Bepannaah Chaha Dil Ne (Episode 2)

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Bepannaah Chaha Dil Ne

Episode 2

The episode starts with another morning in Canada. Hooda mansion is shown where all the staff members are seen running here n there to take the final luggage for loading. Aditya was seen sitting angrily on his bed while thinking about last night. Arjun entered his room but he was too lost in his thoughts that he didn’t realise.

Arjun: Bhai? Let’s go. Every one is waiting for you. Bhai?

Adi came out of his thoughts. And stood up,

Adi: Haan! Come let’s go.

Arjun noticed the change in behaviour of his brother,

Arjun: Bhai? Are you okay?…. About last night..

Adi: Kiya farqt perhta hai Arjun? Mr. Hooda ko jo sahi lagta hai who wahi kerte hain. Chahe kisi ke emotions bhaar main jayein. (What difference will it make Arjun? Mr. Hooda likes to do whatever he finds right. Everyone else emotions does not matter to him.)

He banged his fist on the mirror which broke into hundreds of pieces and hissed,

Arjun (shocked): Bhai!?

Location changed to India

Zoya at the same time cut her finger accidentally while cutting vegetables.

Noor: Appi?! It’s bleeding soo much.

Zoya (smiled): Kiya farq perhta hai Noor? Yeh dard humare uss dard ke saamne bohat chota hai jo zindagi ne humain diya hai. ( What difference does this makes Noor? This pain is very small in front of that pain which life gave me.)

Noor took her hand to put bandage

The scene shifts back to Hooda mansion where Adi’s hand is bleeding and Anjana is seen putting bandage on his hand.

Mr. Hooda: Yeh kiya ghatiya herkat hai Aditya? ( What nonsense is this Aditya?)

Adi angrily stared at him and asked him,

Adi:Tou Mr. Hooda, kal jo ghatiya harkat aapne keri, who sahi thi? (What about the nonsense thing you did, was it right?)

Mr. Hooda: Aditya!!

And stepped towards him when Arjun and Anjana stopped them both,

Arjun: Adi bhai ki taraf se main aapse maafi mangta houn. (I apologise on behalf of Adi bhai)

Adi was about to say something to Arjun but Anjana held his hand and nodded no. He stood up and went outside the mansion. Mr. Hooda glared Anjana who apologised to him on Adi’s behalf. Mr. Hooda also left from there.

In India,

Zoya was seen sitting on the couch as noor was not letting her do any work.

Zoya: Dekain Noor, humain office jana hai. Bohat important meeting hai humari. Please humain jane dain? (Listen Noor, I have to go office. I have a very important meeting to attend. Please let me go?)

Noor: Acha appi, phir aap wada kerain ke zyada kaam nahi kerain gi aur apna dehaan rakhain gi? (Okay appi, then promise me that you are not going to do a lot of work and take care of your self?)

Zoya: Haan mera kohinoor, wada! (Yes my kohinoor, promise!)

Both of them smiled and hugged each other. Then both left to get ready for office.

After some time,

Zoya: Noor?

Noor: Gee appi?

Zoya: Aapko aaj ka din kuch ajeeb sa nahi lag raha? (Don’t you feel strange today?)

Noor: Appi? Aapki tabiyat tou theek hai? (Appi? Are you feeling well?)

She stood up and went to check Zoya’s temperature which was normal. She asked her to come with her to the doctor. Zoya slightly hit on her head,

Zoya: Arey? Humara matlab yeh hai ke aaj ka din jese apne ander ek nayi se hawa lekar chal raha hai, jese kuch naya sa? (Huh? I mean today feels like so new?)

Noor rolling her eyes: Appi, aap humain kuch theek nahi lag rahi and she left the cabin, (Appi, you don’t look fine to me and she left the cabin)

Zoya’s POV
“ Noor, aap nahi samajh paa rahi. Aaj itne saaloun main, hum pehli baar muqammal mehsoos ker rahe hain. Pata nahi yeh kesa ehsaas hai jisse hum bayaan nahi, sirf mehsoos ker paa rahe hain. Shayd aap theek hi keh rahi hain. Hum pagal ho gaye hain “ (Noor, you are not getting it. Today after soo many years I feel complete. I don’t know what this feeling is. I think you are saying right, I have gone mad)

She smiling got busy in her work. Noor was seeing her from the glass door.

Noor’s POV
“ Ya Allah! Humari appi ko humesha iss tarah muskurata rakhiye. Please” (Ya Allah! Let my appi smile like this everyday)

She also left from there smiling.

The scene shifts to dehradhun airport where airplanes are landing. Hooda family came out of the airport. Adi stopped while coming out of the airport. He smiled and shaked his head. Arjun turned to see him and asked him what happened,

Adi: Kuch nahi. Kuch ajeeb sa hai yahan ki hawaon main. Kuch poora hone ka ehsaas dila rahi hain. (Nothing. Something is strange about this wind. It makes me feel complete. )

He shook his head thinking and smiling.

Arjun: Isse universe ka ishara samjhain. He winked at Adi.

Adi: Acha beta! Pooja ke dialogue mare ga ab tou? (Okay! So now you are going to talk like pooja, haan?)

Arjun laughed and both of them went towards the car. Soon they reached to a huge mansion. Guards opened the gate. They left the car and entered the house. Arjun who was very tired told her mom that he is going for a nap. Adi told her that he is also going to sleep. Anjana nodded and continued to instruct the staff with everyones luggage. The day passed quickly.

At night,

Siddique House,

Zoya and Noor had their dinner and left for their respective room. Zoya came inside her room and went straight to the balcony and started talking while looking at the sky,

Zoya: Kabhi kabhi humain lagta hai ke humare saath jo kuch bhi hoa woh sahi hoa. Yeh humare us andhe bharosay ki saza hai jo hum logo per kerte the. Humain Abbu ne bohat samjhaya magar humne unki baat per aitbaar nahi kiya. (Sometimes I feel that everything that happened with me was all my mistake for believing people blindly. Abbu tried to explain me a lot but I didn’t listen to him)

She wiped the tears which welled up in her eyes.

Zoya: Magar humain uss sab se ek seekh mili. Ab hum kisi per aitbaar nahi kerain gay. Itni asaani se nahi. (Bit I got a lesson from that incident. From now on, I will not trust anyone easily.)

The scene shifts to Hooda mansion where Adi is also seen looking at the sky from his huge window,

Adi’s POV
“ Na jaane kiyoun ek apna sa ehsaas mahsoos ho raha hai jabse yahan aya houn. Kal ek nayi subah hogi. Kuch naye logo se mulakat. I hope ab sab kuch theek ho. Mr. Hooda koi naya karnama anjaam na dain” (I don’t know why I feel strange since I have come here. Tomorrow will be a new beginning. I’ll be meeting new people. I hope everything goes fine now and Mr. Hooda does not do any new blunder)

The episode ended on both the faces.

Hope you guys are enjoying this story. Thank you to those who appreciated the effort by commenting on the previous episode. And silent readers, please comment your views, it would mean a lot to me. I’ll try my best to post soon. Thank you. ❤

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