Bepannah 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harsh slaps Aditya

Bepannah 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harsh asks Nani if she is hiding something. Is this true? Anjana asks him why he is even talking to her. Who is she? You are asking her all this instead of throwing them out? You don’t see your family? These are cheaters. They have come to snatch our happiness. They are with Zoya. Harsh tells her to shut up. You very well know that Zoya isn’t involved in any of it. You also know they aren’t lying so stop your acting! They aren’t strangers but my closed ones only. He is about to warn Anjana when Aditya interrupts him calling him Mr. Hooda. He stands between his father and mother. Think who you are talking to before talking to my mother. What was her mistake? She forgave you once! He turns to Anjana. I told you against it yet she still forgave you for some reason! Don’t forget that she has

accepted you knowing your every weakness. She was with you and is with you today too! You are talking like this to my mother in front of strangers! Arjun asks Harsh if he knew about Rajvir. Harsh says atleast you know me. I swear on all of you. I knew nothing about Rajvir. He turns to Nani again. Why did you hide it from me? Why dint you come to me earlier? Nani replies that Pallavi came to meet him but she wasn’t allowed to even meet you.

Flashback shows Pallavi requesting Anjana to let her meet Harsh. I want to tell him about our son. Anjana refuses to let her go near Harsh. How should I believe it that he is Harsh’s son? Don’t know what garbage you have brought inside my house! Pallavi tells her not to say so. It is my and Harsh’s son. Anjana warns her to shut up. She gives her a cheque. I will give you more. Just leave and never come back in our lives! I will make sure you and this kid isn’t seen ever again if you wont listen to me! Get lost with your kid! Don’t know from where you have come! Pallavi cries as she leaves. Anjana touches her womb (she is pregnant). Flashback ends.

Nani tells Harsh to ask his wife if he thinks she is lying. She pressurised Pallavi so much that she had to leave her son in an orphanage.

Flashback shows Pallavi handing over Rajvir to an orphanage. Forgive me for not being able to get you your dues. It will be better for you to be called an orphan instead of being called illegitimate. Flashback ends.

Pallavi was heartbroken. She sacrificed her love, her family, her everything. No one knows where she disappeared afterwards. She came back 8 years later. You must remember it Mr. Hooda or maybe not? You had a great family and had become rich. You had everything but my daughter only had the pain and memories given by you. She was mad. She thought if she would love you with all her heart then one day, God might pity her and return her love to her. She was mad to think she will gain everything again. She died every day while hoping for all that! You also gave her false assurance by saying that you were going to divorce Anjana but it never happened! I wont be able to forget that call ever. She was so thrilled as if she was about to get her life back.

Another flashback shows Pallavi calling her mother. I told you that everything will be fine. I told you that Harsh will return in my life. Her mother is happy hearing it. Come back with Rajvir. I will look after you guys. Pallavi wants to wait for Harsh. I will then return home with Harsh and Rajvir. Nani asks her if she told Harsh about Rajvir. Pallavi says I am about to tell him. I will tell him once he talks to Anjana about divorce. She lies to her mother that Rajvir is right here in front of her. They end the call. Pallavi is tensed. How to tell Ma that Rajvir is not with me? World would have mocked him. I will bring him home once Harsh asks for divorce from Anjana. We will then live as a happy family.

Harsh is heading out of the house holding a suitcase when Anjana warns Harsh that he will never be able to see his sons again if he crosses the threshold of this house. You are leaving your family behind to make a new home? Don’t forget that you are here today because of me and my father! Is this how you will pay us back? Little Aditya overhears their convo. Anjana again warns Harsh to forget about his sons if he steps out of the house today. I will make sure they also forget they had a father. Harsh lets go of the suitcase. On the other hand, Pallavi dresses up like a bride. Only vermilion is missing now. Her phone rings just then. (Missed a one minute epi due to bad weather).

Nani tells Harsh that Pallavi dint commit suicide. She was murdered. You cheated her for this Anjana! You couldn’t meet your son because of her. Aditya asks her how she dare speak like that about his mother. I wont respect you anymore considering your age if you talk like that once again! My mother wasn’t wrong. She did all that for her family, her kids and for her husband. She dint cheat anyone. She lived by her every promise. Only Harsh is at fault! Anjana is crying. Aditya says sadly he is my father. Anjana again tells Harsh that they are lying. That Pallavi only loved your position, your money. Think once about it. How did you accept that Rajvir is your son? Don’t know whose illegitimate child he is! Rajvir lunges at her to hit her but Aditya pushes him behind. He even picks up a knife in an attempt to push him away / hit him. Harsh ends up slapping Aditya. Everyone looks on stunned. Nani smirks. Aditya glares at Harsh.

