Bepannah 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya gets engaged to Arshad

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Bepannah 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arshad and his family come to Siddiqui House. Wasim hugs Arshad and his father. The groom is looking no less than a hero tonight. They all take a seat. Arshad’s father compliments the preps. Wasim is glad that everything went smoothly. Arshad’s mother asks him if Aditya has done all this. Is he here? He assures her that Aditya wont be seen near the house or them anymore. She is relieved. Where is Zoya? Noor shares that she is getting ready.

Roshnak puts the necklace around Zoya’s neck but Zoya removes it. This is enough. Is Aditya outside? Noor asks her why she is taking Aditya’s name when she is getting engaged to Arshad. Do you want him to be here? Roshnak asks her if she knows what she is saying. Noor denies. Everyone except me knows what’s right and wrong. I am the only fool

here. Zoya asks her how she is talking to her Ammi. I know what I am doing is right. Noor asks her if she is asking her or telling her. Anyways, I came to call you both. Arshad and his family are here. Zoya gives her her phone.

Noor and Roshnak bring Zoya downstairs. Arshad looks at her mesmerised. Wasim compliments her and so does Arshad. Zoya looks hesitant as she walks with Arshad. Aditya’s words haunt her again. Arshad and Zoya sit down on the sofa. Maulavi Sahab starts the ritual. Zoya glances around nervously. Wasim asks Roshnak for the ring. Akansha is confused. Roshnak goes to bring it. Zoya’s phone starts ringing. Noor and Wasim look at it. Wasim tells her not to pick anyone’s phone right now especially not his. He takes the phone from her.

It is Arjun calling. Wasim asks Noor to put the phone on silent. She nods. Roshnak gives the ring to the couple. Akansha’s phone starts ringing. She apologizes to Wasim as he stares at her. Arshad shows the ring to Zoya. She opens her box but it is empty. Everyone is taken aback. Wasim and Roshnak look at each other in confusion. Noor remembers Wasim handing the box to Aditya. Maybe you forgot to take it back from him. Wasim removes his ring. It is our ancestral ring. Make Arshad wear this. The ceremony will be complete then. Arshad smiles. Zoya thinks of Aditya’s words again as she extends her hand to take it. Akansha shouts in the background. Aditya Sir had an accident? When? How? Is he fine? Zoya takes the phone from her. Arjun tells her Aditya is in a bad condition. She agrees to come right away.

Wasim stops Zoya. You wont go anywhere. She requests him to let her go. Aditya needs me right now. I must go. He stares at her but she frees her hand and runs out of the house.

Harsh comes home. He finds Anjana sitting lost and tensed. Anjana shares that she is worried about Aditya. She tells him what he did yesterday. Harsh calls them perfect mother-son duo. You are good contenders for Bigg Boss. This time all there will only be those kinds of couples in Bigg Boss. I am pretty excited. Anjana says me too. What to do about Aditya though?

Zoya comes running to the hospital and asks Arjun where Aditya is. He looks at a ward. Zoya runs inside. How did it happen? Nothing will happen to you. I came running all the way here after knowing you are hurt. Nothing will happen to you! Aditya opens his eyes. She realises he was acting. Nothing happened to you? He denies. She points out that she left her engagement in between. He asks her why she did that. Why did you leave your engagement and fiancé like that? What’s the reason that prompts you to come to me every time? She calls it humanity and her foolishness. You wont realise it as you are a liar! There is a limit of joking. He too tells her to stop her wedding joke. Why did you come running here leaving your engagement in between? You will do it every time. You will choose me every time whenever you have to! You cannot not choose me! It isn’t in your hands! You love just like I love you! Zoya looks at him. Arshad calls out Aditya’s name angrily. If you think you will use lies to gain Zoya then you are wrong. You never understood Zoya then. Aditya points out that he came in Zoya’s life 4 days back. Don’t tell me about my Zoya. Arshad points at my Zoya. It does not make her yours. Aditya nods. Just like she wont become yours after saying yes to marry you. I have no problem with you. I only want to gain my love. She doesn’t understand but atleast you should understand that she loves me. Back off yourself. There will be fewer problems. Fate has united Zoya and Aditya. Zoya tells him to stop lying to himself. He tells her to implement that first. I will keep trying to stop you from making mistakes till the time you understand the difference between right and wrong, just like I did today!

Arshad warns him again. Zoya stops him. Aditya says why stop him. You say you don’t care but you cannot take it even if someone glares at me. Zoya tells Arshad how he said that it does not matter in which ring or hand the ring is worn. It is about commitment. He nods. She apologizes to him. He asks her why she is saying sorry. Zoya turns to Aditya. You have something that belongs to me. He gives the ring to her. She asks to extend his hand. Aditya happily does so but Zoya turns towards Arshad shattering Aditya’s hopes. Zoya asks Arshad to extend his hand. Arshad complies. Zoya makes Arshad wear the ring. Aditya asks her why she is being so stubborn. A tear escapes Zoya’s eyes. Aditya too is teary eyed. Zoya remarks that Aditya was right. Fate united me and Aditya so I can meet you. She holds his hand and begins to walk away.

