Bepannaah 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun helps Aditya

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Bepannaah 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya looks at Aditya and hides behind him. They start fighting. Aditya beats the goons. He saves Mahi from getting hurt and asks her if she is fine. She nods. She shouts his name as she notices a guy hitting Aditya from behind. Aditya calls him cheater. Attack from the front if you can! He beats them. Aditya saves Mahi yet again. Birju’s men look on from a distance. All the guys hold him all of a sudden but he proves out to be stronger. Birju’s men flee from the scene and so does the bikers. Mahi hugs Aditya. Aditya tells her that they left but she hugs him tighter. He tells her to relax. Everything is fine. Zoya asks Mahi if she is fine. Mahi looks at Aditya with love as Zoya checks her wounds. Aditya blows on his wound. Zoya begins to walk away with Mahi when Aditya says normally girls thank the guy who saves their life. Mahi thanks him. Don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t here today. Zoya also thanks him and leaves with Mahi. Aditya thinks Zoya worries so much for Mahi. Zoya cares for wrong people always. Good news is that Zoya has been found. He smiles.

Mahi’s mother complains that no one thinks of her. You both have grown up yet you don’t know that no one walks on the secluded path at this hour. Mahi thinks of how Aditya saved them today. Her mother keeps talking in concern but Mahi is too lost in her world. Zoya assures her MIL that they will take care next time. Mahi starts waking in trance as the fight scene keeps flashing before her eyes. Zoya asks her what she is doing. Mahi smiles and goes. Zoya and her MIL look on puzzled.

Aditya comes home and finds everyone having dinner together. Anjana offers to send his dinner to his room but he surprises them by joining them on dinner table. Sakshi asks him about his wound. Did you have a fight? Aditya says you should have seen their condition. This is fine. Anjana stops her husband from reacting. She asks Aditya if he got hurt. Aditya asks her if she still worries for him. You know I am an expert. I feel so light today. I am really hungry. Sakshi is puzzled at the smile on his face. Aditya asks about Arjun. Harsh sarcastically replies that most of the people prefer to work in offices rather than fight on the roads. They have meetings to attend as well. Aditya says thank God that some people work or I wouldn’t have got these delicious parathas. Sakshi and Anjana hide a smile while Harsh looks irked. He keeps talking happily to them.

Zoya opens her cupboard and the divorce papers fall down. She keeps it back without reacting much and calls out to Noor. Hearing no response, she calls Noor immediately but it is unreachable.

Noor is trying to find an auto for herself but in vain. She is upset that she is facing rejections from everywhere. Appi also dint call me once to know where I am or how my interviews are going. She does not care at all! She takes out her phone. The Radio pamphlet falls in the process and she looks at it.

Inspector has called Wasim to know about Yash. Wasim clears that Yash was not his son-in-law. We shared no relations. We never spoke to each other. Inspector plays the audio for him. Is this your voice? Wasim smiles. It is indeed my voice. I called him as I was upset with him. I got to know something about his work. I found out that Yash and his company failed terribly. I gave him my daughter. I have a right to ask this much. Is this a crime? How does this recording prove that I am involved in Yash’s accident? Inspector says that’s why I called you. Wasim says I am not a fool to do so. I am from a very famous family. Will I stoop to this level? Inspector speaks of proof. Wasim relates that he spent his entire day in office on that day. You can check the CCTV forage if you want. Inspector agrees. wasim takes his leave.

Sakshi comes with a cup of coffee and finds Aditya in a good mood. Sakshi begins to talk about divorce papers but he is not interested. She reasons that Pooja might have had a change of heart. He replies that it does not mean that she did not cheat me. Should I be happy just because she changed her mind? She wins in both the cases? She drops the topic seeing him getting upset and leaves.

Aditya notices the ring that has fallen from his jacket pocket. He remembers Zoya’s words. Past memories flash before his eyes as he picks it. I have so many questions but there is no one who can answer. What happened; why and when? I want to forget everything and move on but it keeps coming back!

Zoya finally manages to get connected to Noor. Please pick my phone once. The day is bad. Hope Noor is in no trouble. She turns towards the door and finds Noor there. She hugs her in relief. You could have messaged me once. Where were you? Noor apologizes to her. You don’t have to worry about me so much. You dint call me even once to know where I am. You don’t care about me. Zoya says it isn’t so. Do you know what happened with Mahi and me today? Noor tells her she does not want to hear any of it. You always talk either about Mahi or Aditya. You don’t care about me. Zoya tries to pull her with her to listen to the radio but Noor suggests hearing it on her phone. She walks out of the room.