Precap: Zoya tells Arjun it might be Aditya’s doings. Arjun and Zoya search the house but Aditya is nowhere to be seen. She rushes upstairs. There are drops of bloods on the floor. Harsh is lying unconscious and stabbed on the floor. They see Aditya lying unconscious on a sofa holding a bloodied knife in his hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. OMG.. I dont want Mr. hooda to die.. A thriller epi… M so scared..already the show going off air is going around and this…bepannah fans are getting shock after shock… Plz now waiting for some good news..fingers crossed

  2. Neha1

    I still have doubt that Nani n Rajveer is hiding something… and okay Agree that Harsh didn’t know about having a chila, Rajveer and Rajveer did this for his mother’s justice or to get his rights…then why he wanna harm AdiYa, and more importantly, why Rajveer has do much hatred for Aditya and before this revealations it was seen that Rajveer had an enimity with Hooda’s and after the revelation I think Rajveer and Nani had planned something very big to trap Aditya and make AdiYa separated so that Hooda family get ruined/destroy.
    Precap Is OMG… Shocking 😮😱
    Aditya wasn’t in his senses, I guess Someone or Rajveer had planned this to trap Aditya in Harsh’s murder charges…Adi never ever kill his father and Rajveer will take advantage of Adi’s statement of warning Harsh to kill him Infront of many peoples around there…

  3. This was definitely not in the aired episode.
    Onscreen 😚
    Nowadays i can’t distinguish them any more😘
    Think positive☺

    1. Somehow i feel jenshad have something more than coactors
      I watched previous harshad and jennifer shows
      But in bepanah they nailed it, their together happy and sad moments are too much real to be think reel

  4. Neha1

    Watch this scene
    In a fit of anger Adi holds knife🔪 to stop Rajveer and This thing Rajveer will use in his favour and put all the blame over Aditya…

  5. Harsh murder is shocking
    What about offair news, is it confirmed?
    What about all loops in story and new court-police track?
    Hope off air news is rumor
    Otherwise bepanah will end on court ; nothing more will be left to watch

  6. Well Nani finally cleared the air today.
    Wondering why she didn’t discuss this matter privately with Harsh 🤔

    Seems like Aditya is framed in the precap.
    Hopefully Zoya will stand by her husband side no matter the circumstances.

    Anjana is really a crazy woman .
    Despite being pregnant with Aditya she could of at least give a thought to Pallavi words.

    Still waiting on a Wasim storyline although I’m happy not seeing him.

  7. 😱😱😱😱OMG what’s with the precap , harsh in pool of blood and Aditya holding knife, don’t know what actually the makers are trying to do first it was poosh and sakshi now it’s harsh. I was expecting to see zoya and harsh bonding of father and daughter and now what’s happening.
    Today entire episode was in one room itself , it was only blaming scenes of 30 min, missed adiya moments.
    Hey guys I read it in yesterday s written update that bepanah last shoot will be on 25 November and the show might go off air in December first week , is it true ???? I searched for it but nowhere am I getting any news about it.
    With so much mystery yet to be revealed concerning poosh, sakshi, harsh murder also and arnoor matter, how will the makers finish it in few weeks. Kindly reply if you have any updates on bepannah going off air.

  8. I dont know how Adi can justify here also saying she did everything for family and kids. The same justification was given when Anajana confessed about being involved in Poosh death. Can everything be forgiven in the name of family and kids. Poosh would have given Adi emotional pain, but that doesnt make someone’s death okay. Pooja was even pregnant and an innocent life ended that day too. And if everything said today was true, then Rajvir and Pallavi are the victims, not Adi’s psycho mom. Adi, Arjun and Anjana had luxurious lives all along. But Rajvir had to stay as an orphan for majority of his life, and his mother died. To me, Rajvir seems completely justified in his hatred. Yes Adi was traumatized because of his father’s abandonment, but someone should have helped Adi through that pain and given him a more mature understanding. Instead he was left with psycho Anjana who i am sure brainwashed him using emotional drama. Adi got angry with Anjana only after she silently accepted Harsh back, before that it is possible he listened to his mother and was saddened by her tears and words which filled hatred in his heart too. I am just surprised Arjun turned out this stable and calm.
    Coming to Rajvir’s backstory, i dont know if nani is saying everything truly. But i dont have problem believing this story depending on everything i have already seen Anjana do. Didn’t she threaten that doctor’s kid a few days back too? I am sure if Pallavi hadn’t listened then Anjana would have gone ahead and found a way to kill them. I always thought Harsh’s betrayal caused anjana’s instability, but now it seems she was unstable all along. Her insecurity was because she knew Harsh belonged to someone else before her, and she also knew about Rajvir. She was always afraid what will happen if Harsh found out about him too. Maybe because she was pregnant with Adi when she found out about Rajvir, that is why she somehow got obsessed with Adi too.
    Adi is in a lot of pain again and maybe he wont understand these things objectively. Harsh’s reactions are not helping at all as it clearly seems that he is emotional and happy to know about Rajvir. To top it, this Harsh murder drama is coming on which will again muddle everything. Seriously, Zoya and Adi can’t catch even a minute’s break. Starting from Poosh death, one drama after another is happening in their lives. I dont want Harsh to die, there was no need to introduce this track (Unless Anjana did it and when she is cornered she reveals Sakshi murder as well). I dont know how Zoya will handle any of it, all this is too messed up (unless Rajvir and Nani are totally lying). I just hope the wrongdoers get proper punishment, and all this drama finally ends so that Adiya can put all this behind and finally start a stable life

