Bepannaah 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya finally reacts

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Bepannaah 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone sits down for the pizza party. Aditya keeps looking at Zoya. She is about to take a slice but he takes it from her. She picks up another one but then Aditya gives it to Akansha. Shawn offers a pizza to Zoya but Aditya tells him to eat it. I ordered it for you only. Shawn tells him not to trouble Zoya. She hasn’t eaten anything. Let her eat. He replies that he isn’t a school teacher. She has brain. She can pick any box and eat it. Zoya picks a box. Aditya looks at the words on his hand – Besharam, Behaya and Kamzarf! She remembers saying the same words to him when they had first met. Aditya asks Zoya to say something. Mithilesh ji shows everyone a video. Aditya gets up and drops food on Zoya’s clothes intentionally. Now she will certainly blast. He mentally counts till 3 but Zoya quietly heads to the restroom. Aditya sits down puzzled. Vinod and Mona cannot understand why he is troubling Zoya since morning. Mithilesh ji explains that he is trying to bring Zoya out of her sadness. I and my wife used to do the same whenever we were upset with each other. Everyone around us knew how much we loved each other. They notice Aditya glaring at them. Mithilesh ji corrects his words. Mona and everyone head inside.

Arjun is in the cafe. He takes out Pooja’s diary and starts reading. Why does love play hide and seek with us? He imagines her sitting next to him and saying it. We try to hide but it finds us. It is as if you are walking under sun but the weather suddenly changes for good. Yash was like that rain for me. I could not understand when I started feeling for him. If I loved him then what did I feel towards Aditya? Only friendship? Aditya was my oldest and best friend. He was handsome, successful. His equation with Ma was so nice. He was so sweet and charming and everything. Why did I feel so different with Yash then? I feel like taking care of Aditya whenever I am with him. With Yash, it was the other way round. I start feeling so different. I don’t know what will happen to Yash and me from here on. Don’t know if we will find our path or not or if we will just become a part of this diary! I don’t know what’s written in future. I only want that one day Aditya also gets the love which I feel towards Yash. It should be such that her one tear breaks his heart, makes him do things he has never done before. I hope Aditya also finds a lover like that one day. Arjun looks away.

Zoya cleans her dress. Aditya is pacing downstairs. I wont let her become so quiet. How will I pass my time this way? How will I entertain myself or pass my day? You cannot torture yourself as much as you want to but I am not the one to give up. I do stuff and you react, things get normal but no! I will tell you now. He places an order on phone.

Some messages have been retrieved by police. They find a voice message – you cannot run from me by not picking my phone. Meet me by evening or I wont spare you. Inspector adds that Wasim Siddiqui sent it to Yash on the day of the accident. Senior Inspector is happy thinking that Sir will like it. Inspector asks him about Sir but Senior Inspector asks him to call Wasim asap. Senior Inspector gives update to Sir.

Arjun gets a call from someone. He drops a pamphlet (of Radio Station) as he picks his bag. Noor enters just then. She is speaking to someone and asks the person to check on her mother once. She ends the call. Noor looks at her diary. I even lied to my best friend about the job just now. What will Appi think if she finds out? I must tell her myself. She notices the pamphlet there.

Aditya looks at his watch. Why dint she come till now? Zoya notices him standing outside as she comes out of restroom. He tells her that he had to do everything himself when she wasn’t here. I fixed the AC too. She says okay but he complains of work, vendors, etc. Her replies remain the same. Aditya quietly follows her and ties her dupatta on outer handle. She is pulled back when she tries to go inside. Aditya shows his hands in air when she looks back. She frees her dupatta and walks away. Aditya wonders if it is her identical twin. Now I will also act stubborn.

