Bepannaah 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya and Aditya are arrested

Bepannaah 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya lies to Kalpesh and Sagarika that Aditya will understand. Kalpesh apologizes to her. papa thinks a bit differently. He is now stuck onto that thought so he will not do business with you guys unless you both are married. He goes. Everyone asks Zoya about Aditya. She shares that he refused. He wont come. Sagarika is sure he would come. Girls should help Zoya get ready. Zoya goes with them. Rajvir asks Mahi how she was so sure a while ago. If my plan breaks because of you then I wont spare you!

Arjun asks his brother as to why Zoya came here. Aditya asks him to leave him alone for today. Arjun says everyone’s pain bothers everyone. You are the only one who is acting selfish. Everything should happen as per your convenience. Forget about the world! Aditya requests him not to come before him today or! Arjun asks him what then. Aditya raises his hand mid air. Arjun says this was the only thing left to see. You don’t care for those who are still with you even after whatever happened! Aditya speaks of Zoya’s cheater husband. You know what all happened with me because of him! Arjun says you very easily put blame on everyone else. Think with a cool mind. You too might have committed some mistakes. He leaves. Aditya is in thoughts.

Kanti ji asks Pundit ji what the delay is about. Sumit tells him that Aditya hasn’t come by now. Kanti ji says it means he does not care about us. Let’s cancel this event! We wont do event with those who do not care about us. Rajvir puts it on traffic. Aditya will be here by the time you will finish the sherbet. He takes him aside. Kalpesh is worried for Aditya. Sagarika tells him a plan. This way we will buy some time. Aditya will also be here by then. Sagarika asks Mahi for help. Mahi sarcastically asks her if she really needs her help. She agrees. What should I do? Sagarika smiles at Sumit.

Harsh calls Anjana. Make sure Aditya does not step out of the house today at any cost. Keep an eye on him. She tells him that he is at home only. She goes to Aditya’s room to make him talk to his father but Aditya isn’t there. She tells Harsh about it. Harsh asks her where he would have gone to. Anjana says he might have gone out for Zoya’s work. He asks her to call him right away. Ask him to come home asap. She agrees.

Mahi, Sagarika, Sumit and Kalpesh are dancing on Nachde Ne saare. The girls bring Zoya downstairs. She is all dressed up. She keeps looking at the door. Aditya comes just then. Everyone is relieved to see him. Kanti ji tells him he does not care about time but Rajvir calms him down. Mahi and Rajvir congratulate each other. Zoya holds Aditya’s hand just then he is headed upstairs. I know something has happened with you because of which you are in this condition. I also know that you dint wish to do this. I want to thank you from all my heart for coming here. He says let’s think it to be a part of our work, wrap it up and leave. He heads upstairs.

Aditya and Zoya come down dressed as bride and groom. Kanti ji praises the couple and so does Rajvir (sarcastically). Mahi walks up to them. Zoya and Aditya keep their foot in the mandap at the same time. They both look at each other tensed. They sit down for the rituals. Mahi keeps eyeing them pointedly. Congratulations on the wedding, Zoya and Aditya! She walks away from there.

Pundit ji asks Zoya to hold the flower. She looks back for Mahi when Sagarika asks her if she is marrying for the first time. Just relax. You are already married for 3 years. You don’t get such chances in life again and again. You are lucky to live this moment again and again. Zoya takes the flower. Pundit ji asks them both to extend their hands. Aditya requests him to do this in fast forward mode atleast but Rajvir tells him to let Pundit ji do his work. Aditya extends his hand and Zoya keeps her hand under his. Sagarika does their gathbandhan. Zoya keeps looking around worriedly. They exchange garlands as per the ritual. The staff members stand tensed. Title track plays in the background as their pheras begin. Zoya and Aditya think of their partners. Shawn says it feels like a real wedding. Rajvir looks at his watch. Kanti ji asks Pundit ji if everything will be fine now. Pundit ji assures them that now Lakshmi ji will bless their company for forever. Mona asks everyone if they saw Mahi. She has disappeared suddenly.

The pheras continue. Rajvir smiles looking at his phone. Zoya is now asked to walk before Aditya. She shakes her head at Aditya. I wont be able to do it. He advises her to finish it. Let’s go then. Pundit ji asks them why they stopped. Kanti ji also insists. Zoya steps in front of Zoya. Rajvir is counting backwards. Reporters come in just then and click photos of Aditya and Zoya. Mona tries to send them out but in vain. Reporters speak of their partners’ deaths. They also ask Aditya and Zoya since when they were having an affair. Were they together before Yash and Pooja’s death? Do they have something to do with their accident? Kanti ji holds his chest. They were married already? I have been cheated! Reporters throng Zoya and Aditya with questions again. Aditya retorts angrily when Zoya tells him not to answer anyone. She begins to take him with her when Madhu blocks her way. She slaps Zoya.

