Bepannah 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya finds out the truth

Bepannah 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harsh and Anjana are fighting. A kid peeks at them. Anjana requests Harsh not to do this to her. You cannot give my right to Kalpana Dadheech. He tells her to lower her volume. There are kids in the house. She does not mind. They should also know how their father is. He pushes her away and simply leaves. Anjana breaks down. The kid cries in the corner.

Aditya wakes up with a start. It was a bad dream. Why did I see this dream again after so many days? Zoya enters with a cup of coffee but finds him all worked up. He asks her to leave right away but she suggests that she will leave first. I will tell Victor I am going home. Aditya wonders when this bad dream will leave him. Thank God, it is just a dream now!

Rajvir sprinkles water on his Nani’s face to wake her up. She sits up but has a headache. He asks her if she enjoyed. She requests him not to shout. My head is aching badly. He says we would have won long ago if this alcohol wasn’t there. She asks him if anything went wrong. He calls her an alcoholic. I stepped out of the house. You should have been more careful but you started drinking instead. You passed out. He even shouts at her. We lost the chance we waited for since ages! She accepts it is her fault. Please forgive me but don’t say such hurtful words. She is in tears. He holds her hand. Do you realise what it means? It means Zoya will inform police and they will chase me now! Our plan will be foiled for forever then. She is sure they wont fall apart so easily. We have just swayed a little. I promise you I wont look at alcohol till the time we win in our endeavour! I will drink next time when we will finally destroy Hooda family. He makes her promise it. I am sorry for shouting on you

Zoya and Aditya are on their way to Pune. He says there is no one to point fingers at us but you are still quiet. She says there is a lot to say but I can only think of some things. Where are we off to? What are we up to? Is it right or wrong? He promises her that everything will be fine because they are together. We will fight everything together. I know that the destination is far but we will reach if we are together. She holds his hand and smiles a little.

Noor apologizes to her father. I am sorry. I know I hurt you a lot last night. I share nothing with Arjun. I promise you I wont meet him ever!

Nani gives money to servant. Buy new clothes for your kids and sweets for your family. Don’t waste money on fireworks. He nods. She gives him a bed sheet from her cupboard and realises that her drawer is open. How did this happen? Only I have the key to this drawer. Who opened it then? She finds a button there and gets thinking. Rajvir also looks at the button. He realises that it belongs to the landlord. He was wearing a shirt which had the same buttons.

Victor calls Nani. Aditya and Zoya aren’t at home. She asks him where he was. She ends the call upset. Rajvir understands what just happened. I knew that they are doing conspiracy. Nani is upset with Zoya. She will bear a worse fate than Hooda house. Love has taught them how to fight. This love will now make them shed tears of blood!

Aditya and Zoya reach Rajvir’s house in Pune. Aditya opens the lock. He takes out her mangalsutra and makes her wear it first before going inside. She smiles. They cover their noses because of the dust. Zoya slips a little and her hand brushes off a few family portraits hung on one of the walls.

Anjana is telling Victor what all to bring for Diwali puja. Harsh wishes her Happy Diwali with a gift. She accepts it half heartedly. He asks her what happened. She shares that Aditya isn’t home today. So many people are coming. He does this Maha aarti with you every year but there is Zoya in the house this time. I just hope this tradition doesn’t break. Harsh is positive it wont happen. She reminds him how he used to do this even when he dint gel well with Harsh. I am very scared this time.

The face of one of the guys is hidden in all the photos. Aditya feels it is done intentionally. Who is it who wants to hide it? She is sure something is up. They pick up one of the photos and decide to head back.

Roshnaq has been calling Noor who enters just then. Roshnaq and Noor promote Vodafone Sakhi.

Aditya looks closely at the photo. We will ask Akansha to scan the photo and restore it a little. Zoya decides to go instead and asks him to go home.

Harsh asks Anjana to see who is here. Pundit ji asks about Aditya. Anjana tells him to start the puja. He would be coming. Harsh seconds her. Aditya enters just then. Sorry for coming late. He rushes upstairs to change. Anjana smiles finally.

Zoya thanks Mona for coming especially on Diwali. Mona nods. She is busy restoring the photo. Zoya paces restlessly. Mona’s eyes widen in shock seeing the face of that man. Zoya too is equally stunned to see him. She requests Mona not to tell anyone else about this. She makes Mona print a copy. Mona does as told. Zoya thinks to speak to Aditya.

Precap: Rajvir and Nani come to Hooda House. He tells everyone his truth and calls Harsh his Dad. Zoya tries to interrupt but Nani requests her not to do anything now. You have done a lot already for us. You have done enough to bring us till here.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Finally truth is out?

  2. Thanks Pooja di for ur super fast update

  3. ???….the episode was so quick , so finally its revealed to hoodas that rajveer is harsh’s son. But what actually is this Nani planning by giving credit to Zoya for helping them. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode wanna see hoodas reaction to this especially Aditya .

  4. Neha1

    OMG the Precap..??
    See I told you all that Rajveer is Harsh’s illegitimate son…but Now I think Zoya will be in more trouble bcoz of Nani’s lied and Hiding the truth behind AdiYa’z pretense drama…. Of course Adi knew that Zoya was with him always but don’t know if he’ll proof Zoya’s innocence..?
    Episode was good and I knew it that was Harsh on that blurred pics…. with Nani and Rajveer’s mom.
    So, everything is revealed… I’m just waiting how Zoya will manage to escape this new trouble…I just hope, Actually I know Adi will definitely support Zoya but the matter is Everyone listen/trust them or not.? And soon I think the court drama will take place as I saw Zoya with some lawyer..but don’t know for what purpose lawyer came..
    And there’s another news which I want to share is that Bepannaah gonna replace with new show “Vish ya Amrit, Sitaara” but sources also saying that Bepannaah will have new time slot again coz of these 2 new shows… Let’s see.

