Bepannaah 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya saves the Sangeet Ceremony

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Bepannaah 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya suddenly notices Ashish in the party and promises Noor she will call her back. Akansha comes to ask her something. She hurriedly tells her and runs towards Ashish. She collides with a waiter and then Bella and Rohan block her way. Aditya asks Zoya to take care. Ashish has gone in another direction by now. An intern tells Zoya that the celebrity couple dint turn up. Even their phones are off.

Noor tells herself to handle her problems on her own. Come what may, I wont marry that guy! She throws the cushion away which lands in her mother’s feet. She asks Noor what she will have in dinner. Noor asks her since when she is bothered as to what she likes. Everyone just gives me orders anyways. Saying so, she walks away. Wasim has seen it.

Ashish asks Bella’s father who organized this event. He is surprised to know that Zosh Event Management is managing this company. Bella’s father takes Zoya’s name. Ashish notices Zoya and takes his leave.

Zoya tells Mahi about Ashish but he is long gone.

Bella’s father questions Zoya about the celebrity couple. You got their tickets cancelled? Zoya declines but noticing the smile on Aditya’s face, she understands what must have happened. Mahi is also relieved. Aditya trapped Zoya so nicely. From where will she find celebrity dancers now? Zoya apologizes to Bella’s father. Aditya whispers in her ears that she has messed things up. Handle it if you can. Bella’s father vows to sue Zosh. He gets to know that Bella went away crying. He warns Zoya to fix things or he will not spare her or her company. Zoya turns to Mahi who too leaves. Zoya mentally gives up. I lost Yash. I broke all the dreams that you saw for your company.

Senior Inspector gets updates from his men. He thinks that they want to get the insurance money. Find out what they are up to. Inspector agrees.

Aditya gets out of his car and hears someone crying. He finds Bella sitting in her car crying. Aditya tells himself this is collateral. Innocent people get trapped in war too. You are not wrong. Focus on your path. He again looks at Bella and recalls Sakshi’s words. He sends his car away and goes to her. He offers her tissues. She tells him that she took 2 hours to get ready. He tells her that she will now take 2 more hours to fix her makeup. Everything is messed up. She nods. I always dreamt of a dream like princess wedding. I thought it will be perfect and celebrity couple will dance in my wedding but nothing like that happened! Universe is giving me sign that this wedding isn’t right. This wedding wont worry. He calls it rubbish. I also knew a girl. She also spoke of universe signs. It all turned out to be a lie in the end. She asks him about the girl. He is drawn back to Pooja’s memories. Not important! You are important. You are the bride. Is this you or those celebrities who are marrying? It’s ok if they don’t turn up. Rohan cannot dance like you but he is trying. He loves you very much. You can find another dancer but not another lover. She speaks of her instragram profile. Now everyone will know Rohan and I aren’t perfect. We are no perfect dancers. It will be an ordinary wedding with no celebrities dancing! He explains that no wedding is perfect. At times, weddings break just in an attempt to show they are perfect. What you like is good but what is given to you is better. You should think that what happens now will be better. Perfect is overrated. Almost perfect is best. Let’s make your wedding almost perfect, realistic. She asks him what he will do to make her Sangeet rocking. He tells her to smile. I will then show you what I can do. She ends up smiling.

Zoya cries. I ruined everything. Yash’s dream and this company’s future is gone! Now only God can show me a way. Mahi tells her not to feel bad. I am sure company people must be blaming you but I will explain to them. It’s ok if Aditya won. You just entered in business. It’s ok. It is true that Yash Bhaiya will be insulted and his dream will be broken but you dint do it intentionally. Zoya looks at Yash’s photo in her phone. She shakes her head. I wont let it happen. I will do something but I wont let Yash’s dream break. Where’s everyone? Vinod asks her the same question. We cannot find the bride! She asks him if anything is fine. Lights go off suddenly. They go to check what’s happening.

