Bepannaah 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: The Cat and Mouse game continues

Bepannaah 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Few muslims pass from where Zoya and Aditya are standing. Rajvir does not take off his eyes from Aditya and Zoya but they manage to mix up in the crowd. Rajvir is irked to have lost them. He overhears a lady saying that someone just paid 2k for a burqa that only costs Rs. 500. He is certain that would be Zoya and Aditya. He begins to look around. He notices someone wearing shoes underneath the burqa and makes her remove her veil. People surround him. How dare you touch a woman? Rajvir tries to explain when Aditya looks at him. Rajvir notices him too. He tries to go after him but those guys do not let him go. They think of calling police when he shows them his ID. They apologize for the confusion.

Rajvir resumes his search. Aditya advises Zoya to act normal. There are many people. No one should doubt

us. Zoya gets a sprain in her feet while wlaking. Aditya asks her to try to stand. We must run. She tries to get up but in vain. Right then, Rajvir points his gun at Aditya’s head. What do you both think? Passerby’s look on.

Noor is still outside Hooda House and is really concerned for her sister. Policemen standing outside the house wonder if Rajvir would shoot them. They fooled him after all. Noor is shocked to hear it. What is Aditya up to now? My Appi got stuck with him for no reason! She again approaches police. This wouldn’t have happened if you had let me go inside. Let me go. They still do not allow her inside. She gives in for a moment but then lies that there is a snake around. Everyone jumps in a start. She runs inside to find some clue.

Arjun heads to his father’s study room to make notes for the case. Noor walks in. She asks about her sister from Anjana. Arjun recognizes her voice and looks at her from upstairs. Noor gives her intro to Anjana. Anjana and Arjun are taken aback. Anjana says you both have decided to ruin our lives. You wont be at peace till then, right? NOor says I don’t know what you are saying. I only wish to know where she is! Anjana speaks badly for Zoya. Our lives have messed up since she came in our life! Police holds Noor. Noor again requests Anjana to tell her about her sister but police takes her outside. Arjun comes downstairs. Anjana tells him to look for Aditya. Don’t worry about that girl. she is just Zoya’s sister.

Rajvir asks Aditya and Zoya to get up. Aditya raises his hands in the air followed by Zoya. They both stand up. Rajvir asks them not to act smart, just keep walking. Aditya notices some spices kept nearby and throws them at Rajvir. He runs away with Zoya. Rajvir resumes searching for them in a moment. Zoya is panicked. He will kill us! Aditya keeps his hand over her mouth as they hide behind a tempo. They are sitting very close in that position. Zoya is clutching onto his shirt in fear. Rajvir also comes to that side. I know you guys are here only. They shift to another place by the time Rajvir comes to that side. He only finds the burqas there. He asks the tempo driver if he saw someone but he denies. Everyone wear burqa here. I don’t know who you are talking about. He drives away. Aditya and Zoya are hiding in that tempo only. Rajvir does not see them.

Noor is crying. Where should I go? I don’t know anyone here. Now I don’t even have any numbers left who I can reach out to. She ends up calling Arjun only. I wonder what I was thinking. He is anyways not going to pick his phone. Arjun picks the phone and immediately asks her if she is fine. She tells him that she wont come to office today. He says the same. His tone confuses her. Are you alright? He agrees. you? She lies that there are some personal problems. I was worried for that only. He says the same. Let me know if you need anything. I will help as much as I can. She replies that he wont be able to do anything but his words / concern matters a lot. He says I might not be able to help you but do not give up. I assure you all the problems in your life will end very soon. She says thanks and ends the call. He wonders how to help them.

Rajvir calls Mahi. They are still absconding. They turned out to be smarter than what I expected. You know them better than me so I need your help. I have to arrest them at any cost before Harshvardhan Hooda returns! She taunts him. You need my help finally! Why though? You were sure you wont need it! He tells her to go to hell if she has to say all that rubbish. I don’t care. I thought you too would be interested in finding them. She tells him a plan. Just be a careful. Rajvir smirks as he ends the call. Mahi is happy. It will be fun now.

