Bepannah 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nani and Rajvir’s new drama

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Bepannah 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana lights a diya. Aditya saves it from blowing off. He says I love you to her. You have always supported me and I am always with you. Don’t worry ever. They wish each other Happy Diwali. She thinks the ambiance is good as Zoya isn’t here. He has left his phone there itself. Zoya calls on his number but Anjana disconnects it. She puts the phone on silent. It vibrates again but Anjana switches off the phone instead. There should be peace in the house atleast today!

Rajvir and Nani come to Hooda House. He stops in his tracks. Nani asks him what he is thinking. He asks her if they are doing the right thing. She wants to make everyone shed as much tears as her daughter has. That only will give peace to my daughter! He understands that they will be met with a decision now! They head inside.


ji asks Harsh and Anjana to let the elder son start the aarti. Aditya is about to hold the diya when the lights go off. Victor goes to check what happened. A video and audio is played on the projector. Kalpana and Harsh’s story is played on the projector. As per this story, Anjana snatches Harsh from Kalpana with her father’s help. She thought he has become hers but one day! A photo of a baby in Kalpana’s arms is shown on the slide. Rajvir comes in. Anjana dint know that Harsh and Kalpana had a son too. He made a place for himself in the world but did he also make a place in his father’s heart too? He has come here today to know that only! Think it to be like Ram ji is back from exile. It is over today! Anjana and Harsh look at him shock / confusion. Zoya runs towards Hooda House.

Rajvir stands facing Harsh. Lights come on just then. Nani steps forward. Rajvir says it is said that the eldest son of Hooda House does the Maha-aarti. Shall we Dad? Harsh is silent. Zoya enters and sees Rajvir and Nani in front of Hooda family. Nani stops her from interrupting anyone. Rajvir has waited for this moment for ages. It seems like he is getting his right after ages! I had only heard that the people’s lives light up on Diwali but you literally did that for us. Thank you for whatever you have done for us. We will never forget your favour. You indeed are a Devi. Aditya looks at them. Nani says you united a kid with his father. We wont be able to pay back for whatever you have done for us to bring them together. God bless you.

Rajvir tells Harsh that the world might not believe it but you do. I am the eldest son of this house. I have every right to do this aarti. Can I call you Dad? Aditya hits him angrily. Arjun stops him. Aditya says you came to burn down our house on Diwali. Zoya tells him to calm down. Rajvir tells him it is fine younger brother. Your anger is justified. Aditya refuses to call him his brother. You share nothing with Pa or us. What do you want? Rajvir tells Zoya not to stop Aditya today. I have no problem if he calms down by shedding my blood. This elder brother can do this much for his younger brother! I have the rights of the house that Aditya had till now. I dint come here to ask for my rights. I only came here to spend time with my family.

Anjana tells him to tell this lie to someone else. She is about to slap him but Nani holds her hand. Rajvir can bear it but I wont! We dint raise hand or our voice years ago but it wont happen this time. Even God knows who is being honest here and who is lying! You have been lying since forever but not anymore. Your lies will be exposed now. Tears stream down Anjana’s cheeks. Nani adds that Rajvir will get his rights now. Anjana shouts at the security to take them outside. Aditya wants to handover Rajvir to police. He is a runaway criminal anyways. Zoya tries to calm Aditya but Anjana ends up scolding her. You light a fire and then try to douse it! Aditya insists upon calling police. Harsh announces that no one will call police. He asks Nani if this is truth. Is Rajvir really my son? Nani nods. Anjana’s eyes widen in shock. Harsh looks at Rajvir emotionally. Aditya calls them liars. They have been lying to us since forever. They have been blackmailing us. Don’t know what they are up to! How can you trust what they are saying? You don’t even know them! Harsh counters him by saying that he knows them. This is Pallavi’s mother. Aditya looks at the photo on the projector. So this is your second family with whom you used to share our love? Your girlfriend’s name was Pallavi right? You used to fight with my Ma for her and even cheated my Ma. You dint even care about me. You had even left me behind. Right Pa? Harsh shakes his head.

