Bepannaah 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya revenges Zoya by replacing her with Pooja in Zoya-Yash photos

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Bepannaah 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on
Zoya hands the contract file to Aditya and says she only arranged this party as a last wish of his wife. He calls himself sensible; she is better stupid if this is sensibility. She only wanted to show him how much his wife loved him, maybe he wasn’t worth it. A wife loved her husband for whole of her life, if once she holds someone else’s hand turned all his love to hatred. Aditya gathers the papers from file and looks towards Zoya. Zoya asks Aditya why he doesn’t accept there wasn’t any other illegitimate relation between Pooja and Yash but friendship. Aditya was silent. Zoya urges him to reply. He shouts, it’s enough. He questions what about those grocery photos together? She only planned these parties to satiate her guilt, this is her way to torture him after death. She lied to him about going Chennai and instead died in hands of her lover in Missouri. He clarified his love won’t let him live, but Hatred won’t let him die. He can’t give her the peace of his death so easily. He holds a right to loyalty, love and happiness. He is sure to get it one day. He wants to live, not die each day like Zoya does. He has decided to be selfish and won’t hurt himself. It’s Zoya who dies each day in love of her cheat husband. He shouts that Pooja was a cheater. Harsh now shouts at him to stop it, he warned him already not to create scenes at public places. Aditya counters, Harsh has done PhD in cheating already; must participate. He questions how long will he hide about his affair? No matter what we call a cheating, its always a cheating. Harsh slaps Aditya hard on face.
At home, Noor was relieved that the papers weren’t spoilt. The phone bell rings. She sits back to read the papers and was tensed.
Anjana stops Harsh, and requests Aditya to come home. Aditya apologizes for not being able to tolerate all this. After everyone has left, Mahi calms Zoya and sends her home.
Sakshi arrives at the venue. She finds a balloon tucked on a van with a note. It reads, ‘she must leave the money into the van and leave’. Zoya comes outside and was haunted by Aditya’s harsh words. She speaks to herself that Yash is innocent, she won’t take Aditya’s words seriously. He is a selfish man. She is sure Yash only loved her. She tries to stop a car, but someone kidnaps her from behind. Zoya cries and scream in a dark room. Soon lights turn on, the walls of the room were filled with photos of Yash and Pooja together. Zoya was shocked to watch the intimate photos of Pooja and Yash. She wonders how was she replaced with Pooja in all these photos. Aditya comes behind her and asks why she changed the rules for him? He did this all for fun. If she can wear Pooja’s saree and read her lines; did she think he enjoyed? Does she now feel special? Zoya explains she didn’t intent to hurt him, but he intentionally did this to make her miserable. These photos are his lie, and are fake. She still believes Yash is innocent. Yash doesn’t let Zoya leave and insists Yash and Pooja’s affair is a reality; he shows her the romantic photos in bed and on holidays. Zoya tries to leave the room, Aditya warns her to think twice before playing with someone’s emotions again. This is now fair. Zoya hurries outside the room as he unlocks the door.
Noor was worried and wonders she must do now, Zoya won’t be able to bear this. She decides to speak to her mother and calls home. Ammi was happy to see her call but Wasim stares at her silently. He was upset that their daughters only call them when in need. Mummy comes in to scold Noor for not washing her plates, they have to do all their work by themselves here.
In the room, Arjun walked restlessly. Aditya comes in. Arjun asks where he had been for all this time. Aditya tells him to leave, he has to sleep. Arjun says no matter how hard he tries, his emotions take the form of tears still. Aditya gets weepy and says he is amazed he is still left with tears. Zoya turned a drama of all his memories. Arjun explains may be Zoya wanted to make him happy, he questions why Aditya always see the negative face of a situation. Aditya says Mr. Hooda taught this to him in the age of 16. There, Harsh blamed Anjana for spoiling Aditya, he has never been insulted this way all his life.
In the room, Aditya recalls they were young and in school. Harsh left them for some other woman. He then promised Anjana to always stay with her. Then one day, Harsh returned home and Anjana never questioned him. Mr. Hooda had his affair for years; Anjana only waited for things to get better and Harsh to realize their worth. It was Pooja who handled him, she knew he won’t be able to bear this ever again.

PRECAP: Zoya questions if Aditya sent her fake divorce papers, only to prove Yash as the culprit. Aditya clarifies that Yash and Pooja wanted to divorce them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh god enough what is this I hate this episode

    1. Ooshi

      what about precap by the way congrats for being first to comment

    2. Medha

      Congo Umaima for the first comment… & keep commenting here ?

    3. Priyu

      Congratulations for being the first. ? Even I didn’t like yesterday’s episode much bcz both Adi and Zoya were sad ?