Zoya asks Aditya if Pooja and Yash’s death was not an accident. Why would someone do this? He replies that he does not know anything. I don’t know what truth is or what’s lie. I don’t know who to trust as the person I trusted the most ended up cheating me. I don’t know! I have no answers but only questions. There is a question for every question. You told me to feel happy thinking that Pooja dint sign the papers. It might be because she would have realised her love for me or she would have felt bad about doing so. We loved cooking together. it was our thing. She loved painting. I was her model. It was our thing! Everything that was for only the two of us was shared with someone else! I don’t know if she really loved me or hated me. Was she punishing me? I don’t understand anything when I think of it. I go mad. I have started doubting my intelligence seriously. I don’t know what’s right or wrong. I only know that we were cheated. We both are innocent as we were buying gifts for those who lied to us and were together at that time! Atleast you know that I am innocent, right? She smiles sadly at him. I trust you.

Zoya falls asleep. Title track plays. Aditya notices that she is about to fall down and hurt herself. He immediately sits next to her. She rests her head on his shoulder in sleep and even clutches his hands. Aditya thinks of all their meetings from the start. He falls asleep as well.

Precap: Zoya asks Aditya where they are. How will we spend the night here? They hear some strange sounds and duck. They see a tiger coming towards them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What a beautiful episode!!! Simply loved the way Zoya slept on Adi’s shoulder holding his hand…Awesome..n Arnoor love story progressing…Happy arjun came to know that Noor is Zoya’s sis…Adi remembered his moments with zoya…Wow both have fallen in love…pls realise n tell about it to each other…will this jungle track have a kiss sequence?…wish it has Adiya are too good..n today title track played after a long time…enjoying this love saga..:)

    1. Ooshi

      Y to hurry this love needs to be more intense

    2. Right now the story is progressing at a good speed. If they will show confession now, then it will look as if they have rushed with the story. The love is taking its own sweet, simple time to develop. Let us enjoy it.
      And no there won’t be any kiss sequence. I am saying this because Adi-Zoya aren’t close enough right now to have a kiss. And it will be good if there isn’t any such sequence. As I said let the love take time to develop. The sweet, simple innocence is what making this story an eternal, divine and beautiful story. I would rather prefer not to make it those serials with hot, steamy scenes because then the innocence will be lost. Even if the makers want to introduce any such scene then must do it later on when it will be the correct time to show intense love.
      Right now, let’s enjoy it in its developing stage 🙂

      1. Ooshi

        Totally agreed Evelyn

    3. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Arch

    4. Mellu

      Yeah after many days title track played , that moment was awesome????

  2. awesome episode. Thanks Pooja.

  3. It’s not the culmination of love,but the journey of love that makes a love story eternal.The journey that Aditya and zoya are witnessing is amazing.Their cute argument in that first meeting,then the same terrible blow ,phase of Aditya troubling zoya,intense argument and confrontation,Aditya saving Zoya,they sharing their pain with eachother,standing together in the bad times of company and now supporting and literally protecting each other.Their journey is what making their story eternal.

    1. Ooshi

      Yeah totally agreed just love it

    2. Your comment really made me feel happy and satisfied Asmita.
      God Bless everyone 🙂

      1. Fatou Barrow

        Hello Asmita, i totally agree with you i just love this show since i start watching in march i everyday more and more fall in love with it. much love to you all from The Gambia.

  4. Neha1

    Wow..! Adi-Zoya finally escape from Rajvir….after a lots of Bhaagam Bhaag…!

    Last part was Amazing,???Zoya falls asleep on Adi’s shoulder…. Adi thinks all their meetings from start…He reminiscing the time he spent with Zoya…

    Oh.! Zoya-Adi in Jungle and Tiger coming towards them..? What will thry do now..??? Waiting 4 Monday.

