Bepannah 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya labelled as Harsh’s murderer

Bepannah 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana lets go of Aditya’s hand. He tries to hold it again but she tells him not to touch her. Zoya blames Nani and Rajvir for Harsh’s condition. Aditya dint do anything. He was angry but he cannot kill anyone! These people have come to seek revenge. I know them too well. Nani tells Zoya to stop now. Why will either of us kill Harsh? We wanted to meet him since years. My grandson has yearned to meet his father. Why would we kill him when we had finally united with him? Aditya only has killed his father! He couldn’t accept it that Harsh will share his love and property with Rajvir too so he killed Harsh. Zoya speaks against them. They have come here only to seek revenge. Rajvir has been absconding from jail. They tried doing so in the past too. Harsh might have been his father but they hate him.

Aditya dint do anything. She asks Aditya to stay something but he is too stunned to react. Inspector says you don’t know the complete truth. Rajvir became a state witness of some act because of which Govt could track down sleeper cells. There is no case against him anymore. He might not have killed anyone in the past but there is surely a murder in the house. This time, all the evidences are pointing against Aditya. Find a good lawyer if you want to prove him innocent! Prima facie evidence is against him. Zoya requests Aditya to say something. Nani rues that the best lawyer of the city is no more. How will Zoya save her husband now? Anjana looks at Aditya. Police arrests Aditya. Zoya requests Arjun to stop police. She keeps shouting for help but no one reacts. Anjana stands up and looks at Aditya. He looks at his bloodied palm. Anjana asks him if he did all this. Be honest. Aditya silence angers her and she ends up slapping him. Rajvir and Nani are pleased.

Anjana says you kept saying that you love me but it cannot be true. You snatched my pride, my love, my Harsh from me! I will never forgive you. You should be punished for your misdeed! What did you get by this? He calls her Ma but she warns him not to call her Ma ever again. I am disgusted by you! Are you at peace after killing your father? Arjun requests her to calm down. She breaks down. Zoya again stops police and requests Arjun to trust her. Aditya is innocent. Arjun replies that he has lost trust from trust. Dad was like a God to me but it turned out that even Gods make mistakes. I thought my brother never made a mistake but look at his hand! Who should I trust? Why is he quiet if he is innocent? Why isn’t he saying anything? He is listening to everything quietly! There is only one truth in my life – my Ma! She is completely broken right now. Let me take care of my remaining family now. Police takes Aditya with them. Arjun also takes Anjana with him. Zoya too is going after them when Nani remarks that Harsh had committed so many sins. He had to be punished and he got his dues! Son killed his father. Zoya tells her to stop her acting. It wont work in front of me. I agree that Papa made mistakes but he was a human. She tells Rajvir she pities him. You got a chance in life but you ended up killing your father. You became an orphan in the true sense today! You think you won but it is your biggest defeat! I swear on my husband, I will bring your truth in front of the world! I will unite this family once again. I will bring Aditya back in this house! She heads downstairs. Rajvir and Nani laugh at Harsh’s dead body.

Zoya is at the police station. She tries convincing Inspector. You can check CCTV footage. He advises her to whatsapp all the ideas she can think of for investigation. I will simply follow them. She insists that Aditya is innocent. He suggests her to hire a lawyer. There is no point talking to me here. I feel it is impossible for him to get bail. Everyone saw him threatening to kill his father live! She calls it Rajvir and Nani’s plan but he asks for proof. Spend the remaining time with your husband. He will certainly get jail imprisonment. Don’t know if he will ever step out of the jail or not! She looks at Aditya.

Nani asks Rajvir if he is mourning the death of his father by drinking. Don’t be under any misunderstanding. It all happened for good only. Maybe God also wanted Harsh to go to jail. Aditya should be in jail while Anjana should be in asylum. Zoya should be out of the house. You can employ Arjun as your gardener if you want! You will the sole owner of this house then! Rajvir says I waited so long and got all this in return. You have to lose something to gain something. I too made a sacrifice. He excuses himself to finish some incomplete tasks.

Doc tells Arjun that Anjana is sleeping due to sedatives. Her mental state is unstable. We have to make sure she does not do anything wrong. We will have to shift her to medical facility if there is no improvement in her. Call me in case of any emergency. He nods and thanks him. Doc leaves. Arjun sits beside his mother.