Zoya tries to explain. This is a lie! Mahi will tell you the truth. Mahi tells her mother that this is the real face of her DIL. This is what she used to do in office. Zoya is in disbelief. This isn’t true. Madhu ji tells her to stop. You will say that you married Aditya to save your company? Will I accept whatever you will say? Zoya nods but Madhu ji tells her to stop lying. I told you I trust you more than my daughter. I told you to respect it but you broke it completely. Aditya kept coming to my home again and again. he insulted my Yash so many times and you had an affair with him? You cheated Yash and my son was blamed instead! I gave you place in my house as you were his last memento. I was wrong. You are responsible for his death! Zoya’s eyes widen in shock. Reporters record everything. Mahi asks her mother to come. We aren’t needed here. Zoya asks her why she cheated her. You were only filling Mummy ji’s ears against me? She tries to explain to Madhu ji but she refuses to see her face again. Zoya asks Mahi again as to why she did this to her. Mahi says bye to her. Zoya calls out after Madhu ji but in vain.

Kanti ji scolds his son for his lie. Aditya removes the garland from around his neck. Kanti ji demands to throw them out of their house right away. This event is over!

Zoya is crying.

Kanti ji blames himself. I should have understood they aren’t married. He goes to Aditya. No man can let his woman rule so much! Aditya tells him it is enough. The husband who does not treat his wife nicely isn’t fit to be called a husband! Your thoughts are so low. You should do a puja for to make them fine. He walks up to Zoya. She hugs him and cries hard. Everything is finished! What will I do now? She suddenly realises what she did and backs off. She looks at the reporters in fear. Everything is over! Nothing is left. Where should I go? He tells her she isn’t alone. I am with you. You will come with me to my home. He holds her hand. Come. He takes her with him.

Anjana and Arjun are also watching the news. He leaves to look for Aditya.

Harsh is drinking in his room. Hope Aditya wont make any other foolish mistake! His junior shows him the news.

Wasim also sees the news. He calls out to his wife and they both are stunned to hear the news.

Harsh notices Rajvir in the background. Who is he? His junior tells him that they came to meet him only. He is Senior CBI Officer. Harsh realises it was a huge conspiracy.

Harsh calls his wife. Is Aditya home? Everything goes wrong when I am not there. Anjana denies. He asks her to call him the moment Aditya is home. Anjanja prays for Aditya’s well-being. Aditya enters with Zoya. Anjana looks in awe. What did you do? He takes the phone from her. Harsh scolds Aditya again. you don’t ask your father anyways. You only inform me. He begins to tell him Rajvir’s truth when Rajvir storms in with Police.

Rajvir gives his real introduction to everyone. I came here to arrest two murderers. They killed their husband wife mercilessly. Harsh is overhearing everything as the call is still active. Rajvir continues cooking false story against Zoya and Aditya. You both are the murderers! He shows them the handcuffs. You both are under arrest! Aditya and Zoya look at each other.

Precap: Aditya tells zoya to understand. We have to prove our innocence. We must run away. She requests him to speak to Arjun but he knows only Harsh can save them at the moment. We must run till he isn’t back. Are you with me? She agrees. They both flee from the house but come face to face with danger. Someone prepares their gun to shoot. Aditya holds Zoya’s hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I hate this mahi #backstabber ???????????????????

    2. Poor Aditya and Zoya..??????

    3. Finally zoya ki ankhon se mahi ke acche hone ki patti hadd gayi, i hope…??

    4. Finally virani ko answer mila about his thinking..

    5. I can’t get it what does rajvir want, is he helping zoya and aditya in uniting or he is investigating murder of yash and pooja??????????

    6. My eyes filled with tear too with this back stabbing, this was really hard to see..???

    7. Zoya and aditya was looking soo cute in marriage dress…

    8. I think shadi to puri hui hai nhi fir aditya and zoya hubby wife kaise hue, media bhi jhut failane me mahir hai (in reality too, jabki media ka kaam sach dikhana hota hai at any cost, but media can be easily bribed).

    9. Agr CBI aisa investigation krti hai than and can arrest without arrest warrent, than anyone can do that… ???????

    10. Precap is interesting, zoya running in high heels ?????, rest is thrilling..

    1. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Sharaddha

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      ThAnk u…
      How are u ooshi?

    3. Ooshi

      Fit and fine with the Grace of God and fulfilling the days of life

    4. I think Rajvir is having some sort of connection with Harsh and wants to take revenge on hoodas but he has did something good, atleast Adi and Zoya got married !