Zoya tells Aditya to not stretch this matter in front of everyone. We will talk later amongst ourselves. He shouts if he will discuss the affairs of his so called Pa. Shall I make list of his illegitimate affairs? Harsh shouts his name pointedly. Aditya tells him not to shout. This isn’t your court where everyone will go quiet hearing your voice! Harsh tells Aditya not to say on the matter which he knows nothing about. Aditya refuses to let him do as per his wish. I will kill you but I wont let you do this to Ma again! Zoya gives him her swear to calm him down. Aditya kneels down in front of Harsh. Please don’t do this this time! People are recording videos of this. Zoya notices it. She asks everyone to leave. It is our family matter. Give us some privacy. People taunt them for being rich yet having a bad heart. They leave one by one. Nani and Rajvir smirk.

Precap: Nani tells Harsh that Pallavi dint commit suicide. She was murdered. You cheated her for this Anjana! Anjana tells Harsh they are lying. You believe anything that they are saying! Don’t know whose illegitimate child he is! Rajvir lunges at her to hit her but Aditya picks up a knife in an attempt to push him away / hit him. Harsh ends up slapping Aditya. Nani smirks.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    Today’s episode was full of Rocked and Shocked….but My Adi..he was completely shattered by the truth…he was in so much pain…only Zoya’s swear make him stop .. This is called “Bepannaah Mohabbat”….
    And Old Mr.Hooda is back….He slapped Aditya…. the one whom I saw in Intial episode, Mr.Hooda and Aditya’s relation get spoiled coz of this Rajveer… okay I believe that Rajveer is Pallavi/Kalpana Dadeech… whoever she’s his mom and Harsh is his Dad…but I don’t believe what Nani says about her daughter’s murdered… there’s something fishy …. I still think that Rajveer and his Nani is upto something very big… don’t know what it is… Anyway let’s see…but right now I was sad and disappoint for “My Adi”… he’s broken again…
    Precap Is OMG..?? Adi gets Slapped… by Mr Hooda…

    1. Thank you Neha1!!!

    2. Thank you Neha?

  2. So adiya together.
    Adi lost paa, soon he will loose maa too i think.
    Rajveer want to destroy hooda, so they seems like to telling manipulated truth.
    What about bepnah offair news, i could not find any news other than tellychakkar?

    1. @Neha, Hhh: Rajvir is indeed Pallavi and Harsh’s son. No doubt about that but there is something more to it…Nani-Rajvir’s smirks imply that their hatred is so big that they want to destroy Hoodas completely…may be Palavi was tortured by Anjana n her dad…this Anjana is a possessive psycho – first possessive about Harsh so got him by crooked means then possessive about her son !!! Killed Poosh and Sakshi…I think Rajvir-Nani want to unravel Anjana’s real face…may be Sakshi was saved by them…Anjana seems to have brutally harmed a lot of ppl in her life!!!?

      1. Neha1

        I think so… The way both Rajveer and his Nani smirked, is itself indicated that they both hide a big truth from Hooda’s and Will be revealed later….me too think that Sakshi was saved by them and that’s why they gonna reveals evil side of Anjana which her family was unknown to it … I’m just thinking what will Adi feel, He will be shattered and devastated by knowing such revealations… Anyway the current track is very interesting and I’m looking forward for upcoming episodes of Bepannaah.

    2. I also think same
      They are hiding something big or playing a new game; as they have only hatred

      1. Rajveer is harsh son; i am damn sure

  3. Nani & RV are definitely lying!! Nani’s eyes after Harsh slapped Adi, say it all! Now, some heartbreak drama, Adi being his old self again but he has Zoya this time, thank goodness. Anjana what did you do?! Killing Sakshi was not a first for her, I have a feeling. Poor Adi imagine these revelations, they’re too much for anyone. Zoya, has to control this situation and find out what they’re lying about. THOSE 2 ARE LYING!!!!

