Bepannah 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Wasim’s Happy Birthday

Bepannah 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya is sleeping. Zoya holds his hand. I know it is important for us to come closer but I want this danger to pass first. Just have patience. I need you. She keeps her head on his hand and turns to his side. Aditya also turns towards her in his sleep.

Wasim is sleeping. Someone enters in his room holding a knife. Roshnaq wakes up and screams seeing the knife. Wasim wakes up because of the noise. They are shocked to see Noor standing in their room holding a knife in her hand. What are you doing here? Noor tells her Ammi she has ruined the surprise. She wishes her Abbu Happy Birthday. Roshnaq also wishes him. Wasim thanks his daughter and cuts the cake. Roshnaq looks at her phone sadly. Noor asks her Ammi where she is lost. Are you still thinking about some other important work right now? Roshnaq

denies. Wasim points out that she is thinking about her daughter. She does not care. Roshnaq is sure it can never happen. Wasim blows the candles saying these are the only meaningful relations he has. I don’t care about any other relation. Noor feeds him cake. Your Noor will always stay with you. He nods and pats at her head.

Next morning, Aditya, Arjun, Harsh and a few people bring in Devi Ma’s idol. Zoya looks on. Anjana tells her about Durga Ma. She is the emblem of love, mercy, strength and saviour. It is said that every woman has one of her avatars. The one who has all of it is called Devi. Unfortunately, some people lack all the virtues. Aditya, Harsh and Arjun are listening quietly from a distance. Anjana goes to pray. Aditya feels bad for Zoya. He tells his mother that every woman is Adi-Shakti. They are sometimes not just aware of it. When it happens, a woman is called Devi. Zoya is standing with her back to Durga Ma’s idol. They remove the chunri upon Pundit ji’s askance. Zoya turns and folds her hands in reverence. There are loud cheers of Jai Mata Di. Aditya glances at his wife. Anjana also looks in Zoya’s direction.

Aditya is talking to someone on phone when Zoya comes outside. She realises it is 16th. She confirms the date with servant. Aditya asks her if Ma said something. She denies. Stop thinking like that. It is 16th today. It is Abbu’s birthday. I forgot all about it. I dint even call him. He wont even come to pick the phone if I call from your number. I used to go to orphanage on his every birthday to distribute toys and sweets to the kids. He asks her if she wants to meet him. She thinks to go to orphanage alone. I can spend time with kids that ways and maybe see him too. He might forgive us one day. Aditya is lost in thoughts. She asks him where he is lost. He replies that it is his favourite work to listen to him. she asks him to come with her but he excuses himself for some urgent work. She turns and is about to collide with Anjana. Anjana rebukes her for not being careful. Zoya rushes inside without saying anything.

Zoya comes to the orphanage with gifts for the kids. The caretakers ask about Wasim. She sadly replies that they he dint come along. One of the ladies tells her that it is every parent’s right to scolds their kids and be upset with them. Zoya rues that she might not be able to gain his love ever. The lady assures her that it will eventually be fine. Zoya finds out that the kids have gone out for a picnic. She notices one girl named Arushi there and decides to spend some time with her.

Zoya sits beside Arushi. Arushi tells her that God is upset with her which is why she fell ill. I couldn’t go with my friends. Zoya denies. You are God’s favourite child. He has sent me here to spend time with you. I got special gift for you. She gives a doll to her. They spend some good time together. Zoya notices Anjana there and gets curious.

Aditya brings Arjun to some place. Arjun asks his brother why they are there when Roshnaq greets them. Aditya gives her passes for Garba Night. She agrees to try her best to bring Wasim and Noor there. He requests her to make it happen so Zoya and Wasim come face to face. She thanks him for his efforts. He replies that he is doing it for everyone. I wont be happy if she is unhappy. I have to make up for Arjun’s mistakes. Please tell him that Wasim Sir is upset with me and not him. I have eloped with his daughter after all. She smiles. They all head in separate directions.

Zoya witnesses Anjana giving money to a guy. Make sure this matter is never dug again. Everyone is thinking that food poisoning happened because of expired products. There is still a lot to happen. The worst will be when I will end this relation once and for all! She leaves. Zoya wonders if it was indeed Anjana. What was she saying about Prasad? What’s happening? She remembers all the incidents and is shocked. She connects the dots. Does it imply that Mummy ji is behind all this?

