Bepannah 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya continues struggling with her emotions

Bepannah 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya comes to Anjana’s room. She tells him how happy she was when he brought Pooja to meet her. I thought you both will be very happy together! Aditya tells her that he has moved on from that relation. Anjana asks him if he has moved on from that relation or is moving towards Zoya.

Wasim asks Zoya if she is in her senses. You want Aditya to arrange your wedding? Roshnak asks Zoya if this is true.

Anjana agrees Pooja was having an affair and cheated her. She was atleast better than this Zoya. Zoya only hurts you. You atleast weren’t this mad at Pooja’s time. Aditya asks her if she has no other topic to discuss. She lists down all that he has done for Zoya till now whereas she has chosen Arshad. Why don’t you understand? Aditya replies that it is because he loves Zoya. You

don’t know anything about her which is why you are saying this. If you knew this then you would have known Zoya cannot hurt anyone ever. You will then also know it will pain her more to see me in pain. I am here today because of her only or I would have left after your anniversary. He shows her his return ticket. You can check the date. Anjana thinks I thought you stayed back for me. Aditya says I broke apart. I couldn’t understand anything or see anything in present or future. Zoya gave me a reason to live again; she gave me a reason to smile again. I see Zoya’s face whenever I imagine my future. She tells him to stop him. Don’t fall for the wrong girl again. He says what to do. I am here because I saw it in her actions, her eyes that she loves me. I can see it. I have seen it. No one else can love me like her as she loves me immensely. I will break all my relations with whoever will come between us now. Anjana asks him if he has gone mad but Harsh justifies it.

Zoya tells her parents that Aditya has booked all the caterers and venues intentionally. He kept repeating that he will prove it I love him. I lost my mind. Roshnak points out that Aditya will be in front of her all the time during wedding. Zoya says it will prove that his existence does not matter. Roshnak suggests her to check with Arshad and his family once. What if they have an objection? Arshad says I accept it.

Harsh compliments the kind of love that Aditya feels towards Zoya. Aditya thanks Harsh for understanding him. He walks out of the room. Anjana is unhappy to see Harsh supporting Aditya but Harsh reminds her of Aditya’s words. It is no point saying anything to him right now.

Arshad’s mother calls it stubbornness but Arshad justifies it. Aditya is trying to make us look down but we have to show him the truth too. Arshad’s mother is worried about Aditya’s feelings. How can he be a part of this wedding? Zoya tries to say something but Arshad tells her he trust Zoya completely. I don’t care what Aditya wants. I am only concerned about what Zoya wants.

Aditya checks the ideas as they are too simple. Akansha says Zoya always wanted a simple wedding. Aditya knows she always wanted a lavish wedding with pomp and show. It couldn’t happen in the past but we will make it happen this time. Shawn asks him how he is handling all this. Are you ok? Aditya nods with a smile.

Noor comes home. Zoya asks her if she is ignoring her. Noor denies. I am just tired. There was a lot of work. Zoya asks her how her new office is. Tell me something about it. Noor replies that no one is interested in her life. Leave it. Zoya hugs her. Pardon me please. I got so engrossed in my problems that I couldn’t talk to you about this. I dint tell you one more thing. Noor looks at her. Zoya tells her that she will marry Arshad in the coming 7 days. Noor is shocked.

Akansha says we all wanted Zoya to marry you. Aditya tells her it will happen. Anjana makes faces. Aditya tells Akansha to bet. Zoya will marry me only. Akansha says I wont mind losing this bet. Aditya tells her to make preps to make her lose the bet.

Noor tells Zoya she cannot marry Arshad. You gave your wedding contract to Aditya? You dint feel bad for him? He really loves you. You are making a mistake by marrying Arshad. It will ruin 3 lives! Zoya accepts she dint do the right thing by giving that contract to Aditya. I cannot understand anything. No one understands me. Understand me please. I need my Kohinoor’s support. Noor asks her why she needs support when she is right. You dint need anyone’s support when you married Yash Jiju. It is because you know you are wrong this time. You don’t love Arshad but Aditya! Zoya tells her to stop repeating it. She cries. No one can understand how lonely I am feeling. Noor tells her she is with her only. I am only telling you that your decision is wrong. Zoya tells her she does not want to know that. Just be with me. Noor agrees to be with her always. They share an emotional hug. Zoya asks her to promise her she will only support her. Noor promises to support her. Are you happy? Zoya goes quiet and wipes her tears. I am happy. Noor knows there is hidden no behind her yes. Why are you punishing yourself like this? Don’t put your life at stake like this.