Zoya is asked to leave. You have very less time. She looks at Aditya sadly. I should be strong for Aditya if not for myself! She walks up to his cell. Constable lets her inside. Aditya is sitting silently on the floor. She holds him. He mumbles that he destroyed everything. She denies. You dint do anything! You trust me right? I know you better than you. You aren’t at fault. He speaks of the knife and blood in his hands! Ma said so much to me. She reasons that Ma is in shock. You cannot do any of it. Rajvir is behind it. He asks her why he will do so. Pa accepted him already. I don’t remember anything. I don’t trust myself, my anger. I can do anything when I am angry. I ruined everything. How will I face Ma? She holds him tight as he cries. I should be punished. I finished everything! She requests him not to say so. You dint do anything. They both are crying badly.

Wasim calls Roshnaq and wakes Noor. He asks them if they know what happened at Hooda House. Noor fears that he might have known about Rajvir. Roshnaq says we saw the video but I don’t think we should be paying any heed to it. Wasim tells them that there is a news telecast of Harshwardhan Hooda. Aditya has been labelled as his killer! Roshnaq and Noor are stunned.

Inspector is puzzled to see Zoya still at the police station. Zoya’s lawyer enters. We can get parole for some time after which Aditya will be sent to jail again. Aditya refuses to go outside. I am criminal. Lock me again. Zoya tells him he hasn’t done anything. You are innocent. You trust me right? I am with you. I will prove your innocence. You will have to come with me now. These are some last moments of Papa. You wont be able to forgive yourself ever if you don’t go now. I am with you. He nods.

Precap: Everyone bids adieu to Harsh. Police takes Aditya away. Zoya trips while chasing the jeep but Rajvir holds her in time. Rajvir tells her that Aditya is innocent. He dint kill Harsh. She asks him what he wants. He takes her name.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. As per the precap,, spoilers are true…

    Why are they putting this nonsense track,, they would have thought of something else to have the leap…

    Like though Aditya is proved innocence in legal way,, he is not believing himself and left to some other city for few years and destiny brings them together again in new place,, kinda of thing instead of this ugly track…. When everyone at his own home not believing him but Zoya trusts him then how will it make sense Aditya is not trusting Zoya and parted ways…

    1. do u want the show to end stop complaining here we are trending and stressed if the show will end stop cribbing about everything kindly watch on tv

  2. What😲😲……what d hell did rajvir meant by dat….disgusting….yeh kya chal raha hain yaar😢…kuch achi scenes chal raha tha…or ab….phir se….

  3. Ah swear Zoya would of slap Nani today🙄

    One as me Nani would of been searching for her teeth/plates the minute she open her mouth.

    Love it how Zoya stood up for her husband.
    That prison /jail scene was so emotional 😭

  4. Neha1

    Precap is …………😮😏👾 Hate Rajveer…
    Spoiler turned true in 2morrow episode…
    Just loved AdiYa’s emotional scene in jail…
    Why Arjun is not supporting Adi…He didn’t trust her elder brother… Anjana is already mad, had no expectations from her but Arjun too is not supporting Adi is came out as a big Shock.😱
    Siddiqui’s too in Shocked 😱 After learning Harsh’s demise…
    Now Friends, I have no hope that our show will survive… it seems colors made their mind to end Bepannaah… but still watching Bepannaah on TV just for Jenshad…as don’t know when we will get chance to see them as a lead pair in any other show… So, it’s a kind of farewell to Jenshad and Bepannaah. Will miss Jenshad and Bepannaah and this Amazing 👍 Fandom…🙏

    1. To be fair on Arjun even Aditya isn’t trusting himself

  5. Just a thought friends…I cribbed about upcoming track…but what if…???
    1. Adi purposely sending Zoya away from him bcos he realises all problems in her life are due to him and his family. He realises everybody is making her a target to destroy his family. So to safeguard her he pretends to test her character n Zoya goes away from him!!!
    2. Zoya intuitively knows why Adi behaving like this with her …goes away but never ever thinks of moving on with someone else…she is confused, perplexed n her heart still beats for Adi!!!
    3. The new entry Kunal – Adi’s friend knows why Adi did all this n in the climax episodes discloses the truth to Zoya!!! N Adiya unite!!!
    Then it still remains an ‘unshakable bond’!!!
    I will surely watch n cry buckets till last episode!!..😥😥😥😥😥..

    Who all agree story can move in this direction?

    1. I think same but it is intolerable to watch this cheap track for seperation

    2. Agreed!!!

    3. Arch i am hoping something like this will happeen, Zoya intentionally will ruin her figure even in adi’s eyes to protect him. We doubted Zoya about that message earlier, we thought she will find Adi guilty, we doubted both of them when Anjana’s truth came out but they didn’t fail each other, lets see what will they show. And to be honest if the show is going on i will accept any track, if things are messed up they can adjust them along going.
      But if the show is going to end this is just unnecessary.

