Bepannah 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya decides to go ahead with the engagement

Bepannah 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Wasim handing the ring to Adi..meant for Arshad. Zoya feels upset in her room n weeps.. she tries to convince herself she was not affected by Adi. He appears at the door and says she was lying to herself as well as to him. Zoya gets annoyed with him for entering her room again. She is walking out in anger when he grabs her, shuts the door and pins her to cupboard, he asks her if she was ready to put the ring in Arshad’s finger? That finger has a vein straight to the heart, did she know what that meant? Adi tries to convince her about her feelings for Adi, that she was doing mistake. He forces her to look into his eyes. Adya have eye lock…BG romantic tune plays… Adi grabs her hand tightly…

In the hall, Qazi sahab takes leave. Arshad’s parents

too leave. They look for Zoya but she is not to be seen. Noor suggests she will get Di from her room. Arshad’s mother points Aditya too was missing. Noor gets idea… Roshna goes to look for them. Arshad’s mom wants to accompany her. They reach Zoya’s room…bang the locked door.

In the room Adya are locked in each other’s gaze…Zoya tells him she found nothing in his eyes. Adi tightens his grip, both start bleeding from palm and asks her to see his love for her..just as he could see love in her eyes.. Zoya struggles as her palm hurts n bleeds.

People knock on her door… Zoya rushes to open… Arshad’s mother is annoyed n angry Zoya was locked up in the room with that guy? And Arshad was going to marry this kind of a girl? Wasim asks Zoya how dare she do all this? Wasim notices she was badly injured n bleeding. Arshad’s mother says she was hurt on her ring finger..on the day of engagement? This was bad shagun. Adi declares he too was hurt on the same finger. He says this was good omen for them both. Wasim is annoyed, Arshad’s mother is angry. Adi stares at the engagement ring that was covered with blood of Adya. He does first aid for her. Arshad’s mother is skeptical about Zoya and Arshad’s rishtaa after witnessing all these scenes. Zoya notices Adi bleeding from finger too. Arshad nods to Noor to get first aid box.

Wasim orders Adi n arjun out. Arshad’s mother claims how will engagement happen now..she had bandage on the finger which was supposed to have ring. Arshad says which finger does not matter, it can be any one. Wasim asks Zoya if she was as committed to this rishtaa as was Arshad? Roshna is troubled. Zoya assures she will do engagement today itself as she wanted to prove she was as committed to Arshad as was he. Wasim tells Adi to arrange engagement today as Zoya agreed to this. Adi declares she agreed, but she will not be able to do this!! Adi walks out.

At hooda house, Anjana has called over Shipra, a match maker, and seeing pictures of girls for Adi. Anjana is worried about his injured finger. She says if Zoya gives him wounds, his mom will heal them all. Shipra asks him to take a look at the girls. Anjana advises him to meet the girls. Adi says he already had a girl and asks Shipra to leave with her things. He is not interested in girls. He advises his mom that if she tries to push him away from Zoya, she will push him away from his mom too. He warns Anjana not to push him so far that he can not return. Shipra is annoyed with Adi n Anjana, warns Anjana that Adi has gone out of her hands.

Noor comes to Di and asks her not to be in hurry, she should realize her true feelings. She was not looking happy, she was looking scared. Zoya is left pondering. She remembers Adi asking her to realize what she felt in her heart.

Roshna comes to Zoya and assures she really wanted to go ahead, asks her to get ready.

In his room Arshad is having doubts about his engagement to Zoya. His mom gives him shervani for engagement. She asks if he was sure he wanted to marry that girl? She could not ignore what they saw today. Arshad says whatever was happening was not Zoya’s fault. He assures he would get ready.

Arjun tells Adi that Zoya would come to him if she truly loved him. She should not make a joke with her life. Adi says how he was trying to make her understand that destiny wanted them to be together. Adi is sure Zoya loved him bepannah and wants to live the rest of his life with her in… bepannah pyaar

Zoya is ready in golden lehenga choli, she is sitting before the mirror remembering Adi’s words.. how he confessed his love for her, how she had slapped him, how he vouched he will not let her make wrong decision again in her life, she was already heart broken with her previous wrong decision. Zoya stares at her bandaged ring finger. And remembers that scene when Adi injured her finger with Arshad’s ring forcibly by pinning her to the wall. She remembers Adi’s questions. It doesn’t affect her?

Adya are thinking of each other in their rooms.

