Bepannaah 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya organizes the event successfully

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Bepannaah 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya comes to the venue and it is still empty. She asks the guys why they haven’t done anything. They tell her that they have no equipments or props. We have been sitting idle here since morning. We haven’t even eaten anything. They walk out from there. Akansha comes to tell Zoya that supplier hasn’t sent anything. He took advance yesterday. Don’t know what happened. Mahi calls it normal. Vinod is very famous for last minute arrangements / deliveries. Zoya asks her to call them but is told that Aditya is again throwing a pizza party at office. Zoya thinks of her father’s words.

Wasim tells Police he has no interest in this case. Don’t know why you keep calling me here again and again. Inspector tells him that he will have to come irrespective of his interests. It is a criminal case. Someone stole a very important evidence from our station last night. Someone either wants to know something or hide something. Tell us what has more chances. Wasim acts clueless. Inspector asks him if someone tried to contact him regarding the case. Wasim nods. Pooja’s brother-in-law came to meet me. He said this isn’t an ordinary case. Inspector asks constable to find out where Arjun is at the moment.

Zoya gets her father’s call. She goes aside to talk to him but it turns out to be Noor. She begins to tell Zoya about her father choosing a guy for her but Zoya laments that Abbu was right. I cannot do anything. Noor asks her to share what’s bothering her. Zoya tells her everything. I feel I will take Yash’s company down. Abbu and that Aditya was right. Everyone is wrong. Aditya was right. I am standing at the edge now! Noor tells her to stop crying or talk like loser. No one can find an honest and dedicated person like you. you should learn to lie a bit. It is called diplomacy. Noor tells her something in mute. It is a small lie. Zoya thanks her and ends the call. Noor realises she dint tell her what she wanted to tell her sister.

Zoya asks Mahi to stay put. Someone should be here to meet client’s family. I will go to office with team and will be back asap. Two policemen are keeping tabs on Zoya and inform Senior Inspector. We don’t feel something will happen. Aditya isn’t here. The place is empty. Senior Inspector tells him to stay there. Let’s not consider our opponent foolish. They agree.

Inspector tells his senior that Arjun has left for airport. Inspector asks him to stop him or they will lose evidence. He thinks that Huda’s are too smart.

Aditya is giving party to his team. They are happy to have parties for no reason. Aditya looks at his watch. Bella and then her lover will panic. A while later, everyone will panic and sue this company! He calls someone and is taken aback. He collides with Zoya on his way out but leaves paying no heed to her. She is surprised that he dint taunt her even once. Did something happen that he is rushing out like this? She asks Akansha, her receptionist (Mona) and team if they are ready. They nod. Zoya enters and speaks to her team about the event. They respond enthusiastically and eagerly to her about the event. The team members eating pizza seem taken aback. Peon tells them that this way they will lose their jobs. The interns will gain Madam’s trust and will also get heavy packages. Zoya says don’t know why people pay such heavy packages to old staff when interns are so smart. They are even paid half salaries which also saves cost. The told staff panics and comes to Zoya. Vinod asks Zoya about the event. Akansha shares that her college friends are helping them. Vinod offers to speak to his vendors. Another guy (Suresh) proposes to provide caterers. Peon also agrees to organize flowers for the event. Zoya smiles seeing everyone getting involved in organizing the event. Zoya thanks Noor for being the best sister in the world.

Aditya comes home and finds Sakshi resting. His mother shares that she had high BP because of stress. Aditya makes Sakshi sit. How are you now? She replies that she is fine. Don’t worry. He says you wouldn’t have taken medicine in the morning and have eaten salt in the breakfast. I will bring green tea for you. He takes Pooja’s name and goes quiet. Aditya’s mother agrees to send it. Tears stream down Sakshi’s cheeks. Aditya wipes them. No more tears. Promise me that you wont cry anymore or take stress because of Pooja. You have my swear. You have to take care of yourself. I wont talk to you if you fall one more time because of high BP! What will I do if something happens to you? She assures him she wont go anywhere. There is no question of loss. Aditya says we are strong. We will live. The one who should have been crying isn’t here. What’s our fault? We wont cry. I haven’t cooked for you since long. I am really hungry. I am going to cook for both of us. We will finish it together right? She nods.

Aditya’s mother comes to meet Sakshi. Sakshi remarks that Aditya will have something finally. Aditya’s mother says I am seeing Aditya behaving so normally after so long. I don’t mind it if it means that you will fall sick.

Mahi comes downstairs and notices everyone working and organizing. Zoya asks Vinod about the order but he assures her everything will happen in time. Zoya gets busy with the preps. She tells Mahi nothing will go wrong now. Mahi wonders what Zoya did that everyone got busy in work. This way event will be successful. Don’t know where Aditya is.

