Bepannah 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya blames Anjana for giving poison to everyone

Bepannah 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun sits next to his brother. You are putting in so many ideas to impress your wife. Smart! Aditya replies that he has done that already which is why she is his wife today. I don’t want to take this relation for granted. Arjun suggests buying jewellery for Zoya. Aditya asks him to join him but Arjun is hesitant. Aditya decides to seek Noor’s help. Arjun tells him she wont come but Aditya asks him to pacify her. Arjun thinks she will never say yes if he asks her. It might work if you will ask her. Aditya requests him to understand him. I haven’t given a perfect day to Zoya till now. I want to make today perfect. It is Navratri today. Please help me. Arjun loves his idea. Harsh has overheard their entire conversation.

Zoya is in a fix. I cannot blame Mummy ji for this! Which mother can give poison to her own kids? I heard her voice though! I must find out the truth before doing anything. Truth should be unveiled if she is indeed behind all this or else I have to find out what’s happening.

Harsh advises Anjana to think about Aditya. We can either forget the past or accept it. Aditya is only taking his wife’s side. This is what we have taught him. She reasons that she hasn’t taught him to call wrong right or follow his wife’s orders blindly. Harsh tells her to understand. Aditya and Pooja’s relation lacked something which is why it remained incomplete somehow. He wants to make the best of his relation with Zoya. Support him. She asks him what she should do then. He speaks of their ritual where MIL’s give jewellery to DIL’s in Navratri. She reluctantly agrees.

Wasim and Noor are surprised seeing the Dandiya night vouchers. Wasim asks Roshnaq how she got them. She repeats the story that Aditya had taught her. Wasim thinks as if she is trying to remember the words and is then saying it. Is everything fine? She nods. Are you fine or not? He assures her he is fine. She asks him why he is asking so many questions. You can tell me if you don’t want to go. I will go alone. He agrees to come. Noor pacifies her. We too are equally excited for Garba night. She signals her Abbu who says yes. Roshnaq smiles.

Aditya smiles looking at Roshnaq’s text. Thanks Ammi. Zoya will be thrilled to meet her family today. It will be a great surprise. He notices Zoya coming just then. How did it go? He notices her tensed. Is something wrong? Did Ma say anything to you? Harsh joins them before they can say anything further. He tells Zoya that it is her first Navratri in the house. It is a fresh start. Arjun seconds him. We all need a clean slate kind of beginning. Harsh turns to Anjana.

Anjana tells Zoya that it is a tradition of their family. We gift new DIL’s of the house something that is ancestral. Come with me. Aditya smiles in disbelief. They all follow Anjana upstairs. Anjana gives a saree to Anjana which her MIL had worn after her wedding. This has been passed to all the DIL’s of our house since then. It isn’t that fashionable but I hope you will wear it. Zoya thanks her for the saree. I will surely wear it if you want me to. Anjana tells her she wants her to wear it. Zoya mentally decides that Anjana cannot hurt her family. It wasn’t her! Harsh teases Anjana for not giving any jewellery to Zoya. Will you make her work hard? Anjana replies that no ornament can match up to this saree. Aditya teases Harsh saying that he might make Ma give bangles to Zoya now but he might have to buy a lot of jewellery for Ma later on. Anjana shares that the jewellery isn’t modern. I am not sure if Zoya will like it or not. Harsh tells Zoya not to believe her. This cupboard is a goldmine. Request your MIL once. You will find amazing stuff there. He asks Anjana to give her bangles. Arjun adds that she should also give Zoya necklace. Her neck will look bare then. Everyone starts pulling her leg. Anjana stands there quietly, certainly not enjoying any of it. Harsh takes out the bangles. A bottle falls down in the process. Harsh makes Anjana give them to Zoya. She touches her feet so as to seek her blessings. Harsh teases Zoya to take his blessings too. They all smile. Everyone heads downstairs. Zoya turns to go too but she hits the bottle by mistake.

Zoya picks up the bottle. The label says poison. She thinks of what happened during the death anniversary puja. She drops the saree and bangles in shock. It means I dint hear anything wrong. Mummy ji! She asks Anjana to stop.

