Bepannah 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja and Yash’s death anniversary puja

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Aditya tells his mother he wont blame her as Zoya wont like it. She wants to win your heart. She does not want to hurt you. I will repeat my words again. Zoya isn’t at fault here. Someone is trying to trap her. I don’t want to discuss about it till the time I find out who is responsible for all this. He walks away. Zoya peeks at them from the room. Flashback shows Zoya reading another text wherein she was asked to behave as if she is drunk and insult her family in front of Anjana’s friends. You must not be conscious or your family will be in trouble. Flashback ends.

Harsh tells Anjana not to take it all on herself. Aditya is a kid. You don’t have to take his words seriously. She asks him what she has done wrong. Forget about outsiders, now even my family is blaming me. Aditya

even said that I added something in the juice. Zoya counters her and seeks their permission to enter. Harsh nods. Zoya apologizes for her actions. I know that nothing wont change by my apology. I know no one in this family is thinking ill about me. Harsh cuts her mid sentence and tells her it is ok. She folds her hands. You called me your daughter. Please give your daughter another chance. I promise I will fix everything. Harsh forgives her. They both look at Anjana. Harsh suggests holding a reception party tomorrow. You will plan and organize it on your own. You will get a chance to fix the mistake you have committed. Zoya agrees and takes their leave. Anjana does not look happy but Harsh tells her this is the right thing.

Aditya is practising boxing. Anjana’s words of never accepting Zoya haunts him. Zoya comes there in front of the punching bag. He stops as soon as he notices her and apologizes to her but Zoya apologizes to him too. He knows it wasn’t intentional but she insists she has still committed a mistake. It is very difficult to gain love and respect. It is easier to lose it though. He tells her not to stress so much. You are fine now. Everything will be fine. She replies that she isn’t fine yet. I need your support to be fine. She asks for his help in organizing their reception party to which he readily agrees.

Harsh tells Zoya he wants to invite some important people personally but Zoya advises him to go to spa. I have booked one for you and Ma. You both should relax. He is pleased at the idea. Are you sure you will be able to manage? Going by the current situation, I don’t feel as if some party will happen here. She assures him it will happen. Just give me some time. Harsh begins to walk away when she notices his wound around the back of his neck. He shares that some kids were playing with stones and he got hurt. She thinks of the video she had received earlier. Harsh was fine in that video. Harsh notices her lost and suggests sending her to spa instead. Zoya declines. You and Ma should go to the spa as planned. Take care of yourself please. He assures her nothing will happen to him. Cheer up. You are looking very tensed. Saying so, he walks away. Zoya’s phone starts ringing just then. She stares at the screen. Zoya sends Shawn and Akansha away for some work. She picks the call once they leave. It is a female voice on the other side. Think once again. You are already organizing a party for yourself and Aditya. It’s been just a year since Pooja died and you are trying to fill someone’s shoes! Zoya challenges her to come in front of her but the lady tells her to follow her words. 4 people of your house are outside. Your FIL got hurt with a stone. Life is very cheap these days. Think through as to what you want to do next. She ends the call before Zoya can reply.

Aditya and Arjun are surprised to see Harsh and Anjana outside the house. They all discuss as to how Zoya sent them all out on some pretext or other. Aditya is sure the unintentional mistake will be fixed by now. Harsh nods. We want the same thing. They enter in the house and see that a puja has been organized in Pooja’s memory. Aditya calls out to Zoya. She steps forwards with a puja thaal and is wearing white saree. Aditya questions her on it. We were going to hold our wedding reception today. She nods. It is also Pooja’s death anniversary today. Our reception party can happen any day but this is important today. It was destiny that united us before her first death anniversary but it is my decision to hold this event first. I will be able to move forward then only. Am I right? Anjana asks her what about the guests that are coming. Zoya shares that she has invited everyone for this event only. They are right behind you. All the guests enter wearing white clothes. Zoya tells Aditya he was right. We wont be able to move forward in life without putting it to rest. Ladies compliment Zoya for her big heart. Aditya does not look happy.

Zoya asks Harsh if she did the right thing. He shakes his head for a moment but then smiles as he pats her head lovingly. You did great. Zoya gets emotional. She looks around but Aditya isn’t there. She asks Arjun about him. Arjun points at Aditya who comes out holding a photo in his hand. He keeps Yash’s photo next to Pooja. This is someone else’s death anniversary too. He asks Pundit ji to start the puja. Zoya is touched. Harsh and Anjana look unhappy.

Aditya and Zoya do puja together for the departed souls. They all eat the Prasad offered by servant. Anjana refuses to eat it as Zoya has made it. Aditya is about to react but Zoya stops him. Zoya goes outside to keep food for the crows. She stands back and waits for the crows. Two crows come and eat from the plates. She prays for peace for Yash and Pooja’s souls. The crows begin to start cawing the moment she turns to go. Zoya looks tensed.