Precap: Zoya collides with something in Anjana’s room and a bottle falls down. It is of that poison. She later confronts Anjana in front of everyone. Aditya tells her that no one will ask Ma anything. We know her well. You think she can stoop this low in your hatred towards you? Zoya insists she isn’t lying but he points out that she is blaming his mother!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. anjali sharma

    I feel today zoya ki awaz nhi thi. It was different jesse koi dub kr raha ho

  2. Who all are Potterheads here?

    1. Aye look Evelyn is back 😀

      1. Yes, I am back😀

    2. that’d be me! 🙂
      still waiting for my hogwarts letter! :3

      1. Me too! I am sure I’ll get it soon, even though it’s a bit late. Dumbledore must have sent it through Errol, that’s why.

    3. Meeeeeeee

      1. Hey there fellow Potterhead 🙂

  3. I’m sure most comments will be on precap😀

    Well me I’m happy because finally I see some love from Zoya to Aditya 😍

  4. Look who’s here 🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎉🎊🎋

  5. What happened on jennifer voice?
    And today it’s confirmed it is not anjana
    Hope they will end suspense in this navratri track.
    Don’t worry neha
    Silsila offair has logic

    1. Neha1

      @Hhh, I’m not worried about Silsila…coz I never watch the show…but just concerned for our favourite show Bepannaah…and now I know that Bepannaah is not going off-air anytime soon..

  6. Neha1

    1.Zoya gesture make me feel good and satisfied that she finally initiate to be close to Adi…just loved this scene…👍👌🤗😍😘
    2. And this one… Zoya’s voice was dubbed as she was in Guwahati for the Dandiya Night ..
    3. I really loved the way Adi’s she meets her family in Dandiya Nights…and give passes to Roshnaq.👍👌
    4. And in Precap…Adi will get angry on Zoya…for blaming his mom…I guess…today that lady wasn’t Anjana but someone else…to fool Zoya or force to think her that it’s Anjana and this conspiracy created by That BM lady…as that lady already told that she chose Zoya to ruined Hooda’s…

  7. Neha1

    Fan’s Edit this pic… AdiYa with their 4 kids…!👍👌😍😘😘😘

    1. The names of the kids though 🤣

      Just imagine the phone like a warning alarm every time he gets romantic with Zoya and he talking bout kids 😉

      Hope he get through 😆

  8. Did she call him Adi??? It was Zoya or the girl who dubbed Zoya calling him that 🙄. I prefer more Aditya to be honest, Pooja called him Adi.
    So Aditya still doesn’t know about Noor and Arjun it seems. I want to see some teasing in Adi style when he gets to know about that.
    Poor Noor is sacrificing herself for her father, because I don’t belive she feels nothing about Arjun, no matter how angry she is.
    Tomorrow’s fight is a minor one and don’t think their anger is going to last for long I guess. After all papa Wassim can’t see them arguing 😣
    And did really Zoya broke that phone😍😘😄😅
    What a relieve, i wanted to do that from some episodes, well done Zoya.

  9. Neha 1,every evidence is pointing Anjana. The money dat she pay a guy & the bottle of poison. Can u plsssss explain dat?

    1. That is all a set up by Rajvir n his Nani to confuse Zoya…so if Zoya points fingers at Anjana everybody including Adi will be miffed with her…the BM who is Rajvir’s nano wants to break Hooda family completely using Zoya as a puppet

    2. Neha1

      Exactly…Coz that lady isn’t look like Anjana…So @Arch is right that was a set up by Rajveer or his Nani….to destroy Hooda’s…and for the revenge they’re using Zoya…

  10. @HHH : u didnt read the comment I posted yesterday…suspense already over…BM is new entry Shagufta Ali who is Rajvir’s nani…n Rajvir is Mr.Hooda’s illegitimate son…Rajvir to re-entering!!!!
    Mr.Hooda’s lover committed suicide or may be in mental asylum due to his betrayal…my guess!!!

    1. Yes
      I read it earlier
      But i don’t like the way, the lady blackmailing and breaking adiya moment
      So want her to be exposed in navratri track

    Hey guys…new promo…a random girl accuses Adi for misbehaving with her n Zoya slaps her!!!!

    1. Neha1

      Nice…that Zoya slapped that girl…and I think that girl is working for Rajveer or his Nani…to defame Adi .
      But I don’t want to be judgemental, so waiting for the Navratri Episodes…

    2. Neha1

      @Arch, have you noticed that still in promo Zoya’s voice was dubbed…It wasn’t Jennifer’s original voice…Hope atleast in episode we will listen her original voice..

      1. I think Jennifer is suffering from sore throat 😂…that’s why her voice being dubbed!!!

    3. She wished he did that😂😂😂😂

  12. Buh is how Zoya slapping people in this series like a mother-in-law lmao

  13. Neha1

    Completion 20 years of the movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”… As per the characters AdiYa’s Favourite Movie..!

  14. Neha1

    The cake is looking beautiful and delicious too…on completion of 150 episodes of Bepannaah…!

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