Aditya stops her. Don’t do anything that you will regret. She says I regret that I was wrong in thinking our friendship is real. Zoya tells him not to create any drama. Arjun tries to stop his brother but Aditya refuses. You only taught me to accept my feelings. You should accept it that you aren’t happy. Arshad steps in. Stay away from my fiancé. She has told you so many times that she does not love you. Don’t you understand? Aditya insists he has seen love in her eyes. It is so much that she is afraid to accep tit. Arshad says the love that you see in her eyes isn’t for you but for me. He asks Zoya to come. We will tell everyone about our engagement. Arjun holds his brother. Aditya demands to know why Zoya is in pain whenever he is in pain. Why cant she bear it? Why did she follow me all the way to the airport when I was leaving? Why did she make me swear never to leave when I was planning to go away again? What else is this if not love? You are afraid of our relation as you are afraid to love again. You trusted your love, married him but he cheated you. You are afraid of the pain of that cheating so you are marrying a guy who is safe. There will be no fear of cheating as there would be no love. You don’t stop living because of your fears. You don’t stop loving because you are afraid of cheating. Aditya is about to hold her face but Arshad pushes him away. Zoys is shocked. Aditya is about to hit him but Zoya shouts his name. Aditya stops his hand mid air. She removes his hand from Arshad’s shoulder and steps in between. Please stop it. I beg you in the name of God. Don’t make a mockery of me please. She again begins to walk away holding Arshad’s hand.

Aditya says that we have done this mistake in the past too. You were married before but there was no love. There was friendship in my marriage but no love. Destiny has given us such a good change today. We are friends and are in love too. Will you let this chance go because of your fears? Zoya and Arshad walk away while Aditya shouts after her.

Precap: Zoya’s mehendi function is going on. Aditya is outside. A tear escapes his eyes. Zoya feels restless. Mehendi girl asks Zoya the name of the groom.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Poor Arjun and Noor are most suffering perasons because of zoya wrong decision. ????

    2. I hope Arjun and Noor love story do not suffer in all this drama.????????

    3. Zoya please realise your feelings before its too late.??????????

    4. I am more angry on Zoya than anjana and wasim, she is behaving more stupid.???????????????????

    5. I doubt ??? that may be zoya had realised her feelings for aditya, but either not believing them or may be try to become good daughter of wasim, stupid girl, just spoiling 3 lives. ???

    6. Aditya said right zoya is afraid of falling in love♥♥♥ again, and i completely agree and understand this because whenever we get pain from our love♥ and loved ones, its really hard to believe in love♥ again.?????

    7. Amazing dialgoue: Yash and Zoya had love no friendship and Aditya and Pooja had friendship no love… But yash and pooja found their bepannha mohobaat♥ with each other and zoya and aditya found with each other♥, aditya accepted but zoya is not ready to accept.??????

    8. Precap will be intresting as in mehandi Aditya will be written instead of arshad, and it zoya will herself say it. ???, something will be good to see.

  2. Anju5u

    Pooja….. thank you ?

  3. Thank you Pooja! ?
    Kahan chali jaati ho yr tum? ?
    Anyway,I’m happy you’re back and that you always come back. Thanks.

  4. Felt very bad for Adi…but why did you make fake call again?
    As per Zoya logic :
    Fake call × 1= Dhoka
    Fake call × 2 = Double Dhoka
    She will again start with ‘dhoka dhoka’ thing!!!
    Adi pls leave Zoya!!!

    1. No offence with due respect, this girl is insane n btw dhoka wo de rahi hai sabko by projecting fake feelings for arshad .. just yo prove aditya wrong wo arshad se shadi tak karne jari hai.

      Heights of foolishness. Dhoka dhoka game khelti raho.
      Yash pyar nai karta thaa fir b uske bepanah bharosa n aditya pyar karta hai fir b ispe bharosa nahi.
      Gadhi ho kya tum ?

      N tell us madam, if friendship is soo dam important for u , tomorrow after getting married to your doc arshad will u come and stay half the time in adityas home saying aap bemar hai, aapki fikar ho rahi hai etc. Don’t u think, ur would be husband won’t like he. He pretends to be open minded but am sure nahi hoga. Arshad se b divorce leke hi manogi kya.

      Adi simply stop chasing this person, it become unbearable for us fans to see u getting hurt by these morons siddique family n that dumb f**k Arshad

  5. What the hell is wrong with this zoya????
    Hate her.. she is really mad… how can a girl not accept such a pure love.
    Am not Gona watch todays episode.
    Next 1 week am not watching this serial.
    Everyday I red this updates.