    5. ShraddhaSharma392

      No adi and zoya still not married completely, as they took only half pheras, but when it was zoya turn, all drama happened

  2. very fast update. Thanks a lot Pooja

    1. Ooshi

      Be here always Dear

  3. Wow! Todays episode was superb and really excited for the coming episodes…..

    1. Ooshi

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  4. Lokesh

    Thanx Pooja today I watched the full episode after so long , and do u know what I m totally in love with this show now , speedy , as whole marriage in one epi only, and conspiracy after conspiracy, we get to know finally all Hooda’s and Siddiqui are positive, thank god zosh staffs were there as support and eye witness to for the fake marriage and sake of company only, finally Mahi real face is out in front of Zoya , and this Rajvir is a player today he broke the company, the staffs hope , all the relation , but gud thing is that adiya are together and Hooda’s are with them today I loved it. But want the company not vanished. Nice episode so far . Gud nyt.

    1. Ooshi

      Good night sleep well and sweet dreams
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  5. Silent reader

    Wonder how Rajvir actually become police.As a police officer he should investigate what had happened but definitely not to get drowned in the fantasy world of creating story based on the circumstances. But despite all the chaos both Zoya and Adi looks so cute and good together ?

    1. Ooshi

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    2. Silent reader


    3. can CBI officer create false alegstion to defame.This is ridiculous.

  6. Sree Nandana S

    Woww….excited 4 the upcoming episodes…love u adiya….but did they complete the pheras???

    1. No they did not..They are half married….☺️

    2. Ooshi

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  7. Oh my god!!! Adiya’s half marriage happens…Good one…I liked the way Aditya is protective of Zoya…Now while proving their innocence Adi will probably realise his love for Zoya…Adiya pls be together..:)…Happy Zoya saw Mahi’s real face…☺️

    1. Ooshi

      Wishing the same
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  8. So interesting episode.. nail biting moments

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  9. Rithu17

    LIT LIT LIT!!!…Ek dum dhamaakedaar episode…!!!!
    And now the chase beginsss!!!???

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  10. Hair,yeah Mahi air Rajvir milke Sab much kharab kar diya…mainae socha Adiya ke shadhi ho jaungi…par aakhiri vakht mein vo Rajvir ne media bula liya….Zoya ko dhapad mili…sad to Zoya….Love u Adiya???

    1. Ooshi

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  11. ecxcitement overloaded…. cant wait fr upcoming sequencez …..

    about todays epi. it was 5 out f 5.. episode wid mixed feelingz n eventz…
    weddg z not finished yet.. datz a bit of worry..

    n adi going tu beat arjun.. ho nooooo…

    mahii d blo*dyy cheater… nowon please zoya just understnd d real intension f peoplez…

    madhu ji kikced out our zoya.. well done.. because now zoya can live in hooda mansion..

    d blo*dy idiot kanjii ji.. nthg tu say tu him..

    when adi supported zoya.. feeling so pround..

    cant understand why rajveer do all diz ? wotz d real intention…

  12. OH MY God!..I didn’t expect this much of twist today….we must ep awesome

  13. 1st 2 comment ??

  14. I thought Ranvijay is a cubid to get Zoya and adi married.. but the hell… He created a fake evidence to trap our lead… I think… He is the guy who stole the dairy… I think he try to cover up yash pooja murder using our lead… This Mahi the hell … Selfish… U going to learn ur lesson soon… Now I like this adi’s dad.. only he can save our adi and Zoya… Hope get everything well soon

    1. Ooshi

      Agreed to ur guess Mage although have no idea about the reason but still agree to u
      Or he is the inspector who wants to escape from the tiring process of finding so did this that may be it will work or the both will find the real culprit

    2. i feel same too Ooshi ….hope zoya and adi come out from this trap very soon 🙂

    3. Ooshi

      Hope the same

  15. Thank you Pooja for the updates.

  16. Aradhya

    I was waiting like hell for today’s epi but, couldn’t watch it since I was in a call . Will have to wait till tomorrow to watch the repeat telecast..?

    1. Watch it on voot

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    3. u can watch it in voot

  17. Dhamakedar episode. So, Adiya’s shaadi didn’t take place. Arjun is the only person who could make aditya to understand the situation. I thought that they’ll marry. But the press came, then so much of drama. I really liked the way aditya was supporting Zoya. The way he asked her will you accompany me for the rest of your life. I was flat. I couldn’t understand that what does raj veer trying to prove. So awesome precap, adiya trying to prove their innocence. Aaj be break free episode. It will really be nice if every episode is break free.

    1. Ooshi

      Last line is the best

  18. Harshad is now not Harshad. He has completely transformed as aditya. Thumbs up to him from my side.

    1. Ooshi

      Be here always Sai

    2. True.Everynight I sit to watch Bepanah and end up getting goosebumps to see how an actor can transform himself completely. Respect Harshad Chopda.

  19. Till now the story do not reveal the truth of yash and pooja but the one thing is sure that madhuji is blind , before pointing zoya character she should see his daughter character and admit her in mental asylum so the innocent newly wed couples shall live in peace.

    1. Ooshi

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  20. Omg what an episode yaar. So exciting. Now I can’t wait for tom episode. Don’t know what going to happen on tom episode

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