Aditya, Zoya and Noor sit down to listen to the radio. Radio AJ (as on the pamphlet) starts the show. He asks if they feel as if the pain is never ending. You feel as if everything is going wrong only with you in this world! Those you love most disappoint you the most! We see the best in them after all. We keep thousands of expectations from them. Disappointments are also high when they don’t meet our expectations. Call me if you are going through something similar. Noor decides to call RJ AJ as Appi isn’t talking to her. RJ AJ is none other than Arjun. Aditya gets connected. Noor wonders why the numbers of radio stations are always busy. Aditya keeps mum while Arjun keeps saying Hello. He ends up saying Bhai thinking it to be Aditya. He covers up saying Bhaisahab. Tell me what I can do for you. Aditya says I had a best friend. She was my childhood love, my best friend, my wife but she left me for forever. She has broken me badly before going. There are so many questions and no answers. I cannot figure out what was real. Arjun says sometimes with our decisions we hurt those who we love the most. People make mistakes. Why do we expect them to be Gods? You will learn to understand when you will try to think of the reason behind it. There are 2 sides of a story always. I know it is easy to say but time heals everything. We keep wondering what happened and why with us but it is our pain that keeps us alive. You will only end up hurting yourself this way. Life does not stop this way. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It might happen someday of your life. You will have to leave your pain and hatred behind one day and move on or your present and future will be destroyed in your hatred. You should also think of your friend’s opinion. What prompted your such good friend to leave you? Think about yourself instead of your friend and you will be happy. You will also get such lover one day for sure. He repeats Pooja’s words – whose smallest thing will affect you; whose smile brings smile on your face and you can bring any happiness for her if you find her sad. Leave behind your pain and anger. It will only make way for happiness. He plays a special song for Aditya. Arjun cries after the call. I hope I could help you as a stranger Bhai.

Aditya, Zoya and Noor wipe their tears. Noor comes and hugs her sister. They both apologize to each other. They sit down to have cold drinks.

Precap: Aditya scolds Mahi for what happened last night. Zoya tells him it will never happen again. Stay away from me and Mahi. Aditya tells Mahi to get ready to be upgraded. Your new version will surely be liked by the world. She happily shakes hand with him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Mahi is going to be seen as psycho lover soonn….

    2. Awwww…. I just like arjun, he is soo calm.. Always help aditya in different ways…

    3. Noor and zoya bonding is soo nice… Sis bonding…

    4. Episode was sooo good, though due to thunder and rain, i was not able to watch but update is such that i thought I was watching… Thank u updater pooja….

    1. Ooshi

      congrats for being first to comment

      1. ShraddhaSharma392


        How are u??

      2. Ooshi

        alive and spending life

    2. i dont want her to be any kind of lover for aditya….just hate her face

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Me tooo hate her, but her actions make me think so.. And we can’t say about writers even

  2. Lokesh

    Thanx Pooja ur awesome, best episode are going on, so Arjun is RJ ,omg loved it, the whole sequence, dinning table scenes were also funny gud nyt guys, we were thinking Noor will be in radio bt here the big twist, Arjun is the rj.loved it

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting

  3. Monapappu

    Thanks for your updates

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

  4. Ooshi

    thanks for the update Pooja

  5. Siyuu

    mahi develops feeling fr adi..its gonna tu be irritating.. the borig usual triangle drama… fed up of diz

  6. Ooshi

    action was good but mahi isn’t at all
    very happy to know that Arjun is the rj waiting for Noor to go there & join him
    mahi is irritating me & the precap is ……
    is this the trap mahi is laying for AdiYa due to which they will get marry if it’s true then ok but …

  7. What the hell !!! Mahi cannot fall for Adi…nobody should come between adi-zoya..I didn’t enjoy today’s episode bcos that dumb Mahi is falling for Adi…:(

    1. Ooshi

      as epi i enjoyed but about mahi i didn’t

  8. I think mahi as some feelings for adi??

    1. Ooshi

      same here

  9. Anonymousaa

    Mahi and Aditya?..its the angle I had never thought about.Mahi seems to have got a change of mind but she sure is a vamp so maybe I should wait with popcorns at handy as many more twists are there to come. Arjun is an ideal brother I must say and Zoya,the only trace of benevolence left in this world.

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

  10. yuck!!!! wtf!!! Mahi starts to feel for Adi….. That scene gave me eye sore lol such a stupid angle in story.

    1. Ooshi

      agreed except stupid angle saying it’s irritating

  11. Thanks for the update.. Oh no… Y Mahi is attracted now to Aadi.. Mahi toh behan wali feeling deti hai…. I wish the angry face of Zoya ends soon..

