets ready and heads out for a walk. A guy offers him flowers. He recalls his meeting with Zoya after returning from Paris and walks away. Every corner reminds him of the time spent with Zoya in the past. Her promises echo in his head. He shakes himself out of it.

Anjana is shouting at the nurse. She blames nurse for trying to drive her mad. Let Harsh come. I will see you then. Nurse tries to calm her down but in vain. Anjana raises her hand to hit her but Aditya holds it in time. She cries that Harsh isn’t here. He assures her he will come soon. She tells him that he keeps saying it but he has not come till now. Call him soon please. Nurse gives her an injection. Aditya holds her sadly.

Precap: Zoya is in a cab. Noor tells Aditya that they are going to Mussorie for forever. Aditya calls Shreya (his assistant). He tells her that the delegates are coming. Look after them till the time I come. I will reach in 15. He ends the call. She looks at her phone and says I will do that but you can also someday respond to good morning or hi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Episode was very rushed up…n now every episode will be rushed up!!!…anyways story has stopped very low…n between Zoya and Adi Zoya is right…Adi behaved like a typical man today..rape victims, victims of s*xual harassment are looked down upon in society n Adi belongs to that society only !!!
    For a minute also Adi didnt think about the sacrifice Zoya made for him !!! This is not ‘bepanah’…this is ‘cheapanah’.
    But one thing Harshad was looking super hot post leap…????

    1. Yes he was fire Arch, and his shut up ?

  2. Now what the hell is this???? meaningless episode… oh god

  3. Anjana is where I knew she’d be.
    Hope is a shot of cyanide Nani was drinking .
    I like the twist a bit where Zoya left.
    After Adiya both went through so much they deserve time to decide what they really want . It would of been better if they decided together since they are married.
    Seems like there’s going to be a happy reunion with Adiya.

    No story on Sakshi n it seems like Mahi n her mom fell off a cliff as well ?
    I agree Colors is disappointing but what about the writers!
    The only good thing on Bepanah is Adiya chemistry ?
    Is the murderer still at large?
    Despite Rajvir saying he did it.

  4. Neha1

    Rajveer is so cheap and pathetic…. can’t talk much about him… I think Zoya did right decision… I didn’t expect this to Adi that he needs a proof of Zoya’s pious or not…. Anyway it’s the past and leap come..
    This leap reminds me of That old scene or 1st episode of Bepannaah where Pooja to wake up Adi by sliding the curtains…. But this time it’s Zoya…
    Anjana deserves to be mad….but I now really pitty on both AdiYa… Both are broken and devastated…
    Precap:- Zoya’s leaving Mumbai and going to Mussouri…. and that Employee Shreya, seems that she’s attracted towards Adi and quite flirty…. Anyway waiting for tomorrow episode.

  5. So my doubt was correct.
    Aditya was blackmailed to do all these.
    I don’t want show extension, as again there will be eternal separation -love drama???
    Hope adiya got a happy ending.
    Harshad and jennifer get something better than bepanah; in which no need to change the script to make a crap.

  6. Geeti

    Wait, what?!

    1. Hahahaha same geeti, same.

  7. Neha1

    Aww…Adi still reminiscing the old moments, memories with Zoya and today Harshad/Adi Hooda in a Black Hoodie…looking Smart.???