  5. So Rajvir is Adi’s elder half brother…finally revealed…!!! Nice…hope Adi doesnt have even a fragment of doubt on Zoya…the precap was a bit worrisome!!!

  6. Neha1

    So, I guess I was wrong, Rajveer is the 1st child of Harsh and Elder than Adi… Rajveer told that Maha-Aarti does by elder son… Precap

  7. lol nothing special in the show today script writers have gone clueless to stretch the script for boring plot# although ADYA is thr mvp of the show if you enjoy their reel life pair do watch bepannah only on colors channel mon to fri at 2:00am GMT anfd kudos to all bepannah lovers here

  8. Neha1

    Now I guess, up next Anjana will try to take away Zoya’s rights as Adi’s wife. But Adi will give his support to Zoya and also I don’t see any separation or misunderstanding between AdiYa, coz Rajveer and his Nani has underestimate AdiYa and their strengt, which is their trust, support and being together….
    So, Adi will definitely fight for Zoya against his family coz nobody knows the truth except him. He’s gonna protect her and their marriage while others will point fingers…. and If this is gonna happen then it will be interesting too … But for sure Rajveer will never be succeed in his evil intentions to separate AdiYa..

  9. Eagerly waiting for next
    Now zoya-adi plan is also revealed to rajveer and nani
    So they will do something to break adiya
    Waiting for next episode.
    I think bepanah off air is rumor; bepanah will get a new time slot
    Bepanah is much popular on online and colors still promoting adiya

    1. Actually BB12 goes off air in December…BP will get it’s old time slot of 9.30pm back…silsila most likely to go off air…but BP being a much better show than silsila hardly any difference in TRP…n ‘roop’is so damn boring but it always gets higher trp than BP.. but since trp is very low BP has chances of going off air…FINGERS CROSSED

    2. Neha1

      I’m worried coz I don’t want Bepannaah to go off air….and 2ndly, there’re no confirmation about Bepannaah going off air by the makers or the channel… If Bepannaah gets it’s old time slot at 9:30 will be gr8 but don’t put the shutter down Bepannaah…. I just don’t get that Why the Trp is not good,currently show is gr8 then also 1.0Trp..??? Plz everyone do watch Bepannaah on TV instead watching online….. I’m just waiting that channel and makers announce Bepannaah will not going off air.

    3. I don’t think roop trp is better
      It has shown marriage drama and in 10:00 pm slot highest trp 2.6 where roop 1.3
      And again 10 pm bepanah got 1 but highest 1.3
      Bepanah slot is late and they even making further delay to 10.45

  10. Bepannah going off air..Replace with some crap supernatural show again..Is it true?.Plz answer

  11. So annoying these rumors. If you go online to Instagram and India forums then it’s a rumor. They are changing the time slot not going off air. But again why do these rumors start?? The source tellychakkar website has said so multiple times before BP going off air so we must take strength in that. It’s just so frustrating that the show is so good, trp are low for some unknown reason and then rumors start!!!! What a awful way to begin the week!!

  12. I want to see if Adiya will continue to pretend even after Rajvir and nani revelation or they will admit they are together in this. Depending on this things will go one way or the other. If they will still pretend nani will ask stronger proofs for Zoya’s loyalty. We already saw Zoya with a lawyer, mayby they will ask Aditya to sign those divorce papers as well as a punishment, but the strange thing is that she is still in her red dress. They will go to court for any reason be it the divorce or anything else the same night?

  13. Wondering what mischief Nani up to now ?
    Hope Zoya has some alcohol close by ?

    Since watching bepanah serial I think my weekends feel longer than usual ☺

    Was really hoping for a live Mrs Hooda interview

  14. Omg..! Will zoya be able to prove her innocence …! Will adi be able to help her…!!
    Fingers crossed.!!
    Waiting for adiyas reaction.!!

  15. I guess I have the same worry as most of us, what’s going to happen to Zoya after Mani’s drama?! I think whatever’s going to be revealed, Adi might not take it well, it’s cheating after all, we know how he feels. But, I hope he doesn’t break down but maybe angry and very disappointed. Zoya has proof to back up what Nani & Rajveer are saying. I guess Anjana will accuse Zoya of destroying her family and I hope Adi will come to her rescue. I don’t know how Harsh will react. But, whatever it is, I have hope in Adi that he won’t let Zoya be insulted or thrown out of the house by anyone.

  16. I think it’s a conspiracy created by them truth is rajveer is not adi’s half brother

    1. Somehow, I also feel there’s much more! I don’t know, could be very wrong ???.

  17. Their main motive is to destroy kooda house

  18. Why BP has not released any new promo since Oct 28th….the karva chauth promo was the last one????!!!!
    N if highest TRP is 1.3 in 10.30pm slot why BP is not even getting highest in the slot???…all thanks to colors…show starts at 10.40 PM or later n we all end up giving trp to ‘roop’…n timings on colors regular and colors HD too differs…it starts earlier or later on one of the two but both will never be in sync!!!???
    This show has right now reached a high point n every month the rumour of BP going off air will surface…as far as I know ‘sitara’n ‘tantra’ will replace ‘udaan’ and ‘internet wala love’ or BP will get 7pm slot!!!

  19. I hope you all know Harshad is going to be live on air in the next few minutes on Sabras Radio with Raj Bandhan. @Neha1 will you be able to get a link for everyone?

    1. Neha1

      Here’s the link of Sabaras Radio Interview of Harshad Chopda… Swipe n read…

  20. The show is apparently going off air soon and will be replaced by new show

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