Bepannah 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya realises Aditya wrote her that love letter

Bepannah 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is enjoying the haldi function. Noor brings Zoya downstairs. Roshnaq makes Zoya sit down. Noor brings haldi but Akansha brings another bowl. Arjun Sir gave it to me. Arjun tells that Bhai has sent it especially for Zoya. Roshnaq politely refuses but Zoya reasons that her best friend sent it for her. Take it as the final goodbye. Roshnaq tells her that haldi is put to enhance the colour of love not friendship. Zoya requests her to do it for her sake. Roshnaq gives in. She helps Zoya wears flower jewellery and asks everyone to apply haldi on Zoya one by one. All the ladies apply haldi on Zoya one by one. Roshnaq is teary eyed. Zoya keeps glancing at the door sadly. Sad version of Kal Ho Na Ho plays. Zoya imagines Aditya applying haldi on her and is startled by his touch. She looks at him with

tearful eyes. Aditya very sweetly applies haldi on her. He asks her why she shivered seeing him. I am always with you. this if for the day we first met and you were after my gramophone. He applies more haldi for the day he stopped her from going back to Mussorie. The next one is for the day we accepted each other as friends. Fourth one is for the day you stopped me from going to Paris again. This one is for the day I realised how much I love you. He applies more haldi. It is for the fact that you never told me that you don’t love me. Roshnaq applies haldi to Zoya. She opens her eyes and looks around for Aditya but realises it was only her imagination. She nods at her mother reassuringly. Her eyes fill up. Roshnaq kisses Zoya on her hands and finds her shivering. She shakes her head at Zoya who nods. Noor also applies haldi to her sister. They find Aditya’s ring in the bowl. Zoya recognizes it to be his. It was loose earlier also but he never took it off as Anjana has given it to him. Flashback plays. I wont take it off ever. Even if it comes off, it will go to the one who loves me the most. Flashback ends. Zoya clutches onto it. You aren’t in front of me but I see / hear you everywhere. What are you doing to me?

Aditya is having tea at a local tea stall. Title track plays. Tea vendor asks him if he is waiting for someone. He thinks of his last night conversation with Zoya and wipes his tears.

Zoya comes to the bathroom. She thinks of how she imagined Aditya applying haldi to her just now. She looks at the ring emotionally. Her hands are shaking as she tries wiping her tears. She washes her face and cleans the ring. Noor comes there looking for her Appi and finds her all worked up. Are you fine? Zoya hands her the ring. It belongs to Aditya. Return it to him please. Noor is taken aback. It means Aditya wasn’t here but he was still near you. His presence was with you. Zoya asks her if she will return the ring to Aditya. Noor says I might not be able to do that ever maybe. She takes the ring. Zoya tells her to tell Arjun to take care of Aditya. He must be heartbroken right now. Noor leaves quietly. She stops at the door to look at her sister. Why are you marrying Arshad when you are still so much concentred for Aditya?

In his room, Aditya is looking for his ring. Arjun gives it to him. Zoya gave it. It fell down from your finger while mixing haldi. Don’t you think destiny is playing some game? Ring falls from your finger but ends up with Zoya. You are far from her yet near her. Aditya does not want to be under any misunderstanding anymore. She has been loud and clear. I love her. I don’t want to trouble her. I will trouble her till the time I will think about this. What’s more important – she is with me or she is happy? Her happiness is important. She has proved that she does not want me near her by sending this ring back. Arjun finds it all wrong but Aditya tells him to drop it. Not everyone gets what they want! Not everyone gets the love they deserve. Arjun is worried for his brother whereas Aditya asks about Zoya. Is she fine?

Few girls help Zoya get ready for her wedding. They compliment her on her beauty. Roshnaq comes there just then. Mothers are strange. We dream of their daughters’ wedding the moment they are born but they feel a strange pain inside when they are getting married. We feel as if we are parting with a piece of our heart. Zoya assures her she will always be her daughter. I wont go away from you ever. They share an emotional hug. Wasim calls out to Roshnaq. Baraat is coming. Is Zoya ready? Roshnaq goes downstairs as Wasim keeps calling out to her. Zoya is about to pin up her dupatta but then opens her drawer to look for the pin. She finds that love letter again. She sees Aditya’s photo on the wall and turns but then stops to read the letter again! She realises it is written by Aditya. He wanted to tell me this since so long but I could never understand him! She cries holding it.

Precap: Zoya is crying. She is putting on her dupatta when Aditya helps her. Aditya tells her they will never meet again. I am here for the last time. Let me do my last duty this time. Let me take you for your nikaah. Come now or I will fall apart. She holds his hand and they both head outside together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Anju5u

    Thanks Pooja.. 🤗🤗

    1. Pooja

      you’re welcome dear 🙂

  2. Anju5u

    Today they started n ended it early ….n so I missed first few mts.,😐😐🤔

  3. Neha1

    Thank you Pooja for your wishes and giving updates so fast…🙂

    1. Pooja

      You are very welcome Neha 🙂

  4. Finally she read the letter!!!
    In spoilers, Arshad gave the ring to adi and handovers zoya since she wasn’t able to say qubool hai. It would be nice if zoya realize on her own and accept the feelings rather than arshad calls off the wedding. she should propose him and tells him how much she loves him and that she wont be able to live without him.
    i was expecting her to run in a bridal wear to the airport again and stop him before its late and they share a emotional hug. But arshad backs off from the wedding which doesn’t justify the zoya’s realization.