Stage lights up. Mahi asks Zoya if she did this. She declines. Bella hugs Zoya. Thank you! You did amazing job. We should be celebrity couple when it’s our wedding. Why do we need a celebrity couple? Zoya agrees. Who said this to you though? Aditya greets everyone. He dances on Jogi Mahi. The guests and Bella, Rohan seem to love it very much. Zoya claps happily to see everyone happy while Mahi looks upset. She imagines Yash in Aditya. He throws a dupatta at her and they both stand under it. She starts dancing but stops realising where she is. She wipes her tears. Aditya dances with Bella and Rohan. Bella pulls Zoya for a dance too. Aditya twirls her around and she ends up falling in his arms. Mahi clicks their pictures together. Zoya backs off. Aditya also makes a straight face.

Bella and Rohan thank Aditya for rocking their sangeet. Bella’s father thanks Aditya for what he did today. You managed things so nicely. I dint believe anything would happen. Bella spoke of even breaking the wedding but you did grand show. I hope this wont repeat in the remaining functions of wedding. There is only scope for one mistake. Afterwards, one has to pay the price for it. He heads to meet the guests. Everyone is clicking photos with Aditya. Mahi remarks that Aditya did things really well. Zoya smiles seeing him happy. I too was thinking that the function could happen smoothly only because of him. I feel he just tries to show himself as rude but he has a very nice heart. Mahi advises her to be careful of guys like him. He has both a mind and a heart.

Arjun wonders where the courier could be. He notices his father’s study and heads there.

Mona clicks a personal selfie with Aditya. She compliments him. You look so handsome without filter. She goes noticing Mahi staring at her. Mahi walks up to Aditya. You seem to be the real celeb here. Everyone is clicking a photo with you. I have the best photo of the day. She shows his and Zoya’s photo to him. What’s going on between you two? She got your name’s mehendi yesterday and today you both are dancing together! Did the fire of your hatred turn cold? Aditya advises her not to waste her words on him. I am not Zoya. Your words don’t affect me. My thinking starts from where your thinking ends! He walks away.

Arjun is scanning the study. Harsh asks him what he is looking for. Arjun cooks up a story. Harsh tells him to not to take Aditya’s name. I have stopped bothering you and so should you! Arjun goes downstairs. Harsh sits on his chair and is in thoughts.

Aditya is standing on the edge of terrace when Zoya comes there. She tells him to be careful. He turns to look at her. She says it is strange. Whenever you are standing alone like this, I come there. Don’t worry. I know you don’t plan to jump. I only want you to be a little careful. Everything is scattered here and there. I have been calling carpenter since morning but don’t know when he would come. I wanted to keep the theme as white and gold. What do you think? He tells her to come to the point. She thanks him for what he did today. You maintained our company’s respect and Yash’s respect. For the first time today, I realised you are not as cold hearted as you show yourself to be. Your rudeness, anger is just a show! It’s a mask behind which you hide your pain. He recalls Pooja and Yash holding hands when their dead bodies were found. She looks at him. Maybe this is the difference between you and me. I cannot fight with my pain. I don’t feel shy when I talk about it but you maybe don’t want to share it with anyone. It is your pain and you alone want to feel it. I know you do care about what others think. It is not just hatred which is in your heart. There is still some love inside. You aren’t as bad as you try to show yourself.

He pushes her on the edge. What were you saying? I am not as bad as I try to show? I still have emotions? Wrong! I am worse than I appear to be! My emotions died with Pooja! I have nothing good left in me. Everything was over the day I saw her holding someone else’s hand. That day they were holding hands and today we are holding hands. Do you want to hold my hand and die or do you want to hold my hand and live? There is a much tougher heart behind this tough face. What happened with me that day was cheating! I cannot forget it and I will make sure you don’t forget it. I have a fire burning inside me which will ruin everything! He pulls her back up and pushes her towards the floor. He goes. His words echo in her head.