  6. Zoya is gonna tell adis name accidentally. And Mehendi gal will write adis name yayyyy!!!!
    On the day of marriage, adi will really get into an accident and zoya comes to know of it and thinking that adi is pranking again. Later she comes to know the truth and proposes him….noooo dont want to see these kind of same old scenes.
    Hoping for the best in upcoming week.
    Thanks for the update

    1. I don’t think aditya’s name will be written,I think she’ll say arshad but while in tears..
      And damn true broo..
      That he really gets into an accident and then she doesn’t believe n all..
      That would be just so lame!!
      God,what are the makers high on honestly?!

      1. Actually either Arshad name will be written n it will get wiped off or the initials A.H. will be written…now it stands for both Aditya Hooda n Arshad Having!!!

      2. Sorry typo error * Arshad Habibi

  7. This is so much.
    I watched online , so i can watch it by skipping
    So, i think zoya will run away from her marriage, arshad will not unite them.
    Don’t think a new girl will come, as mehedi already going on
    I am following upto marriage day
    Not ready to watch another foolish track, zoya rejecting her feeling and arshad is happy as blind and adiya on pain

  8. Neha1

    Oh god…..for the 1st time I’m saying this….
    “Mera Mann Kar Raha Hai ki Zoya ko Zor se ek Thappad maroon…”??
    She’s engaged to That Lambu-Champu Arshad… Hate Zoya… you were so scared of love that you accept Arshad whom you don’t love … Who’s nothing to you… This is Ridiculous…
    Aditya matters to you a lot…you get affected by Adi’s move, pain…still you chose that Arshad…
    Aditya Hooda… You’re just Amazing…????
    Agreed with what you’ve said to Zoya and Arshad.
    Zoya had choose Arshad as she didn’t love him so there’s no love n trust and no cheating, no pain…. she’s choosen safe option as Arshad…
    Poor Aditya… worried for him… he’s already by Zoya’s move/decision… Leave her alone Adi…let her realise your importance in her life….right now she didn’t values you…let her know what place you store in her life by avoiding her for some time….
    Waiting for Monday’s episode.

    1. Neha1

      Aditya is already in pain by Zoya’s move/decision..

    2. Neha1

      Itna Bepannaah love mujhe mile toh sab chod kar me chali jaungi….Woh bhi Adi ho toh… No need to think…
      But our slow and tubelight Zoya…pata nhi Zoya ke dimag ki batti kab jalegi…kab accept karegi Zoya… Bepannaah love for Adi.

  9. Always thought and wanted this show to be the best I’ve ever seen, apparently for the past few weeks I’m only reading the most unthinkable, scrappiest piece of nonsense (won’t write what I really wanted to say)

    These people got two professional actors,the best I’ve seen in years and this is the best the writers can give.
    Harshad and Jennifer should quit . Just imagine it’s like wasting 30 mins of your life watching this crap on a daily basis for those who are still viewing.

    Like I mentioned before there could of been so many plots to keep them apart not this rubbish.

    Eri,Arch, Meera,Evelyn I can’t wait to read your comments

    1. Since yesterday I have lost the power n inclination to write meaningfull comments…I have started to completely dislike Jenny bcos of this foolish Zoya !!!
      Yes I also feel on the day of marriage Adi will really meet with an accident n Zoya will think it is a prank!!! But when she discovers the truth which will be a few seconds b4 she says ‘qabool hai’ she will leave the mandap n blurt out crying in front of everyone ‘I love u Aditya…so basically makers want to increase blood pressure of audience till the end!!!… anyways I have been strong with my vow of not to see ‘bepanah’ on tv since last week of august n week after week I realised I have taken the perfect decision!!!!

      1. Neha1

        You’re right Arch, we had no option but to be strong…..But right now Zoya’s behavior irritating me a lot…that’s why I too just watching it online and that’s the reason that September month trp of bepanaah is very low than Udaan, silsila and Roop….

    2. Hahaha.. I can understand what you really wanted to say . It’s getting harder for me to control myself too..
      Also,They cannot get out of this now.. they sign legal docs.. plus they’re committed actors.. they won’t leave without doing justice to the characters.
      athough i wish they threatened to and then maybe the makers improve.. ?
      Whatever bro,we can either rant everyday or just not let it get to our heads now and only wait.. I’d prefer the latter.
      Will only be reading and probably that too not on a regular basis.
      Let’s see if the story still remains on the same page after a week or so..
      Zoya’s character development has started to move backwards really.. I’ll continue when there is progress in that department.?

    3. Man, I am seriously done with Zoya’s ‘Daddy’s Lil Angel’ behaviour. I am watching it online so that I can skip whatever I don’t like. This Arshad looks so stupid while smiling at Zoya. I wanted Waseem to get an heart attack for that hospital track. And as Eri said, I wanted him to stay in coma for at least 5 years. So sorry I am being harsh but Waseem is a perfect example of inhumanity??

  10. Anju5u

    Adi shouldn’t have done this fake call drama again…. already she is irritated and angry….n now this tooo….?…. worsening the situation….

    1. But Adi’s question was right, why did she leave everything for someone she doesn’t care for? She needs to think about everything he’s said, if she’s clever.

