Bepannaah 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi proposes Aditya

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Bepannaah 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya says I am also going through the same pain like you. I wont give you any assurance as I know none of them mean anything. Aditya is also teary eyed. Zoya suggests him to just think that Pooja dint sign the divorce papers. It means she still had love for you in some small corner. But Yash dint leave any doubt. He signed the papers! Aditya says it would have been better if she had signed those papers. I would have atleast gotten some closure. Now I will spend the rest of my life wondering why she dint sign them; or that maybe she still loved me. She broke everything. Who will join me back? Who will join my life and me? He cries. Zoya is also in tears. He falls asleep while crying. She covers him with a duvet and extends a hand towards him but stops herself. She switches off the room lights. She falls asleep on the chair.

Next morning, Noor knocks at Zoya’s door. why did you lock the door? Aditya wakes up. He ends up opening the door shocking Noor completely. She looks at the open buttons of his shirt. You here? Zoya wakes up by her voice and runs to the door. She pulls them both inside. Aditya realises that he fell asleep here only. Zoya tells Noor everything. Go now. Aditya wants to thank her first. You dint throw me out last night even after the condition I was in! Thank you. If I said something wrong or you felt bad then I am sorry. She tells him she dint say anything untoward and you are not welcome. Rajvir clicks Zoya and Aditya’s photos as Zoya helps him get down from the window. Mahi also spots them in that condition. What was Aditya doing in Zoya’s room all night? Rajvir says it means they spent the night together. Your love story’s The End is about to come soon and I only will write it. Aditya leaves. Mahi is in thoughts (and angry).

Aditya is smiling as he walks on the street. He tries to stop an auto or taxi but in vain. Rajvir stops his car next to him and greets him. You left so early for jog. You stay here? Aditya nods. rajvir says it means you and Zoya live separately. I mean not with your parents. Aditya says seems like you are also out for jogging which is why you are thinking too much. Rajvir says I enjoy seeing empty roads and strange scenarios on the road. Do you jog in these clothes? Aditya says sometimes I do when I have to go to office after jog. I will ask you next time before going out for a jog if you don’t like it. Rajvir denies. Come, I will drop you to your office. Aditya sits in the car.

Noor smiles thinking about what she saw in the morning. Zoya tells her to be quiet. She helps her MIL set up the table. Mahi walks in angrily and takes Zoya with her. Noor wonders why Mahi took her sster like that. Something is surely wrong.

Rajvir asks Aditya if he knows some cafe around. Aditya replies that he makes really nice coffee so he never goes out. Aditya is irked with his questions. Rajvir asks him if he does not like his company. Aditya says I have urgent work in office so I was in a rush. Rajvir speaks of the cake incident. Did you do that to hide your face? I felt that ways though I could be wrong. Aditya says it is surprising that you only met us yesterday but you have already made so many opinions about me and Zoya. Rajvir offers to take him out for a treat. Don’t take me wrong. Aditya tries to refuse but Rajvir takes him for a cutting chai outing. By looking at your face, I can tell you that you really need it. This tea would really help. Aditya says by looking at you, I also doubt if you are really from London. Your accent, your actions or anything does not hint at that at all. Seems like you know Mumbai better than London. You dint even use GPS and could easily navigate through the city. You also know about the famous or less famous points in Mumbai. Rajvir tells him that he wasn’t born in London. I am 100% Mumbaikar. I went to London recently. Aditya asks him from which college he did his graduation. Rajvir lies to him. Aditya decides to find out what he is really up to and why he came here.

Mahi asks Zoya if Aditya was in her room last night. You sent me and Mom away and hid him in your room, right? Zoya shushes her. Aditya was not really well. He got cake all over him and he was allergic to it. He came to take medicine and fell asleep. Mahi says how you can be so casual about it. Aditya spent the entire night in your room! Zoya explains the situation to Mahi. How could I ask him to leave at this hour? I let him stay. Let’s go inside or Mummy ji will be upset. She goes inside.

Rajvir and Aditya drink tea. Rajvir is curious to know more about Zoya and Aditya. Did you elope in Mumbai or some mountains like Mussorie? Aditya asks him why he is so curious to know their love story. Rajvir diverts the topic a little. Aditya asks him why he referred them to Mr. Virani when he does not even know them. Mr. Virani was against the idea yet you convinced him to give us the contract. Why? Rajvir says I feel like I know you more than yourself. Sometimes strangers become acquaintances. It is sometimes called friendship and sometimes it is called enmity. He makes another pointy joke at Aditya. I couldn’t find your favourite oatmeal cookies in this small shop. He cooks up a fake story for Aditya but Aditya does not buy it. Rajvir’s wallet falls down while he is paying at the shop. Aditya gives it to him. Rajvir’s Card falls down in the process. Rajvir steps on the ID card to hide it from Aditya. He sends him in an auto.