  8. OMG OMG OMG… i want to use so many bad words. I didnt comment for days, since i didnt have anything nice to say and i was hoping things will improve, but OMG. WTF is this? Everything about today’s episode has pissed me so much! First of all, WTF was all this about what Rajdeep did with Zoya? Damn it, he didnt ‘do anything’? That was TRAUMATIZING just reading it. To PLAY with another human like that, dangling unspoken horrors above their heads, while the woman is trembling, disgusted but still desperate…UGH. That horror… I didnt expect this from Zoya, i wish she had shot him. But more of all, i didn’t expect that from this show. I wish Zoya hadn’t said ‘nothing happened between us’ and instead screamed in agony. Why was her response first to pacify Aditya? She should have herself landed few kicks on that pathetic Rajveer!!
    To top it, this is the way Aditya chose to behave with her? Like seriously????? the dream after one year, clearly shows he wasn’t faking it. Zoya smiling at Rajvir and going with him… like WTF? That woman, the supposed love of your life, was traumatized and still she stayed because she wanted to free you, and all you could see was ‘me me me’? I was hoping that Nani forced him to behave this way. But then WTF was this dream where he subconsciously believes he ‘lost’ Zoya to Rajvir. WTF!!!
    And Anjana… she is a mental patient now. Harsh is dead. So i should as well give up all hope of ever finding out about Poosh death or anyone in this universe discovering that Sakshi is dead too! Who killed Harsh, btw? Rajvir keeps saying its not important who killed Harsh. From the start of the show, all the mysteries now lie in shambles because the principle characters are now no more connected to it, and because the show/channel wants to show the biggest middle finger to all the viewers.
    to top it, Noor says they are all returning to Mussorie, and i am assuming Zoya included. So after all this, Zoya went back to her family, to WASEEM?? Great. Now Zoya will have to stay and bear her father’s smug smile that he was always right and Zoya was stupid, idiotic woman who was so wrong to go with Adi and leave her family for Adi… and you know what? Waseem is damn well right!!
    Lets say, Nani said – ‘i will tell you about Zoya only if you go and insult her there and call her a cheater.’ Lets say Adi agreed. He found Zoya’s address, right? Well, WTF was the need to honour that agreement after he found Zoya? In this condition, Zoya is already as good as dead. Adi used to promise that he can leave everyone for Zoya. But Zoya literally left everyone for Adi. Her family, her in laws… everyone. She was even ready to sacrifice her own self. She had so much trust and love for Adi, when no one else did. So lets say, Adi did it under some pressure. WTF was such a big pressure? Was someone dying? But then this is Adi’s nightmare now – Zoya hugging Rajvir and leaving with him. go figure.
    So this where the story has reached since the start. Half of Adi’s relatives dead, his mother mentally ill, his brother staying away (Why did Arjun leave Anjana in that condition? Why am i even asking?). And Zoya even a more broken woman than she was after Yash’s death, all her business awards biting dust, and she having lost even the little faith she had in love. Great. everyone should celebrate at this great story. This, when the show is rumored to end in 6-7 days. yohoo!
    and who is writing this dialogues of Ram, Sita, Ravaan and agnipariksha? Why bring in words like ‘pious and pure’. But of course. Since you have given up on the story, might as well let the dialogues be cringe too.

    1. @ Dhara : u echoed my words…thanks I dont have to type now…let this rubbish end …a beautiful show ruined completely…now the happiest person in the series will be Waseem!!!…all I want is a happy end on 30th Nov…no extension, no time slot change n no voot continuation…just END!!!

    2. yr i swear i wanted to say all of that..and actually more.. aapne toh himmat karke type kar diya.. i toh thought puri book he likhni padegi mujhe!
      agree bro 100%.
      my views coming too.. a lil late tho because i too have so effin much to say!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Yes ,you told our viewers opinion.
        How they destroyed a show.
        I hate those dialouges
        Happy show is ending.
        Colors is much successful in ruining a good show and viewers also.
        People all over net is cursing makers;but only few viwers know channel did all these.
        I do not think they will show harsh murder and sakshi-poosh track.
        No extension of bepanah and colors plz.
        But i am damn sure those trp aunties will shower trp over sitara -pitara.