    1. Ooshi

      wishing the same
      keep commenting

  12. Adithya_Huda_CAJ

    Pooja you should have seen the way mahi hugged me
    I felt so uncomfortable
    I wish zoya had hugged….
    Note it…..I am going to win zoya any cost
    Thanks for the update

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting Adi

  13. Even though I had a little bit idea about der affair from da beginning…in first episode yash’s behavior was quite mysterious…I got hurt along wd zoya when she found divorce paper wd sign….I just hate dat finding a new love when ur already in a relationship….I m really disappointed wd yash more den pooja…bcz dey had a love Marriage against der parents will…and both sacrificed der parents fr love….how can he fall fr pooja… when I found dat zoya doesn’t know about his favorite food and all I got shocked…it felt like he never opened up wd zoya…only took care of her needs…. Even the problem wd other couple is same…..but I felt more bad fr zoya..bcz she sacrificed a lot fr her love…what she got in the end is nothing…he could have talked wd her before taking a decision of divorce…..what kind of love is dis…he thought about divorce and she had no idea about it…

    1. Sorry dear actually zoya know what is the fav food of yash but magi day different food to zoya so zoya also just think that maybe she don’t know what is fav thats y she keep asking Maui is it really hash fav food.

    2. Ooshi

      totally agreed if some one wants to find love specially in pooja’s case then she shouldn’t merry to Adi marriage is a commitment if u can’t filfill the commitment then y to commit

      1. Exactly, I agree with your points. Yesterday, I commented with this points only.

      2. Ooshi

        i have read it by the way keep commenting

  14. Uggh it seems magi has fallen for aditya ?

    1. ikr …just yucckkk

    2. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commented

  15. If this is mahi’s trap for Adi-zoya…then fine..but if she really falls for is pathetic…I hated every bit of those mahi-adi scenes…I m glad Arjun is positive…very nice…:)

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting

  16. Omg….mahi falling for adi….i cant think of it….stupid trinagle…i hate this….jald se jald arjun aur noor mil jaaye…or story pein ek dum romance aayegaaa??

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

  17. Today’s episode was a bit boring ?? though d fighting scenes n dining table scenes ?? were gud.. I really didn’t understand that instead of Zoya y d hell this mahi ? is falling for adi…Really disappointed ?? n watching mahi’s expressions for adi was like lol…
    While coming to Arjun, its like woww…Lawyer as well as RJ…?? I think he’s d only one in d entire serial who takes care of everyone especially Adi-Zoya… N didn’t like d precap..??? N guys hv u seen d new promo ?? Adi n zoya’s expressions were soo cute ?? eagerly waiting to watch that episode..??
    Gud nt?? take care…Bye?

    1. Ooshi

      good night sweet dreams

    2. I like this character (Arjun) very much. He is really a Good Brother, Loyal Son, Intelligent man, a motivational RJ.

      1. Ooshi

        loyal should be responsible after this change my comment will be the same as u

  18. I JUST KNEW THERE WILL BE A LOVE TRAINGLE BETWEEN ADI ZOYA AND MAHI ….yucckkkkk…y there has to be a love triangle in all hindi serials, But the speech that arjun gave was so emotional and true. but why does they keep saying that one day will love someone unconditionally. Dint he already love pooja like that ? and very nice update pooja

    1. Ooshi

      may be he doesn’t the thing i feel they thought their feelings to be love and married after that Adi was loyal to her but she fell for someone else and may be cheated him

      1. Yaah true….but adi did love her a lot …so why does Pooja I want adi also to find love

      2. Ooshi

        pooja was his first love zoya will be his true & loyal love & don’t worry Adi has some one loyal to love & both will also fall in intense love soon
        after marriage pooja shouldn’t surrounded by any man so that she could be loyal to adi but she met yash & fall in love with him so the conclusion after marriage u should be away from other men except ur brother father & father in law because frndship creates love if not in ur heart then in the other’s heart which hurts him later

  19. Ooshi

    today Adi was happy when came back to home and even in room but his MIL spoiled his mood Priyu u should scold/be angry on sakshi

    1. Actually, Sakshi was looking for the right time to discuss Pooja’s case with Adi as perviously he was on anger mood. But, yesterday when she seen Adi in happy mood & thought she got her old Adi back, she feels its the right time to discuss with him but failed to know that Adi is not moved on his life.