    1. Neha1

      I agree… me too thought the same… and about Anjana had no words… when and where she’ll stop.. don’t know..?? She’s someone whom no one can trust her at all… She can go through any extent in her madness and psycho nature…

  4. Wow… the situation is such a mess right now. Harsh shouldn’t have slapped Aditya and dont know how he will treat Rajvir or how much he had feelings for pallavi. I dont think Aditya will be able to calmly deal with this at all. He has years of insecurities, hatred and pain associated with this matter and no amount of logic or rationale will make him listen. But if what nani is saying is true, that Rajvir’s mum was murdered, i dont know… can the murderer be Anjana? She is related somehow to Poosh’s murder and she definitely pushed Sakshi down the cliff. Anjana has a killing streak within her. If Zoya even believes a little that Anjana’s hand might be there in Pallavi’s death then she will try to get justice but i dont think Aditya will believe at all. And even if he does, it will break him down completely. How will Aditya deal with the fact that his entire life was a lie and to top it off his mother is a murderer. I sincerely hope Zoya and Aditya have enough strength and trust to go through this situation… Although it seems Nani/Rajvir are not saying the whole truth they must be hiding something too. Else they could have forward from first instead of playing such games…

  5. This new track is totally stupid. Whole show is besharam crap and stupid. I started watching show from the beggining because I wanted to give it a chance.. at the start, that was my favourite show. Great cast, great acting skills, everything was just perfect. Then, after 30-40 episodes show started to be very boring and annoying. That whole crap with Aditya feeling love for Zoya and making her realise that is very stupid… First, I never saw in Zoya’s eyes love for Aditya that I saw in his eyes many times. So, Zoya does not love Aditya. She wanted to be just friends with him and she didn’t intend to marry.. but her Abbu… The most annoying person in this show… Then, she left Arshad that day and left with Aditya just because he was her last option. She didn’t want to marry Arshad, so there is Adi. Then… That whole stupid drama… after that, Anjana was finally exposed and everyone has easily forgiven her. She killed Sakshi, Pooja, Yash and their child with no guilt.. but they have forgiven her just because she is a mother. She is not mother, she is bl*ody psycho!!! (Actress is very good and I really like her a lot, but that is her role in this serial) even after that, she hates Zoya and plans again to kick her out. Firstly, Zoya was trying to defend Yash and Pooja at the court.. she was again Mahaan, and I think it is just because of her saas Madhu. And now, there is no Madhu…. There is new saas Anjana the Killer; Zoya is now with her and so easily forgot everything. I agree it is not good what Pooja and Yash did, but death.. no, not at all!!! Anjana should be severally punished. Zoya earlier was so annoying while fighting for Yash and Pooja.. and now.. she just doesn’t think about that. Then, Rajveer and his Nani.. my God. CVs are trying to make them bad, so that Anjana looks like good and nice maa. I am sure that Rajveer is Harshavandan’s illegimate son that he didn’t accept. Rajveer’s maa died.. and now Rajveer is shown as bad. Anyone would be mad and angry if on his place!!
    And then, we have AdiYa that just think about romancing… Everyone say their love is big and their jodi is amazing, but my opinion is NO. Their jodi is very bad..
    I think this show needs to end ASAP. Really, it lasted so long.. it started in March and now it is November, this should end before start of 2019. So that we can have some new shows.. also, TRP rating is not so good. CVs don’t know what to show, they tried everything, rating is bad even now. That means it should end.

    1. @Me : Firstly, this track is not stupid. It is quite interesting.
      Secondly, I do agree that Arshad track n mystery woman blackmailing Zoya track were boring but Adiya romance is the best thing about this show…very natural, beautiful, sensuous without a tinch of obscenity…JENSHAD rocks…it is JENSHAD which actually pulled viewers to this show n not just the story!!! Some other pair may not have been able to strike a chord with viewers!!!
      Thirdly, TRP low due to late night time slot n not the story. But I am damn sure once BB12 ends n BP gets its prime time slot TRP will definitely go above 1.5…n this serial is a rage online!!!
      Fourthly, I dont think u have been following the series properly since a long time bcos nobody knows till now that Anjana pushed Sakshi off the cliff. Everyone forgave her bcos they believe Anjana accidentally killed Poosh!!
      Last but not the least, BP is back on track n certainly doesnt deserve to go off air at this juncture. N it is not going off air…I have posted a link below…check it !!!

    2. Please do NOT watch the show then! It’s quite simple as that. Don’t like it?. Don’t waste time. But for those of us that do, at least let us enjoy. Positive vibes all the way!!!bepanah all the way!!!