Precap: At engagement, Zoya slips ring on his finger . With teary eyes, she tells Arshad that destiny brought Adi to her so that she could meet Arshad. Adi screams that in her previous marriage there was friendship not love. In Adya relationship, there was love n friendship both. She was making mistake by marrying Arshad. He screams as Arshad, Zoya walk hand in hand towards Arshad’s cabin in the hospital.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Zoya please realise your feelings soon, before its too late.😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

    2. I am hating more wasim day by day😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😠😠😠😠😠😠

    3. Anjana said: I shall heel Aditya pain, when ever zoya will give him, but what will she do, when aditya will find out that Anjana was the one who killed Yash, Pooja, Baby and Sakshi.πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    4. I am getting confused day by day seeing arshad, either he is negative or positive as sometime it shows he is negative and have some motive and sometime his eyes shows that he is trying to unite zoya and aditya by making zoya realise her true feelings.😦😦😦😦😦😦

    5. Aditya gave right answer to anjana: don’t to such things that make aditya far from anjana and she is doing same as she so much obsessed for her son that she is making him far.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    6. Amazing diagloue tomorrow: Aditya and Pooja ke rishte me Dosti thi pyar nahi or Yash and zoya ke rishte me pyar tha dosti nhi, but inke rishte me dono hai.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

    1. Neha1

      Hiii Shraddha, after a long time you comment… good to see you…
      Agree with you….me too sometimes think that Arshad is positive but sometimes I feel that he’s negative….very confused…but I’m irked with Zoya’s character…CVs spoiling her character…why she’s denying that she loves Aditya while we could see clearly that she’s affected by Adi’s pain, she can’t see him if anyone insulted him…. that’s showing her stupidity in her character….and hate for that makers…

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Yes, i was not feeling to comment, but couldn’t control now. And writers are just dragging and dragging. Aditya and Arjun was shown so concerned for Sakshi, but they are not shown now, wasim is making me angry day by day and zoya is getting same old one which she was in starting, that is stupid

  2. Not done ppl. Plz Adiya vaapas lotayange. I wish to see them married Stupid writers. I can’t see Aditya in pain

  3. Neha1

    The episode was good but The best part when Adi gives a perfect fitted reply to Anjana…πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
    Waseem is too much… Loved AdiYa’s moments..
    😍😘 AdiYa thinking about each other… Both loved each other immensely…
    Precap…Adi was saying true but still stubborn Zoya didn’t accepts her feelings for Aditya… waiting for 2mrrows episode.

  4. Neha1

    One thing I must say about Harshad Chopda that he’s just so perfect for Romantic scenes…Actually he’s one of the finest Actor in TV industry but After watching “Humsafars” and now Bepannaah, I find little similarity in the Romantic scenes of both series… specially the expressions he gives and the feeling he put in his character is just Amazing… It’s seems so natural and real that people can’t find that he’s acting on TV… Big fan of him…πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  5. Neha1

    Specially Humsafars episode 94 was full of emotions and Romance..

  6. It’s the first time I’ve ever followed a hindi serial ,can’t say watch because I’ve stopped a few weeks ago ,only reading updates now. Can’t believe this girl Zoya character could be so foolish. Is it that she’s trying to be an obedient daddy’s girl.

    If Aditya was my bro by now he would of been living a happy life in Paris without her 🀣

    Anyways it’s only a serial let’s relax and see what happens next ,oh no read what happens next☺

    Arch,Meera,Eri it’s always a pleasure reading your interesting comments not forgetting Pooja for the English updates. It’s a shame my ancestors were from North India and I’m clueless when it comes to the Hindi language πŸ™„

    1. hey thanks!
      but honestly,i didn’t feel like commenting at all today. And not even tomorrow,i think.. esp. after her dialogue “fate made me and aditya meet so that i could meet you,arshad.” like,really zoyaaa????
      that’s just crossing limits. i swear,aditya deserves a life in paris and chill scenes.. <3
      as for the hospital scenes,i think during their engagement arshad will be called for emergency but zoya,to prove to aditya,would want to complete her eng the same day and hence in the hospital itself.. i mean,i hope no one gets in trouble.. except ofc if it's actually waseem getting a heart attack. <3
      yeah,Let's only read what happens next. I too remind myself everyday that it's just a show but i have a problem. i get involved so much that i tend to forget that they don't exist. and also partly because they're such great actors,they've made me believe that exists a zoya and an aditya waiting for their bepanah love to get perfected. :')
      god,i should probably stop. :p

  7. I hate Wassim. He certainly is going to do something tomorrow, I refuse to belive she has made her choise with free will. Her fort is showing cracks everywere.
    There was no need for any ring or bandage for them today.
    They already have each others blood in their veins.