      1. Ooshi

        is sakshi a child he is trying his hard to move on and be back to normal so let’s close pooja’s chapter for some time but no she again came to put salt on his wounds she herself is a widow when her husband died did she just moved on in 1 month & if she did it then his pain isn’t just losing wife but also her cheating here she appeared to be a person who can’t analize all angels of a situation

  20. About today episode I really feel very angry ???????cause the story move so slow yaar. Pls make some good scene to zoya and adi . Then y suddenly mahi fall for adi. ?????? really irritating ????? about noor and zoya they are very cute sis. Love their bonding and about Arjun he is very calm n cool person . He do a lot for his bhaiya and bhabi. As he younger so he can’t advise adi in straight point but now as stranger he can help is bhaiya. Hope soon nope join the radio city and pair wit arjun.???????? when adi eat at dining was so funny but very happy that he change as old adi ??????? and pls make mahi as villain only don’t gv her love scene all feel so irritating ?. About precap I don’t know mahi Trap adi or adi trap mahi but hope adi trap mahi to prove in front zoya that magi it’s not good person . And hope soon all the problems will get solved . Pls don’t make long storyyy and cooking up all ??????? then the trp got down.?????? so biggest request pls make some clear of the previous matter like yash and pooja or the stranger person or sakshi. Nowadays getting boring yaar and now this mahi fall for him it’s gv me more boring. Really I’m a big fan of bepanah pls get the story fast and good way .

  21. Ooshi

    having the same requests cvs don’t spoil ur own show
    agree to u
    keep commenting

  22. Looks like mahi has planned something big thts why love drama with adi..zoya pls stop behaving like ideal bahu n bhabi, cant tolerate her tkng care of selfish mahi..grow up n face reality..writers pls speed up d serial..dont like noors dresses..pls change to churidar kurtis..same with zoya..

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

  23. Priyu

    How could sheeeee hug Adi!!!!!! I hate mahi I hate her. That scene was irritating and ugly. Mahi hugging Adi and falling for him!!!!! I hate Mahi and Adi scenes I hate them. Now Zoya will think that Adi is behind mahi so she will hate Adi but Adi likes Zoya so Adi will have to put a great effort to win Zoya again ? it’s good how could you make that stupid idiot mahi fallll for youuuu adiiiii r u mad !!!! Ugh disgusting ??

    1. Ooshi

      agreed Dear but it could also be mahi’s trap(wishing for it) but still their scenes irritates me and hate her

  24. Priyu

    Precap is irritating like helllllllll how could Adi hold mahi’s hand and even talk with her in a friendly wayyyyy!!!!! How could you adiiiiiiii you broke my heart you broke it you broke it you broke it ?? you broke it ,???????????????????????

    1. Ooshi

      hope for good Dear he can’t hurt us

  25. Liking arjun’s character a lot from starting and his chemistry with noor is going to be really excited…why are they not showing arjun and noor scenes..i love their nok jhonk and fabulous chemistry…

    1. Ooshi

      having the same question
      by the way happy u commented keep commenting

  26. Aleeza

    Mahi falling for adi ? ? OMG instead of zoya ????
    And that hug was d?????

    1. Ooshi

      same here
      keep commenting Dear

  27. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Now Mahi is falling in love with Aditya, I really don’t like this at all. I am still waiting for Zoya and Aditya’s bepanah love story! RJ Arjun rocks!

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting

  28. Luv u Zoya n Adi.
    Can’t wait to see both of u together

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

  29. Well if mahi turns into a physo lover this is going to be the usual thing that we see. I as a viewer don’t want to see any love triangle show something That is unexpected and new.

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting
      same thoughts

  30. such a beautiful episode <3

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

  31. Ooshi

    PLata,Medha,Fenil,Riana and many….. missing u all very much

    1. P_lata

      came came came my dear…. ???

  32. P_lata

    OMG this Mahi is in love with Aditya…. Oh God… Ab yahi raita baki tha kya???? ???
    Aditya again in same dress??…. Kapde badal lo Adi…. Baat maan lo hamari… Ache lagoge.????.. Hai na Priyu ???
    Noor is giving interview till night… Oh God…
    Wasim ko baar baar inspector lekar aata hai aur wo vaapis se bach kar nikal jaate hain…. Kaise kar lete hain wasim sahab ???
    Aditya is so relaxed after Zoya ‘s reaction… Nice… His expression were fabulous every where ????again ring and it’s mystery… Don’t know when this will be resolved ??
    Noor is looking so exhausted…. Sisters love… Awesome ???
    Radio RJ Arjun Hooda….cool ? yaar…. Nice… Jinse hum pyaar karte hain… Hum feel karte ki saari khoobiyaan hi khoobiyaan hi hain unme
    jaise ki Bhagwaan ne unhe Sunday ke din banaya ho …..nice explanation given by RJ Arjun to his bhai…. It’s lovely bother’s love…. Aisa answer kiya ki teeno ki problem solve ho gyi lagta hai…. Adi, Zoya aur Noor ki…
    Nice song ???? aankhen teri roothi roothi kyun lage
    Diary is with Arjun…. Again….

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