    3. Writers can’t go beyond normal beliefs….they will write Ram Sita Ravan etc….only.. as most men are like Ram only always doubting women because some random person said something about her……
      there are hardly any man who is like Shiva…devoted and always supportive….
      writers never go out of convention…only few do
      At least they are ending this serial….unlike those KKH and YRKKH….that’s never ending nonsense…

    4. @Arch, even if the show ends on a happy note now, i wont be satisfied. I have seen numerous shows do this. Endless drama, and then in the last five minutes the main leads will hug each other and that is supposed to be a ‘happy ending’. I feel stupid expecting anything from Indian shows now
      @Meera, waiting for your full thoughts
      @Hhh, i think its time to abandon Colors altogether. It is getting bashed over all its shows because all the shows deserve it. The biggest mistake is they dont have the minimum respect for their viewers. Silsila is being bashed since months. Ishq mein marjawan is being bashed since the lead role got changed, Savitri Devi was bashed for a being ‘a hospital drama’ where the female lead oscillated between two guys continuously. Kasam had tanu being reborn two times, and their ‘happy ending’ came at the last episode where Tanu suddenly remembers all three lives! Dil se dil tak was another crap. they have a show with ‘internet’ in its name, but same marriage drama and nothing else. I find all the shows so boring here, repetitive, crash and misogynistic. They are stupid to think only supernatural element can save them. Their Naagin right now is is mess, once upon a time Kavach was full flop, and am sure nothing new will be there is Sitara/Tantra. All copycats here.
      @Sasha, even i agree that a show shouldn’t become unending. But here, they didn’t even give any clear answer to the incident that started this show in the first place: Poosh murder. Other shows at least solve the initial story and then go to drains because of unnecessary dragging. Dont know what went wrong here!

  9. I haven’t seen the epi yet, but I still maintain RV and that woman are both disgusting. Zoya went through so much because of their disgusting game. I haven’t lost lost faith in Adi. I still believe he let Zoya go to protect her from these 2 evils. I can’t explain the dream, I’m choosing to overlook it for now. I believe in Adi! ???? I hope Zoya didn’t go home to Wasim, how did she manage with that man for a whole year!! ??? I don’t know how they’ll find their way back but they should now, it’s been a year already.

    1. Ok, I clearly commented before watching. Poor Zoya, how did she manage to leave with Wasim, he must have rubbed her failures on her face every chance. Now, I can also explain the dream! ! I think Adi is regretting letting Zoya go instead of doing what he had promised. He thinks there’s no way of going back. When Zoya said it’s too late, he put a face of someone she’s moved on with, unfortunately it’s the devil himself. Ohh, poor AdiYa.

  10. If there were no rumors of ending the show and the fear of rushing episodes and story i might have liked this new track. It is a way to adjust some of the mistakes done during their rushed marriage, snake and friends.
    I don’t have any doubt on Adi’s behavior. Every single muscle on his face was showing his pain but never his anger. Do you remember his face the moment he saw Pooja holding hands with Jash? His pain vanished and anger entered the frame. But today not for a moment i found him angry, even his shivering was because of helplessness. End that post leap imagining of Zoya with Raj. is the proof of it. Every time he dares to imagine being happy with her he feels guilty because recalls what can happen to her. A man that calls every woman a goddess and just have to find the way to express it will never treat a woman like that, not mentioning his own wife.
    People who was saying that Zoya didn’t love Adi as much as he loved her, after showing her bepannaah pyaar have found a new reason to bash her, because she is too stupid, naive,ect,ect. Her intentions doesn’t matter anymore, it’s easy to judge others sitting comfortably of your sofa on what they should do or not. But to take decisions under pressure is another thing.
    And by showing Rajvir abusing Zoya is not degrading to woman, because these things do happen in real life, by hiding them you won’t make them disappear, you just encourage the aggressor to sleep peacefully because no one will talk about it. What is degrading is the fact that such things don’t get punished.
    I just want to know why is Harshad going to BB , i just want this mess to be cleared because i am not enjoying the good parts of last episodes just because i am considering them part of a forced script.
    The acting of yesterdays and todays epi was phenomenal for both.

