Bepannah 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Arshad finds the love letter

Bepannah 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya is in shock after realising the truth behind Aditya’s letter; how he had been pushing her to say no to Arshad’s marriage; how he was behaving differently since he returned from Paris and of his final love confession. You tried to confess your love so many times whereas I dint get any of it. I just couldn’t understand it! The letter flies and falls out of the window. Zoya raises her hand to hold it but then looks at her engagement ring. She thinks of what happened on the engagement day. She cries holding her ring.

The letter falls atop Arshad’s car. He tries reading it but he is welcomed by guests. He picks it up and starts reading it. It means Aditya wrote it to Zoya when he wanted to tell her how much he loves her!

Zoya thinks maybe this is what was destined to happen. Aditya

came in my life as fresh air and taught me how to live. The letter flew away hinting that this is where my story with Aditya ends.

Arshad thinks Aditya crossed his limits today. Did Zoya know Aditya loves her?

Zoya is crying. She looks at herself as she drapes the dupatta over her head. Aditya compliments her. Something is missing though. Wont you smile on your wedding day? How will you smile if you will choose someone else over me? I love you immensely and will always love you! She remembers him in every corner of the room and covers her ears.

Aditya puts the dupatta over Zoya’s head. She stands up in shock. He seeks her permission to say something. She nods. Aditya looks at her emotionally. I cannot see you with anyone else. How can I see you becoming someone else’s in front of me? I don’t want to trouble you anymore. I have decided to go away from here for forever. I dint want to leave like last time, without saying goodbye. I know I promised not to go away ever again but I dint want to break this promise again without telling you. I know you will be hurt if you find out from someone else. How can I hurt you today? Thank God I came here or I could not have seen you dressed as a bride. I swear neither Allah Miyan nor Bhagwan ji would have seen such a beautiful bride till now! You look amazing. We will never meet again. If you miss me ever, be sure that I only want the best for you. Stay happy always. Thank God I am here. Let me fulfil the duty of friend last time. I will help you for the last time. He holds her hand. Let me take you for your nikaah. She holds his hand. Why are you here if it pains so much? Why have you come today? He replies that he would have been hurt more if he hadn’t come. I came for you knowing that you would need your friend the most today. I came for myself as my love is my problem. I wont let it overpower my friendship. If I had not come here as your friend today, because of my love, then my friendship would have lost for forever. I would have forever regretted it. We are friends after all. I have to live up to it! Bride must not cry. You promised! They must be of happiness. Come now or I will fall apart if I see you like this. I wont let you marry. Have mercy on your best friend. Come.

Zoya and Aditya look at each other for a long moment before they both head outside together. Channa Mereya plays in the background. All the past meetings flash before Zoya’s eyes. She smiles a little. Aditya thinks of their moments together. Zoya gets emotional. She keeps glancing in Aditya’s direction. She stops in her tracks. Aditya turns to look at her and tears stream down his cheeks. She looks at the flower holder. Her dupatta is stuck. Aditya leans closer and frees her dupatta.

Anjana is praying. I know I am a very bad person but you know the reasons behind why I did all that. I wasn’t selfish at all. Make Zoya marry Arshad without any obstacle so she is out of Aditya’s mind. She tries lighting a diya but gets hurt. It is a bad omen!

Arshad’s mother wonders where the bride is. Why is she making us wait so much? Did she run away with Aditya again like she did in her engagement? Roshnaq tells her not to say so. I saw her 10 minutes ago. She is getting ready. Wasim asks Noor to bring Zoya. Noor begins to go upstairs but stops in her tracks in shock. She steps aside seeing Aditya bringing Zoya downstairs holding her hand. Everyone is stunned at the sight.

Zoya notices everyone’s stunned faces and panics seeing her hand in Aditya’s. Aditya covers the remaining steps too. Arshad’s mother exclaims that bride has crossed all limits of shame. She is coming to her nikaah with her lover! Wasim refuses to leave Aditya. Roshnaq stops him. He wont create any drama today. Trust me. He will go. Wasim is seething in anger but controls himself.