    1. You do have a point

    2. I am tired of this continuous Anjana bashing. I understand that Anjana has been portrayed negatively from the beginning but I feel the makers could have shown her character with more sensitivity instead of as psycho. Her murdering Sakshi and hatred for zoya as well as doubtful involvement in poosh death all make us want to hate her. But here she is the one who has been betrayed by Harsh and she is as much a victim as Pallavi. That too to receive a shock like coming to about her husband”s betrayal while she is pregnant would be hard on any woman- harsh is the one who has done wrong but he is shown often positively; also if Pallavi got into a relation with a man before marriage and got pregnant out of wedlock, she should be ready to face the consequences of her actions and hard as it is, could have brought up her son as a single mother instead of dumping him at an orphanage. Till there also, i sympathised with her but next thing i lost whatever sympathy i had for her, she wanted to break some other woman”s house to live with a man who had once betrayed her- so she is also not much better than An jana when it comes being selfish for her love and her son . I don’t see what’s wrong in Anjana asking Harsh to choose between her and her sons or pallavi. Should she put up with whatever Harsh does? Instead of blaming Anjana only for everything, even Pallavi is also responsible for what happened to her and as well as Harsh”s wavering mind. So I understand Aditya”s viewpoint in this. I expect comments calling me regressive but not every person would be broad minded and mahaan enough
      to accept their spouse”s girlfriend or boyfriend cooly with their kids. Many would go for a divorce but as kids are involved, many women would still prefer their children to have the love of both parents, even if it is at the cost of her own self respect

      1. I agree with your point of view Roshni.

    3. @Roshni, Not regressive no. This situation is not clear cut black and white yet as to which woman was right, who came first, and whom Harsh betrayed. Mainly because we have only given bits and pieces of the past and we still dont know the entire story. I based my comment on what has already been shown.
      Look, first, i didnt bash Anjana for asking to chose between her and Pallavi. I was bashing her because when she came across Pallavi and Rajvir, she could have chosen numerous ways of dealing with it. But first she called the small boy garbage, then threw money at their faces and then threatened them with murder indirectly. (and since she has done this with others too, talking about money and murder, i said she was unstable from long ago)
      I am not saying pallavi is a strong woman who did no wrong. But neither is Anjana. If either of them were strong, they would have asked the oscillating man to get lost and found a way to raise their children on their own. In that respect, both were similar that they wanted Harsh to stay with themselves and their children, let the other woman go to hell. The main difference is Anjana had money to back herself up and pallavi did not. Anjana was also willing to kill others, while Pallavi killed herself (apparently). Which, if you chose to think that way, makes pallavi even weaker.
      Now, at this point we know nothing else about Pallavi. We dont know if Harsh did marry her and then divorced her for Anjana? or if their marriage was secret, without proofs (hence illegitimate for others), never broken yet Harsh left her. She had a boy first, but didnt come to Harsh immediately. Maybe she did try to raise Rajvir but due to poverty failed. When Anjana too turned her away, she left the boy at orphanage. Point is, I know nothing about Pallavi (and who the hell is kalpana dadheech?).
      But i have been seeing Anjana since the start of this show, and nothing about her actions makes her sympathetic to me. She is rude to everyone except her precious Adi, husband and Arjun. She keeps spewing hatred against everyone else. For her everyone is wrong and below her level. And she has no guilt about taking lives either. All this makes me assume that in ‘Anjana vs Pallavi’, Anjana was probably more at fault. I might be wrong. Maybe nani is lying. Or maybe Anjana actively did something to kill Pallavi and made it look like suicide. (she did keep Sakshi kidnapped and made it look like Sakshi is in London, even going to the extent of fake phone calls and video calls.)
      And when it comes to Rajvir’s situation vs Adi’s situation, Rajvir clearly had it worse. None of the boys were to blame for what was happening to them. The adults were irresponsible and the children suffered. But Rajvir’s hatred doesnt seem unjustified to me. He neither had mother or father and grew up an orphan. And when Nani finally found him, she told him all about the ‘evil hoodas’.
      Harsh too is to blame of course. Today, Harsh was clearly angry at Anjana asking her to stop pretending. It seems he had repeatedly told Anjana at one point that he wanted to be with Pallavi, but Anjana forced him to be with her instead. Every time he tried to leave, Anjana created some obstacle or the other until Harsh finally gave up (pallavi died too). Here Harsh too comes as weak, maybe hungry for a honorable name and money. If he had stuck to one woman, none of this would have happened.
      And coming to Adi’s viewpoint, its biased. When he was child, he heard snippets of his parents’ conversation/fight. He knew nothing about his parents’ actual lives. But Harsh’s anger at Anjana, and Anjana silently taking him back, makes me believe there were many things Adi didnt know or was wrongly fed by Anjana.
      I know this comment became too long, but the main point is you are supporting Anjana on her decision to stay with Harsh and make Harsh stay with her. I am bashing her on the basis of everything else she did. You are assuming she got shocked knowing about harsh’s betrayal during pregnancy. I am assuming Anjana always knew about Pallavi and forced Harsh to come to herself from the very start. now, most of this is based on assumption only and things will become more clear as the story unfolds. Maybe i will turn out wrong, who knows