    4. Neha1

      I guess Arch, we all have to cry untill there’s no confirmation regarding Bepannaah going off-air or will joining digital platform, Voot…
      And I too think that Adi or Zoya did it purposely to save each other… and at last we know that they’re going to reunite….but I didn’t want that 1night stand cheap thing to ruin our show’s image… it’s not needed but I guess again colors intervene in the scripts and changed it….
      Coz Harshad himself said in the launch that creatives already had a great story of 12-15 months. But as usual colors is ready to destroy interesting twist in Bepannaah… and then they said that Trp isn’t good… Hahahaha 😜😂.. Anyway let’s see what result we get regarding the show and still waiting for 2days episode…

  6. love the jenshad pair :))-rest all not matters coz story is boring #love wins if it gets cooked on low flame of distance aparts 😛

  7. Hey Neha ‘ Silsila’ officially goes on VOOT from 26th November 2018…declared on instagram

    1. Yes just now I read the same in Wikipedia that silsila will air on voot from 26 November, but there is no such news of bepanah moving to digital space and also yesterday when I went through bepanah Wikipedia page they had mentioned last date of airing as 30 November , but today it’s changed again which does specify the ending date( want to see some good news for it’s extension) , it is said that the bepanah moving to digital space is dependent on harshad and Jennifer, if they don’t agree to it then the show might go off air, if they do then they might air it on voot as web series which might focus on post leap life of adiya.

    2. Neha1

      @Arch, But I think not our show coz both Jenshad had denied to work in a web series…as earlier Apoorva Agnihotri said that the Actors too ready for the web series and I heard that Jenshad denied for this still channel are in talk with these Actors and let’s see what will happen to Bepannaah if it’s going to be continue on TV or it also join a digital platform, Voot.

  8. I felt sad about bepannah ending … But then practically speaking this show isn’t having good track. .. story has nothing to give … Only good factor of this show is Jennifer and Harshad and their amazing chemistry … Definitely we would miss their chemistry … They are really good looking couple …

  9. Yes just now I read the same in Wikipedia that silsila will air on voot from 26 November, but there is no such news of bepanah moving to digital space and also yesterday when I went through bepanah Wikipedia page they had mentioned last date of airing as 30 November , but today it’s changed again which does specify the ending date( want to see some good news for it’s extension) , it is said that the bepanah moving to digital space is dependent on harshad and Jennifer, if they don’t agree to it then the show might go off air, if they do then they might air it on voot as web series which might focus on post leap life of adiya.

  10. Yes @arch just now I read the same in Wikipedia that silsila will air on voot from 26 November, but there is no such news of bepanah moving to digital space and also yesterday when I went through bepanah Wikipedia page they had mentioned last date of airing as 30 November , but today it’s changed again which does specify the ending date( want to see some good news for it’s extension) , it is said that the bepanah moving to digital space is dependent on harshad and Jennifer, if they don’t agree to it then the show might go off air, if they do then they might air it on voot as web series which might focus on post leap life of adiya.

  11. No comment on episode for me
    I never like this time twist and agnipariksha in drama and Ramayana
    They can seperate adiya by other twist
    These one is hard to tolerate

  12. lol its better show is called off but will miss jenshad pair :))-nothing left to show despite zoya asad childrens

    Hey guys two more new entries in bepanah!!!

    1. From beginning i thought this ending of Bepannaah was a trick to gain Trp but the fear of losing the show was bigger than my rational thinking.
      Now how the thell a show that is about to go off air hires three new actors.
      So Mr Rajesh salary was the sum of these three that’s why he had to quit 😅
      Strange things happening 🤔

  14. Bepanah may end
    Jenshad not agreed for online
    And last week colors may show 1 hr bepanah episode
    But i saw news of 2 more new entries; so show may have extension

  15. Disgusting…so far all the indian shows (and I mean literally all) only showing lust for another man’s wife. The mentality of this culture is very sickening. Don’t they have any other ideas to keep a story going?

    No wonder they are the worlds most overpopulated country….the shows portray them wanting to hump each others wife worse than stray animal…they need to change their script or at least not in every show have this disgusting type of story….the women became call girls for their in-laws…yuck. I am so disgust I want to puke….at least they are ending the show, one good thing

    1. Sorry to say but in this case Rajvir is not interested in Zoya as a woman and lust is miles away at this point. His only aim is to dishonor Aditya, he gives a damn about being with Zoya and that definitely wont happen.
      So please don’t be disrespectful.

      1. @ Eri, thanks for your input, still thinks it’s disgusting for propositioning someone’s wife. Adi in jail for something he didn’t do so that’s revenge already.