  11. Emotional episode and precap is nice I think she will say Aditya

  12. engagement happened, and now mehendi also 🙁 i was so hoping that they will not drag this drama to marriage but now it seems they will. I also wish Zoya had another friend with whom she could share her feelings. And not Noor, because Noor too just wants Zoya to accept Adi. I wish there was someone for Zoya who would just listen to everything going within her without passing any judgement. Zoya really is very lonely right now. afraid, confused, sad… not a very nice position to be in. Adi too is getting desperate. He shouldn’t have lied to Zoya again, that will not make her listen. She is already stuck up about the last lie, this will only anger her again….
    the only persons i am feeling angry towards in this whole scenario is Wasim and Arshad. Adiya are confused and having to deal with their complex relations. But what’s the problem with Wasim and Arshad. Chalo, Wasim is biased. He too is worried that he might repeat his past mistake about not doing enough to stop his daughter from making a mistake and Zoya will again suffer with Adi. But Arshad? does he have any personality or not? His ‘fiance’ is always close to tears, she doesn’t even smile freely. Arshad cant see all this? Zoya said she wanted to marry in 7 days, but Arshad could have said no, this is going too fast, dont make rash decisions. take time, maybe we will get married in a month or two. Zoya clearly told Arshad that she is not ready to start a new life with anyone. Then how can Arshad agree in three days?
    i just hope that this whole drama doesnt end in a cliche marriage swap. I was looking forward to a mature relationship development between Adi and Zoya. But his aggressive persuasion is not good enough for me 🙁

    1. Bro aditya’s agreesive approach may not be the correct way to deal with things but he too is emo right now.. and doesn’t really understand what’s happening.. for how long Zoya plans to run away from him and all.. he’s been like that his entire life:impulsive. He and be expected to change is ways in just a few months.. also,there also partly Zoya is to be blamed.. had she not called him by HER prank call drama.. he probably would have gotten more time to introspect.
      So aggression is the only possible answer he can think of right now . With so much happening,so fast.. he cannot think straight.. besides he didn’t think this would stretch this far.. he too,like us, thought zo would realize by now . But things aren’t working out for him as he expected and now he’s panicking.
      Second,while arshad may not have a personality at all.. he can’t really be blamed here.. he clearly told Zoya that he’d be willing to change his decision as and when Zoya wants.. but Zoya,to him, has clearly stated that she wants to marry.. arshad hasn’t known Zoya that long (and since he’s a doctor he’s probably never really had a social life?.. i ont mean this . ??) So he cannot read between the lines when it comes to zo.. he orobalt thinka she is just sad beacuse if losing her best friend and is now disturbed because aditya is annoying her.. zo and adi know what proximity they share . But to a third person,this might just seem,well. Harassment. Plus he’s her fiance.. he needs to show Zoya that she can rely on him.. that he’ll fight for Her and he stands by her decision..
      One might argue about zoya’s emotional vulnerability too here.. like I mention for Aditya.. but in zoya’s case . She is the one who brought it all upon herself.. she agreed to marriage n all without thinking and she should take time to think.. I will be okay even if she rejects both Aditya and arshad . As long as she is happy and finds her true self.

      About the friend,well yeah. We’ve mentioned this earlier also.. it shouldn’t be ‘either arshad or aditya’s it should be jsut what she wants.. like Aditya said.. she should listen to what HER heart says.. she does need a friend like that.. but now that she doesn’t have one.. she should figure it out soon.. talkt o inanimate objects,animals or herself.. but at least take some damn time.

      1. Hi Meera, i am just going to counter one point. the aggression one. Being impulsive and aggressive is not the same thing. Even if a person is pushed to the limits, whether he chooses to be aggressive or not depends on the person himself. Maybe people wont like or agree to what i am saying but i am tired of watching it in many shows where aggression is justified because the love is intense or true or passionate or unrequited. Falling in love doesn’t give one the right to hold the other person tightly close, or keep holding when the person is repeatedly asking to leave
        other than that i agree that i might be wrong about Arshad. From a outsider’s perspective, maybe he really doesnt have an idea why Zoya is so upset. and i agree that Zoya has brought her troubles on herself. She started the show as a weak, naive character and in her moment of confusion, she has changed back into that weak, scared personality again. I so wish the story would pick up pace once again. The old bepannah was so good, but since the introduction of this triangle things are not progressing at all

  13. I think next week there will be marriage day
    Want to see what happen that day after all this crap.
    Anyone have idea?

    1. I’m hoping that there won’t be a wedding neither with Lambu or Aditya. No wedding please.

  14. It’s like writers are making adi character begging in front of zoya to accept , he should leave her for a while , don’t force so much , poor adi , he is in so much pain !!! No options left out for him rather than forcing , begging etc etc …. Zoya is being too much stubborn

  15. Okay,
    1. Aditya,prank call? Bad idea, dude. Zo won’t get it.
    2. After this,damn zoya’s gonna be pissed. Her brain cannot comprehend love around her . Whether it’s not there(Yash) or when it is there. She is damn weird.
    3. Aditya,boi,back off. Earlier,I didn’t want you to beacause I knew you gotta help her realize but now I know for a fact that She’ll barely listen to what you have to say now.
    Although form the precap I think he has decided to back off for a while.. which I think is great. Thank you.
    4. I’m starting to feel Zoya and arshad will make a great couple. Dimwits. (Didn’t mean to be this blunt but couldn’t control myself)
    5. Fam,I think we should calm ourselves as we know where this cliched track is headed. Our hopes have been shattered. So,at least I’m gonna take break for a while.. will only comment if something exceptional happens or when I want to rant real bad.