      1. I agree with you @Dhara…so far with the level of details revealed between Anjana and Pallavi, Anjana is the evil one!!!
        Anjana knew Harsh loved Pallavi. But she wanted Harsh and so with her father’s help and wealth she got married to Harsh. Anjana knew about Rajvir but kept it a secret from Harsh. She is a psycho who 90% didnt knock down Poosh accidentally and pushed Sakshi off the cliff…One thing is very clear in Anjana’s case…She has done one attempt to murder ( I mean if we assume Sakshi alive and accidental death of Poosh) and threatens ppl to go her way with the power of her wealth!!!
        Now Harsh’s character again has been messed up with no attention to detail. He was initially grey, then became white and in the end a victim ( his facial expressions looked as if he is a poor guy caught between two women)…He loved Pallavi then no matter how much ever powerful Anjana’s family was he should have stood his ground and been with Pallavi. He has children from both women so that means he had physical relations with both. If he truly loved Pallavi he would have never consummated his marriage with Anjana. ( in case we assume Anjana and her dad pressurized Harsh to marry her. But since he has children from Anjana he was under no pressure. He was simply having fun with both women)🙄…n makers Harsh’s character suddenly turned into Anjana’s puppet who was forced to marry her n achieved everything on the basis of Anjana’s power!!! The initial Harsh presented was self-made strong selfish man who can cross the grey lines for his family – I mean the family he had with Anjana!!!
        Nothing much revealed about Palavi. Just a woman who immensely loved Harsh, bore his child without marrying him and eventually committed suicide when Harsh told her he will never return to her!!!

      2. Harsh wasn’t pressurised , he wanted a stable career so he married Anjana now isn’t that selfish ? both woman wanted love but their partner was unfaithful , you expect those woman not be selfish when both have their own families and are blindly believing in the false promises Harsh had given them .
        And I feel that Nani is being way too melodramatic to get sympathy from Harsh then he slapped Adi as he got swayed by her words 🤔 .
        Also we have no idea when Pallvi and Harsh got married so we can’t justify their relation , she was cheated by Harsh which eventually led to her committing suicide and yes Anjana too is extremely wrong and I don’t have to tell that as we all know that 😅(I’m too lazy to type)
        Another important thing we do not know what happened we all are assuming things which not the best thing to do , and I think it’s Harsh’s fault but then let’s see the upcoming episodes we get to know more .

    4. Neha1

      I agree with you @Dhara… you’re absolutely correct.

  9. Neha1

    Some people are saying that the show will continue… it’s not ending….
    I request if anyone gets clear/sure about the news plz let us know… keep updating ..

  10. Neha1

    Harshad Chopda’s friend Arshad jafri said he didn’t break the news of Bepannaah going off-air, he said he didn’t said anything and there’s no confirmation from the makers or channels yet…

  11. I don’t think show is going off air.
    This was just a pulse check to entire fandom and a way to induce higher views in Tv.
    Colors could have spread the fake news itself, that’s why they are not confirming nothing, it’s convenient for them this kind of panic.
    Conspiracy theory of mine 😂