  16. Hi Friends
    Watching this serial for a while now . It was different so started to watch but recently the story has gone from bad to worse…all watching bcoz of lead pair now.
    It is better to end the show than drag with stupid storyline and far from reality. First they show bepanah love and now will show aditya not trusting zoya whom he loves bepanah makes no sense just contradicting the whole thing and purity of a relation…if one partner doubts on another then there is no bepanah love left. Dont know why they put those vachan picture…dont understand if writers do ever realise what they are showing after each episode….the audience are not fools…they do get into the story with characters and thats why love the show till it makes sense

  17. People culture ,lifestyle it’s their choice.
    Everyone has their choice to be who they wanna be.
    Every country has a percentage of good and bad people and I’m definitely not here to criticise or bash anyone.
    Folks let’s keep it clean
    This column is all about Bepanah.

  18. If really Bepannah is going off air i can’t understand how the whole cast is giving us such performances. Maybe the track is forced but they managed to make some sense of it. Todays epi was so emotional, how can they even act while are in such a mess? Everyone one was at his best, even papa Hooda was excellent, he didn’t blink once 😂
    And i must say Rajvir in the precap was disgusting, it made me wanna throttle him, good work Mr Appurva.
    Tomorrow we will have another painful parallel, in Pooja’s funeral he was the one to chose not to lit the fire, this time he will not be allowed to do that. He will be like Zoya in Yash’s funeral.
    Does any other fool like me believe papa Wassim will be near Zoya and Aditya at this moment ?
    Looks like all the ones that should stay by Aditya’s side has abandoned him, maybe he has a soft corner for this boy not yet explored.

  19. Harshad taking care of fandom’s emotional and mental health.
    Just one post is able to cheer people.
    I found my self smiling while reading the caption.

  20. Brianna has announced the new time slot for 7:00pm.
    So girls enjoy

  21. Bepannah has announced the new time slots as 7:00pm.
    So stop worrying and enjoy girls

    1. @ SG : Where did you find this? Nothing like this has been floating around in Twitter or Instagram…however that are a few fake YouTube videos that say BP will air at 7pm…that’s impossible becos it is the timing of ‘udaan’ n that isnt going off air!!!!

  22. @ Eri : Just bcos three new characters are entering doesnt mean show is going to get an extension…All the three are junior actors and they can be roped in for just 5 episodes too..
    The leap is a big one – 6 years mostly…now I understood show mathematics 😂
    Initially Harsh cheated 16 years ago when Adi was 16 years old…So Adi age = 16+16 = 32
    There was a 6 month leap …so Adi age = 32.5
    Then last week Adi was 8 years old when Harsh rekindled his relationship with Palavi..So Adi age gets readjusted to 32.5-8 = 24.5 !!.
    Now show takes a 6 year leap : So Adi age is 24.5+6 = 30.5.
    We will round off Adi’s age to 31!!!
    So makers always intend to keep Adi’s age in early 30’s😁😁😁

  23. I wonder how Rajvir can save Adi even if he makes a deal with Zo. Unless the fool that actually killed Harsh is Victor and he has video of that😮

    1. @eri.. I agree with what you said earlier.. there has been no official confirmation per say.. I mean.. as far as I know there was only a tweet from the creatives that said they hope to keep bringing us shows like Bp..when legit one day before she had asked us to not believe rumors.. I think the creatives are tired of answering the same question.. even Harshad had been way by it’s all false earlier.. and since then no news has been there officially of the show going off air.. and Rajesh Khattar left the show as he has some film projects coming up..besides.. if they were to really end the show then why introduce new track when there was so much left to solve already.
      I sense something’s weird but again thank w might be the Fangirl Inside of me.
      As for the track I can’t comment on anything about who killed whom or come up with any theories cause honestly,i dont think ill beable to type or say anything decent about it right now. its almost as if the channel is asking for fandom’s hatred cause this doent make any sense! sense as in,this storyline isnt something id wanna fight for .. the only thing im doing this is because i believe they do owe us a propwr ending with all the loopholes covered.
      are you all liking this guys? be honest.
      is this what yall hoped for? not everything can be defended or supported every effin time.
      is being destroyed a little more than yesterday Every day. save the show? whats left to save anyway?
      im still gonna do it.. for old times sake but i just want to put it out there that i have no grudge against people who dont.
      i know whatever i wrote just now wasnt coherent at all.. much like our show..
      but im going through mixed emotions right now.
      what to do? i reallywant to know what jenshad are thiinking right now. uff.
      too much going on.