Harsh advises Anjana not to aggravate the matter. Aditya is very serious for Zoya. He wont listen to us. She sarcastically suggests getting them married. Harsh knows if Aditya leaves the house this time, he will never return. I have seen madness in his eyes. Anjana tells him he cannot lose Aditya. I don’t want Zoya to become the DIL of this house though. I don’t like her. Harsh suggests her to bring another DIL then. She should be such that Aditya forgets Zoya.

At night, Zoya keeps shifting in her bed. Noor puts an earphone in her ear. I listen to this song whenever I am stressed out. It will relieve you from all the stress. Zoya’s favourite song begins to play. She recalls all their meetings / all the time they have spent together in the past. Noor is also thinks of Arjun. She falls asleep and hugs Zoya. Zoya removes the earphone and moves Noor’s hand aside. She reads Aditya’s text. I know you cannot forget me but atleast stop thinking about me. She switches off the lights and lies down to sleep. Aditya checks the message. She has read it. It is enough for today.

Next morning, Wasim asks Noor to help him. I am doubtful that Zoya might become emotional and take some wrong step. I want you to act like her elder sister at that time and be with her. Noor tells her that she has supported Appi always. Wasim knows she wants Zoya to marry Aditya. I know what goes on in your mind. She tries to say something but he tells her to understand and remember that Arshad is best for Zoya. You should take care of it in the coming 7 days. Make sure Aditya is not able to create any fuss in the wedding. Aditya tells Noor not to worry. I am here. Noor smiles at him. Aditya says I will handle everything myself this time. Wasim looks at Aditya.

Precap: Aditya compliments Zoya in front of everyone. I was telling her she is looking amazing but she wasn’t listening to me. Now Sir is saying the same thing. Please agree now Zoya! Wasim tells Aditya he has chosen a great designer for Zoya. I got some shoes for Arshad. Please help him try them. Aditya happily lifts Arshad’s feet and makes him try all the pairs. Zoya looks hurt. Aditya smiles and thinks it matters so much but she just wont accept it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    Loved when Adi gives warning if anyone will come between them, he will break all the relation with that person…👍👌😍😍👏👏👏 Well done Adi….
    Zoya again struggling hard to not think about Adi but she’s continuously thinking about Adi n only Adi….
    Agree with Noor why she needs her support if she’s right, she’s not right and that’s why she needs support….plz listen to Noor, Zoya….!
    1st I thought Papa Hooda will not have any problem with AdiYa relationship but later get disappointed he too with Anjana…and he suggested Anjana to search a suitable girl for Adi, so that he’ll forget Zoya…but it’s impossible….I only worried that it will not be too late for Zoya to realise her feelings that someone enters in Aditya’s life and that time Adi becomes helpless….I doubt that writers won’t do that…!
    Precap is same…. waiting for 2mrrows episode…

  2. Many thanks dear Pooja. Thanks to you I am watching Bepannah and trying to learn a bit of hindi.

  3. Oh god Arshad wasn’t enough!!! Now a new girl for Adi…so that means in September Adi behind Zoya n in October new girl in Adi’s life n Zoya behind Adi….pls if eternal separation is gonna happen I quit watching this crap today itself!!!!:)

    1. If after Arshad new girl for Adi…then till Adiya union it will be december…n audience especially the ones like me will go to sleep n move on to other tv shows…Jenshad chemistry cannot entice me to watch crap for prolonged periods of time…!!! I think this serial will compel me to quit watching it one day!!!…😣😣😣😣

    2. Dawn

      Is that so. So much dragging

  4. I wish there had not changed timeslot of Bepanaah.
    10 30 is too late

  5. Want adiya union
    Not a crap of another love traingle
    Don’t play with viewer emotions, following upto marraige day, don’t want another love triangle and seperation track.