    1. Neha1

      After reading your comment I must say You’re right @Eri, On my mind I too thinking/hoping that whatever Adi said to Zoya was in under pressure….he called her Cheater….knowing the fact, that Nani already told Adi that what Zoya’s going to sacrifice to release him from the jail….that she’s going to sacrifice her body and dignity just to save him… and Yes, Nani clearly told him that she wants to separate AdiYa as she’s almost successful to ruined Hooda’s (Harsh was dead, Anjana gone mad, Arjun is all alone he can’t do anything right now, the only thing is left was to separate AdiYa) and this was her last wish that Aditya too loose his wife and her love forever. And Nani n Rajveer, I think both intentionally put this condition before Zoya, coz they very well know that what impact Adi had when he saw his Zoya with someone else and that too in a compromising condition. And this is the way they took advantage of that one night stand condition.
      But I still believe that whatever Adi said to Zoya was completely wrong but then if we assume that Adi was said all that to Zoya was in under pressure. But that is unknown to us that what was that pressure that Adi said all those words to Zoya…
      And I agree that some fan’s might saying earlier that Zoya didn’t love Adi immensely but now she had proved that she too loved him immensely that she lost everything…she left her family behind for Adi’s love…
      And also I too think that Adi was guilty more than his anger…. Actually he still loves her a lot that he wants her back but the question is why he’s not talking to Zoya at once.?? As we seen 1yr leap, did he spoke to Zoya between this 1yr or not.?? If Adi was doing all this in some pressure then why he didn’t try to stop Zoya going to Mussourie forever.?
      Anyway, still There’s many questions are in my mind and we just have to watch the episode…
      But What I felt bad for that we didn’t get to know about Poosh’s murderer and Sakshi’s existence, if she’s alive or not.? This is the main mystery to get solved but instead this Harsh’s murder happened and still we don’t know who murdered Harsh and why.?? The main suspect behind Harsh’s murder was Rajveer but not sure…hope makers will not show that Anjana murdered Harsh but Harsh was her hubby so I don’t think she’ll do that… Anyway, just waiting for this revealation…Hope makers also reveals Poosh’s murderer in last….as the show is going off-air… I don’t know whether Harshad in Bigboss, will announce that show going off-air or time slot is going to change…??

      1. It’s not just the pressure from the duo Neha, i think he himself is convinced that his presence in her life is harmful and will avoid contacting her or going near but i don’t think he is not keeping an eye or not taking care of her whenever she is.
        He will try to avoid her till he can but fate….

    2. You’re sooo right Eri, Adi will never say those things because he means them, he had to.

      1. I think the same ERI.
        Aditya loves and knows Zoya too well to believe such.

  11. Where did arjun go ..he was telling he will take care of his mom
    Also suddenly somebody comes out of the blues and the whole family is put apart does it happen n 2 or 3 days
    If adi didnt murder then why didnt police ask who is the murderer
    What about arjun being a lawyer waste

  12. Don’t you need a degree to work as a nurse?
    Make her whatever you like even a rocket scientist but please dot bring doctor Arshad back.

    1. No you don’t need degree in serial world….is he was an event manager and now she is a nurse…
      And serials which are about hospitals turn into love stories…they never do anything related to their profession….. that’s the great Indian TV (sarcasm)

  13. Well guys….good news….SHOW SHIFTS ON VOOT !!! Harshad Chopra to promote the same on BB12 this weekend…so far Jenshad still in the project….!!!.
    International audience can download Voot to stream episodes from dec 3….n guys bow since there is no TRP pressure the original script will not be tampered with…content may become bolder n more real!!!
    So going forward we can expect some originality!!!???✌✌✌

      1. Neha1

        But I don’t want Jennifer to quit….We only want Jenshad… I really hope that this news will not be true but a rumour…

      2. Who said Jenny is quitting…there were rumours of both Jenshad quitting…Jenny is not accompanying Harshad to BB12 bcos of her shooting schedule…that does not imply she is quitting!!!