Precap: Zoya comes running inside the house. Everyone is coughing badly and passes out. Aditya passes out right in front of Zoya. She tries to wake him up but in vain. Anjana comes there as well.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hi everyone! I see that Sakshi is the one doing the blackmailing which I understand to a degree. She wants to take revenge from Anjana for reasons we all know, I get it. What I don’t get is why she wants to hurt or kill Adiya. I saw someone saying she wants to take revenge from Adi for marrying before one year is over since Pooja’s death. But, when she tried to kill Adi in an accident, this was before him getting married. If she’s been keeping tabs on Adi’s every move, she’ll know how Zoya broke her wedding and they’re also thrown out of Hooda house. So, she tried to kill him because he proposed to Zoya? When the accident happened it was minutes maybe to an hour after proposal, how did she organise the truck driver so soon? This gives me the impression that she doesn’t love Adi as much as we thought, she’s been pretending all this while. How does she know that Adi didn’t try to find her? As far as he knows, she’s in the US, she told him that. She doesn’t know if he called, since she doesn’t have her phone. I’m happy and all for Sakshi coming after Anjana, but her negativity towards Adi, this I don’t get. And then, there’s a part that says Zoya’s aware of Sakshi’s presence and they are together in this. If Zoya’s involved, I refuse to believe she wants to hurt Adi. Does this mean Zoya has been aware of all the attempts, from the accident, the lights falling, the snake, did she coerce Adi into proposing, did she break her wedding with Arshad on purpose to gain Adi’s sympathy and trust, did she make Adi go crazy after her all this time leading to the wedding??? I mean how long has she known, if she she’s with Sakshi??? I’m confused since most of these events happened in one day & night! Yes, she can team up with Sakshi to bring Anjana’s down, but with how this has started, I don’t see how this is targeted at Anjana, it’s more about spoiling Zoya’s reputation and Hooda house peace. In closing, is it Sakshi doing all this, I don’t know, it doesn’t look like it based on what has happened so far. I guess I’ll see this week.

    1. @AmandaS : never believe any spoiler apart from jio TV spoilers posted on Instagram n ofcourse videos from upcoming tracks…yes the woman in the promo looked like Sakshi…since there was no news of any re-entry or new entry it was tough to guess the blackmailer as Rajveer or Harsh’s ex…but today an unconfirmed news of Rajveer’s re-entry has surfaced on Instagram…so blackmailer may be Rajveer in woman’s clothes n voice to confuse audience or it may be Harsh’s ex who is his mother/sister/aunt…but I cant say Harsh’s ex as of now bcos no new entry reported in Bepanah so far!!!😊
      Rajveer as culprit answers all ur doubts n is more logical too…

      1. I know @ Arch, it’s just that it was the weekend, nothing to do on Bepannaah front, so I just kept thinking about all these things. I know most spoilers out there are not true. 😂😂😂😂

  2. The messages are changing nature one after another, the first one induced Zoya to doubt Adi. Why would Anjana do that ? Even of she want to separate Adiya she wont risk her own self by bringing the Poosh issue into focus, seems like everyone has already forgotten that.
    Even if Sakshi is the one sending them, why should she tell a lie to Zoya ? She already knows it is Anjana who have done that. Unless she believes Adi is involved too. What made her believe that?
    Don’t believe is Harsh neither. He’s way of operating in such cases is not so cheap. Blackmailing with messages is so amateurish.
    Arshad’s mother might be busy wright know. She is finding a new bride for her son, I don’t think in her free time she is messaging Zoya.
    And Madhu is weak at heart, she can’t handle all this.
    So Rajvir might be back. And after failing in his purpose of Zoya to doubt Adi, has started with life threatening messages .

    1. Neha1

      Yes @Eri, I agree…1. Anjana never ever bring Poosh’s issues by her own….
      2. Sakshi knows everything about Anjana… and She never ever gonna hurt AdiYa…If she’s coming back then also she never do threatening messages to Zoya…Infact, she will team up with Zoya or Adi to punish the culprit of Poosh’s murderer.
      3. Madhu is weak, she can’t do this.
      So, it may be Rajveer’s Entry to take revenge from AdiYa….as he earlier tried hard to get punished for Poosh’s murder…but failed…and now He’s back with his masterplan to trouble AdiYa…I 80% sure that Rajveer turns out to be the blackmailer….who’s threatening Zoya with some of his Friend/Sister/Mother’s help….As @Arch said above in her comment.

    2. Errors, errors everywhere 🙈

  3. Neha1

    Harshad(Adi) gives massage to Shehzad(Arjun)… Garba in Bepanaah.!👍👌😍😃

  4. Please someone have mercy on us and remove Arshad’s photo from the updates.😭

    1. I said the same last week,had to put up with so much crap when he was here n still seeing his photo up no way 😡

  5. Hey guys
    I read somewhere that Adi is only going to pretend to be upset with Zoya so he can help Zoya get to the truth. Kind of like show to the BLack mailer that their plan to break up Zoya and him is working. That would be a cool twist if it happened. Can’t wait for today’s episode. Have to wait the latest to see it here but thank you to who ever does the written updates here!!! It’s very much appreciated!

    1. If that’s true, it would be great. I’m tired of Zoya ‘solving’ things by herself, whereas she’s ruining everything!

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