  16. Neha1

    I just can’t see Aditya in so much pain …and it’s all bcoz of Zoya… Why Zoya being so stubborn… You called Aditya as you Best friend, then why you didn’t understand his feelings, why you called him cheater as he himself hates cheater’s…. he’s not cheated you by just loving your friend….and you’re saying so after his confession…on Harh-Anjana’s Anniversary party you told that you understand him, you know what Adi thinks, you know what mistake he’s doing and also stops him, after all this is called true friendship….and now you only being a stranger to him…Why you’re doing this… I felt bad for Aditya…

  17. Adi…why..why..why??? Why did you do this again. Doing this for a girl like Zoya is foolishness…find a better gal for you…let her marry Arshad she deserves him. I wish Adi ka accident ho aur uska memory loss ho aur Zoya Ko bhool Zaye tab yeh Zoya ka akal teek Hoga..why is her character designed in such a way….story writer only knows.

  18. Whatever happened to Zoya 2.0? She was supposedly a confident, successful businesswoman, who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Now she has regressed to daddy’s obedient daughter, subdued, submissive, constantly in tears, trying to please everyone. Sorry, i am not buying she’s scared to love again thing, not convinced at all. And nothing can justify the way she’s treating her supposedly best friend. How could she allow him to he constantly humiliated in front of everyone? Adi never would’ve allowed anyone to treat her like that, whether he loved her or not…. no, sorry, but that’s not what you do to your friend. She’s not even a good friend at this point… disappointed ?

    1. I agree 100%

  19. Not 3 lives. 5 lives(Arjun & Noor) also they all are in trouble because of Zoya stupid decision

    I know finally Aditya & Zoya will be together and they know about Pooja & Yash accident

  20. Adi, man! I will give you one best advice right now and follow it for god’s sake.
    1. Stop running behind Zoya
    2. Get your pilot job again and from ‘Aditya Hooda’, become ‘Captain Aditya Hooda’. That sounds more stylish and respectful.
    3. People tend to realise the value of things/people only when they are lost, so eventually Zoya will realize her love for you.
    4. If that stupid girl still tries to stay ‘Daddy’s obedient little angel’ and marries Arshad then she is the one who is gonna regret the most.
    5. It is then that she will realize that there are some rules in life. If one rule is: ‘Never be afraid to say no to what is wrong for your life’, then another rule exists as well. And that rule says: ‘Never be afraid to say yes for what is right for your life’.
    6. My eyes are gonna bleed if I see Arshad anymore. Am I the only one who feels that Arshad looks so stupid while smiling at Zoya?
    7. Can you believe that this is the same Adi who shouted at Zoya every time he met her in the beginning? Now the same Adi is craving for her love.
    8. Jennifer looks beautiful in the mehandi function.
    9. So, it is final that Zoya is gonna realize her feelings right before the marriage (Nikkah se pehle hi hosh aani hai isko), so how many more stupid functions are gonna be organized before the wedding? Will there be a sangeet as well? Because I’m planning to pay attention only to those episodes which will be telecasted around the wedding, coz that’s when Zoya will realize her feelings.
    10. I’ll keep reading the updates or any intense AdiYa scene.
    11. I’ll watch these episodes after AdiYa reunion episode will be telecasted. Because after watching these episodes, I’ll need a medicinal episode to soothe it’s pain.
    12. Yash, never thought I’ll say this, but I am eagerly waiting for your entry. Please come and put some sense in your wife’s brain. Now I can see why you left her and went to Pooja.
    14. Catch some pace please. This is too much pain for Adi and too much Zoya’s stupidity. I want to see that passionate couple who are crazy in love with each other.
    Waiting for replies 😛

    1. Lmao
      I’m weak ???

      1. XD XD XD

    2. Neha1

      You’re absolutely right Evelyn…I too want that now Adi to back off and resume to his pilot job…and let Zoya should suffer and struggles with her feelings… then only she realised Adi’s value in her life.

    3. I dont want Yash to come at all Evelyn.
      It is not fair. Why should he be the one to make Zoya realise her feelings? Who is he to Zoya? He is just the guy who cheated her, he didn’t love her and he was not her friend also, he had no second thoughts about his betrayal. In Aditya and Pooja case was different, Pooja was indeed his best friend and she came to talk to Adi as a friend not as his ex wife.
      If here should be a parallel situation Aditya is the one that should make Zoya realise her fellings and actually he is doing it. On every episode he is stating the truths that Zoya is denying to say to her self.
      And also if they will bring Yash it would look like they need permission from their previous spouses to be together.
      I don’t like this because they don’t need no one’s approval to be together exept from them selves.