  14. I mean she was an event manager…

  15. Neha1

    Precap was very sad as Zoya’s leaving and going to Mussourie…

    And that girl Mili…. she’s attracted towards Adi….I just hope she’ll not fell in love with Aditya… I want AdiYa to be back….plz????makers “Aisa Syaapa mat hone dena”… Already AdiYa are separated…hope this didn’t turn like Ekta’s balaji’s show…

  16. I am not intersted to watch without winget.
    I need 2 to watch.
    If show is shifting voot why tampered story so much in these week?
    Why makers , why they turned it in a ekta show?

  17. I don’t know why Zoya would work as a nurse, maybe she wanted to help people, who are as vulnerable and can’t help themselves like her. I don’t know. I just wonder if she didn’t come across Sakshi there. It’d be nice for Adi to have some of his loved ones back one day. He’s taking care of Anjana, who’s taking care of him? There’s nothing I can do about the story now, all I can do is watch with hope. I just hope the journey back together is enjoyable.

  18. Well, coming to character analysis after yesterday’s episode :

    1. Adi : It was very wrong on Adi’s part to ask Zoya to prove that she is pious (well you both are not virgins as this is your second marriage anyway Adi), to accuse her of using her body to save him and calling her disgusting and a cheater…For a moment he did not hug the girl whom he claims to love intensely…she wasn’t raped but molested n tortured by that demon…her character was butchered to death by that demon…but instead of beating RV black n blue he questioned Zoya!!! He should have been with her even if she was raped!!! Bcos she did all this for him!!! She was in trauma and needed her Adi’s loving arms but instead he chose to behave like a typical Male or society in general who look down upon victims of s*xual assault!!!
    Well I do agree that he is guilty that Zoya put her respect at stake for him but he does have feelings of disgust too for Zoya…the last part of his dream proves that…he subconsciously thinks she had fun…!!! He also thinks that the moment a wife gets raped by someone his wife no longer remains his…but why look at only the body?? Why not the mind and soul???…women are not objects to be labelled and discarded!!!…but it is his flawed personality – he is a possessive guy..he called Pooja a b*t*h when he got to know of her pregnancy with Yash’s baby!! Thanks to Sakshi to enlighten him that time!!
    He still has trust issues…he trusts what he sees so didnt believe his wife even when she repeatedly said nothing happened between Zoya and RV…but what about the promises he made to her!!!
    So upcoming track will be about how Adi realises Zoya’s sacrifice n intense love for him n the fact that love transcends physical body !!! N his view about women in general too would improve!!! too long…will type about Zoya later!!!

    1. Maybe you are right Arch but still i refuse to believe that a man which was lying lifeless on a hospital bed and asking her to leave him for her sake will get up and run like a mad just to save his male ego, honour and pride.
      And if they will show this , with or without regretting latter Aditya Hooda is dead already for me.

      1. @ Eri : Exactly he went to save his Male ego and pride. That’s why Zoya gave it back to him aptly by saying that he can continue to live with his false ego, pride and loneliness!!
        But the first time I heard this track is coming that time itself I knew Adi will react this way only. His character is not being butchered but his flaws continue to remain within him. He is a possessive guy. He accepted that at the riverbank when Adiya immersed Poosh photo in the lake. He accepted that he got jealous seeing Pooja with Yash but failed to realise the circumstances that led to Poosh affair! He believes only what he sees !! The room looked like a first night set up and Zoya too had a raped look even though absolutely nothing happened!! For Adi Zoya is not only his love but also his possession which he believes has been stained by Rajvir. N I told before also that Adi will prefer death to Zoya giving in to RV’s demands n he echoed the same words!!…the best n worst part about this serial is that leads are flawed individuals like all of us and an integral part of the conservative Indian society…Adi is representative of this regressive thought process. If he accepted Zoya then he would be ‘mahaan’or great like typical heroes but this serial is not about being larger than life!!
        Now Adi will evolve above this conservative mindset and plus this track will also give a social message !! Hope the track is executed well given that they no longer have TRP pressure!!!.
        I was the first one to say that Adi will separate from Zoya purely out of guilt but after watching yesterday’s episode thrice I was convinced that he is guilty of having lost Zoya to RV…but he is equally disgusted about Zoya’s move and is currently failing to understand her pure love !!!..she tells him that she is shocked that Adi is one of those men who think a woman’s body is her respect!! she reprimands his regressive thought process n chooses to separate from him!! n I m with Zoya in this!!!

