Bepannaah 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya and Zoya decide to flee from the house

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Bepannaah 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir says I am taking you both to the jail where you both deserve to be. He asks Lady Cnstable to handcuff Zoya and asks Aditya to extend his hand. Anjana pleads innocence on his son’s behalf. This girl (Zoya) isn’t what she appears to be. Aditya tells her to stop. You don’t know anything. Please don’t say anything. Arjun reminds Rajvir that this is Justice Hooda’s house. Even the servants of this house know all the sections of IPC. On what basis have you come to arrest them? If Media will point fingers at anyone then will you arrest just about anyone on the basis of that? Law needs proof. Where is your proof? I think we have spoken a lot already. Show us the arrest warrant first. Rajvir asks him if he thinks he will come to Justice Hooda’s house without a warrant. Read it well. Arjun reads it. It is non-bailable arrest warrant. Rajvir agrees. Who would know about law better than you guys? You can ask the servants of your house what it means. He turns to Aditya and Zoya. I will get you both life imprisonment. It is a double murder after all! Arjun stops Rajvir for a minute. Zoya looks panicked. Rajvir allows the brothers 30 seconds.

Arjun tells his brother that Rajvir is well prepared. Seems like he has done his homework well. Aditya remembers his meetings with Rajvir since beginning. Arjun tells his brother he wont be able to help him for now but he can help Zoya. As per law, they cannot arrest a woman at night. Anjana says it means she will stay here happily while Aditya will go to jail. Aditya was sleeping happily here. She came to our house and look at what happened! Arjun tries his father’s number but it is unreachable. Rajvir says he can end the matter in seconds. He is very influential. Seems like you don’t watch movies. There is a storm in Dehradun, Mussorie. Neither your papa nor his phone will be able to reach here.

Harsh fails in getting connected to his family. His assistant tells him about the storm warning. No phone is accessible and neither any flight nor any private jet is also accessible. Harsh worries that it might get really late this way.

Rajvir pulls Aditya with him. Zoya passes out. Aditya holds her.

Mahi gives interview. She acts to be unaware of anything. Husband and wife died but they became partners. I fail to understand why. They both started working in the same company and I couldn’t understand anything. I even saw Aditya leaving from Zoya’s room early morning. You can check the CCTV footage if you want. I asked her and dint question her on whatever answers I got. Mom and I are like that only. We trust anyone. Madhu ji comes downstairs. Reporters throng her with questions but she asks them to leave. I don’t want any drama in my house. Reporters apologize to her and take their leave.

Madhu ji is crying. Mahi asks her why she is crying. They both should cry. Bhaiya will not get justice. Madhu ji tells her to stop her drama as media has left already. Mahi wonders if her mother knows something. Madhu ji says you knew everything yet you kept quiet. You let things happen. Mahi lies that she only trusted Zoya. What’s my fault in this? Madhu ji says I cannot believe Zoya will do something like this. I am a mother. I became emotional for her. Mahi comforts her. I am your strong daughter and I am here. I will set everything right.

Rajvir calls it Zoya’s drama but Aditya advises him to check with real doc once. You must remember that you cannot arrest a girl at night. Rajvir says I can arrest you. Rajvir tries to pull him up but Aditya requests him to let doctor come first. Arjun is about to call doctor but Rajvir stops him. It will be our doctor and not yours. He asks his juniors to call doc. No one will step out or come inside the house. Police is all around. Don’t act smart. Aditya takes Zoya inside. Rajvir vows to take him with him today at any cost!

Noor comes to Arora House. Mahi looks irked but Noor questions her. How did media come there? What’s this drama? Mahi says people fall in their own trap when you lay a trap for others. Noor reminds her it was her plan only yet she is blaming her sister. Madhu ji tells her she must not question Mahi. I dint believe Mahi but I saw it with my own eyes. Noor asks her if Mahi told her all this. She only took you there, right? It wasn’t my sister’s idea but your daughter’s idea. Mahi only made my sister agree to whatever she has done till now for Virani. She dint want to do any of it. Mahi says wow, you are putting entire blame on me now. I was ready to have a pretend wedding with Aditya but Zoya stepped in between. It is because she wanted to do it. Noor calls Mahi selfish. You know how she is. Trust me. She only did all this. I am dead sure she only called media there so the matter is aggravated. Mahi plays the emotional card. Mom you should only trust outsiders. You don’t trust your own kids. Noor requests Madhu ji to understand but she tells them both to stop. Since last 2 months, I have been only listening to complains against my son and daughter. I began to feel that I dint raise them right. I not just gave Zoya a place in this home but in my heart too but I realised the truth today. Zoya is at fault. My Yash and Mahi are innocent. She heads upstairs. Noor calls out after her but in vain. Mahi happily tells Noor that she lost it. Take your and your sister’s stuff before I throw it out! Noor walks out of the house in a huff.

Aditya is sitting next to Zoya while she is still unconscious. Anjana tries her husband’s number again. Arjun goes to check on Rajvir.

Assistant tells Harsh that Rajvir is too smart. he has done a lot of damage already. Hope it wont worsen. Harsh is more concerned about Aditya. Hope he wont do anything wrong. He is very impulsive.

Zoya gains conscious. Aditya asks her if she is fine. What happened suddenly? She speaks of police in fear. They will take me as well. What should we do? Aditya thinks for a moment and then suggests running away. She is shocked. He closes the door from inside. We must run away if we want to save ourselves. She reasons that they are innocent. Why should we run away? He tells her that Rajvir is a Police Officer. He was trapping us all along. We have no other option. We must run away. Come. She requests him to speak to Arjun but he does not want to risk Arjun’s licence. Plus, only Harsh can save them at the moment. We must run till he isn’t back. Are you with me? She nods. I will support you but how will we get out of here? He speaks of a plan.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya are running. Zoya asks him till when they will run. He speaks of the taxi stand ahead. A car stops in front of them right then. Rajvir aims his gun at them. Aditya holds Zoya’s hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Omg that rajvir is so extra na zoya and aditya should be together and how is it connected to the murder so angry st the moment but love zoya and adityas closeness

  2. Neha1

    Hi Friends, Don’t know if this true, but Vatsal Seth to enter in bepanaah…

    Waiting 4 today’s telly update…

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