Sakshi is getting a call from Unknown number. She recalls her previous conversation with the call. Anjana picks the call before Sakshi reacts. No one replies though. Anjana notices her looking tensed. Are you alright? Sakshi replies that she was feeling tired. Anjana taunts her that she was in her room since 2 days. Do you realise what Aditya must be going through after getting divorce papers? Your world is so different though. Aditya should see this avatar of yours and maybe then he will realise how much his mother loves him. I only asked one thing from you – to support Aditya in hard times. Can you not do this much? Sakshi asks her if she thinks there is anything else in her life than Aditya. He is my son, my everything. I have lost Pooja already. I can never lose Aditya.

Aditya notices Zoya working. He calls the guy to check on his order status. It is about to come soon. Aditya tells him to hurry up. He keeps eyeing Zoya. He wonders where everyone is. I told them to be here by 8. Where are they! Zoya picks her bag. Aditya wonders if she is leaving. He hides as she begins to gather her stuff. He gets tensed. Peon gives Zoya a courier. Aditya jumps happily (very sweet 🙂 ). Open it. Mahi comes just then asking Zoya to come. I have parked the car on gate only. Aditya is sad to see that Zoya kept the box down. Mahi excuses herself to go to the restroom. Zoya picks the box again.

Mahi calls Birju and tells him to come in 5 minutes.

Aditya waits to see Zoya’s reaction as she struggles with the box. Mahi comes back. She offers to open the box instead. A puppet jumps out of the box. Mahi hurts herself in the process. Zoya gets concerned. Aditya gets happy. Finally you reacted! Thank God for proving that you are still alive. She asks him if he is mad. Don’t you have brain? I am watching you since morning. You are acting like a kid. You crossed your limits. What if Mahi had gotten hurt? I wouldn’t have spared you! Aditya apologizes to Mahi. Aditya asks her if she is fine. Zoya takes Mahi with her. Aditya thinks Zoya reacted like that for Mahi. Interesting! Zoya will burst if Mahi gets hurt. This is such an interesting angle to explore!

Once outside, Mahi fakes that the car is punctured. Zoya suggests boarding a cab. We will call mechanic on the way. The lights begin to flicker on the road on which the girls are walking. Zoya is afraid. We should walk faster. It is so secluded. Mahi lies that this is a shortcut. They are surrounded by a few guys on motorbikes. Mahi is impressed with the number of people Birju sent in such low budget. Not bad! Zoya asks Mahi to come and starts running. Mahi follows her. They reach a secluded place. Zoya suggests hiding there only for a while. Don’t know from where they came! Mahi acts along. They are so scary. The bikers come there as well. Zoya requests them to let them go. We dint do anything! One biker pulls at Zoya’s dupatta. She shouts at him to let her go and removes her valuables. Mahi shouts at the guys to not do anything to Zoya. You can do anything with me. The guys get happy with her offer. Biker asks her whose bike she will sit on. Mahi says you are doing well. Where is Birju though? Birju’s men look on. The biker tells Mahi he isn’t Birju but he can surely become Birju for her. She realises that these are real goons and panics. Zoya is about to fall when Aditya holds her. Zoya looks at him and hides behind him. A guy asks him who he is. Aditya says I am your punishment.

Precap: Aditya beats the goons. He even gets hurt in the process.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I doubt now on Pooja’s diary words… Either they are planted or they are being changed… Or if they are true, i hope to see whole truth soon..

    2. Old aditya is back #captaincool….. But want too see old zoya back too #dumbblindlover

    3. Indirectly arjun helped noor… Awwwwwww

    4. I hope mahi ka drama uski mom hi end kren, as i see soft conner of yash mom for zoya, and this mahi is just like girget (who is change color, i mean making herself sweet infront of zoya, and doing planning and ploting behind back) and even making her mom bad infront of zoya..

    5. I like noor #strongsmart and arjun #sweetintelligent as pair more than aditya and zoya…

    6. Jack in the box, mahi jo accha sabak mila ???????????? best secene tha… But zoya ko iss taraha react nhi krna chiye, bichari mahi ko halka sa dhakka hi to lga tha… Vaise mahi puri nanad hai, jo bhabhi ki sagi nhi ho skti, or zoya puri bhabhi hai, jo sasural ko apna ghar manti hai, chahe sasural wale usse apnaye tak nhi…

    7. I wonder zoya itni dumb kaise ho skti hai, jo sasural wale uss se thik se baat tak nhi krte the, yash ko last tym dekhne bhi nhi diya tha, use itna accha treat kr rehe hain… Hence #dumbblindlover

    1. Ooshi

      congrats for being first to comment

    2. why do u think pooja’s diary was fake?