  19. Neha1

    Adi is fighting with someone….
    Sass Bahu Devrani on News India 18…

  20. smriti adhikari

    hey guys m from nepal n m worried coz bepannah is going off air… nepal doesnt support voot app so if i change the location to india can i download it n i wanna kno whethr voot app is free or chargeable… want a rply plz plz

    1. Voot is free but to access it outside India you should upload a VPn change application. That will charge you.
      I have just uploaded Vpn express on a free trial of 7 days. Lets see the fees after 7 days.

      1. I also struggled to get the Voot app, it’s not in Google Play store if you’re not in India, I guess. So, I took your advice Eri, I downloaded VPN, I changed my location to India. Then, I googled Voot, as it was still not appearing in the play store, web address as follows: ( I got Voot from this link. I downloaded it but I didn’t let if access my location. I don’t know whether this will help people who’re not in India.

      2. I am using vpn express and is working .
        And is trending no 8


  21. If the show will go to Voot i hope they will make it available internationally otherwise these fees ……

  22. Hey arch he loves Pooja soul and mind but what he got betrayal even that he supported Zoya initially in Belas marriage he cleared her name

    1. Even this one is with charge after 7 days despite of writing FREE.

  23. This voot is not allowed in our region but I looked up the serials aired on it n most is available on YouTube with subtitles.
    Hope bepanah continues to be shown in YouTube as well.
    That is if they really continue on Voot ?

  24. So so frustrating, writers just revert back to separation tracks. Where do they get these writers from so many shows start of with a good premise but always ruin it by doing the same old thing. You’d think with so many shows that lose their ratings over the same depressing tracks you’d think the writers and production houses will learn from their mistakes but no it’s like they are intent on ruining shows.

    I am glad that Zoya didn’t stay and beg Adi to believe in her cos he should have done that straightaway. She believed in him.

    Also they mentioned Arjun leaving home which makes no sense whatsoever as he said to Zoya that his only concern now is his mum so it makes no sense that he would leave Anjana. If they mentioned it after the leap it would have made sense because Adi was there looking after her but Arjun is not the type to abandon his mother so soon after Harshs death.

    Why would the Siddiquis leave Mumbai now it would have made sense to leave straight after the events, also whatever Waseem is after What Zoya said to him least he didn’t abandon her.

  25. Riana

    Kya bakwass hai ye ! ?
    AdiYa parted ways… Weird leap !!! ??
    Show ko shaanti chalne nahi diyaan ab end bhi ajeeb se karenge !! ?

  26. U knw some 1 just said something on instagram ryt now…….. And I think dat person iz right

  27. Dy person said dat Aditya was just doing wat nani ask him to do…… Bcus if you remember when he was in jail she ask him to do something 4 her and she will free him to go and save zoya. But we don’t know what dy deal was ##### maybe the deal was to ask him to insult zoya

    1. Neha1

      @Favour, May be you’re right…. It’s very difficult for me too that Adi ask for proof to Zoya, if she’s pious or not…. Adi who immensely love Zoya, who go against his mom Anjana and married her, who Trust Zoya when she literally signed the Divorce Papers under Nani’s pressure… and and their pretense drama we all witnessed that….So, can’t expect this to Adi…. I too sometimes feel that may be he too did all this under pressure…but still I felt bad for Zoya and Adi is wrong until n unless we didn’t get to know the real reason behind Adi’s such behaviour….or Adi genuinely felt that Zoya was a cheater, if is that so…Then I’m with Zoya…coz we all knew that he has trust issues…he himself confessed it before Zoya he believes what he sees…
      So, not sure about such spoiler… can’t say anything right now… let’s see.

  28. Neha1

    Why the channel and makers not giving an official announcement…???

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