  21. What Adi did today was wrong but what he said was wright.
    So Zoya has chosen the easy way. She will be safe with Arshad. Is it the easy way indeed???
    Ok they will get married, Adi will be out of the way, she won’t risk to break her heart again because she doesn’t love him.
    Won’t her heart break when he will try to come near her, try to kiss her, make love to her, and would be his absolute right as a husband. Yes she will develope fellings for him, but in these conditions will be mostly hate and disgust . Will she be able to lye next to him and not think of Aditya?? She will convert herself in the worst type of cheater, worst than Pooja,worst than Jash. At least they had the guts to admit what they were feeling, that was wrong but they couldn’t deny it.
    And yes Arshad is a gentelmen, he will understand is difficult for her, he will wait.
    For how long he will be able to do that??? Forever???? It is not fair!
    Not for Arshad, not for Aditya and not for Zoya. She is doing wrong. She is actually using him.

    1. I was thinking the same, Zoya doesn’t love Arshad, he knows but he’s hopeful that she’ll fall in love with him after marriage. Really, what’s going to happen when she doesn’t, he expects it to happen but it won’t. They’ll end up hating each other. She’s thinking of right now, not 1 month or 6 later or even in 1 year. When Arshad’s family is expecting a grand child, what is she going to do, close her eyes and make a baby for the sake of their families? No man, she’s annoying me, thinking of herself only.

  22. And about the issue Aditya is forcing Zoya, I can see only his pleading towards her. He has been so respectful to her as a woman since when he was hating her to the core,he didn’t permited his body to touch her on an elevator full of people, saved her honour in a red light zone, every time Rajvir made insinuations about them he was irked, he never crossed the line with her. Even when he knew he was in love with her and she was drunk he didn’t get advantage on her, could have easily still a kiss from her in that state. But he didn’t, he took care of her like she was a little baby. There was no lust in his actions, that was what made the scene of removing her earings and bangels so beautiful.
    And because of all this she isn’t aware of what his proximity can make her feel. She needs to know and he is showing her.
    She is not some teenager, she is a mature woman, she had her experiences in live and knows well what she is felling even though she is denying everything, her breath goes haywire every time he comes near and she is scared of letting go, not because he is violent with her.
    Maybe I am partial in my opinion but what I can do,I am in love with Aditya Hooda?

    1. Eri you are so so so right. I could hug you. Brilliant!!!!

    2. Exactly…this love story doesn’t look like the story of two individuals in their 30s…n Adi is pleading too much n Zoya is unnecessarily stubborn…in the new promo (the link I posted yesterday) she is saying Adi cheated her…all fans have bashed her like anything…90% of the fans are not with Zoya..!!! My husband was telling me since beginning that ‘bepannaah is a very cliched show n you should watch more qualitative content!!! I kept on defending the show but my hubby is right after all!!!

    3. Neha1

      Agree with you Eri…. I’m also in love with Aditya Hooda..???

  23. This,by far, is the best comment ever! I love you for This,me friend! Thank you.
    I couldn’t really explain it to people and you did oh so beautifully! ????? :’)
    This is amaze. People bashing him for not being respectful was hurting me..even physically,I swear.
    But yes,his is what he is doing,this is what it’s about.
    Adi’s love for Zoya aisa he h guys.

  24. Zoya this is height of madness. I’m hoping that Arjun takes over and tell Adi that he should not be running after Zoya anymore, come up with a plan to stay away from her hopefully she’ll realise her feelings. Even if he’s lying, just to keep Adi away from this constant humiliation by Zoya and Wassem. Who knows maybe his absence will her make her think calmly, right all she does is clam up every time he comes close to her, fighting her feelings. Adi also needs to re-start his job, I would love it if Zoya wants to tell him she loves him, if she’ll ever, and he’ll be in the sky. Just as a punishment for making him suffer, so she suffers for a few hours.

  25. Really it’s heart wrenching to watch Aditya like this …. Stupid Zoya I feel like knocking some sense in her she’s such a big tube light … Aditya Ka bepannah pyaar ko deny Kar rahi hai….. She doesn’t know what she’s loosing… Plz writer make Zoya a little smart plzzzz. Aur Aditya ko accident hua aisa pretend Karna Chahiye tha thoda plaster n all Karna Chahiye tha toh shayad Zoya ki batti jalta … Zoya ki mentos khilana padega ?

  26. I think Yash should come and make Zoya understand that she loves Aditya , like pooja did to Aditya she came and made him realize that he loves zoya

    1. Neha1

      @Ashi, we all waiting for Yash’s entry and wanna know if she listened to him or accept her feelings for Aditya…like Pooja did with Adi.
      Adi’s love realisation track was so beautifully created by makers but Zoya’s realisation making people bashing on Zoya coz makers again put her character so stupid and irritating… That’s why when I see Zoya on the screen I get annoyed coz she knew very well that Adi is right but still her stubborn behaviour put her character in questions….and honestly, I’m not angry or annoyed with Arshad right now coz I completely understand his moves but Zoya is unbelievable now…. Didn’t expect this that makers sketch her character such a bad way…. Only Aditya’s character is being sketched so beautifully…that Everyone fallen for Aditya Hooda….