Aditya and Sakshi eat together. Mahi calls him repeatedly but he does not pick up. He finally picks her call and asks her why she is calling repeatedly. She tells him everything in mute. He gets upset.

Arjun reaches airport but police checks his luggage to find the evidence which was stolen last night. They don’t find the diary there. Arjun is let off easily. Arjun smiles.

The guests have come and Zoya and her team are at the venue. Vinod tells Zoya he arranged everything. Experience is experience after all. Zoya smiles. Zoya asks Bella to get mehendi. Bella thanks her for arranging such a superb event in such a short time. She asks Zoya to get mehendi too. Zoya agrees as Bella insists. Preeti (mehendi girl) asks Zoya to sit. Zoya remembers Yash stopping Zoya from getting henna. We need to reach court in time so we can get married. She calls it a ritual so Yash puts a dot in each of her hands. Preeti breaks her out of her reverie to know whose name she should write. Zoya notices Aditya coming and takes his name. Preeti writes his name on Zoya’s hand. Mahi questions Aditya pointedly. Zoya stands up worriedly. They both walk towards each other. She requests him not to do anything but he closes in on her. Bella notices them thus. She tells her fiancé that maybe Zoya and Aditya had a fight.

Zoya asks Aditya to leave. Aditya says Zoya is so perfect. Team looks on. Aditya adds that Zoya does everything perfectly. Wow!

Bella again tells her fiancé that Aditya was just giving intense look to Zoya. He tells her to be quiet. They are not boyfriend girlfriend. Bella still finds them cute looking couple.

Aditya holds Zoya’s hand. She asks him to leave her hand but he wants to see the rest of the decor. He takes her aside while the team looks on. He says I underestimated you till now thinking you to be naive and stupid but you turned out to be smarter. He lets go of her hands on her insistence but does not let her walk away. It will be fun to play this game now as you seem to be a fit opponent. You won the first round but wait for the next ones. I too am not used to losing. Only mehendi has happened now. Wedding is still left. Saying so, he walks away. Zoya looks shaken.

Precap: Yash’s mother notices the mehendi in Zoya’s hand. You keep taking Yash’s name day and night while you got someone else’s name on your hand! Aditya and Zoya practise in the dance sessions. If I was really flirting with you then you would have been in my arms till now. Aditya later tells Bella that Zoya will tell her how to support your husband blindly; love him blindly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sri16

    Guys do you notice last the words from adhi ‘only mehendi finished shaadhi is still left’. I ? Wedding is going to be happen between zoya and Aditya.My guess is mehendi may finished because adhi’s name wrote by that girl in zoya’s hand. May be this is my over imagination don’t take seriously guys ???

    1. Fenil

      I am also thinking the same !!

    2. P_lata

      Oh ho….over imagination but lovely imagination….

  2. Sri16

    Last week trp is 2.2 so ? trp decreases.this is all because of unwanted flash backs .so called yash and zoya romances????????.there is a hint I got from today’s episode
    Guys do you notice last the words from adhi ‘only mehendi finished shaadhi is still left’. I ? Wedding is going to be happen between zoya and Aditya.My guess is mehendi may finished because adhi’s name wrote by that girl in zoya’s hand. May be this is my over imagination don’t take seriously guys ???

    1. Fenil

      superb comment , i am also thinking same with this wedding may be AdiYa’s wedding will also ….

      1. P_lata

        Haha ha Fenu …agar aisa ho gaya will be superb…then love after marriage……fabulous..

  3. Please don’t drag the show

  4. Cathy

    So when Adi gets the call from Mahi about the event, the shifting muscles in his face ,just priceless without saying a word you could see the rage..perfect.

    1. Fenil

      yaa his expressions are worth watching !!

    2. P_lata

      Yeah Cathy….emotion are the highlight of this Bepannaah…. life of this Bepannaah…

  5. Each and everyone are very smart so it’s difficult to guess who murdered Pooja and Yash if it was a Arjun, great in hiding diary.however when are they going to read it.seriously are they going to marry?

    1. Fenil

      yaaa Sab ki najar Pooja ki Diary pe hain !!

  6. Lokesh

    My Kohinoor, dairy safe, Pooja mom was looking fishy, adi ignored Mahi that’s gud, seems like Maya jaag jayegi.

    1. Fenil

      yaa all happened in positive favor !!

    2. P_lata

      Yeah Lokesh , we are waiting for Maya….