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        This lost and found diary, create doubt in mind, as at one side pooja never signed divorce papers, and on other side her diary states about her love with yash and problems with aditya…
        So it make me think like this..

    3. Dear Shraddha
      Your comment is nice ???

  2. Adithya_Huda_CAJ

    Thanks pooja

    1. Pooja

      Always welcome 🙂

  3. Hello guys
    Thanks for the update pooja…….its perfect…..I feel like watching bepannah. ….awesome
    Wow sweet and cute episode. ……..Same precap…….
    Mahi…..jack in the box…Actually mahi in the box?
    Noor and arjun so cute.?
    The new promo…….Adi and zoya marriage promo………Its gonna be cool……….

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting

    2. Pooja

      Most, most welcome Jeni 🙂
      I haven’t seen the new promo… does anyone have the link? I am excited after reading everyone’s comments though.. (nail biting)

      1. Ooshi

        so now u r going to be a regular commentor of this serial as well happy to know this Pooja keep commenting and keep updating as we depend on u

      2. Pooja

        Wow.. it is so intriguing. I am also veryyy excited now! Thanks Priyu for sharing this 🙂

    3. Dear Jeni
      Mahi in the box?
      Your comment is good ???


    Episode waa nice finally adi ki mehnat rang layi and zoya reacted goons ki toh shamat aayi hai ab even i want to know the death mystery of yash and pooja now after reading thay pooja diary and have u all seen new promo where adi and zoya are getting married and new entry apurva agnihotri as mahi boyfriend

    1. Ooshi

      yeah got news of it
      keep commenting how’s ur exams going

      1. AAYUSH

        Exams are going nice ooshi

    2. hi aayush i dont think apurva agnotri is mahi’s bf..he is just a police inspector

      1. Yes he is just police officer…I feel the same too…n his is a cameo role so unlikely to be negative..he is just a duty-bound officer who will explore all angles of the yash-pooja death mystery.

    3. Dear aayushi
      Hope pooja yash death truth reveal ho jaaye.
      Apurva is not mahi boyfriend.
      Your comment is good ???

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks UF but my name is AAYUSH not AAYUSHI

  5. Ooshi

    thanks for the update Pooja

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome Ooshi 🙂

  6. Ooshi

    epi was nice loved it eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s action

  7. Riana

    When the episode started actually ! When i switched to colors in 9pm Udaan was airing !…This is weird…i missed the episode ???

    1. Pooja

      It starts sometime after 9 daily. You checked early actually.

      1. Ooshi


  8. Rithu17

    LIT LIT LIT!!!!

  9. Suprb episode

  10. Lokesh

    Thanx for ur lovely creatives, now episode was amazing especially diary sequence, I’m in love with Pooja’s character she perfectly defined love today, and being a best frnd, want the same for Aditya too, and might be she was looking for a girl who will love Aditya as she loves Yash. Then Mahi jack sequence was also gud, gud to see this adi, and wat is Sakshi upto, still haven’t get her. Bye.

    1. Lokesh

      Thanx Pooja for ur creative.

    2. Dear lokesh
      your comment is good ???

  11. Am i the only one who thinks that actually Aditya and Zoya were having an affair and that they planted this entire drama?

    1. No…They are trapped by Mahi who makes their fake intimate pictures viral. Hence they get married in a jiffy, which creates further doubts in the mind of the police. Mahi is hell bent on proving that adi-zoya had affair and they killed off yash-pooja to get insurance money.
      Apoorva Agnihotri is the investigating officer who suspects Adi-zoya n makes them go through the investigation procedures. Evidences also go against them but as per spoilers Adi-zoya will come together n solve the mystery of the night n clear their names.
      N yesterday’s episode gave more insight into yash-pooja’s affair.