Precap: Yash’s mother (Madhu) calls Aditya and asks about Zoya. She still isn’t home. Aditya runs upstairs and finds Zoya unconscious. She is completely drenched in the rain. He takes her to hospital. Doc tells Aditya that Zoya has hypothermia. Her body temperature fell really low. It could have caused serious problem. It is good that you brought her here. What’s your relation with you? Aditya looks at Zoya.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow

  2. Pinku

    Hi medha riana aqsa sri anee Sahara fenil latha sangita feni n lokesh papia ayesha n alll…. am yet to watch it I think tomorrow is going to be really interesting I am still wondering how did Soya reached there in for unconscious what you think might have happened

    1. hi pinku I think someone might have locked the terrace door from outside.

    2. Aqsa.M

      Hi Pinku !
      When Adi was leaving from the terrace he closed the door so hard that it may have jammed so Zoya couldn’t open it and I don’t think that Mahi had done this because she wanted Zoya to sign the insurance papers …

    3. Riana


    4. Riana

      @Pinks…Sorry by mistake i typed ofcourse ?…Yah i am too waiting for next episode

    5. Lokesh

      Hi di, and I think Mahi locked her there

    6. Medha

      Hello Pinku Darling!! ?

    7. Anee

      Hii….Pinku Dear.

    8. P_lata

      Hello Pinku dear!

  3. Lokesh

    Enjoyed reading, nice song for dancing. Full paisa wasool waiting for others comments

  4. I think Mahi has something to do with Zoya’s near death condition.
    Loved today’s episode though ?

  5. Rithu17

    Adi n Zoya??

  6. zara hayat khan

    Eagerly waiting for tonights episode.
    Hate dat mahi soooo much .

    1. hi are u the same zara from bb11

  7. Amnaeman

    It was a nice episode…adi and zoya lovely couple.

  8. Can I kill this mahi please…I hate her so.much but I loved adi ka reply to her ..hope Zoya knows her true face soon…I just hope adi befriends Zoya..but somewhere I want Zoya’s faith in Yash to be true…

    1. Fenil

      no you can’t kill her yaar !!

  9. Fenil

    Fabulous episode.

  10. It was a very nice epsidoe ,eagerly waiting for tonight epsidoe…

  11. Riana

    Superb episode…
    specially Adi’s dance !!…???
    Last part was painful as its bepannah ?
    Precap is amazing ???

  12. Aleeza

    Awesome episode ??
    And adi’ s dance ❤❤❤
    Precap looks so interesting??
    Eagerly waiting ??

  13. P_lata

    Awesome Episode…..Again luck favored Zoya , however Aditya was the reason … either for the mess up and again for the cleaning up… Hi hi hi
    Bella…Bella Bella…Super cute girl…..the pouting girl….. Aditya consolled her so cutely
    Aditya….U rocked man…..Danced so lovely…..emotions are the strong side Harshad…he portray them so fairly on Terrace…
    Mahi…U got good reply ….Apni saansein nujh par barbaad mat karo, mai zoya nahi hoon…tumhari soch jahan aakar khatm ho jati hai …wahan se meri shuru hoti hai……
    Waiting for today’s episode…kuch kuch hone wala hai….