  7. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah Family !!
    Lo Bhai Suppliers ne de diya dhokha Zoya hui Panick, Siddaqi Mamu ne target banaya Arjun Ko Arjun Udd gaya Mumbai, Noor badhaya hosala Zoya ka bhul ke apni problem Zoya hui thodi relax with lil smile, Police ke jassos lage hain piche lakin marenge machhar din aur raat, Mussorie police ke udde hosh soch ke case ke udd gaye totte , Employees kar rahe hai Pizza party bade saalo baad ,Adi ki chal Bella ko karne ko panick with her kanchimuchi Rohan ko Karenge company ko sue, Call aya aur bhaisaab hue behaal,Zoya kar rahi thi intezaar aaj morning Taunts Dose ka from Adi achha laga mujhe yeh dekh kar, Zoya and Gang lag gayi Ullu bana ne Adi ke chamcho ko aur mil gayi succsess Sukurguzar Kohinoor (Noor),Zoya ke face pe aayi millioner doller smile all because of her best sister Kohinoor,Bhaga chala aya Maa-in-law ke paas bhula kar apna maqsad fikar ki lakir de rahi thi gawahi Care hain use apno ki,190 by 100 Khane me namak mila na shuru kar diya hoga Lagayi Maa-in-law ko daant,Pooja ka naam sun ke chalk gayi Aankhain Maa ki Hum Log strong hain hum log nahi royenge beautiful bonding of AdiSakshi ko kisi ki nazar na lage thu thu thu,Mahi ho gayio hairan dekh ke Zoya ko naye andaaz me,Aku yeh khane ka waqt nahi Khana laga ne ka hain, selfie queen Mona,Mithileshji ka dulaar, Zoya ki bachhi ne kiya kya hain soch soch ke mar rahi hai Mahi,Maa-in-law and Damadji ka luch no disturbance Mahi Devi,Police ne li Arjun ki talashi lakin mila thenga, Vinod ji ka funny andaz ek baar phir le aaya Zoya ke face pe smile,Hashtag #Awesome Queen aa gayi hai phir se lagane aag # se ,Zoya was looking stunning in falshback wedding dress, ADITYA ke naam ki lag gayi mehndi Zoya ke haathon pe awww #Cool, Adi ke Tough tough look ne dara diya humarai #Hashtag queen Bella kapoor & Calm Zoya kO, PERFECT Zoya ki taarif Adi ke muh se,Bella Kapoor hui relaz Ro Ro Yeh Tough Tough Look nahi the yeh the Adi Ke Passion wala Intense wala Look , Aditya:: mein ne tumhe underestimate kiya mujhe laga tum stupid hu, bewaqoof hu ,nadan hu lekin tum tho badi smart nikli.Ab khelne mein maza aayega,Congratulations phele round tho tu jeeth gayi ab dusri round pe intazaar karo kyun ki haarne ki aadat to mujhe bhi nahi…..ABHI TOH SIRF MEHNDI HUI HAI SHADI TOH ABHI BHI BAKI HAI…Anjane me Zoya ki mehndi ho gayi hain woh bhi ADITYA ke naam ki….kya BeRo wedding Ke saath saath hogi AdiYA Wedding also?
    Precap : Hashtag #Inetersting

    1. Lokesh

      Very nice review for those who haven’t watched, those watched have an exciting flashback, thanku to u for such a grt comment, keep doing it for us, as for sometime I may not able to watch it. And trp decreases, now ipl season, it will decrease further more.sad . Bye

    2. P_lata

      Wow Fenu, aapki yeh commenting hai lazawab, humme bahut pasand aaya aapka yeh andaaz
      Yun hi agar aap dete rahe saath , toh lagta hai ki chod na sakenge aapka sath

      1. Lokesh

        Wah Wah! wah Wah!

  8. Fenil

    Trp- 2.2
    Position : 5th
    Bepannah Rocks !!

    1. P_lata

      Yeah….Bepannaah rocks……

  9. P_lata

    Zoya Zoya Zoya…..rocking …in the peach colour dress …lovely
    Oh Noor madam made Zoya’s day
    Aditya cared her mom in law so cutely…lovely bond between them
    Mehndi to ho gayi aur Shaadi abhi baki hai……we are in dreamland AdiYa….Hope tum dono ki bhi shaadi ho jaye along with Bella and Rohan….

  10. Riana

    Hey Bepanah family…?
    First part was really amazing ???
    Akansha: Zoya mam ek problem hai…?
    Zoya: Aapko phirse bhook lagi hai ! ?
    Noor is superb !!…I just love her as a supportive character !!
    Just want they dont drag the show i mean the same scene like they did in this week due to which trp fell !? ?

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