    Anyways they are united as per the spoilers and now plz give us some romantic adiya moments. we are tired of crying for so long. Now we only want to see adiyas hugs and kisses😍😍
    i love how they put light and dull makeup for zoya which reflects how much unhappy she is! i mean unlike other shows where all the actresses wear a heavy makeup even during the emotional or sad situations. Thats how this show stands unique. Putting efforts on little little things and keeping things realistic.
    Thanks for the update yar 🙂

    1. Yes.. she looks beautiful but she’s so unhappy that the glow is actually missing from her face despite the make up.. it’s true that happiness is what makes u look beautiful

    2. Yes! I would have loved that had Zoya ran in her bridal wear to the airport. This would have shown Zoya’s realization. Cliche but beautiful ♥

    3. Pooja

      Always welcome Nila 🙂

  5. Anju5u

    The good thing about today’s episode…. didn’t have to see Waseem or arshad….😉😁😁😁

  6. Anju5u

    We never knew about this ring story..😉😉 that anjana gave it to adi n it was loose n all….😋 But still good,.👍😉

  7. Anju5u

    N was adi at the bus stop or something n he came back in search of the ring ????🤔🤔🤔 I didn’t understand that part…..🤔 Yesterday he was packing everything right….

    1. @Anju5u :Yes he was at bus stop…that’s why I thought yesterday that he is going somewhere by bus !!!Yes he came back supposedly for ring!!!

      1. Anju5u

        @ Arch
        Ok ok …… thank you 😊😊👍

  8. very fast update pooja. thanks. what an emotional episode

    1. Pooja

      Welcome Sanofar 🙂

  9. Anju5u

    N finally….Zoya realised… was adi who wrote that letter…I was desperately waiting for her to realise that since a long time….. finally the day has come…😉😉😉😍😍

    1. @Anju5u : Zoya’s tubelight became on so fast na!!!😂😂😂…today also the name was torn but that day she thought it was Arshad n today she realises it was Adi!!!🤔

      N today it was clear that she was indeed pissed off with Adi’s love confession. She thought he kept loving her in the name of friendship n hid his real feelings from her. N this as per Zoya logic was ‘DHOKA’!!!! N she impulsively agreed to marry Arshad n was also stubborn about her decision…today she realised that she was loving Adi in the name of friendship n was cheating herself by denying that love!!!…

      Anyways decreasing trps played their manic n reel life 7 days were equal to real life 7 days…story moved fast this week!!! Waiting for Adiya union tomorrow!!!😁😁😁

      1. But I want Zoya to openly confess in front of everyone that she immensely loves Adi..
        N I also want her to properly justify as to why she chose to marry Arshad when actually in love with Adi!!!!…Dr.Habibi is also a big time tubelight!!!..he could have become ‘Mahaan ‘ long back !!! Audience would have been happy n trps too!!!🤣🤣🤣

      2. Anju5u

        @ Archua exactly…😉 Can’t wait for the much awaited moment.

  10. Waiting for adiya reunion thanks for fast update Pooja

  11. Shraddha nepal

    Loved today’s epi and egarly waiting for tomorrow.

  12. Neha1

    I only watched half episode but reads the update…the Haldi scene were superb and Zoya feels Adi’s touch, and shivering….heart touching scene…
    Finally Zoya get Aditya’s love letter…and now she recognised it was written by Adi not Arshad…she misunderstood and now regret that How much Adi tried to talk or confess but failed…
    Precap is Amazing but surely the Union of AdiYa will happen on next week coz 2mrrow is Friday….

  13. Nice episode..

    Loving aadiya❤❤ moments. Precap is good. Waiting for tomarow.
    Am in love with this serial…💋💋💋

  14. So as per spoiler tomorrow will be the arshad ( tahir) last day
    Anyone noticed arshad is out from bepanah opening
    This week only mind blowing episodes
    Plsease don’t show again meaningless dragging track

  15. Yesterday ‘Tooth ke bikhra pada hoon’ lines suited Aditya’s condition and today ‘Maanti hoon khuda tujhi ko’ lines suit Zoya’s condition. Beautiful♥♥
    Every scene was beautiful♥
    So I was right, Adi will escort Zoya for her marriage. So painful for both of them.
    Will it be a maha episode tomorrow? Tomorrow the union will take place and from Monday a new love story will begin😍
    AdiYa’s love story♥♥♥
    Waiting eagerly for tomorrow and the next week 😊

    1. Anju5u

      N….today Zoya totally nailed it.,👍👍 Precap…..😍😍😍😍….n wonder when things will get sorted btw noor n arjun….. weekend is gonna be really really difficult for us bepanah fans ….😉😉😉😉

      1. Yes! We are waiting not only for AdiYa but also ArNoor reunion. Hope they patch up after AdiYa’s reunion♥
        Btw, Does Adi know that Arjun loves Noor and is in a relationship with her?