  2. hey guys my name is hardika.. i want to join this comment section forum for bepannah. i m a new comer and i dont know ppl here. so is it okay to befriend u guys ?

    1. Ooshi

      if u want to u shouldn’t ask but as u have asked so we r happy to have u just follow ur heart don’t take permission as it’s our nature to welcome everyone with an open heart some of us r Riana,Medha,P Lata,Fenil and Lokesh and many others welcome to BePanah family keep commenting

      1. Thanks ! Sure ! Very sweet of u ppp

    2. Mbaheti13

      Hey.. hardika
      Feel free.. post comments and ur views..!

    3. Lokesh

      Hey hardika a big welcome to u, keep commenting here, and no need to ask for anything, wlcm to bp rockies.

    4. Medha

      A big hello to you Hardika….
      Your’s Welcome in Bepannaah Family ❤

    5. Priyu

      Sure Hardhika !! You are most welcome dear!! Happy to see you ! ?? Keep commenting!! ???

  3. Ooshi

    Adi is trying to make her realize the truth but she doesn’t want to but what’s the truth Sakshi knows is it the same that she knows about yash and pooja’s affair earlier and who’s the man who stole diary,bribed yash’s friend and now blackmailing Sakshi
    hope tomorrow Zoya will accept the truth
    getting more and more confused with each passing day

    1. Priyu

      Yes ooshi too many mysterious to sort out. Adi is trying his best to prove that Zoya is wrong.. and who is this Guy following Sakshi. And the diary is stolen too.i don’t know what this Sakshi is hiding ?

  4. Ooshi

    thanks Sona for the update

  5. Ooshi

    Aayush where r u?

  6. Dragon12

    Hii am a silent one commenting for the first time. so bepannaah fandom waasis may I join u ?

    1. Mbaheti13

      Hey.. welcome 🙂

    2. Ooshi

      Welcome here don’t u check my reply to Hardika feel free and follow ur heart

    3. Lokesh

      Yup u r welcome here.keep commenting.

    4. hi hardika and dragon12, welcome both of you

    5. Medha

      Hello Dragon…
      Yaa yaa sure no need to ask…
      Your’s Welcome in Bepannaah Family ❤

    6. Priyu

      No need to ask dear!! ?? Everyone is always welcome here ?? keep commenting ???? welcome

  7. I found today’s episode the best so far, because while Adi and Zoya were fighting for their own perspectives, there is a grain of truth in both their words, irrespective of whether there was a Yash Pooja affair.

    I have totally fallen for Adiya chemistry, them facing off against each other, their dialogues and expressions all were fantastic.

    And the running mysteries, they all just add to my love for this serial.

    This is my first serial of Harshad and I must say I am turning into a fan of his acting. And Jennifer, I have watched her in Sarswati Chandra and Beyhad briefly, she is such a cutie pie. I wish I could be friends with both in real life. I think Jennifer has done a very brave job taking such a hard-hitting serial on infidelity in her stride.

    I love this serial and its creatives so much that I wish for this to get the no. 1 TRP, I am surprised that it’s not yet in the top 10, despite some fantastic episodes in the past two weeks. I really love that Zoya has spunk and she knows to fight for herself, despite her innocence and naivete.

    Colors please run more promos of this serial and more re-runs to hook new audiences, this serial has a depth, heart and realism in it that makes it a must watch.

    1. I agree with you.. this serial had good potential with phenomenal cast and story line! And even I found yesterday’s episode best so far . There weren’t actually fighting with each other but fighting with each other’s point of view !

      1. I agree, n it was such a real fight. One couldn’t disagree with either ASI or Zoya for holding their opinions.

        Seriously the writers are simply the best for this show.

    2. Ooshi

      Happy u commented keep commenting

    3. Priyu

      Even I am surprised bcz bepannah has not yet got the first place in TRPs. Sad for that…. I also want colors to air more spoilers ???

  8. Mbaheti13

    I started watching bepanah initially only and only for jennifer but i must say that harshad made me his fan . His character is more impacting . And sometimes i hate zoya . Cant see just see things. And i must say that thr party plan was indeed very bad . Another character that adds charm and lightness is noor. Damn.. i feel in love with her character. Shes so smart and funny. And also her scenes with arjun ….so funny …! I want zoya to stop believing just anyone… that mahi …. seriously ! But currently one of d best to run on television. Than over d top melodramatic serials. I watch bepannah and ishq me marjawan. (Krpkab ended na)
    What u guys watch ?

    1. Ooshi

      following Ishq Subhan Allah & BePannah and some others like Kaleerein etc

    2. Medha

      Ye pyaar nhi to kya hain… currently I am watching these two shows ?

    3. Priyu

      Hiii. Yes Harshad’s acting is awesome marvellous ??? I agree!! And I watch Bepannah now ?? with passion ??