      1. Arch your comment clear my doubt for AdiYa thank you

  12. hi pooja.. ur written update was veey good.
    coming to the episode i m glad aditya finally made zoya react and pooja and her mom are very skeptical and why does pooja feel aditya dint have that kind of a love ??
    at last jennifer’s look when aditya saved her was of million dollars. hope they start spending more time soon

  13. Sorry guys, I have a different opinion on yesterday’s episode. It may hurt someone but like all, I want to share my points also.
    By viewing yesterday’s episode, I started to hate Pooja because its proved that extra-marital affair is required if you don’t the expected partner in life. Just imagine, Pooja and Adi were childhood friends, they know each other very well comparing to others. By knowing Adi’s character, Pooja initially loved him & accept to marry him. In fact, she was happy with him also and that’s why she never fought with him for any reason. Suddenly, she met Yash and found her love on him which she is mentioning as “Bepanah pyar”. I really don’t understand on what ground she fell love with Yash. She mentioned that she found caring & comfort with Yash. Really, I doubt on this because we all have seen from previous episodes that how Adi is caring for Zoya in fact there is no relation between them & he is trying to bullying Zoya a lot but still he is caring for her. If a man is caring for others, how it comes that Pooja doesn’t feel the caring nature on Adi. And, she found on other man. It’s just a bullshit. As Shradhaji mentions in her comments, I also feel that someone has planted on her diary but if it is true, then it goes wrong message to all couples.

    1. Well…I agree to some part of your comments..yes there is a strong possibility that the diary is replaced and tampered with.. but Pooja definitely had an affair..with whom is the question …if not Yash then whom? Arjun?.. it is a romantic thriller so Arjun can be shown negative later too…may be after he marries Noor..then in that case he will not only create ripples in adi-zoya relationship but use Noor as a trump card against Zoya..
      But the introductory interviews of the show repeatedly confirm that it is an intense love story of zoya-adi who find true love amid challenges. The crux is how they deal with the betrayal of their spouses. If yash-pooja are not a couple then the makers are deviating from their core concept. If the story is constantly modified for trp then what remains will be far from the original concept. That’s what happens with most of the Indian serials. I really wish ‘BEPANNAH’ doesn’t deviate from its core idea!!!!
      To be frank, at present itself overdose of twists n turns is making this serial a bit boring. I wish to see some peaceful love moments between the leads. But the leads are always struggling n the last ones to know the truth.

      1. Firstly, I don’t think about Arjun had an affair with Pooja. Secondly, as you said, he will use Noor as a trump card against Zoya. It’s also not possible, I think so. The reason behind is that as per previous episodes, he already feeling the love affection or we can say attraction to Noor however he still don’t know that actully Noor is Zoya’s sister. Also, if we assume that he had an affair with Pooja and if he came to know about Yash, then he will kill Yash only and not Pooja. Thirdly, just imagine, if he had an affair with Pooja, and now everyone is assuming about Yash-Pooja extra marital affair, then he definetly not tried to prove the innocence of Pooja by reading the diary or visiting Massourie etc.
        But, we can’t say anything as the writer can make any story with the current situation to confuse the viewers.
        However, I can imagine with yesterday scene where Police got an audio message of Zoya’s father. It can happened. May be on the murder day, someone informed him about seeing Pooja & Yash together and by anger mood, he may call Yash to meet him urgently. During the way, the accident happened either by someone else or Zoya’s father himself as he don’t like Yash as his SIL.

    2. Mellu

      even I agree with what u said pradeep

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Amazing Episode! Pooja loves Yash! But pooja beautifully describes love. Today pooja steal the episode!

  15. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Episode have various aspects finally Aditya is back! Finally Zoya reacts! Aditya concerns for zoya increasing day by day! Finally pooja’s diary revealingly Pooja’s story! Undoubtedly pooja described love beautifully! Really pooja steals the episode!

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