  24. From next week onwards ‘Silsila’ goes on Voot…so ‘BP’ may air 45 min or 1 hr episodes and hurry up the story!!!
    Jenshad have refused to go digital else air show would have aired on foot from Monday!!!

    1. Neha1

      But there’s no confirmation of this [email protected]
      The makers and channels not confirmed any New update regarding Bepannaah going off-air or gets an extension and Jenshad’s not ready to shift on digital space it’s seems quite impossible too…
      I may sound quite negative but I too really waiting for the official Announcement about the show from the makers and channels. It’s been a week ago that fan’s are continuously mailing, tweeting and calling to the channel about the latest updates on the show, but still they’ll remained silence and said nothing about the fan’s reactions.
      That’s why I am worried and I felt like the way story is moving ahead to its end so fast. Indicating that the show might Go off-air and the last episode will telecast on 30 November…coz channel and makers didn’t say a single word about Bepannaah.

  25. @ Neha : Our show started getting ruined right from Arshad’s extended cameo…the last minute back off by Zoya from the nikah itself seemed more like a channel gimmick rather than that of makers…
    The celebrity-ridden Adiya wedding, snake in Zoya’s Garland, Harsh Hooda’s murder, Rajvir’s cheap demand and Adiya separation with a big leap of 6 years all are channel infused ideas…this is not the original script at all…the original script’s essence was Adiya’s unshakable bond against all odds!!.
    But channel made it like any other serial – eternal separation is eternal love…whether Adiya separation is due to misunderstanding or deliberate move by either or both of them to save each other separation is separation!!!…all promises made by them broken…Zoya told Adi only death can separate them but going forward they will separate without dying n sulk in each other’s memories!!
    Now Wasim is proved right as Zoya has indeed made a wrong choice again whatever be the reason for Adi’s question on Zoya’s character!!!
    Post leap Arjun would be living with Anjana, Adi would have a business with friend Kunal, Zoya not sure would be with her family or all alone…may be she is event planner for the new couple entering!!!
    I have mentally said ‘bye’ to BP n Jenshad and pray for a good ending for our series…if it goes on Voot then we would get script of makers with absolutely no interference from channel as there is no longer a TRP race!!!..But I doubt seasoned actors like Jenshad would agree as they have to accept a cut in their per episode salaries!!!…n there are talks of replacing Jenshad if it goes on Voot but that would not serve any purpose..No one will watch!!…they better end than replace!!!

  26. One hour episode means three episodes on a row, if they will do this for 10 days maybe the story could end in a decent way.

    One of the new entries reported by media turned out to be a rumour!!!

  28. What is fate of bepanah?
    I could not find any authenthic news

  29. Neha1

    I too called to Viacom 18 office… they too continuously keep saying that it’s a RUMOURS and don’t believe in such rumours… don’t know what’s going on…???

  30. Neha1

    @Salilsand, The detailed explanation about the Show’s TRP of Roop, Bepannaah and it is.. look at this.

  31. Please update the written episode of internet wala love 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.u have updated only upto 14th november please update the latest episodes of internet wala love

  32. I didnt trend today…I found a couple of articles which clearly said that Jenshad refuse to move to a digital platform…so it’s better to end the show…I m least interested in watching BP if Jenshad replaced…
    Who all out here will continue to watch BP if Jenshad replaced?

    1. I will not watch
      I am watching this cheap seperation only for jenshad not for adiya ; as aditya love will be failed in this exam

    2. No one i guess.

    3. Not me Arch ,Jenshad is the only reason I’m watching.

  33. I still cant believe Zoya will agree to Rajvir’s cheap demands…Adi will prefer being in jail than his wife losing her self respect !!!
    I think purposely Adi will separate from Zoya bcos if Zoya continues to stay with him ppl will keep suspecting her character!!! He will secretly help her business grow with Kunal’s help!!!
    If story doesnt move this way, Adiya’s love n marriage fails miserably…worse than their earlier marriages!!!
    I dont think a beautiful serial will be ruined like this !!!…pls God just give a beautiful ending to our serial !!!…only God can save now..I lost trust in channel n makers!!!.😣😣😣

    1. Neha1

      @Arch, This is obviously the channel mistake as they purposely ruined the story of the show as they want to shut down Bepannaah and wang to telecast Sitaara asap….that’s why they bring this twist and leap and separated AdiYa… and we already know that post leap the lead pair reunite again…as it’s a very common in TV’S world…
      Otherwise one of Harshad’s Interview he said that makers had a great script for 12-15month…but the channel ruined our show.

  34. Sitara timing is shown as 10.30pm from 3rd november

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