    4. Agree with you on everything. Except I kind of understand Zoya too..she is definitely too naive, but hopefully her journey would be to learn to be less naive with Noor and ADI’s influence.

      I too started watching for Zoya and Arjun, but ended up re-watchimg for Adi. ?

      Yup Noor Arjun are definitely so adorable.

      That Mahi I hate her so much. But the actress is doing such a great job acting..

      I too watch Ishq mein marjawan, but not as frequently.
      And I watch TSMSP daily…though lately the story is faltering.

      Bepannah is my must watch and then TSMSP n then IMMJ

      1. @MBAheti this comment was for u.

      2. Mbaheti13

        So sweet nivedita and ya hoping same as u tht zoya becomes less naive…! ??

  9. Hello, even I have joined this for the fisrt time

    1. Ooshi

      wish u have a great time here

  10. Very effective acting aditya joya mayi too but story?why always love cheating hatredness ?bore to watch waiting for interesting twist give such twist that these actors potentiality come out

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

    2. Medha

      Yeah Smitha.. agree with you… enough of rona dhona… no more glycerine tears ?

    3. Priyu

      ?? yes always love is proved as cheating.. I’m sad bcz of it. Donno why. Maybe this will be fine soon… Waiting for that day !!

  11. Fenil

    Aditya hooda aap apne inteqam ki aag me puri duniya ko nahi jala sakte !! Zoya’s our brust on Him and he was just listaning Aflatoon performance !! Are dimag vimag paya hain ki time for Aditya Hooda !! Ya Allah so Painful “Yeh Uska Naya Tarika hain Upper baith kar mujhe niche torture kar ne ka” “Meri Nafarat Meri Mohbbat se jyada Bepannah hain” “Dhokha mujhe jeene nahi dega aur meri nafarat mujhe marne nahi degi” “Fareb ko koi bhi naam de dijiye woh fareb hi rehta hai Mr.Hooda” “Aditya” and that unexpected slap “Damage contol mode” “Tum aaj bhi apne cheater pati ki yaad mein til til kar ke marti ho , sambhal jao” here also he wants protect her !! Happy to know Zoya’s strong belives on Yash hope its never break !! OMG what a decoration of room with Pooja and Yash’s pics “Tum karo toh majak mein karu toh behuda” he is making her strong by doing this !! “Agli baar kisi ke emotions ke saath voolyball khelne se pehle do baar soch lena ” !! Divorce papers came to Zoya !! mene kal hi yaad kiya tha Roshana and Wassim miyaan ko kitne din ho gaye the unhe dekhe hue 1000 saal jeeyenge !! AdiArjun scene was good , Adi is too broken from inside !!

    1. Priyu

      Bhaiya I also hope that Adi is doing all this to make Zoya strong ??? hope it becomes true ?? their dialogues were awesome bhaiya…

    2. Lokesh

      Apka bhut bhut shukriya, hum jaiso ke liye aap itni Mehnat krte hai,nice update bro especially the dialogues . Waiting for our raizaada dynasty comments where are they all now adays. Say hello to them from my side. ??????

      1. Medha

        Mehnat ka kuch inaam bhi de do Loku ab thank you se kaam nhi chalne wala.. ?
        Aur na Raizada Dynasty_Advay ka Ghar_Advay ki Kutiya se badlta hua Raizada Niwas ho gya hain…. btw a big hello… hope you are doing good ?

      2. Lokesh

        Di kya kare yaha Facebook jaise fugge( balloon) to hai nhi so kya de unhe, and a big hi to all of u, or haa jald hi niwas Kahi raizaada Sadan na ban jaye, than mansion, raizaada mansion. That’s gud that u guys keep on changing the name, will try to come there soon.bye di

    3. Ooshi

      dialogues were superb agreed to last point and Adi’s good intentions/realizing her the truth for Zoya

    4. Medha

      Oh hoye… bda hi achcha memory hain aapka… approx sare dialouges chipkaye hain ?
      By the way hame bhi yaad aa rhe the Mr & Mrs Siddiqui… pastry scene k baad ab jakar darshan hue ?
      Dhanshu review as usual!!

  12. this serial is mind blowing

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

    2. Priyu

      Yes it is ??? very true!! Keep commenting dear!!

  13. Priyu

    Hey all BP fans!! Long time no see!! ?? Come on let’s hit ? comments today!! ????? Please everyone comment ????? Would love to know your views of this show!! Awesome show !! ???? Why don’t you share them with everyone?? ?????

    Episode is quite heart breaking ????? I’m so sad for both Zoya and Adi ??? Poor Zoya . Adi always blames her but he also said the truth!! ???? Zoya is also saying the truth ??? now whose side should I get ????