  12. Guys…. Iz Aditya the true murder of hiz father???

    1. Never! No ways! Adi will never kill anyone let alone his father even in anger! Nope

  13. Well…I have lot to share today bcos there is a storm in my heart due to this off air news that too at a point where story has become very interesting..🙄
    1. In the episodes of April 2018, Anjana mentioned that Harsh left the house for the other woman 16 years ago! some subsequent episode Adi clearly stated he was 16 years old when his Pa left him..from that audience deciphered that Adi is a 32 year old man !!…but makers have completely forgotten the statistics n details they presented initially…Adi was 8 years old when Harsh-Anjana had fight over Pallavi..Harsh never went to Palavi n she committed suicide…so there was no question of Harsh ringing the bell n coming inside n Anjana being totally silent about it!!! N now technically Adi has grown younger – from 32 year old man to a 24 year old man!!!🙄…gosh he is 36 in real life so dont pass him over as a 24 yr old!! 32 is a closer figure bcos he doesnt look 24 at all!!
    Is this complete lack of attention to detail a sign of premature closure of the serial??? ( the thought scares me)😐
    2. Precap scary. Adi is going to be accused of Harsh’s murder but Zoya knows Adi can never kill his father n she will find the real culprit. Arjun will be by her side. Harsh character killed( again bad sign for serial)
    3. Who is Harsh’s murderer – Rajvir, Nani or Anjana ? Rajvir was always hell bent on sending Adi to jail on murder charges. He couldn’t prove him as Poosh murderer but will definitely trap him in Harsh murder case..but is he the killer?
    4. Anjana can go to any extent for her sons- seems to have deliberately done Poosh accident, pushed Sakshi off the cliff and may be killed Harsh!!!..Harsh may have wanted to give property share to Rajvir n Anjana killed him…at that time Adi may have come there in in inebriated state n Anjana in a state of shock over what she had done might have accidentally kept knife in Adi’s hand !!! (If Anjana is behind everything makers need fewer episodes for a logical closure🙄)
    5. Tahir a.k.a Arshad said he would return to the show in the future. Mahi-Madhu too need to make an appearance. Arnoor love story has to be rekindled. Sakshi has to return. Poosh murder has to be solved. Rajvir-Nani track needs a logical ending. Can all this be done within 10 episodes? Certainly not…this gives me hope show will not go off air soon😊
    6. Adiya must consummate. Show must take a leap of 6-7 years n show their children. Old enemies should return for revenge but Adiya will protect their family ( dont we deserve to see their kids n a small leap?how can show shut shop without satisfying audience?)
    7. I am certainly not going to watch the SITARA/PITARA or TANTRA/MANTRA u are launching colors. If BP goes off air for such shitty shows I will pray to God that these two new shows get the worst TRP n are pulled off air within 6 months!!!😡😡😡😡
    8. N makers if show stays pls take it as wake up call. Never churn out bugging tracks. N colors pls stop playing football with our show [email protected]😡😡😡😡

    1. You’re right 👍👍

    2. @Arch and @Dhara, you are both right on everything. I can’t even comment today my heart and head hurt!!! Tomorrow, the trp is coming out, I think this adding to my anxiety, I’m hardly keeping it together. My free ‘me time’ is spent on this forum and going through Neha1’s Instagram posts. I have a hard time thinking this could be over in 2weeks time.

      That whole point about Adi & RV’s ages is so strange. How did the creatives miss this? Do these people how much we take in when watching each episode, and how many times we’ve repeated the episodes…

    3. Arch it seems like everyone is affected by this off air thing.
      I’m definitely not going to follow any other serials ever also I’m a proud bepannah fan.
      Except for that Arshad track that totally kill the show.
      Bringing him back doesn’t make sense I prefer Rajvir.

      Have a good night everyone ,it’s now 8:30 pm in my country . See that you all are up when it’s 10pm my time .
      My bro visited Hyderabad 3 yrs ago n our time difference is 11hours.

    4. Neha1

      You have a point Arch…. Even I too want show must run atleast a year… and Makers now wake up and show us such interesting twist that right now is running…. The show is getting better and interesting with story but I really don’t want Rajesh khattar aka Mr.Hooda to die… Poosh’s murder mystery isn’t solved and this another Harsh’s murder mystery starts … Which will create havoc specially in AdiYa’s life…
      And coming to the RUMOURS revolving that show is going off-air, I too think that isn’t possible to end the show within 10-15 days or a month coz there’re many questions/mystery regarding the show which need to be solved….either makers are planning to return with Bepannaah Season 2 and that’s why they’ll end the show on a climax and restarts again from where it ends….Or probably we(fan’s) get to see Bepannaah on different time…i.e May be Bepannaah gets a new Time slot or will starts it old timings at 9:30pm…but Bepannaah Will only telecast at 9:30pm when BB12 will end.
      And on Instagram, fan’s had started #Don’tendBepannaah
      And we’re getting good response….we tweeted and within an hour reached 1lakh tweets….So, I hope that Bepannaah definitely gives an extension and may telecast at their old time…i.e 9:30pm… Let’s see what will happen…?

  14. The precap is so “Beyhadh”… there arjun was framed for maya’s murder
    Let’s see who’s the “psycho” here to plan all this😔😔

  15. First of all was clear that Pallavi wasn’t Harsh’s first wife. So Anjana didn’t snatch Harsh from her. Second Anjana didn’t kill her, she jumped of that wall on her free will, due to her decisions in life. And this are the most important points on Anjanas favour.
    I don’t care if Harsh did love her, i don’t care if she did love him not for his money. The fact remains that they had an affair, and from that affair un innocent baby was born. But damn Harsh and Pallavi weren’t innocent. They both did wrong and both had to bear the consequences of their actions.
    We have been on Aditya and Zoya’s side always, we never supported Yash or Pooja, nor the fact they were going to have a illegitimate baby. What if Pooja and Yash didn’t die on that accident, and one day Pooja would come to Zoya to claim her child’s right, which one would you support?? Zoya or Pooja ?? Who did wrong?? Then why we are judging Anjana at this point, because we have already judged her guilty of Poosh death?? Or even Sakshi death?? These are two different issues and each one should be judged unaffected from the other. Maybe if Anjana haven’t been through this situation wouldn’t have became a obsessed wife and mother.
    And just because Harsh is emotional of finding he has a son with the love of his life doesn’t make it right what he did.
    It’s exactly the same thing finally Zoya admitted to Adi, the relationship of Poosh was no right and left them in the middle of troubles. The same situation is here. Harsh and Pallavis relationship destroyed the life of everyone related to them.