  8. Okay first, dude! What’s up with the late updates????? 😏😏😏😏😏😏
    Second, finally Arshad n parents talking some sense like real ppl
    Third, I officially give up on Zoya. She’s really really stupid and no one can tell me otherwise. And I’m so not interested in whatever she has to say in the coming eps at least till the wedding.

    1. Anju5u

      Ya true….only bepanah written update was delayed…..even those ones which get telecasted after bepanah the written updates were on time…wonder y. πŸ€” I was waiting waiting……😭

  9. After a nice episode a worst precap
    I thought zoya will realize
    But she did engagemwnt with arshad
    Don’t know what makers want
    Following upto marriage day
    If this drag beyond that i will stop watching the single hindi show i follow

    1. Don’t understand
      What makers are getting torturing zoya herself,adi and viewers

      1. Anju5u


  10. Sometimes I feel like arshad is doing this all to unite adi and zoja. He knows that zoja loves adi but he will that zoya herself say that. I don’t know if arshad is playing negative or positive but one thing is clear something is fishing

    1. Anju5u

      I also have that doubt…..πŸ€”

  11. I have a lot to write and say
    1. Updates? Timings??⏰ I had literally given up on ever seeing a new update on my screen.
    2. So Shraddha your explanation was right. The veins that go to the heart from the finger. Beautifulβ™₯
    3. Adi’s expressions were worth dying for…β™₯
    “Sach mein use yeh ring pehna dogi? Sach mein apna bana logi use?”
    (Will you really put the ring on his finger? Will you really make him your own?)πŸ’
    “Aur kitna khoon bahaoonga toh samajhmein aayega tumhe ki mera pyar sachha hai?”
    (How much more should I bleed to make you understand that my love is true?)πŸ”₯
    Adi’s eyes and his words are so so so romantic and his words are so deep so passionate…β™₯
    God! Please! If you ever write my love story, give me a lover like Adi, pleaseπŸ™πŸ™
    4. Harshad and Jenny are pretty much similar actors, they both use their eyes more than their mouths to speakπŸ‘€
    6. Yes! the ring’s diamond πŸ’Ždid cut both of their veins, at the same place, the heart’s vein. You simply can’t make it more intense. This is so so so beautifulβ™₯β™₯β™₯
    7. Adi is so damn brave man!πŸ‘¦ Speaking about his love infront of every one, the bride, the groom, the bride’s parents the groom’s parents. And not just once but multiple times. Adi I admire you so much😍
    8. Finally, some sense is entering Arshad and his parents’ stone-hard brainπŸ˜’ At least they are reconsidering their decisionπŸ˜ͺ
    9. I am waiting to see Wasim’s face the moment Zoya gives him the shock. He is so so arrongant😑😑 Wasim, you wait until Adi takes Zoya to his house, you will get you senses backπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    10. What a perfect reply to Anjana! Adi I won’t praise you more or else there won’t be any space left for anyone elseπŸ˜‚
    11. Now, Zoya, this is for you.
    Suppose I ask your name, what will you reply?
    Zoya, Evelyn, Arch, Shraddha, Meera, Seychelle, Eri, Neha or whatever your name is. Do you have to keep repeating it to yourself so that you don’t forget it? No! You remember your name and you don’t keep repeating it to learn it. Similarly, we keep on repeating something to rote-learn it. You keep repeating that Adi doesn’t effect you because you are trying to rote learn it. Because it is not true. BUT, you do NOT have to keep reminding yourself to cry when you see Adi hurt, because, it is something your heart feels, you do not have to keep reminding your heart to beat, you do not have to keep reminding yourself to feel pain when Adi is hurt because that pain is true, because it is real, because fark padta hai (it matters)β™₯β™₯β™₯
    12. Zoya, please propose Adi. He does not care for anything for anyone, but if you keep denying him, eventually he will loose hope too. Besides, he has controlled his parents after putting so much of efforts and somehow asked them not to find him a girl. If you continue this thing, you will be stuck with Arshad and Adi will be stuck with some other girl.
    13. I can understand that Zoya is unsure and she is scared to love, that she does not want Adi to hurt her, but Adi is trying so hard Zoya. Itna koi Maya ke piche padta toh woh bhi maan jati. (Even Maya would have given up had someone put so much effort behind her)…before she was in a relation with Arjun.
    14. I did not understand how did the hospital thing come in between? Have to wait and watch.
    15. Arshad please come out of your fairyland dreams. Zoya loves Adi, you are sensing it too, then why in the world are you denying it?😠😠😠
    16. A new show Daastan e ishq is gonna come with Shaheer and Sonarika. These two are also my fav actors. Let’s see if they can show something good. Shaheer is an intense actor as well and he acts pretty well.
    BUT I won’t leave watching Bepannah coz it is love😍😍😍
    17. I forgot to tell you that I could not keep up with my promise and I have watched all the episodes that I missed.
    18. Hope the makers respect my sacrifice and introduce intense AdiYa reunionβ™₯β™₯β™₯
    Waiting for replies πŸ˜›