  6. I can see why Nani and Rajvir want revenge, it’s obvious they were the first family and Anjana, Adi and Arjun are the second. So every time Adi said his dad left them for another family in reality they were the other family. Either Harsh betrayed his first wife or Anjana in obsessiveness and in her selfishness did something to get her own way but it makes no sense that Harsh wouldn’t have known about the child because Adi states that Harsh left them for the other woman so surely he would have known about the child as he would have been older than Adi

    1. Neha1

      Thank you, Thank you so much @Arch….Dear you made my day with such a big good news…Yessss ???our show going to be continue.. Love you [email protected]…?????

  7. What a rubbish epi

  8. Good episode!
    Don’t know what Nani and Rajvir is up to but there seems to be a bigger story ?

    Honestly Me I think Zoya loved Aditya but she was trying not to hurt her father.

    I’m enjoying the mutual understanding between Adiya hope it remains the same no matter what the situation may be.

    Neha you really do keep this column going ?
    Due to your updates I hardly ever scroll through Instagram and it’s much easier to catch up with the latest viewing your links

    1. Neha1

      Thanks Seychelle…?? Actually I told this before that I’m so Addicted to Bepannaah and AdiYa that I too won’t leave a single chance to miss any updates about them and the show… So still keep updating Everything which is related to AdiYa and Bepannaah..

      1. Hi Neha I am confused here because we saw Aditya dream about harsh say to anjana that kalpana need to have right but then he didnt know about raj this doenst seem right and if raj was first born then he need to know that

      2. last episode really confused me how can raj be first born and harsh doesn’t know about it and on top of that aditya said you left us for another family so this was another family so how can raj be first born then

  9. Arch have i told you i missed you ?

    1. @ Eri : ?…Diwali kept me busy …now am back…!!!

      1. Glad to have you back Arch!
        I do miss Evelyn and Meera’s comment as well.

  10. Okay, I’m confused. If Harsh was with Pallavi/Kalpana before Anjana, they had a child. Then, when he was with Anjana, when Adi was a little boy, who was he having an affair with if he didn’t know that Pallavi has a son? Was he having an affair with someone else? A 3rd woman? I don’t understand how he can go back to his family and not know that there’s a son there. Anjana is guilty of everything nani’s saying, she took Harsh from. Pallavi, that’s why she’s not saying anything and we’ve seen how possessive she is with her family. Now, this explains her possessiveness, I never got it before. She destroyed a home to build her dreams. But, there’s more to this, Nani & RV are lying about something. Whether they have bent the truth for revenge but there’s definitely something. I hope Adiya find it out, together. But, for now Zoya will have her hands full calming, protecting, helping heal Adi through this. But, I have hope, so, much hope in these two, they’ll always support each other no matter how dark the circumstances are. On top of that, they want to unite Arnoor, that’s another task. So, I think Adi will be able to function this time with Zoya by his side unlike in the beginning when. I hope Adi clears Zoya’s name tomorrow or with Anjana at least, that she had nothing to do with this. Papa Hooda seems to be in heaven finding out he has another son, with the love of his life.

  11. I am having a headache guys ?
    So who is Pallavi and who is Kalpana?
    And Don Juan alas papa Hooda with whom had an affair when Adi was a teenager, with Pallavi, Kalpana or another woman ?
    Why he sounded so surprised when he heard he had a son? When he returned to his previous family for some years did Rajvir’s mother hide him so he couldn’t meet his son? The photo of Rajvir and his mother dates when Raj was about 9-10 years. So i guess after that she committed suicide, that’s why they don’t have a more recent photo. I feel like today wasn’t revealed the whole story, tomorrow is more to come.
    Anjana turned to be a real terminator, she has already killed three people, is suspected of two others, has already menaced the doctor on his daughter life and is willing to harm Zoya as soon as possible. I wonder if her character can be recovered ever at this point. Will she ever be a mother to Aditya again ?
    I guess Adiya is completely exposed after today, Zoya trying to control Aditya’s anger showed clear enough they are together, but let’s wait and watch.
    Poor Adi has the worst luck ever. A psycho mother, a cheater father, a super cheater wife, he has lived in a lie since he was born.
    Zo has a tough situation to manage now, she needs help, maybe Noor will forget her stupid behaviour and help them somehow. At least she can help Arjun feel better.