  27. I just saw the episode and Wassim should be very proud of his doughter, she was cruel to Adi.

  28. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Show became really irritating and boring! But why Aditya running after zoya madly! Begging zoya for love. Zoya just don’t deserved Aditya’s love and friendship! Zoya should go to hell with her beloved Arshad. Aditya should move forward in his life and resumed his job. I never hates any central character of the show as much,I used to hate zoya!

    1. Yep,it partly does to me too.
      We are already saying.. Aditya,BACK OFF.
      Yes,she’s lonely. Yes,no one’s giving her a choice,letting her speak and is just on n on about their opinions on her face.
      We get it bro.
      But even this is annoying for a track! This bashing,this irritability is not only for Zoya,it’s for the entire track.
      There are moments when you sympathize with her.. even I saw the ep today,and her “please stop for God’s sake .. don’t make fun of me ” damn.. I felt that.
      We can see her sufferings.. even so,arshad track isn’t justified. And that’s what’s killing. Me. He isn’t adding on to the story but actually spoiling ALL the characters.. be it Noor,Waseem,Aditya or zoya. This is just not working out.
      And I hate that. A piece of me cringes each time I am bashing Zoya.. but that’s what I feel in the heat of the moment. That’s what is seeming when you listen to her speak .she does seem stupid at times.. Like Aditya said” if I love you that doesn’t mean our friendship isn’t real” .. things like these make Aditya sensible and things such as this post make zo seem legit. But the bottom line still remains.. WHY? why the f**k(sorry) do we have to see this track when nothing good is coming out of it? I feel sorry for both Aditya and Zoya. Sometimes I wish zo and adi should be together.. and zo loves adi like crazy,sometimes I wish she and arshad should just pair up.. it’s not working out for me.. zo in today’s episode was so helpless that I again felt sceptical about her love.. does she really love adi? Idk.
      And hence,more than them,I feel sorry for us.
      We are caught up in both their worlds.. and the most confused right now is us,the audience. For sure.

    2. @Eri : I read this post yesterday itself !! But the fundamental point is Zoya is bashed bcos she chose to marry Arshad!!!… n prank call n Adi’s love cannot be the reason for taking an impulsive decision like marrying someone who is neither friend nor love!!!
      Nobody is bashing her for not accepting Adi’s love but for agreeing to marry Arshad!!!…she is spoiling 3 lives, looks stupid n confused n repeatedly hurts Adi who loves her intensely!!! for me Zoya is stupid no matter what n she claims Adi cheated her !!! Yash’s EMA is ‘pak’ but Adi’s prank call n love amounts to cheating!!! Utter nonsense…more than Zoya this entire track is boring n meaningless!!!

      1. If I could choose i would have never wanted to see Arshad face. For me if they wanted to show a jealousy track and struggling of both leaders there was no need of this stupid cliched triangle. They already had Yash for that. And the jealousy Aditya can feel for Yash is much stronger than for that spineless Arshad. He was her first love, he was her first man, will she be able to completely forget him. There is so much to explore in this new relationship. Also from Zoyas part is she ready to trust Aditya even if she loves him, will she ever think Aditya is doing all this to take revenge from Yash, he doesn’t love her for real. It is this kind of fears I wanted to be explored before they both admit their love to each others, these are real feelings of everyday life.
        But since creatives have decided that audience need something else not what I was expecting from the show, I am trying to give same sense to the current track, otherwise i will stop watching it.

      2. Yes. Agreed 100 % @arch. ?

  29. Arshad will for new girl

  30. if Aditya runs after Zoya one more time i will stop watching the show. i have had enough of all that poor scripting that has been happening for the past couple of weeks. the show is dragging, the writers have lost their wit.

    1. I am surprised you didn’t quit watching earlier?…for me it is bugging to watch the episodes since Biryani competition itself!!!… n week after week script is becoming poorer and poorer!!!…n now even on the day Adiya unite i will not jump in joy but will say ‘thank god weeks of boredom supposedly coming to an end’…anyways next full week is mental torture..n on instagram some fans are pleading that entire fandom should watch on tv..n many of the fans have replied saying makers need to review current track!!!…n Zoya’s characterization is so pathetic that in future also she will keep irritating us with her hopeless Zoya logic!!!…Arshad track has been so damaging that I wonder will the show ever get back its lost sheen !!!!

