Bepannah 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjana folds hands before Aditya

Bepannah 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana’s friends are at Huda House. Cookie Aunty stops Aditya on his way out. They tease him that he has broken the hearts of so many ladies. He decides to escape stealthily but the ladies continue pulling his leg. He teases them back. Don’t trouble my Zoya too much or I wont joke. Ladies tell Anjana that Aditya looks happy. He is stuck to his wife. Anjana replies that this is the trend these days. Ma does anything and everything yet sons don’t care at all. They suggest her to keep a tab on Arjun atleast.

Anjana’s friends ask Anjana if her DIL isn’t making them wait too much. Anjana says that no one listens to her anymore. I wasn’t anxious to hold this ritual but I had to comply. Don’t know when she will come. They tell her not to worry. We will enjoy kitty party

till then. We will question her once she is here. Zoya comes downstairs inebriated. She hugs them asks them how they speak s much. What’s your problem? Does your head not hurt? Leave if you feel it is so boring. The door is open. Anjana warns her to stop. Aditya might have given you freedom but it does not mean you will disrespect my friends. Zoya tells her to be quiet instead. I am not the wife of some TV serial who will sit quietly if someone will disrespect me. I will answer everyone back. Anjana tells her to leave but Zoya suggests playing some music. This is why the cutie aunties are here. One lady asks Anjana if her DIL is mad or drunk. Zoya dances on Maine Sharab Pi Hai. She pulls everyone one by one for a moment or two. The ladies start recording it. Zoya stands atop a sofa while dancing. She is about to fall down but Aditya holds her in time. The ladies clap. We thought that you got a beautiful wife but you brought an item number. Zoya is unconscious. Aditya begins to go to his room quietly when Cookie aunty stops him. Your first wife passed away. A year had not passed yet you married again. Today you let Zoya insult your mother and all of us! Old Aditya couldn’t have borne all this! Anjana tells her friends to let it be. It is ok if your wife came before my friends drunk. It is ok if I and my friends got insulted. I only want my son to stay at home. I will make new friends if Zoya cannot gel with her friends. I don’t want anything to go wrong between us. I will change my friends so Zoya does not have to be embarrassed next time. She folds her hands to apologize to Aditya on behalf of her friends. Aditya leaves quietly from there. Anjana’s friends question Anjana on Zoya’s behaviour. Did you call us here to insult us? No one will set foot in your house again because of your DIL! Anjana stands there teary eyed.

Aditya brings Zoya to their room. He seems disturbed by what happened outside just now. He sits next to unconscious Zoya. I don’t know what happened and why. I only know you can never be wrong. Don’t worry. I am with you. We will face everything together. I will live by our promises. Death or problem will find me in front of you. I will be right behind you if you stumble ever. I wont leave your side ever. There is a knock on the door. Aditya goes outside. Zoya opens her eyes and sits up. She looks disturbed. How to tell Aditya that I am unable to understand what’s going on! Please forgive me. She recalls the incidents in Vatsal and Ishita’s wedding party and all those texts that have been coming to her. This person is surely keeping tabs on us. How to tell anyone! I cannot talk to anyone about this. She wipes her tears.

Noor comes home. Roshnaq asks her if she met Zoya. How is she? Noor coldly replies that Appi is very happy. I dint meet her but I know she is very happy. If that wasn’t the case then she wouldn’t have taken such a big decision. Roshnaq asks her why she dint meet her sister. You went till her house! Why did you do it? Noor replies that she went there as Abbu dint want any of her belongings in this house. I cannot hurt him anyone because of Appi. I wont try to meet her in future as well. Saying so, she heads inside.

Aditya and Arjun discuss as to what’s happening to Zoya. They are sure someone is after Zoya. Aditya says Zoya is trying hard to get closer to Ma but someone keeps coming in the way. They hear Anjana crying.

Roshnaq tries Zoya’s number but there is no response. She is unable to reach Aditya and is worried.