    1. agreed with all your points,man!
      couldn’t have said it any better. loving aditya for his IDGAF attitude.. god,he is so cool when he’s like that in front of her family. he does not care.. all he cares for is zoya. i mean,that’s the kind of love i want.
      also loving harshad,mannnnn.. he is ffiiiirrreeee!!!! i just cannot..with that man!
      he is so so so perfect.
      as for jennifer,love her.. she’s making zoya tolerable whereas zoya.. well,dont even get me started there. i could rant about my disappointments with her all day long.
      anyway,that’s all i have to say about htis ep.. and i will probably have even lesser things to say in the coming eps if this is what the track continues to be. :'(
      i cannot stress my self everyday.. :3 :/

      1. Exactly, the acting is so intense that I can’t believe there isn’t an Adi and Zoya. But we need not worry. Sooner or later, AdiYa are gonna unite

    2. Anju5u

      He he…..u watched it..good…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹

      1. Yup. Couldn’t stop myself πŸ˜›

    3. Neha1

      Oh god! Evelyn dear, agree with your each sentences and words.. You took the words right from my mouth…Even I too want that in future I too get a lover/life partner like ADI/Harshad..πŸ–€πŸ˜πŸ˜˜Romance, understanding, passion, friendship, sympathizer…and what Adi said in Precap…is completely agree with him that in his previous marriage there was friendship but not love and in her marriage there was love but no friendship but between Us(Aditya-Zoya) there’s both LOVE not Friendship…

      1. Neha1

        Typing error*not nhi it’s and… Between AdiYa there’s both LOVE and Friendship..

      2. Neha1

        And [email protected] , Shaheer Sheikh is too my Favourite Actor…. He’s too like Harshad when it’s a comes to Romance and intensity in love…I too waiting for period romantic show of Salim and Anarkali…

      3. Yup, Adi’s dialogue in the precap is great. And I’m gonna punch Zoya if she denies Adi any further. No sorry, I can’t punch Zoya or else Adi will punch me XD And I love my face more than Zoya XD

  12. Neha1

    Zoya’s realisation takinv so long time that it’s becoming boring and cliched whdn it comes to the twists….I really want Zoya to realise hee feelings for Aditya on her Engagement Day…and want some Romantic moments between them and then much awaited Poosh’s murder mystery to get solved by AdiYa…and learn about Anjana’s vicious plan to killed Poosh, Poosh’s unborn child and Sakshi…. About Sakshi, there were rumours revolving earlier that she will come back to avenge Anjana for Poosh’s murder and also what if Anjana and somehow Waseem’s involvement was in Poosh’s murder, as we seen in initial episodes that police was enquiring about Poosh’s accident…but it seems that makers are delaying these interesting twist for this Marriage cliched drama… And apart from that Zoya’s character is becoming so boring and irritating…. Jennifer is very nice Actress but makers showing her character so stupid not boring comparing to Aditya’s character…
    I can understand that it’s difficult to be in love/relationship again after suffering so much. But her character is becoming so irritating which annoyed me…I just hope that makers will bring some interesting twist and make slightly changes in Zoya’s character in upcoming episodes… otherwise Trp will never increase…. Don’t know why makers didn’t understand Audiences prefference and choices…no use of this creepy not cliched marriage drama.

