Bepannaah 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya finds out about Pooja and Yash’s child

Bepannaah 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya sat with her head in her mother’s lap and discusses she can’t see anything ahead of her. Her mother says the morning follows the darkest part of the morning. Waseem comes inside asking why they always are upset. He cheerfully tells them about a dinner invitation from a friend. Zoya wasn’t in a mood but Waseem convinces her to accompany, its after a long time that they are going together.
Later, Zoya tells her mother that Aditya saved her a lot of times, his father advocated her case; what he is doing is right. But if what she is doing is wrong? Why is the world confused about the black and white of a matter, why can’t they see the grey in it? Zoya’s mother calms her down and asks her not to pay much heed to what the world thinks. She must sometimes consider the will of her heart as well.

She tells Zoya she is proud of her as she is fighting for the right at the cost of her independence. Zoya hugs her mother.
At night, Waseem happily greets his college time friend and introduces him to Roshna, his wife and to Noor and Zoya. Iqbal’s wife brings drinks for them, Iqbal introduces her to Dr. Inayat, his wife. Zoya comes to help Inayat in serving the dinner. Inside, Inayat tells Zoya to bring the bowl but Zoya was lost. Inayat discuss with Zoya that sometimes when everything seems dark and turns to a zero, she must think that it’s time for a new beginning. Zoya’s battery was running low. Inayat goes to charge it and finds Zoya and Yash’s photo as the wall paper. She wonders who was with Pooja that day if this is Zoya’s husband. Zoya at once comes to ask her about Pooja, Inayat hides her doubts and takes the food inside.
At home, Aditya discuss with Harsh what Zoya must have been doing. Harsh complains that he was of the view to blame Mahi but Zoya didn’t want this, and it was Aditya who convinced him to fight for Zoya. Aditya asks about the diary. Harsh says the phone conversations and diary have no significance, and he can disgrade the diary in the court if needed.
Zoya couldn’t sleep at night and keeps thinking about Dr. Inayat’s suspicions. She decides to find out what Inayat has been hiding from her.
The next morning, Zoya comes to meet Dr. Inayat in the hospital. Dr. Inayat appears from her cabin with a patient and doesn’t greet Zoya. She tries to avoid but Zoya comes inside. Zoya follows her into the office and asks to share about Pooja. Dr. Inayat scolds Zoya that she is busy right now. Zoya convinces Dr. Inayat that she herself said she might get the light, she believes God brought her to her just to show her a path. She joins her hands requesting Dr. Inayat to share the truth. Dr. Inayat finally says Pooja was her patient, she shared some confidential news with her but she can only share with Zoya that Pooja was pregnant and the name of her baby’s father was Yash. Zoya was broken and hurries outside the office, though Dr. Inayat tries to stop her to have a glass of water.
In the corridor, Zoya envision Yash and Pooja in the nursery holding a baby. They carry the baby outside. She was broken and runs outside the hospital falling on the floor outside. She recalls when she showed Yash a toy she bought for her nephew, a cousin’s son. Yash argued that this was for a child who is eight years old, not a one year old. Zoya says children these days only love expensive gifts in this age. She discussed with Yash she liked it being in the gift shop and wants three beautiful daughters for her. She will dress one as princess, the second as fairy. Yash said the third must be sensible. He said they would see when there are children. Zoya stopped him from leaving and clarified they will surely have children. She cries out of agony while thinking about Yash’s intentions to divorce her and marry Pooja. She thinks about all the times she spent with Yash, and then about Yash and Pooja’s love story.

PRECAP: Zoya tells Aditya that Pooja was about to be a mother of Yash’s child. She still considers Aditya as a friend and brought the file so that he can deal with the truth. Aditya shouts at her to leave.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Neha1

    Zoya is shattered today knowing about pooja’s pregnancy… but hopefully she get to know the truth soon..
    Precap is interesting… Adi’ reaction..he’s angry…
    waiting 4 2mrrow episode

  2. I feel story get dragging…If they make it will be good.Otherwise we will lost our interest in the show .. Makers made lots of scene between zoya and yash compare to pooja and adithya..Now I don’t have any interest to watch zosh scenes..I want adiya scenes…I hope not only me..max no fans want to watch adiya scenes..