Harsh asks Anjana why she is crying. Anjana says I cannot do anything else. He calls it emotional drama but Harsh insists that Zoya dint do the right thing. Aditya is sure she cannot do this. You know her. You called her your daughter in the morning. You lost trust on your daughter so soon? Anjana isn’t concerned as to what and why Zoya did. She insulted my friends. The video is viral. It might hurt our family. Harsh does not like it. Aditya apologizes on Zoya’s behalf. I know she isn’t at fault yet I am apologizing. I cannot say anything further as I know someone has trapped me. Harsh is sure no one will mix alcohol in her drink without her knowledge. You shouldn’t back your wife so soon. Aditya asks him how his daughter became my wife so soon. Harsh calls it fact but Aditya insists this is made up. Roshnaq calls on Arjun’s number. She expresses a wish to talk to Zoya when she overhears Harsh shouting that Zoya made a mistake. There is no forgiveness for it. Arjun ends the call but Harsh’s voice continues to echo in her head. Aditya walks out with the glass of juice. Zoya drank it. Who made it? Anjana takes Victor’s name but Aditya focuses on proving the facts. It has alcohol. Anjana tells them she has no idea who did it. Aditya nods. How do I believe you though as theory, facts also need a motive? You sent Zoya’s Abbu to jail because of those very reasons! You else could have a motive in this house against Zoya? Who does not like Zoya? You! Shall I blame you for trapping Zoya now?

Precap: Aditya is practising boxing. Zoya comes there. It is very difficult to gain love and respect. It is easier to lose it though. I need your support. He asks for his help in organizing a party. He happily agrees.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    Episode was ok…but the most Amazing part was when Adi believed Zoya can’t do it…and Bring the glass of juice which had alcohol in that juice….and put blame on Anjana and I too was pretty sure that it could be Anjana and she has a motive and also she’s against from Zoya since AdiYa get married… But today I must say Harsh too changed his opinion for Zoya so soon….So, I had doubt on both Husband and Wife…that is Harsh and Anjana both..
    Precap is good but Now which Party’s going to happen… I really want Zoya to tell the truth to Adi or else this misunderstanding must leads into a disaster for AdiYa relationship….as we really don’t know who’s that messenger…and inside the house Anjana is a big trouble for Zoya…So it will be good if Zoya says the truth to Adi about the message she received since her 1st night… Waiting for 2days episode…

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Why I feel that even bepannah writers have started dragging show?? Nothing is good, and why zoya blindly following messages, people generally block unknown persons… And Noor stop behaving rude, I know you are hurt because of Arjun, but do not blame Zoya for it..but on other thought, I think she has other plan… I hope Arjun anD Noor love do not suffer much that its toooooooo difficult to join again…

  3. Dem yard hens get something to cackle about 🤣🤣🤣

    N dey recording too 😁😁😁

    Thank you Pooja for giving us these updates.
    Notice that the old photo of Aditya ,Zoya and Arshad is still there 🤔

  4. Show again moving slowly
    Adiya bond is good but no consummation ( i think it will take more days)
    Again something will happen sure on reception
    I am damn sure mr hooda is involved with all the mess; don’t know he is mastermind or not