  5. Ooshi

    Superb epi was awesome although Noor’s residence is still a question but as Arjun knows about her he wil surely do something

  6. Ooshi

    Although MahVeer r not my like and interest but AdiYa were just……….
    Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode

    1. Ooshi


  7. Thanks pooja

    1. Pooja

      Most welcome 🙂

  8. Somebody,please tell me the repeat timings of this show in India.

    1. Ooshi


      1. Thank u very much.

  9. Wow really nice episode today. Finally they escaped but don’t know what mahi and Rajvir plan to catch them but hope before them harsh come and save them .really love the way the convo between adiya and arnoor. Hope arjun help noor to stay anywhere cause zoya withe adi so ofcoz adi save her but noor is alone . Very pity. Now I really can’t wait until Monday OMG.

    1. Ooshi

      Wishing the same about harsh
      I m sure Arjun will help Noor through any way
      Be here always Polishni

      1. Ofcoz I will dear

      2. Ooshi

        Very happy to hear Dear

  10. I have absolutely fallen for this serial. Actually I am not even considering this as a serial, I am considering this as an eternal love story. A love story just read from a beautiful novel. Beautifully scripted and dramatized. The best part is that there are no over-exaggerated or over-dramatic scenes, instead everything is shown in a very simple, deep and heart-touching way. This is what makes this story an eternal love story.
    Now, for me, there are two lead couples, Aditya and Zoya- AdiYa and Arjun and Noor-ArNoor.
    Absolutely loved every bit of both the couples. The conversation between ArNoor was so simple, sweet and heart-touching. Noor was really touched when Arjun gave her hope and Arjun has already fallen for Noor. Maybe now Noor will change her perception about Arjun. Probably not drastically but at least a bit. Now she will consider him as a good friend who helped her in her times of need.
    Zoya-Adi part was so beautiful. Now, even Adi worries about how Zoya thinks of him 🙂 Earlier he was not at all concerned about how she perceives him, but now things have changed. Aditya asking Zoya if she trusts him and his relief when Zoya agrees. This shows that he has grown to take care of how Zoya perceives him.
    Compare today’s episode from the first episode. So much has changed and we did not even realize it. This is how it happens in real life. Everything changes but we don’t realize it. We only seem to realize it when we look back and see how drastically our lives have changed.
    Besides, Zoya clutching Adi’s shirt in fear was really good. And then the truck conversation. Then Zoya falling asleep. She looked so calm and satisfied with Adi and sleeping in his shoulders.
    I did not know that Arjun doesn’t know that Noor is Zoya’s sister. Now, it is clear that even Noor doesn’t know that Arjun is Adi’s brother. There phone conversation was really sweet, calm and simple. The smiles on both sides and hopes given and the tones of both of their voices. Its so beautiful.
    Today’s episode was divine. So beautiful that I can keep watching it forever. I love reading and I can write pretty well too. I’ll write this story in a novel form with the same name, plot, characters, mystery everything same. It is my heart-felt desire.
    Love Adi-Zoya
    And thank you Ooshi for replying on my comments. Your reply really encourages me to write more on this divine show.
    Thank You

    1. Ooshi

      Mention not Dear very happy to know my replying is encouraging u
      Still I didn’t watched the epi just read it but ur comment told me that u don’t only watched the serial but watched it by depth of heart and emotions. When each and every scene is watched and described by heart
      Happy u commented
      Keep commenting
      And Be here always Evelyn
      Very happy to have u

    2. You have said everything.But in addition to it our show has such an amazing tittle track.It’s lyrics and intensity is so penetrating that it just pierces through heart.

      1. Exactly. The lyrics are out of the world. The voice, the tone, the music describes the situation and the condition of the protagonists flawlessly. The song really pierces my heart and allows me to delve into the heart and mind of the protagonists 🙂

  11. Hello guys..Am new here but am a great fan of bepanah since day 1.. I always read all your comments and i enjoy being here.. Mch love.. Cant wait .. Monday seems so far

    1. Mellu

      Hello dimple, wlcm to bp fam

  12. Ooshi

    Welcome to the family Dimple
    Happy u commented
    Keep commenting
    But Monday is not that much far it’s Saturday then Sunday and it will be Monday After that so just 2 days

  13. Siyuu

    if there is sumthng will be undigestable its rajveers attitude n intension only..