    1. Neha1

      Sorry for the typing errors.πŸ™

  13. i think… its high time for Adi to use reverse psychology method… he should just start ignoring Zoya and leave the place… she would come to realization then… when the person who is running after you constantly gone missing without a trace.. .you will start to feel the emptiness. if she still cannot feel the love then its better Adi finds someone else..

    1. I agree with u …. aditya should go to paris again …then zoya will come running to the airport

    2. Anju5u

      True. ….too much efforts from adi’s side …poor adi

  14. Loved when adi gave such a facepalm to anjana.Doesn’t act infront of mom and openly showed that no1 can intervene in his love life. wasim need such a facepalm too from zoya.
    why Arshad is not as smart as his mom ?!? After all this, he still wants to marry her or is he trying to make zoya realize her mistake?!
    zoya is very stubborn. so much pain for adi.she has to give him 100 kisses per episode after their reunion πŸ˜› ok i dont want to activate my gutter mode right now. let them reunite first πŸ™‚
    So this week’s episodes were pretty much same and nothing new. Waiting for some twists and turns in the upcoming week. Come on yash come soon and make her realize her love.

  15. I read a spoiler that Adi will agree to meet new girl whom he will use as weapon against Zoya…anyways I have lost hope from this serial especially Zoya…so don’t want to comment much!!!! Mr.TRP pls continue to fall…hope you are enjoying the downward push given by viewers!!!!😣

    1. Neha1

      Yes, Actually I had thought this earlier that a new girl to enter whom Adi will use to get Zoya back….but I also doubt that if she’s fall for Adi then it will be a big disaster for AdiYa… Let’s hope for the best but if Zoya will not accept Adi’s love then I won’t watch Bepannaah…and if another girl is join hands with Anjana to separate AdiYa thdn the show will not survive for long… So, let’s see what’s gonna happen next….but surely this entire month will take marriage drama… hopefully In October we will witnesses AdiYa Union…

    2. Wow.πŸ˜‘
      I think the makers have taken it as a challenge of ‘how can we make the track more cliche’?
      Cause this is just amazing.
      Now I won’t feel guilty when I abandon this show veryy sooon..

  16. Today once again the acting of aditya reminded me the passion of Dr.Armaan Malik when he was trying to convince riddhima that AR are meant for each other.phir se Armaan Malik dikha mjhe aditya hooda me.

  17. Who can believe that this is the same Aditya who used to shout at Zoya every time they met in the beginning?

  18. I think that zoya and arshad will get married. Or arshad is going to back out from the marriage by saying something in favour of aditya … Writers are making zoya so stupid…. i was tears after watching that scene in which aditya is helping arshad wearing shoes ….. if i were zoya then by now i would have expressed my love for aditya to whole world….


    ON POINT!! xD LOVED this meme.
    ‘kay,bye. :p

  20. Good news!!!Bepannaah not in top 20 this week as well !!!

    1. Neha1

      Yeh toh Hona hi tha….

    2. I’m actually quite proud of this fandom as we are clearly stating that this is NOT what we want and we cannot be taken granted for.
      We got in it for the content and are now just for the cast and because now we are attached to the characters.. but this acnnot continue like this.. I hope the makers get the hint and IMPROVE instead of giving up.

  21. Still can’t understand why Zoya is rejecting Aditya.
    Really want to know the reason, it better be a darn good one.

    Seems like Arshad is going to step back.

    A doctor with two heartbroken patients on his hand and he hasn’t diagnose it yet. Think his mother should be around more often so he can give a quick report 🀣🀣🀣

  22. Anju5u

    Bepanah out from top 20…..🀐

  23. Anju5u

    I think till the time Zoya doesn’t realize her feelings for adi….n arshad’s track ends… will be like this,…not in top 20…..n….next week onwards show’s timing also changing….dunno what will happen…if it’s gonna be like this…..😭 Big boss starting too…. already kbc also affecting bepanah😩

  24. Out of top 20 again for this week just as expected.

  25. Anju5u

    N I think sakshi will be alive…they still haven’t found her body right….may be in coma.,πŸ€”.. Wonder what will happen to our Indian serials….if there isn’t something called coma 😜

    Height of Zoya’s stupidity !!!…she says Adi cheated her!!!
    Zoya tumhara Saath to mein bilkul nahi denewali!!!

    1. Creatives are taking advantage of their leads, it only for them that people are still watching the show. But that won’t last for long.