Huda family stops in their tracks. Zoya shows the bottle to them. I found it in Mummy ji’s room. It is empty. You are the one who added poison in the Prasad right? Everyone is shocked. Zoya asks her why only she dint accept Prasad. Aditya tells her to stop but Zoya does not. I know Mummy ji does not like me but I dint know she will fall this low! Anjana calls her mad. Take her to mental asylum. Zoya tells her she heard her voice outside orphanage. You paid money to someone and even spoke about poison. Harsh tells her that Anjana was at home 20-25 minutes ago. Zoya repeats that she saw her outside orphanage and even heard her voice. Harsh reasons that she cannot blame Anjana just on the basis of voice. Zoya is sure it was Anjana only. I saw her from the backside and I even chased her. You were there right? How did this bottle come in your room? Ask her. Aditya tells her that no one will ask Ma anything. We know her well. We know she does not like you. She says that on the face. We asked her to apologize to your Abbu but she outright refused on our faces! You think she can stoop this low in your hatred towards you? Zoya insists she isn’t lying but he points out that she is actually blaming his mother! You don’t trust her but you trust me right? I swear on myself. Ma can do anything but she cannot give poison to me, Arjun or Pa.

Precap: The mystery lady says all the bricks and members of Huda House will fall one by one. Zoya will help me in this. Zoya understands someone is trying to separate her family members. This house is mine too now. I wont let anyone mess up with my family!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Neha1

    Loved the way Roshnaq convinced Wasim and Noor…I found that Cute…????
    And I watched Anjana’s face while she’s giving jewellery to Zoya… Anjana’s was reluctant to give that jewelleries to Zoya..
    Finally Zoya Put blame on Anjana and Everyone was Shocked and Angry…Adi too…but I agree that Anjana will never put Harsh and her son’s life on risk….
    And finally in Precap, we saw Shaguftaji….
    Waiting for 2morrow episode.

  2. Everyday a new drama or disappointment in this family .

    Then last episode everyone will be happy series end .

  3. I want the track of poosh-sakshi murder revealation
    But it will not be revealed soon
    So again rajveer track
    Today i liked jennifer voice,lol
    Everyday a new drama
    Show some chilling moments
    At least 1 week adiya deserve to be in peace

    1. Hhh I agree, atleast a week of peace.

    2. I think Rajvir track and Poosh death mystery are the same. If Rajvir was after Hooda house even before, this is the way he knew about Pooja’s infidelity. He was blackmailing them since then. Maybe Poosh had already find out about Rajvir, the secret Pooja was talking about with Harsh, and so he eliminated them. Also the games Rajvir and his nani might have played with Anjana’s mind or she has been constantly under drugs brought her to believe she killed Poosh, they are doing the same with Zo.
      At some moment i thought Victor is an infiltrated man, he brought the juice, he gave Zoya the ingredients for the sweets.

    3. But they shown anjana as main villain,but i always feel harsh is somehow connected to all these mess

    1. Neha this is trp only for Colors shows right???
      Then how come yesterdays episode of Shakti on YouTube Colors official channel has only 17 thousand views and Bepannaah has 328 thousand views???

  4. Neha1

    2days Most less comments on this Page…Shocked…??
    Where’s everyone…??? Why so less comments..??

  5. Yes neha
    Seriously indian audience like black magic ,naagin, dayan.aap ke aa jane se 1.6 at same slot
    And bepanah showing endless drama , but people watch bepanah for adiya. So its viewship is shortening . Again high trp shows has large viewer , so crap brings trp
    Colors tv is falling in trp race
    So they will manipulate or cut some show for sure

  6. This is partly true, but then why online views are stable or even increased? It because of the international views, because of the young age of the fandom that prefer to watch it online without their family , or the late time of showing? It is true that story has lost pace but to abandon the show at this extend??

    1. Yes i also think same
      Bepanah has high viewship outside india
      Indian likes supernaturals and melodrama
      Bepanah all episodes have millions view on colors you tube

  7. Bepannah is watch by people around the world ,look at the comments and reviews on Instagram, facebook and Twitter.
    It should not be rated just by this TRP ratings but by viewers around the globe.

    Anyways I’ll have to look up this Trp rating thing to fully understand what it is all about.

  8. Today I found Zoya’s voice to be dubbed..that irritated me..

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