  5. That was the filthy cheap game of Anjana. She tried to attack the new fragile relationship between Harsh and Zoya, she is fuming because all family is happy to have her there, jealosy at the highest peak. And she played well her cards, she knows what’s the most important thing for Harsh is. His family reputation, he never liked scandals, she pointed at the fact that the video will be viral and he lost it. He didn’t spare his own son because of this at his birthday party, so even if he genuinely likes Zoya, gossip and this kind of publicity are not something he can tolerate.
    But stupid as she is she left the proves of her “crime” , she forgot to eliminate that glass of juice. I don’t think Harsh will do that, he is a lawyer after all. As of now I don’t want to think him as the villain, and from the precap I understood that Zoya and Harsh cleared the misunderstanding between them.
    I hope Zoya will start to react to those messages, ok don’t tell Adi becase you are concerned but don’t obey blindly. Drinking that juice was really stupid, it could have been something harmful to her, creatives should have thought of something else to make her have that drink.
    Aunties flirting with Adi was 😅😅😅
    In my country people say: What’s in your guts the bottle will project in your words, it is lame when it is translated it in englisht but the real meaning is that when you are drunk you somehow are free of your inhibition and you speak frankly. The first time Zoya got drunk she told Adi what she really felt of him going away, she wanted to tie him with those delicate flowers😂😂 completely crazy.
    And today she gave Anjana a taste of what she really thinks of her 😏 and her army of aunties. The thing that irritates me the most is that such people really exist. How can people bee so mean??? How dare she judge them of getting married within a year of their partners death. It is their right to be happy. They should grieve forever so outsiders can be happy ???
    Thinking about Noor, yes she is irritating but thinking further she has no other choice, her father is doing with her the same thing he did with Zoya before. He put her in front of the responsibility of being his only daughter, so she is stuck there, she can’t be Zoya’s sister anymore and can’t be Arjun’s Noor because she knows this will destroy him.
    And the precap is nice. How does his expression change the moment he sees her. He is all tensed, his jaw is constricted, but the moment he realises she is there all his facial muscle relax.
    And last but not least : Harshad Chopda doesn’t need to take off his shirt to make the audience stick to the screen. He is equally gorgeous while wearing a burqa, so just give him a good script and he will burn the screen.
    Good night everyone, sweet dreams.

    1. Neha1

      Yes @Eri, I agree with you…. Even I don’t want Zoya to follow that msg…she must be careful and I really appreciate the way Adi took stand for Zoya, his trust/believe on Zoya…Well Adi’s always there for Zoya no doubt…but I want Adi too understand soon that Zoya is in some problem…and both investigate about that unknown person who keep texting to Zoya… The way Adi put all blame on his mom Anjana was Superb 👌.. and I still don’t have that genuine trust on Harsh… But in last 2 episode, the way Harsh’s treated Zoya and accepted her, is good ..but just hope that his intentions were good…
      And Agree Harshad Chopda is too hot n handsome that audience will surely stick to the screen but with a good script…and that too with Jennifer too…

  6. When Zoya came down for muun dikhai, her expression was exactly Maya😎

    1. Akriti Rastogi

      agreed!! just like maya

  7. Neha1

    Yesterday’s Precap….Up Next AdiYa’s Reception Party…. looking forward to it..

  8. Neha1

    Completion of 150 episodes of Bepannaah….Party, Celebration on the set ..👏👌🤗😍🎉🎊🎇

  9. Neha1

    After AdiYa’s Reception…. Navratri going to show in Bepannaah.. It has a twist I guess…In daily soaps what we expect for.??
    Sasur-Bahu-Devar….👏👍👌😍 But where’s “PatiDev- Janaab Aditya Hooda”…?? Missing in this Frame.

  10. Neha1

    “Itna Sannaata Kyun hai Bhai”….
    “Why is it so Silence”….
    Where’s @Arch, @Evelyn, @Meera and others….What happen..?? Hope you all are fine…
    So less comments today.😮

    1. Wondering the same 🤔

  11. Neha1

    Aditya Hooda is the best example of “Pure Love” and a “Proud Husband”…
    Love you Aditya Hooda tothe moon and back and to the infinity.. Love you…muah.👍👌😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  12. Can someone explain to me what happened yesterday ??? I thought I understood it but now after seeing different posts on insta I feel I haven’t. 🙄😌😨
    Zoya was drunk or not ???
    What was really on written on the message???
    Where is everyone??????
    Hope you all are doing well and will comment on weekend 😘😘😘😘

    1. At least she she heard what Aditya said.
      Hope she feels the same about him

  13. Neha1

    I’m so annoyed with this kind of Instagram fan’s… they’re bringing religion between the show…Hindu-Muslim…blah…blah.. blah… It’s nonsense…

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