    1. Mhhh, correct Eri. It was going to be a similar mess all over again. Chances Zoya would have reacted the same way as Anjana.

    2. Neha1

      You’re right Eri… I’m not in support of Harsh’s EMA from the day I get to know about it… and it’s bcoz of Harsh’s affair Adi suffered a lot and about Anjana I agree she did wrong to hide about Pallavi had a child Rajveer…. I cannot support Anjana in this, she already made many lives hell and end their lives too whether it’s Poosh or Sakshi or Pallavi (knowing that she didn’t killed Pallavi)… Anjana is totally sick, pyscho vamp…. I’m sure if Zoya was in place of Anjana she can’t bear this truth and will confront to Adi…even She would definitely confront to Yash too if he wasn’t dead…. and definitely will throw out such guys in her life…not for the children sake…coz now a days in real life too Single mother’s are taking a very good care of their child and managing both their personal and professional life…
      So, I completely agree that Harsh was wrong like Poosh but Anjana wasn’t right at all… Cheating can’t be justified but that doesn’t mean that you have right to spoiled/end others life for your selfish reasons. Don’t mind but That’s my opinion..

    3. @Eri : Anjana-Pallavi cannot be compared with Zoya-Pooja. Ok we will analyse this keeping aside Anjana’s crime n judging her only as a lawfully wedded wife….
      1. Harsh-Pallavi was PRE-MARITAL affair and Poosh was EXTRA-MARITAL affair. This is clear from whatever has been revealed so far.
      2. Anjana knew about Harsh-Pallavi’s love but still enticed Harsh to marry her on the basis of her wealth. Even if Harsh was a cheap man who abandoned Pallavi for Anjana’s wealth, Anjana is not sensible either. No sensible woman will marry a man who is in love with someone else. No sensible woman will marry a man who leaves an other woman for her bcos such men can leave her too one day for someone else. In Anjana’s case Harsh was dilly-dallying between two women for many years.
      3. If Zoya was in Anjana’s place and she knew that Yash loved Pooja she would have never come in between them. The reason we support Zoya is bcos Pooja came in Yash’s life after Zoya and had an affair with a married man irrespective of being married herself. Even if Pooja came one day with Yash’s child Zoya would have stepped aside by divorcing Yash n let Poosh build a family. If Zoya had a kid from Yash she would have raised the kid herself n if Yash was guilty of his mistakes she would have accepted his child from Pooja. But in no way she will harm Pooja or her child n not keep Poosh child a secret from Yash in case he was unaware of the same. Anjana will do none of these.
      From my point of view, Anjana is a selfish, possessive woman who can go to any extent to get what she wants. The only thing I can justify about Anjana is her warning to Harsh that he has to stay away from Adi-Arjun if he chooses Pallavi..that any wife will do irrespective of whether their marriage is justified or not…But I cannot justify any of her other actions!!!

      1. Arch every character of the show is neither black neither white. They have different shades of grey.

        Pallavi and Anjana equally loved Harsh and as far as it is shown Harsh never said to Anjana that he didn’t love her. He was ok with both women’s love. But greedy as he was for fortune and power he choose the one who could help him achieve that on his free will. Anjana only gave him the possibility to choose, she didn’t force him.
        And this was not just a premarital affair. If we stay true to what was said before, Anjana had Adi years after her marriage and the age difference shown between Adi and Rajvir was one year or a little more. Their affair went on while Harsh was a married man. Shouldn’t she have left him once he married Anjana?
        Harsh was a two timing all the time. After he reached his goals he suddenly realized that money is not everything in life ?? Really?? That easy??
        And why should not Anjana think the baby was not Harsh’s and talk to him about that ?She offered Pallavi money to disappear and what she did ?? She accepted them and went away. She should have thrown them to her face and tried to contact Harsh herself. And what she did? She left her son on oan orphanage and apparently lived a secret life with Harsh later (the way she got in touch with Harsh later is not clear)
        Why is only Anjana selfish in this situation?When Harsh was about to leave Anjana for Pallavi 8 years after Rajvir was born, both Adi and Arjun was born, didn’t she have any remorse about snatching their father? She was selfish herself.
        And about Zoya’s reaction after knowing the existence of the kid. We very well know her reaction to Yash’s EMA was extreme, she would never harm someone but she tried to kill herself.
        The only thing i appreciate from Pallavi was that she didn’t use Rajvir to blackmail Harsh. She waited for him to come back to her because of her and not because they had a child.