    1. Agreed….not interested in Zosh, Adija n even Poosh scenes…want Adiya scenes…today’s episode again insignificant…tomm also nothing great…Sakshi will reveal that Pooja was pregnant with Adi’s child. She wanted to abort it but due to some complications was unable to do so. So Yash decided to give his name to Adi’s kid and move on with Pooja..boring track..but from day after tomm it may be good…I saw upcoming videos..Zoya it seems decides not to open the case n Adiya become friends again..but Zoya is slightly apphrensive of this friendship bcos she doesn’t want society to suspect it as an EMA

      1. I don’t think that since Yash wants to give his name to Adi’s kid and move on with Pooja, he signed the divorce paper. It’s not practical for a man who loves his wife a lot & wants to give happiness to her without informing his problems.
        It may happen that Pooja was pregnant because of Yash and when she tried to abort, due to complications it could not happen and on that case, Yash may decided to divorce Zoya and move on with Pooja & his unborn kid. But when Sakshi realized about the same, she may convinced Pooja emotionally & Pooja dropped to abort the child. She may wants to inform Yash personally by meeting him at Masoorie.
        Let’s see what the writer will show us.

    2. Already lost interest. Another Ekta twist story.

  3. Rithu17

    I am happy that here Zoya has Arjun to understand the greys of life… Back in Beyhadh only Maya understood them well!!

  4. I dont want the child to be aditya’s…i want it to be poosh’s so that zoya understand that yash actually cheated on her… And that she should move on!

    1. Angelk1

      Omg same here, that would be the step to moving on. If they showed its adi than the grieving and dragging will not stop for a while

      1. Yaaah and zoya willl start believing okay yash is not at fault

  5. I saw in a video that zoya nd Adi will be frnds again at some lake side.. Eager for AdiYa scenes ? btw nice I dont think Pooja md Yash have done this.. I mean its really hard to believe it was PooSh baby.. They cant cheat their partners to that extent..fingers crossed..dont really know.. Waiting for nxt epi

  6. Harshad took leave on last they couldnt shootmuch scenes of adiya.dats the reason today they were showing zoshscenes…

  7. OMG!
    What is happening? And please increase the pace of the show. Everyone is mad at each other. Kuch toh aage ho. Please show something new this week

  8. Lokesh

    Hmm sad , everyone have become motivational speaker in today’s episode, secrets after secrets. But today it was slow.lets hope for the best.

  9. i guess everything will be alright and finally adiya love story will start , recently saw a video youtube where both aditya and zoya are sad and yet smiling as they go away in different directions , so nice to see adiya back together , cant wait for that scene to come on tv

  10. Well…it is confirmed that Pooja was pregnant with Aditya’s child which Yash was ready to accept as Pooja was unable to abort the child.

    But as of now Adiya think that it is Poosh baby n hence will meet at the lakeside. They will become friends again and part ways too as Zoya closes the case n heads back to Masoorie.

    But Sakshi will reveal the truth of Pooja’s pregnancy n Adiya will reopen case together bcos Adi is determined to know who killed his child.

    I personally did not like this pregnancy track. N the fact that Pooja was pregnant with Adi’s child. Some of you may argue that it is morally ok but Adi is for Zoya n only Zoya can bear his child. So Bye bye to ‘Bepannaah’ till Adiya love story blossoms.

    N I really hope that they don’t introduce Zosh kid which Yash had hidden from Zoya bcos it had some complications n was secretly taking care of it. Bcos Zosh too were married for 5 years.

    I want only Adiya…no Zosh, Adija or Poosh

  11. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice acting by Jennifer! But why zoya is defending his cheater husband and pooja and yash extra martial affair! Pooja cheated on Aditya that’s true and Yash cheated zoya that’s true! We don’t need any explanations about extra martial affair. Again not any justification for extra martial affair! We are watching Bepanah for zoya and Aditya love story. Not for finding out logic, justification and explanations for extra-marital affair!