    1. Today Harsh has put that thought in Anjana’s mind…hope Adiya get married…after marriage Zoya will safeguard her Adi from other woman…I knew from the beginning a vamp/ other woman will surely fall for Adi n come between Adiya but not so soon…let Adiya unite first!!!!or makers keep losing ur trps!!!😣😣😣😣

      1. I also agree
        At first a union at least
        Do not want another love triangle / separation before union

      2. Rather than ,Showing others shows simillar track
        They should maintain quality of the show.
        This is love story widowed couple not a show of multiple love traingles and multiple marriages.

      3. Arch I don’t belive Anjana will bring any girl for Aditya. To her it doesn’t matter the name of the girl next to Adi, can be Pooja, Zoya or anyone. She doesn’t want any girl at all near him. At least if we stay tru to the character, if makers have another plan I am feed up with this dragging.

  6. This new girl track is confirmed or not.
    Anyone know upcoming, so that i can quiet early??

    1. I bet its a Pooja lookalike.

  7. This serial is dragging now,already stopped watching, might as well stop reading
    Just like any other serial I’ve heard of, always keeping them apart for so many episodes ,then one episode they get hitch and serial ends.
    Still hoping the writers can come up with something different.

    Even when Zoya close her eyes Aditya is still there 😍
    Poor Adi hope he gets what he wants soon…

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Ufff loved the attitude and the way Aditya said, none should come b/w him and Zoya, otherwise he will forget others… Finally he got his bepannah love😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    2. Poor Noor and Arjun, they are not able to share anything and even getting far, I hope they too unite…😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    3. Something is really fishy about this marriage, i mean arshad is tooo much sweet which is unbearable and can have diabetic… I mean he take all decisions as if his parents are fake.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. Anju5u

    Highlights of today’s episode….😍
    1.Adi making it clear to Anjana what Zoya means to him
    2.Adi’s challenge to Akansha( loved his confidence)
    3. Zoya receiving adi’s msg right when she thinks about him saying he knows she can’t forget him but atleast stop thinking about him
    4. Adi’s entry at Zoya’s house ( loved the smile on Noor’s face then)

  10. Anju5u

    N today adi came on Silsila badhalte episode…to warn Kunal that what he is doing is not correct….

  11. No no .New girl is not coming as of now. But marriage track coming up.confirmed news

    1. @Diya : If that’s true sugar n ghee in your mouth!!!😁

  12. I am tired friends of seeing only sad faces.

  13. Question: What ritual is missing for Adiya to be considered married already. I mean from the beginning of the show , fake marriage included.

    1. Zoya’s pheras left, engagement (Adi will forcefully insert a ring in her finger but she won’t insert any ring in Adi’s finger) and mangalsutra …mehendi done, Adi’s pheras done, sindoordan done…

  14. Ooshi

    Adi Adi Adi💚💙💛💜💗💕💓💟💖💝

    1. Oh my god! Hi ooshi!
      It’s been sooooo long since I last saw your comment.. i know you and I have never spoken.. that’s because I was a silent reader back then..but yeah,happy to see you back.
      And this time,may I please say.. stay here,always.
      I missed you bro.
      And yes,adi adi adi adiiiiii💕💕💯

  15. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja

  16. Ooshi

    Keep commenting Arch and Silvano

  17. Loved aditya’s entry at the end and how Noor smiled at him..
    You know what I want? I want that it’s revealed later that Zoya too loved Aditya and she knew about it all along.. she just didn’t want to accept it.. she had had feelings for him since his Paris return.. and she too had been thinking about him whenever there was flower shower,ice cream scene.. and had realized everything.. but she felt she’d be hurt again,or that she isn’t ready to be with someone so she’d hurt Aditya.. or that she felt if Pooja and Yash would approve of that or the same.. what would the society think or something like that.. but she knew it all along.. and that’s why she never let Aditya confess… because she was afraid that would ruin her friendship with her too.. . and now that Aditya confessed,she’s just overwhelmed with emotional n came face to face with her fears and knows she can’t hurt her abbu again and that anajana’s wouldn’t approve.. so she’s fighting her feelings..
    Yeah.. that’s what I want to be revealed later.. all the flashbacks where Zoya would be seen swooning,zoya’s side of the love story that never got shown/noticed.
    Please.. !!!
    What do you think,fam??