Roshnaq feels as if Aditya hasn’t come here with any bad intention. I don’t see madness but peace in his eyes today. She again stops her husband somehow. Wasim insists upon teaching him a lesson today.

Aditya tells Zoya he forgot to bring a gift for her on her wedding day. He checks his pockets and finds that same ring. It seems that this ring wants to stay with you only. Arshad tells Aditya to stop.

Precap: Title track plays as Aditya makes Zoya sit down in her rightful place for her nikaah. He begins to go but her dupatta gets stuck on his jacket. Both Zoya and Aditya are in tears as he steps back to free the dupatta. Wasim taunts Aditya for being shameless. Leave now!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. in that video…its look like anjana talkin to adi or how happy her about his return.,we r not sure she shocked becoz zoya behind him or news abt zoya and arshad broken marriage

    1. Zoya n Arshad’s broken marriage will make Anjana furious not happy…she desperately wants Zoya-Arshad marriage n Zoya to be out of Adiya’s life!!!!

      1. Anju5u

        Ya ya she infact prayed that only right….that arshad Zoya wedding take place without any problems….😋 But god got other plans ..,

  2. Neha1

    Hehehe… Funny Video…. AdiYa..
    Old moments 😉🤣😂☺️

  3. Anju5u

    Hey ….have they ever played the other title song….there is one jeene Dena…song right….I noticed they played the initial part… just the music alone that scene. . where Zoya….blocks the sun rays from falling on adi’s eyes while he is seen sleeping ….at zosh events….after that havoc day…??🤔🤔🤔

  4. New promo!!!!!….they come back home married😙😘😘😘

  5. New promo checkout: confirmed Adiya married!!!!

    1. Neha1

      Yes, we saw the promo .. it’s nice…I was not at home just came back and saw the promo….👍👌😍

  6. Wasim has disowned Zoya…Adiya get married in front of Ganpati…n Anjana asks Aditya to choose between her and Zoya n Adi chooses Zoya!!!yay!😁😁😁😁

    1. Anju5u

      Omg…..can’t wait…..for the moment 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  7. New promo good
    Please show logical track post marriage , not multiple union seperation and conspiracies.
    That arshad united them or zoya choosed aditya🤔🤔🤔?
    Promo link

  8. I eh believing no promo until I see the episode !

  9. I don’t believe the promo’s. Lets wait for the upcoming episodes .and just like we know when adi and zoja will married we can except much drama

  10. Anju5u

    Adi n zoya confirming….C this …😍😍

  11. So if Wassim and Anjana kicked them out of their houses this means they will live on their own 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. This promo may happen ,as you can see they are in the same wear.

      I think Wasim will reject Zoya because of her choice.

      Like I said before he might as well hitch a ride with Arshad if he’s leaving 😃😃😃

      I do hope Arshad is out this week because he didn’t serve any purpose besides killing the viewership of the best Hindi serial ever. So peeps that’s my opinion for today☺

  12. Can they remove that Arora at the door house please😑

    1. Neha1

      Yes Eri, I too saw Arora’s nameplate …. Arora’s isn’t staying there anymore… Can’t they change that nameplate…😋😑

  13. Neha1

    Obviously Waseem kicked out Zoya from the house…After that Adi console her and said you should come with me and stay in my house…. Zoya ask but I had no rights to stay with you in your house….how can I go with you….after that I think Adi will get married to Zoya and he go to Hooda house with her…

    1. I hope she has alredy confesed her love, and they won’t marry just because she has no place where to stay.

      1. @Eri : No she will confess love for Adi n that’s why Wasim will disown her…Adi-Zoya try hard at Wasim’s doorstep…Zoya sad n Adi consoles her..videos on instagram…then they both would get married in front of Lord Ganesh..n go to Hooda mansion where Anjana will create drama…but I don’t think Anjana will kick them out bcos she is so possessive about Adi that she won’t let him go away…after much drama n Harsh’s persuasion she will accept Zoya definitely with ULTERIOR MOTIVES…N as far as Wasim is concerned Adiya will eventually convince him…Jenshaf confirmed in interview…

  14. Neha1

    In promo the last line was :- Aane wale Sankat se Anjaan chal pade hai Adi or Zoya pyar ki raah par…!