      1. Trueeee..
        This needs to stop.

    2. Neha1

      Exactly, I’m just done with this Zoya’s character… CVs are ruining the show….and if it continues then Bepannaah soon gonna end by the end of this year only…

  27. Anju5u

    N what’s with the precap…… engagement happening at hospital….. πŸ€” Waseem got heart attack or what 😜

    1. I hope he is in deep coma so he cannot talk, think and act for some time. And meanwhile they would do a lobotomy to him.
      I ask forgiveness to all fathers of the world but i can’t help it. It is much stronger than me, can’t tolerate him.

      1. I agree with Eri lmao.
        Whoever you are you just made my morning

      2. Eri, your comment made me laugh out loud XD Seriously, it will be good for everyone if Wasim doesn’t speak for a while.

  28. Loved the episode but hate the precap! Especially y does Zoya have to say that qismat ne adi n Zoya ko Milayla taakey HUM dono mil saken?!?! Like really.. with was that supposed to mean?! I think it will stretch up to marriage and that day Zoya will say qubool hai but arshad will say qubool nahi and just like Aman from kuch kuch hota hai, make her marry adi.. so Waseem can’t say it’s zoyas fault

  29. But I’d still want Zoya to confess.. don’t know why she’s being so stubborn.. or probably she IS STUBBORN like her dad but it just that we don’t want her to do it this time.. please get this confession drama up quickly and return to the mystery of poosh and sakshi and rajveer.. I really want wasim to be involved too

  30. After reading Evelyn translation of Adi’s dialogues I understood that I am missing most of the important things said.
    I can’t understand Colors Tv point of view on their youtube channel. At the beggining they had subtitles in english for everyone. Then after 10 episodes they removed them. And I must say Bepannah has the bigger number of views compared to any of their shows on daily basis, and most of the viewers are not indian, I have seen comments in every language possible, begging for subtitles. And just two months ago thay have posted 10 episodes with english subtitles and have stoped.πŸ™„

    1. I am glad that I could help you. I’ll try to help you as much as I can. Besides, I am thinking that if the updates will posted so late then I will start writing the updates. I’m gonna register myself right now. Or can you write the updates without registering yourself ?
      Well, of course I won’t write the updates when Pooja is there. Coz she writes brilliantly.

      1. Thank you Evelyn, actually i am really fond of learning new languages and good translation to english helps me a lot.

      2. @evelyn
        Heyyy.. we’d love that Bro!
        At least till Pooja comes.. can you,really? Please do ya! 🀩


    Please read this…it is hilarious…first watch the promo link where I addressed Zoya stupid…then watch this…u will understand properly!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. I am at my office and laughing like a stupid to my cell phone πŸ˜‚

    2. Oh shit! This made so much sense dude!!!
      #bepanaah logic.. damn!
      Dead. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  32. another new girl means marriage day will come after 2/3 weeks
    Is it confirmed?
    Following the show upto marriage day
    only for jenshad
    I don’t think i will watch beyond that for another ilogical seperation track

  33. Happy to see bepanah beyond top20
    From next week show has new timeslot
    If it can not do well in that slot it will not survive long on tv
    So use your brain makers

    1. Individual trp : Roop – 1.4; Silsila – 1.3 n last bepannaah – 1.2

  34. In real life If a man behaved in the way Adi does that would be considered harassment. It’s a woman’s right to reject you whether or not you think she loves you or not. You can’t force someone, to see your way of things. Zoya needs time and space and between Adi and Wasim they are Compelling her to make rash decisions. Adi realised his love for Zoya because he didn’t feel that way about Pooja even though at the time he probably thought he did whereas Zoya genuinely loved Yash so she obviously isn’t ready yet. As viewers we have our favourites and if things go against our fave we ignore certain behaviours. What Zoya went through was traumatic she might have accepted her own faults in her relationship with Yash but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to trust love again