      2. @ Eri : But why Anjana had to marry a guy who was in love with someone else ( the track implies Anjana was always well aware of Pallavi’s existence in Harsh’s life !!!)…
        Zoya did try to kill herself bcos she trusted Yash a lot n the divorce papers suddenly hit her face!!!…but had Yash been alive n softly explained everything to Zoya, Zoya was always a strong woman to accept the truth even though on the surface she looks timid!!! When she found out that Pooja was pregnant with Yash’s child she was broken but eventually took everything in her stride.
        N as I said earlier between Pallavi n Anjana, Pallavi is better…Pallavi killed herself but atleast did not harm others. She was a weak personality no doubt but Anjana is not grey. She is black bcos she kills…but was she always like this or she became like this due to her life circumstances is not yet properly shown by the makers!!! No matter how much ever struggled your life is killing others cannot be justified!!! N neither can I justify someone coming between two lovers…she came between Harsh n Pallavi…well that’s my opinion!!!

  16. Still some issues are not clear yet.
    Adi’s age 😂
    If Harsh didn’t knew about Rajvir what was the secret Pooja talked about?
    If Harsh never went to Pallavi were did he go and when?
    How did nani found out that Pallavi had a son, and is she sure Rajvir is the one ?
    Does Harsh’s death automatically implies he is not Poosh murderer or exactly the opposite?
    I would like to know if Harsh’s exit from the show is an unexpected one or it was planed from the beginning. An unexpected exit will mess things, they should rearrange all the story again.

  17. I have read a lot of comments today but some of they cracked me, like “so we have to forget about Adiya scenes for some time😖”
    The boy has just lost his father 😔😖 and fandom thinks only about romance 😏

  18. @Arch and @Dhara, you are both right on everything. I can’t even comment today my heart and head hurt!!! Tomorrow, the trp is coming out, I think this adding to my anxiety, I’m hardly keeping it together. My free ‘me time’ is spent on this forum and going through Neha1’s Instagram posts. I have a hard time thinking this could be over in 2weeks time.

    That whole point about Adi & RV’s ages is so strange. How did the creatives miss this? Do these people how much we take in when watching each episode, and how many times we’ve repeated the episodes…

    I still think Nani & RV are lying about something, wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the ones who killed Harsh, to get him and Adi out of the way so they can inherit everything, taking everything.

  19. Can someone tell me what I as wrong with Zoya today, she did not utter a word. I know she might have been away on her personal stuff but it looked weird when all she did was look and say nothing. Well, so much for not commenting 😭😭😭😭

    1. If u guys notice properly Jennifer is not present in the actual scene.. They have used her duplicate.. That explains why she is not reacting

  20. I think Zoya didn’t say anything as she had to pretend that her and Adi are still fighting but I think she knows that Rajvir and Nani are up to no good?
    I’m surprised Arjun didn’t say anything and he was more calm but maybe he’s the more logical one?

    I still want to find out who put the snake in the garland and who caused the whole accident thing and stage accident? Someone also needs to spy on Victor as he’s up to no good as well. Maybe Victor is the murderer? Maybe he’s the other son of Harsh? Lol.

  21. Its a trap against aditya he may have anger issues but is definitely not a psychopath like rajvir to kill his own father in a fit of anger.

  22. In real life Apurva is 46 while Rajesh Khattar is 51 and Shagufta Ali too is 51 while Anjana in real life is 32.

  23. Ok. So I couldn’t write a thing all day. I was too disheartened with the news of BP to find the heart to write. I will hold out hope till the bitter end. BP lives on!

    Everyone is absolutely right. You cannot possibly Tie up a story so suddenly. But stranger things have happened in tv land. ESP Indian tv. We the viewers won’t get justice. But does the channel care? We think not.
    I’m surprised harsh was killed off. They could have done some scenes with him still and rajveer moving into the Hooda house??

    I’m still holding out hope that pa Hooda isn’t dead. Maybe it’s all an act. Together with Adi. Zoya. And they act it out. Fake it. To get the truth from rajveer and nani????

    But the cake cutting for Raj Khattar doesn’t make sense then? They are saying thank you. So he must be leaving the show??? Unless it’s a red herring to throw us off the track!!I’m really trying to stretch it out here!! Please be alive!

    Anyways my heart wasn’t in it to watch the episode. I read it here. We are in Canada so my TRP don’t count.

    Well take care everyone.
    Have a wonderful day tm!!

  24. Ok. So I couldn’t write a thing all day. I was too disheartened with the news of BP to find the heart to write. I will hold out hope till the bitter end. BP lives on!

    Everyone is absolutely right. You cannot possibly Tie up a story so suddenly. But stranger things have happened in tv land. ESP Indian tv. We the viewers won’t get justice. But does the channel care? Probably not.
    I’m surprised harsh was killed off. They could have done some scenes with him still and rajveer moving into the Hooda house??