  16. Very emotional 😓

    Can hardly comment ,much more when I see it next 5 hours or so.

    Ok . Who sponsored that wedding will be hurt the most .
    Hope it’s Waseem and Arshad 🤣🤣🤣

  17. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nothing much today… Only realisation try.. Lets see what new week bring to us… As tomorrow will be same

  18. Please say me the name of the music in which aditya danced please I like that music help me to find it and I saw that episode in voot app and I like today’s episode and precap is interesting

    1. Neha1

      You asking about Zoya’s Sangeet ceremony…if yes, then …Adi danced on “Bachna are hsseeno, lo main aa Gaya”… And couple dance was on song “Ae Dil hai Mushkil”…
      You could download the song if you liked it….

      1. Neha thanks I know this music but I am asking the music which I heared in voot app can u please find the music’s name

  19. I am not happy with track for adiya union.
    Arshad should back off when zoya declares her feeling as promo, not making the arshad jodi maker.

    1. It’s ok.. even in KKHH Kajol never confessed her love to Rahul.. but Salman Khan got it and United her with him when she couldn’t move to mandap.. same will happen here

    2. True,I’m thinking the same.

  20. Neha1

    In the Precap…Did anyone noticed Harshad’s eyes…it’s seems that he cried a lot that his eyed turns Red…. Eyes are the most expressive thing in love….Both Zoya-Adi are crying and had red teary eyes in Precap…

  21. Neha1
    Loved this scene and bg music too… And Adi is right she never said that she loves him but now I just want her to accept his love Infront of Everyone…I only can imagine that how beautiful it would be when she accepts his love and express him that what place he store in her heart as well as in her life too…

  22. Neha1

    I love the Background Music of Bepannaah… it’s heart touching.

  23. Im eargerly waiting for upcoming episodes

  24. So just started watching bepanah seriously few weeks ago in summer and it was strictly for Aditya. Harshad. What a phenomenal actor. It was when he realized he was in love with Zoya and the turmoil he felt. That had hooked me as a viewer. I found Zoya to be too prim and proper at first but they totally work as a couple. I went back and watched all previous episodes and they totally have to be together. This week has been great viewing. I rush home from work to catch it on the net and read comments here. Everyone above has said it so well that I won’t be able to do justice. Waiting waiting waiting for tm.

    Isn’t that what a good serial is supposed to do? Hook viewers in and make them want to watch?? 😊👍😊👍😊👍😊👍😊👍😊

  25. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice, beautiful heart-touching episode! Title track song really suitable for Zoya and Aditya’s situation. Wow, Bepanah is back on track!

    1. Arch Waseem should leave with Arshad too 😁

      Want to see how far Anjana will go to get rid of Zoya🤔

    2. Neha1

      Yeah, but the question is how it gonna happen…. that’s the most important thing… I’m not saying that the spoiler isn’t true but eagerly waiting to looking forward that how things gonna change and how Zoya accept Adi after her continuous denial…and I guess these things will take place on the same Mandap…if it is then how Waseem will react on this Reunion and knew that Adi is quite impulsive but want to know if Harsh and Anjana will present there or will Adi married Zoya without informing his parents…
      So, just waiting for AdiYa Union and marriage..I think marriage is too early stage in their love story…coz they just realized it Now…want some Romance between them but after both confession, immediately marriage is taking place… let’s see how this is gonna happen..?

      1. Actually in the launch interview Sehban (Yash) said that bepannah is about what happens after ‘happily ever after!!!!…so their marriage now will seem like ‘happily ever after’ but real challenges start post that!!! N in the face of all challenges their love would be unshakable!!!! May be Arshad track was dragged bcos they wanted to end the track with Adiya marriage!!! Let’s c what happens!!!

  26. Beautiful episode, Zoya and Adi scenes were hard to see, he is trying to convince himself she doesn’t love him and is reading all the signs backwards, like that ring she gave him back.
    And all the words Adi was saying to Zoya in reality were the words she was telling to herself. She was recalling all happened between them and suffering for each one of those moments.
    But what made me more emotional was Roshna and Zoyas conversation. For a mother seeing her children leaving from home is the most painful thing ever.
    But when you see your child is happy you choose to be happy for them. And Roshna is sensing the opposite, so her grief is double.

  27. Anju5u

    @ Evelyn…
    No no adi doesn’t know about Arjun n Noor…. But he knows Arjun has got a gf…i think….in one of the episodes when Arjun seems upset adi asks whether he had a fight with his gf…..but doesn’t know it’s Noor ..🤔.

    1. Ohk I would like to see Adi’s reaction on learning that Arjun loves Noor
      It will be funny😂😂

  28. Neha1

    Zoya’s Qubool hai love for Aditya, New hurdles block ways.

  29. Why Zoya have Aditya’s ring on her finger??
    Or it is Jennifer playing with Harshad’s ring????😁
    I saw the video related to this, and was pretty invisible, so who noted has really sharp eyes.

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