    Adi’s dressing sense was awesome as always!! ?? Three shirts as always ??
    Does Adi’s mom love him really? I am confused bcz last episode when Adithya was walking on road drunk, he saw his Mom’s call as FAKE MOM! So I thought Anjana doesn’t love him truely! ?????? Feeling bad for Adithya???

    Arjun is a understanding Brother. He understands both Zoya and Adithya’s pain. ???? He is a good one think..

    How did Sakshi find two lakhs? ?? So soon?
    And she even gave it ??? what a stupid act!! ???

    Who could that person be!! ? What does Sakshi know ??? so much mysteries!! ????

    Noor !! ?? I think you should tell Appointment she has full right to know!! ??

    Does this mean that Yash didn’t love Zoya!!???? I can’t believe this! ?? They were living happily right????? donno what happened…

    Mr.Hooda??? how dare you slap Adi??? You yourself have faults and advise others . ?? How ??

    today Adithya’s over coat was beautiful..when he was talking with Arjun his eyes were shining in green!! ?????? Beautiful!!

    Adi is too much. He replaced Zoya with Pooja ??? bad bad. I don’t know what’s in his mind ???? feeling bad for both of them ??????

    1. Medha

      Today emoji icons are in less amount… hehehe ?
      Btw it was lovely and cutie type review…..
      And Yaa Harshad was looking damn Handsome in that attire….
      Lots of love to u Kiddo ?

      1. Ooshi

        i was just missing u and asked for u

      2. Priyu

        ??yes Didi ? love you so much diiiiii ?????????by the way di I followed you on Instagram (I hope that was you ??)

    2. Ooshi

      happy to see u i m with u for scoring century Adi don’t like her mother because she just accepted silently when harsh came back it’s the thing which hurt him the most as he promised his mother to be with her always so y she allowed harsh to be in their life again

      1. Priyu

        Hey ooshi ??? I missed you too ?my data connection had some problems that’s why I couldn’t comment . But I have a problem. If Adithya’s mom Anjana loves Adi truely then why did Adithya see His Mom’s Call when he was drunk as “Fake Mom” ? I’m confused you have any idea?

      2. Ooshi

        It was just his misunderstandings for his mother or should I say he didn’t get or understand her pov

  14. i think bepnaah avoid these kind of episodes… its too harsh… we cant bear such these scenes thats why trp lowered…. show positivity and create the scenes liberally… pls

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

    2. Priyu

      ??? true even I can’t bear this negativity.. let’s hope for the best today
      I think TRPs are low bcz many r watching episode from voot and not on TV! What do you think? I don’t know exactly . Just my opinion..

  15. today ‘s scenes were full of emotions but still enjoyed watching those ,

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

    2. Priyu

      Yes exactly!! I was sad at beginning and then again sad at middle then at last I was but happy bcz of Arjun then again I was sad bcz of Adi ????

  16. Aleeza

    heart breaking episode ???????feeling bad for zoya ??

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

    2. Priyu

      Yes exactly heart breaking.. feeling sad for Zoya more bcz Adi is taking very harsh revenge from her. ??

  17. Ooshi

    Medha,P Lata,Riana where r u all
    @Fenil for how much days Zahra is on leave
    and many others where r u all

    1. Medha

      I am all here now Ooshi ? dear

      1. Ooshi

        happy to know this

    2. Priyu

      Yes where is Medha di? And P lata di? And Zahra too missing!! Riana di too ?? maybe they r busy .. hope they will come soon!! Waiting for them..

      1. Ooshi

        hoping the same

  18. Ooshi

    did i have to score century alone?
    hello? is anyone here?

    1. Priyu

      I’m here ooshi . I’ll help you don’t worry!!

  19. Priyu

    Hey all BP Rockies ???
    Check today’s promo ?????

  20. Medha

    Episode was emotional type….
    Jenny & Harshad both were looking so charming in their attires.. awesome dialouge delivery by both of them…
    And Mr Hooda how dare you slapped Captain ?…. that ballon was giving me scary types feel ??….
    And this man is so faster.. in a few minutes he got so many pics of ZoSh and after that he edited and even decorated the room with those pictures…. means how???
    Thoda to logic rkho yaar!!
    & plz I don’t want to see any type of rona dhona… nomore tears….
    Hello Hii to all BP Rockies here

    1. Yeah that part was a bit off. Maybe they should have let one day pass by for this or shown zoya wandering the whole night before the photo scene..

      Though I simply loved the confrontation scene in the photo room.

  21. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Thrilling Episode! Now episodes become interesting day by day! Waiting for upcoming episodes!

  22. Santana Russo

    OMG I cannot believe that Harsh left Anjana and she waited for him while he was having an afair with another woman. For reals wow, the man left u y on earth would anyone wait for someone who left em.

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