Rajvir receives a call from his Senior. He assures him that Aditya and his father might be high profile but they wont be able to escape in case they are wrong. He ends the call. Rajvir thinks how he made such a big mistake. He looks at his ID (Crime Branch).

Harsh rebukes that lawyer for not doing his job well. You are telling me that someone wants to pursue the case! That lawyer says some top official or some CBI official has interest in it. I don’t know the real reason behind it though. It was an accident right? He gulps seeing Harsh’s glare. All the evidences are disappearing one by one. Is there some big secret behind it? Harsh advises him not to use his brain too much. Did he call someone for interrogation? That lawyer nods. He called Wasim. Harsh asks him to find out whatever they asked him. Lawyer shares that they found a voice message from Wasim on Yash’s mobile. Harsh is in thoughts. Who is pursuing us and what does he want?

Zoya is speaking to someone but Aditya cuts her call and takes her in a cabin. Mahi looks on. She gets a call from her mother and is distracted.

Aditya tells Zoya that he saw Rajvir downstairs when he left from her home. There is something wrong about this contract. We needed money and this just landed straight in our arms. Our market reputation is very bad. Mr. Virani was not giving us the contract but Rajvir made him agree. He is surely up to something! She tells him that he is always negative. You never trust anyone! Mahi asks them if everything is fine. Aditya denies. I am trying to tell Madam something but she isn’t trying to understand. You would understand though. He tells her about his doubt on Rajvir. He twists the words around. There is no accent. Plus he knows the roads of Mumbai really well. I asked him and he said he studied in KT College. Mahi suggests finding the data of college online. We will find out the truth. Aditya compliments her on her idea. He checks the data online. Rajvir’s name is indeed included in the batch. Zoya asks him if he is done spying. I should get back to work now. She takes her phone and leaves. Mahi asks him if he needs her help. He denies. She leaves the room as well.

Zoya and the team is busy making arrangement. Aditya is quietly doing something on his phone when Zoya asks him to help them. He is about to fall but Zoya holds him. Rajvir clicks their photo. Zoya tells Aditya to sit back. I did a mistake by seeking your help. Sagarika asks Rajvir whose photos he is clicking. The functions have not even started yet. He clicks her photos to impress her. Sagarika wants to see her photo but Rajvir lies that he has some personal photos in it as well. Aditya stresses at the point. Sagarika is still curious to see but Rajvir assures Sagarika she will know everything real soon. Sagarika tells him to propose the girl if he really likes her. Don’t worry about yes or no or you might lose the one you love! Rajvir clicks Aditya’s photo. Aditya asks him if he would show it. Rajvir says later. He goes away. Mahi thinks that Sagarika Bhabhi said something right for the first time. I think I should also follow it.

Zoya asks everyone about Mahi but no one has seen her. She tries her number but Mahi is on another call with Aditya. She asks him to meet her in the back garden asap. I have really urgent work. Please come alone. She ends the call before he can say something. He thinks it might be about Rajvir and rushes outside.

Sagarika hears Zoya asking Shawn about Mahi. She tells Zoya that what she was afraid about has happened. Maybe you do not understand anything or you are acting innocent. Mahi wants to snatch your husband from you. She has called Aditya in private. Save Aditya before something goes wrong.

Aditya reaches the said place and is shocked to see the place all decorated with candles, champagne and lights. Mahi comes there wearing a red colour dress. There are balloons on the floor. She walks up to him. That important thing cannot wait anymore. She holds out a red rose towards him and confesses her love for him. Aditya looks at her speechlessly. She asks him if he remembers how he made her see the good in herself. It is the biggest truth of my life. In fact even my mom couldn’t understand me as much as you did in the past few days. I am sure you must be thinking I am a really forward girl but love makes us fearless. You know I am already very fearless. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I really love you. Epi ends on Aditya’s shocked face.

Precap: Aditya tells Mahi he does not feel that ways towards her and it will never happen in the future too. Mahi cries wondering what she lacks. Bhaiya and Aditya did the same. First, Bhaiya chose Zoya and now Aditya! Zoya asks Aditya what he did. He explains that he dint do anything. She refuses to accept it so he holds her real close. Now I am holding you really close and I am looking at you intensely. Do you also feel something towards me now? Did your heart melt towards me now? Mahi calls Rajvir CBI Inspector. I know that you need proof against Aditya and Zoya. You will need my help for that. He advised her to think through. On one hand, it is your Bhabhi while on the other hand; it is the guy who you love immensely!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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