    After marriage there will be lot of drama and troubles in their married life…. I just hope and wish that they will always be together never part their ways like other shows…

    1. Ideally they shouldn’t atleast in this show…bcos if they part ways this time both of them will totally break…but makers promised an unshakable bond so some jolts will be there in their marriage but they will sail through…
      N I really want this serial to not extended beyond 1.5 years bcos else all shows merely end up becoming a saga of unrequited love…with continuous union separation!!!

  15. Anju5u

    Dunno if ita true.,.it says zoya puts up a condition before aditya ….🤔🤔

    1. @Anju5u : Only instagram is true…tellychakkar to some extent…spoilers on all other sites are usually fake!!!…but I know that Adi convinces Zoya that they will definitely persuade Wasim…

  16. @ Arch that makes sense, because of her confession Wassim will disown her, but her line made me worry. If confession has happened why she still feels she has no right to be with him at his home, just because they are not married?
    She knows this is what he is waiting for from so long.

    1. @Eri : Now that everyone knows that Adi is more than a friend I mean boyfriend…living with him in his house unmarried would be difficult for Zoya…n Zoya has been shown has a principled girl so living in boyfriend’s house may be a bit awkward…so Adi marries her…n Zoya also allowed that bcos she loves him…n in interview Jenshad did say they will eventually convince Wasim…’to see how we do that keep watching us on colors at 10.30pm IST’ was their concluding line

      1. Neha1

        Yes I agree with you @Arch… I too think that after AdiYa’s marriage, Zoya must stay with him in his house but not without marriage otherwise it will be not good specially for Zoya as everyone points on her character and Anjana will definitely disagree for Zoya’s stays in Hooda house… After marriage atleast Anjana will forcibly accept her otherwise she too thrown her out from her house like Waseem… Waseem was angry on Zoya but Anjana hates Zoya…so, it’s good that AdiYa get married and came to Hooda house…

      2. @Neha, Eri : I too heard the dialogs on instagram…. Adi tells Zoya he will give her all the happiness in the world…At that time Zoya asks him what is the relationship between them? By which right he will give her happiness?…So Adi marries her!!!..n Zoya is right!!! Bf-gf is not a legitimate relationship n in Indian society if a girl goes and stays in her bf’s house even though it is not necessarily ‘live in relationship’ girl’s character will be questioned…so Zoya must stay in Adi’s wife only after marriage!!!

      3. Sorry for typo error * Adi’s house not Adi’s wife!!!!

      4. Yes it is true they should marry before living together, but what i meant was that saying it is not right living with you this way is another thing, and saying it’s not my right living with you it is another thing, like she is punishing her self for what she has done.

      5. Right, I will not try to guess anymore, I will just wait and watch.

  17. Zoya shattered ,crying badly at wasim door
    Aditya consoling her
    So zoya must accepted her love😍😍😘
    Though wasim doing bad ; i think ,he is not that wrong .
    2nd time zoya choosed a guy aganist him and of different religion.
    But wasim should understand zoya like her mother

  18. Neha1

    @Eri, According to SBS, Zoya broke the marriage and ran behind Adi to confess her love and when she returned to her home the doors had closed for her forever…So, Finally Zoya will confess her love before Adi….and after that they both will get married….

  19. Wow 118 coments. It’s just awesome.
    I think aadi took joya to his home after waseem drama.. just love aadiya❤❤❤.

  20. I hope she really did that

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