Bepannah 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi escapes from the hospital

Bepannah 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone has gathered in Huda House. Arjun and Noor wish each other. Noor is happy that Appi rocked. He gives credit to her too. It wouldn’t have turned out so nice without your help. Where is your Appi? Zoya comes just then. Noor asks her where she was but Zoya does not tell her. Where is Aditya? He has to give speech too. Is he ready? Aditya comes just downstairs just then. He is mesmerised seeing Zoya. She tells him that she is waiting anxiously to hear his speech. He is paying no heed to her words and is lost looking at her. Noor remarks that Aditya is looking very handsome. Why does not Appi say anything? Arjun says I am also looking good.

Zoya asks Aditya where he is lost. He compliments her. She thanks him. He asks her if he is looking cool. She nods. He is about to say something and she knows what it is about. I spoke to Abbu. Anjana calls Aditya before she can tell him everything. Anjana asks Aditya to meet the guests. Will you keep talking to event people only? Zoya says he has prepared a speech for you and uncle. Aditya will meet everyone after that. Anjana is thrilled to hear it and goes to tell Harsh. Aditya again asks Zoya to tell her what happened but she tells him to first give his speech. We are not going anywhere.

Sakshi is trying to escape from the hospital. Nurse will go inside and understand I am not there. Save me Lord. Another nurse asks that nurse (Sarita) to come for a 10 minute break. Sarita goes with her. Sakshi looks relieved as she walks out of the corridor.

Zoya starts the party and calls everyone’s for attention. She tells Harsh and Anjana that Aditya will now give them a surprise. Aditya comes on stage. He is hesitant but she gestures him to say it. She stands down along with the guests. He is hesitant but gets confident the moment he sees Zoya. He wishes Happy Anniversary to his parents and goes quiet. Zoya gestures him to speak from his heart. Aditya says I had no idea about my life a few days back. I dint know what was going to happen but I am glad that I am here on this occasion. I am here because of you. I have hope because of you guys. Whatever I am today is because of you. Whatever I will be tomorrow will also be because of you guys. We often get lost in our lives and forget how our actions would affect our loved ones. I am really sorry for taking you for granted. All this is from my side as Chote (Arjun) has never made a mistake in life. I had no idea till morning as to what you I will say. I got a tip that you both are 2 individual human beings before our parents. We know what all exams you have passed in all these years. I am a witness to all those ups and downs. I have no understanding about love. Even media will confirm it. Your love inspires not just me but a lot many other people too that such love is possible. I promise that this time I will love someone for long term. I wont lose my love. I will save my love from every problem (he thinks of all the times he saved Zoya). I will support her through thick and thin. You both will be proud of me then. IN the past few days I have learnt that love is like gold. He shines brightly when it is tested. Friendship is very important in love. Love is in every little thing in our daily life but we should always respect it, be it in the beginning of relation or after 35 years. Someone told me that if you find someone who does not leave your side then you don’t need anything else in life. Zoya smiles broadly. Aditya says I agree as when we were researching about Ma and Pa’s love, we understood one thing. I will show it to you. I will show you the happiness of Harsh and Anjana 35 years ago and their happiness today.

Slideshow of Harsh and Anjana’s plays on screen. Zoya nods sweetly at Aditya. Aditya brings his family on stage. Everyone claps as the slideshow comes to an end. Aditya’s eyes are pinned on Zoya who smiles broadly at him. Aditya and Arjun step down from the stage.

Sarita comes to the ward but does not find Sakshi there. She calls out to Doctor.

Zoya is checking the preps. Aditya asks Zoya what Abbu said. Akansha comes to tell Zoya that Anjana is calling her back stage. Zoya goes. Arjun praises Aditya’s speech. Zoya helped you right? Aditya nods.

Doc rebukes Sarita for not being careful. You wouldn’t have given her the last dose which is why she ran away. Nurse says I did give it to her. It was so strong. I don’t know how she managed to go out. Doc tells her not to lie. We will be in big trouble if Sakshi is found. Our license would be cancelled. Don’t know where Sakshi would have gone to!

Zoya invites Harsh and Anjana to exchange Jaimala’s. Harsh and Anjana hug as they do so. Aditya is lost in Zoya again. Zoya does not let the couple step down from the stage without a couple dance. They agree but Zoya points out that there is a twist. Mr. Huda made Anjana fall in love with him 35 years ago but will he be able to do so now too. Everyone here is aware of the rules. Music plays and you dance with a random partner. You switch the partners the moment the music pauses.

The dance begins. Sakshi is outside Huda House. Start your countdown Anjana. Your game is up!

Aditya thinks that this is the right time to tell his feelings to Zoya. Someone walks up to Zoya just then and asks her for a dance.

Precap: Aditya pulls Zoya. What did Abbu say? She tells him that she told Abbu she does not wish to marry and then Arshad came. Aditya asks her if he came there. Arshad taps at Aditya’s shoulder. Can I have my dance partner please? Aditya steps back. Arshad and Zoya dance.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. N somewhere before point no 7, Zoya will read Adi’s letter. Arnoor will also play their parts to unite Adiya…

  2. I have a feeling also Adi will be friend of Arshad in the mean time, maybe due to Sakshi’s medical state. If she will appear in this moment she will be very week and need help, and Arshad of course will be the one to attend her.

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