      1. I just can’t give up on them so easily.
        I will fight for my love too.

  31. Current track is the worst track … So much strectched …Zoya’s stubborness … Adi get insulted … Adi’s aggressiveness … Arjun-Noor separation … For no reason introducing negativity in terms of Noors new boss … Arshads presence …Wasim and anjana’s interference …. There is nothing positive about this serial currently …. Above all its irritating to watch Jennifer Winget baffled all time … She is so clueless dumb n rude with Aditya … Aditya is also shown without any self respect all time persuasing this stupid Zoya character …. I love Jennifer but this Zoya character of hers is ruining her good actress image which was built up after beyhad .

    Current track is just non sense. … Makers have spoilt it … It’s nothing less than ekta kapoors serial .. so typical and predictable … God bless good actors like Jennifer and Harshad … Talent wasted

  32. The writers of Bepanah are in a mess, they didn’t have to let Adi go through all this. Is the show written for their own viewing?

    This engagement thing has reach too far ,Zoya thinks Adi phone call was wrong but what she’s doing is right? Her doing is worst than what he did .
    Hope she ain’t get through that easy to him when she’s ready to admit her love.
    Poor Adi loves her so much he may overlook all the hurt he’s been through and give in .

  33. Spoilers are floating around that Adi’s name is gonna be imprinted in Zoya’s mehendi…Arshad n family are irked to c this !!! If this is gonna happen then Dr.Habibi should break the alliance then n there but no Lambu will crack dialogs like ‘aapke haath mein bhalehi Adi ka naam ho magar dil pe merahi naam hoga!!!!’
    N yesterday Dr.Habibi said a dialog to Adi which became joke of the day: ” the love visible in Zoya’s eyes is not for you it is for me “?????

    1. Don’t blame him Arch, his glasses are fogged he cannot see clearly?????
      That was very funny indeed.

      1. No bro not Fogged .???.thats beacause He’s not been Wearing his glasses only lately.
        ?? Wow. This explains a lot actually. ????????

      2. The humour in these comments make my day!

    2. ??that was funny,really.
      Anyway,I think the makers can still take it.. I mean.. instead of this mehendi pr by mistake adi’s name.. what if they show that Aditya has backed off. And Zoya will now have sudden realizations that she indeed is going to marry arhsad and is gonna have to spend the rest of her life with him.. like in mehendi scene when she is asked the name if the groom,she says arshad and then suddenly realizes.. “wait,what?” “Am I really going to MARRY ARSHAD?” ‘Do I really want this? ‘ and then there are similar times like these.. with adi not on her head all the time,she has the time to saok in these thoughts and then she looks at Aditya and engaged in all her wedding preparations and maybe that’s when the fear of losing him strikes..
      Also they’ve got to just make one less problem for them.. meanwhile at least Waseem abbu should also realize things about her daughter. Otherwise it’s just gonna take ages for adiya unite if he keeps on behaving like the stupid,creepy man that he is.
      I dont know.somehow.. that’s the best I could think right now. ??
      I hope it’s something like this,only better. ?
      Otherwise I’d be left with no choice but to quit.

    3. .Somehow, I have a feeling that Arshad isn’t letting go of Zoya because he wants to be with her. His mother mentioned earlier to Wassem that we had promised each other that our kids will marry when they’re old. Could it be he grew knowing he’ll marry and that’s still in his head? But then, what was he doing when Zoya was married to Yash, for 5 years? After Yash’s death, did he think they can be together? I that’s why he’s ignoring everything because marrying Zoya has been a part of who he is for as long as he can remember, so him seeing anything wrong with Zoya’s behaviour and is delusional thinking the love in Zoya’s eyes if him. Poor chap.

  34. I’m just sad that the makers underestimated us.
    They didn’t want to experiment and they played it safe.. this marriage is gonna seem interest,they knew people have liked this stuff earlier also. So with already an out of the box story I don’t know how but they somehow decide to not be different anymore .. perhaps they had something in mind that might have turned out to be too controversial or something and that’s the only explanation I can think of for them writing this track.. cause clearly,we’ve seen what they’re capable of.. the initial eps,the premise was totally emazing and my brain refuses to accept this track is written by the same set of people.

  35. Aditya is so annoying right now……… He should stay away from that stupid zoya///////

    And the writers should pls bring Aditya a new friend.##########

  36. Instead of dragging upto marriage day
    They can end it yesterday
    Don’t know who watch those dragging drama for ages
    Hope it ends on next week

  37. Hihihihihi Meera you are correct , he wasn’t wearing glasses because Zoya complimented him . Poor fellow???.
    I really hope Taher is not reading the comments of Adyia fandom ???.
    I am sure he is regretting accepting this role.
    At least Warshad is shipping well. He was ready to give him his ring. Real love ?

    1. Ikr!???? I almost feel sorry for taher, sometimes..??
      Also,Warshad is the real deal,man! Bepanaah love. ??

  38. Mehendi scene same also as DMG (2007-2010).

  39. This serial will go like srk’s “Darr” movie with zoya and arshad getting married, aditya trying to sabotage their marriage and dieing in the end.

    1. @Test : Please ok !!!! Adiya are leads so Zoya cant marry Arshad n Adi turns negative…n if it really happens this way then trp will be negative n show will go off air next month itself!!!!

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