  18. Oh and THANK YOU,POOJA. You give such quick updates,really.I love it. Thanks a tonne,love.
    You be da bestttt!💕😘😘💚💚
    Bepanaah love for youuuu💜💜

  19. I had always anticipated it. I was just wondering about adi’s new girl yesterday. The plot’s gonna be amazing from now on.

  20. I am feeling bad for Noor. Yesterday i felt like everyone is thinking for their own problems only but nobody cares about Noor. Hope her problems gets solved asap and she unites with arjun.

    1. Arch
      Can you tell what was there?
      Post is removed from instagram

      1. Nothing much : I will give brief one liners
        Episode 129 : Waseem asks Aditya to stay away from Zoya.
        Episode 130 : Arshad agrees to get engaged to Zoya on the same day leaving Adiya shocked.
        Episode 131 : Adi makes it clear to Anjana that he will not marry anyone apart from Zoya. Arshad n his family are worried that Adi might create ruckus during marriage rituals.

  21. I want new girl should enter in aditya during marriage track so that she can make zoya feel jealous nd she realise her feelings for Aditya.. .

    1. Exactly, just how Arshad did to adi

  22. C only 7 days for marriage…if new girl enters now serial will be all messed up…in that case following things will happen:-
    1. 7 days = minimum 7 weeks
    2. 7 weeks more of Arshad ( intolerable)
    3. Adiya union unlikely to happen before November
    At a time there should be only one challenge for Adiya not multiple challenges….too many challenges at the same time make serial boring…
    I want new girl for Adi as Zoya has so far done nothing to prove her bepannaah love…but not now!!!!
    First Adiya marriage then a new girl who would be Anjana’s puppet (I don’t mind if it is Mahi) tries to separate them…Zoya puts a fierce fight against her and Adiya bond stands unshakable… I bet this will be more favourable for trp too!!!…if new girl now absolutely no contribution to trp from my side atleast!!!

    1. Same.
      I think makers are just making up plots and then forgetting about it.. there are so many loose ends,how are they gonna tie it all up idk! And the worst part is that I’m not even interested now.
      That’s the thing with so much happening around.. you lose interest.
      And like @eri said: they won’t be able to enjoy their surrender to each other even without the the new girl and if she really comes then that’s it.. the show is done for good.
      This is not fair.. we’ve been waiting for adiya union for over a 100 fcking eps now.. and instead of giving us let alone union but not even some really new moments.. we are expected to see more crap!
      Disappointment level 💯

  23. Honestly I am really surprised that Harsh is supporting Aditya, and I think he has some ulterior motive, he always does. At least the poor guy has some support in this state: otherwise the way Aditya is constantly craving Zoya and not getting her is making my heart go wayhoo. I feel really bad for him and I really hope that one day the madness in his eyes will change to satisfaction, and I’m sure all of you want the same. When I began to watch this serial, I was looking for some deeply emotional content that would make my eyes wet, although I got that I now realized it was not all that I wanted. I believe every love story should have a happy ending and nobody should be punished by destiny for their love. Albeit this fantasy is quite different from reality, it is definitely possible in this serial. Not only do I want to see an emotional reconciliation/ union seen, I want to see it fast. Every day when I receive my daily dose of Bepanaah I find myself hoping desperately for some satisfying AdiYa scenes but every day I leave with disappointment. Honestly it is a wonder how serials can affect you mentally so fast and so deeply and the way I get attached to serials is not due to my capacity of love but is due to their wondrousness. Yes, I feel really annoyed towards the makers for keeping us waiting in breathless helplesness, but I am oh so grateful towards them for introducing this show. I have trust that they will beautifully twist the plot. Much love.

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