    1. “Anjana turned to be a real terminator”


    1. Neha1

      Thanks Eri…. for sharing this.?

    2. Neha1

      We loves to shoot…. doesn’t like changes, very disciplined and routine life…

      1. Neha1

        Not we…He…plz ignore the typo errors

  12. Amanda i guess only you and me are awake at this hour ?

  13. Neha1

    Hey, @AmandaS…. here’s a full audio interview of Harshad Chopda on Sabaras Radio Interview….

  14. @AmandaS, Eri : I am also confused. Ok I assume Harsh’s gf had two names – Pallavi and Kalpana!!!
    As per the episode in April 2018, Adi mentioned that Harsh left the house for the other woman when he was 16 years old…but the little Adi the makers showed looked like a 7-8 year old????….ok so keeping aside minute details, I assume Harsh left Anjana for Pallavi when Adi was 7-8 years old n returned home when he was 16 years old!!!
    But how come Harsh never knew about his son Rajvir if he spent so many years with Pallavi????May be Pallavi hid Rajvir in a box all these years!!! Or may be Harsh has selective blindness!!! ????…well jokes apart this part has to be properly clarified by makers bcos I am unable to imagine any probable explanation for Harsh’s ignorance of Rajvir’s existence!!!!
    Anjana is being shown as a crafty manipulative woman who is so adamant n possessive that she can go to any extent to get her way!!!…may be Nani n Rajvir want to expose Anjana completely!!! May be Sakshi with them !!!
    Except for a few details about the timing of Harsh’s decision to leave Anjana / Kalpana the track overall is interesting!!! N yay our angry Adi who hated his father is back!!!?

  15. These days mujhe bepannah se bepannah mohabbat Ho gayi h.. M fully in love with the way they are progressing the story.. Cant say much..

  16. Neha1

    Rajveer and Aditya’s deadly fight…Harsh’s murdered next in Hooda house and all blame will goes to Aditya….

  17. Apurva is just few years younger to Rajesh Khattar in real life.

  18. I heard that the show will be going off air soon
    Btw Apurva is few years younger to Rajesh Khattar and Shagufta Ali in real life.

    1. No it’s rumor

  19. Hello guys. I’m new here. I used to follow this serial before big boss. But now just read the updates and selected scenes.

    I feel there’s more to this story than it meets the eye. Sure, anjana is a bad person. But now I doubt if the makers would show adi as the son of a woman who broke another woman’s house. It’ll affect adi big time. Maybe Nanis daughter and harsh might have been in love and maybe naani might have agreed to their relationship because maybe she saw harsh had a lot of money/ had the potential to make a lot of money. And later maybe harsh left kalapana because of something created by anjana. And then maybe nani brought a small kid and brainwashed him saying he’s Kalpana and harshs son to extract revenge. So maybe Rajvir is just a pawn in this game. This is just my assumption.

    And as far as anjana is concerned, shes a case of psychiatric illness. She’ll be sent to rehab and not jail. So no matter what crimes she’s done, she’ll be fine. Also I think they’d show her in a better light by proving Pooja and Yash murder as something else and also maybe sakshi would have bene saved so even that murder won’t go on anjanas head.

    I just don’t want adi and zoyas relationship to suffer in this.

  20. Neha1

    I request to all the fan’s of AdiYa and Bepannaah….???plz do watch Bepannaah on TV and don’t change the channel during Ads…We don’t want Bepannaah to go off-air anyhow…Coz Trp is low… that’s why I’m saying it, I know @Arch shared the link where writer Prakriti Mukherji said this is a rumour…. But if sources are to be believed Channel still thinking/noticing/observing the Trp and will decide if the show continue or end… They’re still thinking…
    Don’t take this lightly and watch Bepannaah on TV at 10:30pm or 10:45 pm…plz????????

    1. SBS says the last day of shoot is 25th November and serial will end in first week of December!!! What to do BB12 damaged our serial’s TRP very badly!!!