    I’m still holding out hope that pa Hooda isn’t dead. Maybe it’s all an act. Together with Adi. Zoya. And they act it out. Fake it. To get the truth from rajveer and nani????

    But the cake cutting for Raj Khattar doesn’t make sense then? They are saying thank you. So he must be leaving the show??? Unless it’s a red herring to throw us off the track!!I’m really trying to stretch it out here!! Please be alive!

    Anyways my heart wasn’t in it to watch the episode. I read it here. We are in Canada so my TRP don’t count.

    Well take care everyone.
    Have a wonderful day tm!!

  25. Anyone know about bepanah off air news?
    I am crazily finding for official confirmation on online
    But didn’t get any. Plz mention if it sure bepanah will be offair?

    1. @Hhh : no official confirmations yet regarding off-air news

  26. Hey all my NRI friends out here :

    Please join the #Donotendbepannaah trend on Twitter n tweet!!! Your viewership not counted in TRP but tweets definitely count !!!

  27. I have already done a lot of things against my nature for Bepannaah, commenting here, I have opened an instagram account to keep my self informed, now i guess i have to open an Twitter account too 😍😘

    1. Hahahaha Eri, I know what you mean. I had Twitter but was never active. I became soo active because of a show. I’ve had Instagram for years, never posted a picture but it’s been so active lately thanks to Neha1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 So, go ahead and open a Twitter account! 🤣🤣

  28. @Arch, agreed with what you said about Harsh. Initially, Harsh started as the grey dude who didnt care for his wife and family, and Anjana as the victim who suffered silently for her family and bore her son’s hatred. And now the situation is exactly opposite with Harsh looking like the hopeless victim and Anjana the evil woman. And i feel while this could have been done properly, the writers couldn’t deliver. If we look at Harsh’s actions, his choosing Anjana for fame/money/whatever, unable to remain loyal to pallavi, then thinking of leaving house, then rejecting Pallavi again makes him a weak, unfaithful person. His willingness to let Zoya suffer during trial showed him as a ruthless man who doesnt care about justice and only his name and honour. But now suddenly he is behaving as if he cares deeply for Zoya as a person/own daughter, and is a pained/wronged guy who isn’t cruel/ruthless at all. Now suddenly he is the one who wanted Adiya to get married for Adi’s happiness, and Anjana is the psycho woman who wont let her son be happy because of her own bias. Maybe Harsh did suffer and he did have his own pains, but he should have remained grey as none of that takes away the negatives of his character.
    Even Anjana’s character was handled weirdly. In the beginning she asked Sakshi to stay even after pooja’s death because she knew Sakshi could help Adi better than herself. She was the meek woman who stayed silently in the background at most times. Now, she can’t see how happy the same Adi is with Zoya and whenever she opens her mouth, it is to accuse or say something bad. When she kidnapped Sakshi, i thought maybe she has mental illness due to past events. But she behaves normally at all times. when she told Sakshi about Poosh death, she had no remorse. now, when Adi confronted and said he would go to police, Anjana cried and showed as if it was an accident, and that she feels guilty. All this makes me think Anjana is a calculative, cold blooded killer who knows very well when to keep quiet and when to strike.
    Now i dont know what the makers are trying to show or if there is some logic to everything at all. Harsh told Pallavi he cannot come back to her. Then when did that scenario happened about which Adi talked in the beginning. Harsh was supposed to have left for years and then Anjana accepted him back on his return without question. Pallavi died, then who is this new woman? Was there a third woman or was that some lie? I still dont understand who is Kalpana Dadheech… there are other inconsistencies in the story. Maybe we all are stupid for picking sides or arguing over these character while the writers will take the lazy way out and leave half of these things unexplained. The missing pages in Pooja’s diary, the dent in Waseem’s car… how will those be brought back in the story now? I just hope there is some closure explaining all of this.
    p.s. when i watched the epi on the afternoon, there was a dialogue where Nani said something like ‘my daughter was stupid. She though if she loved you till the breaking point, then one day god will take pity on her and give her love back to her. She was mad, she thought she will get everything BACK, her son, her HUSBAND, her family…’ Nani didn’t say ‘love’ but ‘husband’ and she said ‘back’. Now i dont know if it was poorly written dialogue or if Harsh was married to Pallavi at one point.

    1. @Dhara : Pre-leap story was very good..TRP also was great n BP was always in top 20.
      But post-leap slowly story started getting messed up. Yes Harsh n Anjana’s characters were originally penned differently and overnight their characters have been modified…the character transition was out of sync n messy!!!
      Now what was the need to kill off Harsh? To show Harsh has a ruthless son Rajvir or ruthless wife Anjana? The off air news plus Harsh’s death has saddened me since yesterday!!!
      Anyways let’s c how story shapes up!!!

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