  14. Medha

    Zoya’s was looking too good in that attire… his curly hair and that dress just awesome ?
    And Captain… he was looking so handsome type in that Pathan Kurta ?
    Ye Ashish ka kya raita hain ab why he ran after listening Zoya’s name… smart move Captain.. ticket hi cancel kra di waah!! Mene Raita faila diya hain samet sko to samet lo… one of my fav word RAITA he used yesterday so special for me it was ?… and after that he came parking area again his dialouge Dekh Adi Ye Collateral Hain Jab Jung Hoti Hain To Masum Log Ghayal Hote Hi Hain…. hahaha what an excuse boy that time his expressions wereworth watching …. but he came back & pacified her Jo Man Ka Achcha Aur Jo Bina Man Ka Wo Aur Bhi Achcha…. wow Lovely dialouge… but Mr Captain why did understanding this fact??? And after that our Cute Little Bride maan gyi….how lovely maanti bhi kaise nhi itne pyaar se jo smjhaya tha Captain ne ?
    And after that he performed… kya mast dance tha ? & that Girgit Mahi ? clicked their pic…
    Again that Diary… kha gyi bhai table par se… ?
    Tarice scene was so scary!! When Zoya was saying to him that time his red teary eyes…. tamatar si laal ho rkhi thi ?
    Eargly waiting for the episode….
    Hello Hii to all BP ROCKIES here…

    1. Aleeza


  15. Dear friends
    I really miss you all.main apna family ki saath time spent kar raha tha ki.kisi ki message Ko reply karne ka time nahi mila.sorry main message ka reply nahi kar paaya
    Yesterday episode main mujhe aditya ka dance??? AdiYa ka small moment pasand aaya??????
    AdiYa ka terrace conv is very nice??
    Precap AdiYa ??
    Waiting for today episode ???
    Take care and stay safe ?

  16. Anee

    So SO nice episode……Really loves Adii’s Dance….looking forward for tonight’s episode that looks really interesting.

  17. Guys is anyone watched bepannah now I mean at 4 pm……
    Actually there’s some difference from yesterday’s episode..

    Yesterday they missed a scene after arjun harsh dialogue…Ashish recollecting Yash…they talk about zoya wasim and pooja…

    Unfortunately I couldnt get their dialogue clearly….bcz of my less hindi collection…if anyone saw it then pls pls translate to me…

    1. Instead of repeating yesterday’s episode, they are showing extended cuts of the show…they just showed Ashish and yash ka flashback before the terrace scene.

      Does that mean they will repeat those scenes later tonight during actual air time? Or are these extended stuff they are cutting from actual air time? Does anyone know?

      EDIT – My apoligies. I should have given a WU on the scene for those who did not see it. Was kinda busy! For those who did not see it, here is the link –

      Thank god we have instagram users who love the show and wanna share important stuff with all.

      Written Update:

      Ashish: Company is in loss. Invested money has not been recovered yet.
      Yash: It takes time for a new business to be set up. And I am trying my best
      Ashish: No, you are not. First, you shift to Mumbai fully. Half here, half there. 2 homes. You can’t live an incomplete life. Why don’t you discuss with Zo bhabhi and move to Mumbai?
      Yash: Its not that simple. You do not know Zo’s father. And another thing is Zo is not used to big cities. I can’t give her the same comforts in Mumbai that I can give her in Mussourie. Her father does not like me moreover. I do not want him to hate me more.

      Yash acknowledges his competition with Zo’s dad will never end! Then it proceeds to Ashish telling Yash that Pooja has invested 5 crores and it sounded like Ashish is raising doubts on them. He also comments on Yash being able to tell Pooja stuff that he cannot discuss with Zoya. Yash gets angry and says you are crossing a line.

    2. I get this one from india forums.

  18. It looks like there is a bigger truth to the accident than what is shown. Zoya’s undying faith in Yash cannot be false. If it is so then this would destroy the meaning of faith and love. I want this to be cleared asap and Yash and Pooja to be proven clean of their blame so Aditya will understand what is love. Jen and Harshad are nailing their performances day by day. Till date 1st episode is my favourite. I want Zoya and Aditya to be together soon.
    For today’s episode I would say was nice after so many days of sorrow. Door must be jammed after Adi left because it was shown so vividly on screen and ofcourse thing that is shown with such emphasis has some value in the Indian serials.

  19. Anyone watched dophar ka tadka of bepannah. I just watched a part of conversation between yash and Ashish.
    anyone know what is dophar ka tadka??
    Will they show that part again tonight?? Totally confusing

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