  12. What I can’t digest is; why zoya is still keeping their couple photo as her display picture.

  13. Fenil

    Hello Bepannaah Family ?!!
    Awesome Episode ? !! Jennifer nailed it Love My Jenny ????
    Tag Line : “Har chiz sirf Safed aur Kali Kyun Hoti Hai ,Logo ko unn dono ke bich ke surmay rang kyun nahi dikhai dete !!”
    Roshana motivate her daughter Zoya was superb,Wassim’s attempt to cheers Zoya and care for Zoya so lovely? and that smile on his face ? Jennifer looks stunning haye Maar Dala Mujhe Toh ?????? scene was fabulous where Zoya was thinking all incidents and realize Adi’s POV was very much needed ?? “Har chiz sirf Safed aur Kali Kyun Hoti Hai ,Logo ko unn dono ke bich ke surmay rang kyun nahi dikhai dete !!” its took me their first interview with Times Of India where Harshad Chopra was defining his Aditya Hooda’s Character “Aditya White samjhta hain Black Samjhta hai lakin woh Grey Nahi Samjhta” ???? Zoya got hyper thinking about Adi’s pov and comparing her acts Roshana calm her down ? Dr.Inaayat ka manna hain Zero nayi shuruwat ki aur le jaa raha hain ? hhahahahah Adi wants to scold Zoya Awww ???? Nayi Feeling ki shuruwat hain yeh…Lo Bhai Zoya ki toh raaton ki neend udda le gayi Dr.Inaayat ?? Is Zoya Mad can’t she see its Doctor’s place and Dr.Inaayat was busy with her patients can’t she wait for somemore time …can’t accept this types of behavior from mature Zoya !! Boom BOom Boom ???? Pooja was expecting Yash’s child its not true lolz Dr. is saying like she did DNA test that time i m laughing thinking that …..aise Doctor kisi ke bhi khushi sansaar me aag laga sakte hain …Any person will help if woman needs help and he or she may accompany them …that doesn’t means He is her hubby or boyfriend ….can’t accept this tooo …. Jennifer Nailed that breakdown scene ????? This is first time when Zoya imagines pooja and Yash together like Adi imagines them romancing in front of him in his room on his Birthday ?????? that scene aaj bhi rulata hain Adi was begging Pooja not to do that to him on his birthday ??? cvs gave more flashback memories of ZoSh than AdiJaa !! Zoya was so excited in flashback for her daughter Fairy Princess and samjhdaar???? Anger on Zoya’s face ???? like if yash come to her she chopped him into pieces !! That painful scream ???? Kyun Kiya …Kyun Kiya…!!!
    Precap : waiting for it !!

    Upcoming AdiYa will become friends again at Lake Side !! i want radio scene too now a days from Arjun !!

    Some questions are still there
    1. who is behind Mr.Maheshwari Guy’s disappear at that day when Zoya and Mahi went to his house ? is that Rajvir or someone else? if Rajvir but why Maheshwari had nothing that prove AdiYa’s innocence we saw it in court or culprit if then RV must have present him from his side !!
    2.Mr.Maheshwari all of sudden came to court…like how Mr.Hooda founds him ?
    3.i was expecting Viranis too in court but their characters got removed after marriage episode .
    4.Who is sakshi’s blackmailer ? i think its Maheshwari !!

    1. Zahra

      wow Jerry is back !!
      AWESOME Comment !!!
      And yeah one more thing soon we will get a new Bepannaah OST specially for AdiYa !!

  14. Why wasn T it known when she died pooja was pregnant obviously they would have done an autopsy..

    1. Mr hooda dint let anyone else to read the reports

  15. Neha1

    Saas, Bahu aur Suspense :- The Segment was started where Zoya and Adi came toa lake sIde where Zoya float her and Yash’s memory in lake and Adi floats Pooja’s ring in that lake and they both Adi-Zoya shakes hand…and both will be back to friendship again…!???

  16. It would be stupid for the child to be Aditya’s then that paints a very very bad picture of Pooja… frolicking around with both Yash and Aditya – how much more disgusting can these Indian CVs get. Please stop bringing in these western ideas where cheating is fine like days of our lives and bold and the beautiful. A cheat is a cheat and a person with respect for their partner would be honest with them and tell them they are no longer happy before pursuing someone else. Have these CVs ever heard of STI’s?

  17. ??????? agar hum maan bhi le ki yeh serial perfect hai but jab pooja ki death huyi tab ki gayi postmortem report me yeh baat samne q nahi aayi ki POOJA WAS PREGNANT ?????????

  18. i was thinking the same

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