    1. You are so lucky, everything is making sense to you. Keep enjoying the show Lucy.

    2. Oh stop it already. We really shouldn’t support Zoya rn..
      Fine she isn’t ready,but then is marrying arshad necessary? Is rubbing all of this in aditya’s face necessary? Also,why is crying all the time? What’s up with the tears 24/7?
      She ain’t ready to trust.. and we’ve taken her side in that n number of times.. but which compelled her really? Aditya just confessed. She was the one thinking marrying arshad is the right answer..? Her dad is the only one pressurising.. but had she said no… Her mum,her sister,even arshad would’ve supported her.
      Thsi isn’t fair . She is ruining three lives.
      She is just doing it all to prove to Aditya that she doesn’t love him.. that’s the basis of her decision to marry arshad now.. and is that okay? Aditya betrayed her in friendshio. Although I don’t see him but let’s say he did.. but isn’t she betraying arshad? Isn’t that stupid on her part? She calls Aditya her best friend but is their understanding of each other? And so now,Aditya isn’t even a friend anymore? Had he confessed earlier wouldn’t she have talked to him about it like adults? What changed that she is now suddenly delusional about everything in her life?
      It is hard for her and no one was supposed to be forcing anyine but could Aditya being her bestf first let her get into a marriage where there’s no love again!??? Really? Shiuodnt he do anything at all? He’s also emotional rn and he too is thinking irrationally,not quite as much as Zoya though.. that is why we support him and not zo for taking these decisions.. cause he’s making sense while Zoya? I’m sorry,but no.
      Also,I not being rude bro . It’s just that I am really upset with the track.. .I like you thinking from a different perspective and trying to bring positivity in here.. πŸ€—
      I’m sorry if I was rude.. didn’t mean to. 😊
      I’ve read your comments before and hope to hear form you more.. I like your views.. πŸ’•

      1. That’s fine, We all have different perspectives and we are all biased towards our faves, I’m seeing things from a different perspective, She’s not really betraying Arshad because she’s told him she doesn’t love him or Adi, he has accepted that and he knows there is no love on Zoya side, but to see it from Arshad POV is that even though he has tried to back outof their wedding she made him change his mind because she can’t think straight and in doing so she is unintentionally on the road to make numerous people unhappy, but I can’t justify Adis behaviour.

    3. hey lucy, i agree with you. I dont know why in shows it is repeatedly shown that it okay to be aggressive with your love if she refuses to accept that she loves you back. Granted that this track is frustrating, and zoya shouldnt have decided to marry Arshad. But that doesn’t grant Adi the right to repeatedly force Zoya in such a way. He is experiencing the passions of intense love for the first time, But I wish he would keep his point of view in a more mature way, Intense love shouldnt always translate into aggressive behavior.
      If i talk of myself personally, i tend to get very stubborn if i feel that i am being forced to do something against my will. Even if it is wrong, I will refuse to bend if someone forces me. Dont know if same thing is happening with Zoya. I just wish Arshad will get out of the scene soon and Zoya and Adi begin their love story. And i just pray that they dont up married right now.

      1. Agree Dhara I hope they give Arshad a dignified exit, I like the way he handles things calmly, the only time he lost it was when Adi was trying to get Zoya to agree and she kept denying but then you can’t blame him because in his eyes his fiancΓ© is being cornered and harassed. Adi had beaten someone up for far less. I like the cheeky chippy Adi but his obsession is borderline psycho

  35. Neha1

    And here it’s Bepannaah Trp has fallen to 1.2 and the entire month will be the same…Trp will surely increase when AdiYa will unite.

  36. Love is one such emotion that cannot be hidden or faked, how can Zoya simply judge adi for that one framed lie and start hating him and suddenly decide to get married to Arshad. How can someone be soo foolish. It simply doesn’t make sense. Although it’s just a serial, but they way she’s being mean to adi or simply refusing to accept his feelings is absurd. And just to hurt him and obey by his dad’s words shes getting into a fake marriage. It seems everyone is blind zoyas egoistic father, that despo Arshad. It’s quite evident that she likes adi but doesn’t want to admit. Writers simply making it more dramatic rather by making it genuine and authentic. Have stopped watching it now. Will only read updates.

  37. @Lucy : Zoya doesn’t have to accept Adi but taking impulsive decision of marrying Arshad is stupidity…reason – Adi made prank call (that too he was totally unaware of riots) …n in promo Zoya is saying ‘Adi cheated her’..I mean Yash’s EMA was ‘pak’ but a small mischief is ‘dhoka’..n loving someone is not cheating!!! Yes agreed Adi is intense with her but it is bcos Arshad is not Zoya’s happiness…she has no feelings for him neither love nor friendship!!!…it is makers fault there was no need of ‘Zoya agreeing to marry Arshad’ track!!!…n now her character is showing double standards – feelings for Adi but marriage with Arshad!!!..Zoya character not developed properly…!!!!

    Okay one more.. why is he surrounded by such dysfunctional people? This boi has suffered so much already.. gid,give him since love.

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