      1. Is this confirmed? I also heard
        Seriously all my favourite shows shut early before actual time
        But craps run over years

  21. now i am worried
    Someone telling today channel has made decesion to offair bepannah . Is it true?

  22. The only info I know of this Trp ratings is what I read online.

    What about those who can’t afford the box?

    Then people like us who view this show in the West .
    How can we show support?

    For me it’s the first and last Hindi serial I’ll ever watch.

  23. Neha1

    Mr.Hooda quit the show his death scene shoot….All actors in white dress….so yeah I guess, Bepannaah going off-air…Hate colors and Big Boss12….coz of them our show suffered and coming to end…

  24. Neha1

    Now I’m very sad and disappointed ??????with the channel….coz our show going off-air… it’s unfair to us and our favourite show Bepannaah… But what to do… I really can’t imagine my life without AdiYa and Bepannaah coz I really get addicted to both AdiYa and Bepannaah….

    And more importantly, I’m gonna missed all of you here… @Arch, @Meera, @Evelyn, @Eri, @Seychelle, @AmandaS, @Hhh… I still remember that @Ooshi had welcomed me to this fan club and become a member/friends here to everyone… This show and New friends here on this page, has become a part of my life…but I gonna missed all this…
    This news gives me a big Shocked ?? Miss you all, and will Missing AdiYa and Bepannaah a lot…?

    1. Is it confirmed now!? My mind hasn’t been working properly since I saw that the rumour was getting serious. I had promised myself to never get attached to another show, it took me months to get over Ragna from EMA and the Adiya hit me out of the blue. ???????. If Harshad is not going to have another show, I guess I won’t have a favourite show for years. I like Jennifer but I’m not sure about her next show, if I’ll be attached. I used to watch Maya everyday, I felt nothing! Maybe because I didn’t understand her Jodi with Arjun, so it was a turn off. How am I going to cope, I’m hurt!

    2. @Neha : Yes Harsh’s character going to end!
      No new promo since karva chauth sequence!
      SBS saying last day of shoot is 25th November!
      Do all these things point that show going off-air?????? NO OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION YET!!! So a ray of hope…..
      But story has so many things to resolve:-
      1. Poosh murder
      2. Sakshi – dead or alive?
      3. Anjana – vamp? Murderer?
      4. Arnoor love
      5. N Rajvir-Nani
      Can all this be done within 10 episodes???
      Channels have done this before :-
      1. They may keep BP off air till BB12 on air n bring it back on 9.30pm slot. This move may be done to accomodate the two new shows!!!
      2. Udaan n internet wala love pulled off-air!!! Either sitara-tantra airing in their time slot or silsila- bepannah take evening slot!!!
      Bcos it is stupid…’kasam’had so low ratings but aired for 1.5 years…’savitri devi’aired so long with pathetic ratings!!!
      LETS HOPE!!!

  25. @Sunshine, welcome, there’s a possibility that Nani’s has twisted the truth to get her revenge. I just hate that Adi ends up being the one hurt by whatever Harsh did or psycho did. He’s been cheated before and I think it’s too much, thank goodness he has Zoya.

  26. Good griefs so the rumour is true!

    Just imagine every morning I’m up I look on my phone to read these comments now I’ll have to do some adjustments

    Wish Harshad and Jennifer all the best also they are the best onscreen couple I’ve ever seen.

    If the series do come to an end i must say it’s been a pleasure commenting along with you all .

  27. Don’t lose hope Neha. Even if they want to end the show they won’t do it without a proper closure. That will take some time to happen. I believe it is just a rumor with only a minor truth in it. If the show will close what was the need for Mr. Rajesh to quit the show at the end, couldn’t he have waited a little bit more???
    To me it sounds more like an avalanche rumor than real. That why i hate social media, they can manipulate someone mind as per somebody’s will.
    In my country will say ” people throw stones only to fruit bearing trees” and in this case this is true, Bepannaah is the only content worth show of the moment despite of useless TRP. So jealousy is at highest peak.

  28. I think, Aditya is Harsh’s illegitimate son…… Bcus if you remember what she told sakshi dat no 1 can take Aditya away from her. So y will she say dat? I mean if is her son

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