  14. Siyuu

    yeah everyln.. yu said it.. what i wanna tu share yu simply said it, each n every points.. the saga is moving in a rhythmic flow,what v r expect too.. all the characters are perfect wat
    they are upto.. this rhythm is wat actually happened in real lyf like adiYa even it love or life.. before a back tu back rethinking , we cant realise dat our lives are flowing forward wid tym tu tym.. no need of any more physical n intense.. the narrators portray the connection of heart tu heart,mind tu mind very well here.. even in arnoor convo. there is no need of overexpressive essay type words n concerns like typical dramas.. a single word from the loved one is enough for healing all the pains.. “sometimes someones silence have more powerful dan words” i remember this quote while watching dis saga even before..

    i hope the storytellers keep this rhythmic flow till the end which v are expecting …

    1. Exactly. I love the way you perceive the story 🙂

    2. Ooshi

      Hoping the same Siyuu
      Be here always

  15. Hi guys I’m late . I was just having a blast but today’s episode was just amazing ?. Can’t wait for Monday

  16. Ooshi

    SANOFAR,ZOYA,ASMITA,ARCH and everyone who will comment and is here from before and still here happy u all commented again Keep commenting And Be here always
    NEHA,VIN and everyone who will comment here first
    Welcome here happy u all commented and Keep commenting

  17. Who says that you need melodrama,over-exagerrated expressions,crazy background music and buckets of tears to have an impact.It can happen in the most subtle manner while having a casual conversation inside the tempo.All you need is two excellent actors who are literally living and breathing their characters.Respect for Harshad Chopda and Jenifer Winget.Proud fan of yours.

    1. Proud of #bepannahfandom 🙂

    2. Ooshi

      Totally agreed Asmita

  18. Lokesh

    Superb episode, totally amazing, for Arora’s Aditya is a trouble, and for Hooda’s Zoya is the trouble, I want diary sequence too.

  19. The diary part is quite complex…Arjun stole it from police.Someone stole it from him and tore it’s pages and put it back in Arjun’s cupboard. Arjun read the parts of the diary where Pooja has stated why she fell for Yash. Now diary is with Harsh who is in search of the torn pages…Makers please address the diary thing properly. Keep it simple yet intriguing but don’t complicate it…Too many complications rob the story of its core essence.

    1. Ooshi

      Want Lokesh’s wish to be fulfil
      Arch is also right
      Please end this diary matter before AdiYa start their journey to truth please maker be good with the story

      1. Lokesh

        I think, after few episodes, adiya will get that diary, than they will read it together, and story will rewind on past. And we will se Yash and Pooja too.

      2. Ooshi

        Good guess but what about the torn pages

  20. Pratina

    Beautiful episode..I just love this serial…want the creative team to keep up the good work and to not mess with the storyline…and superb acting by all of the actors??

  21. ShraddhaSharma392

    Cat and mouse chase to continue… Finally arjun knows that his chocomati is noor, but i wish she too have find out that his coffeeboy is arjun…. Zoya and aditya run and find proves, but one clue u both have, that shopkeeper, when they were buying gifts… And rajvir and mahi truth need to come out soon

  22. Beautiful episode. Just divine as Evelyn Said. Loved it to the core. The show’s strength is its simplicity. They are beautifully portraying the intensity of emotions. Ab Zoya ko adi se Pyaar hua ya na par mujhe Harshad se Pyaar ho gaya. After many days title track sunne ko Mila. I just love the title track.

  23. Beautiful episode. Just divine as Evelyn Said. Loved it to the core. The show’s strength is its simplicity. They are beautifully portraying the intensity of emotions and how love blossoms.
    Mujhe is serial se kuch dil se dil tak connection ho gaya. I just easily get connected to this show. Arnoor’s phone conversation was heart ♥ touching. Adiya conversation was also heart ♥ touching. Bahut dinon ki baad title track sunne ko Mila. The title track is just awesome. Roz mein us track ko sunthe hoon. Zoya lying in ad’s shoulder and how comfortable she felt and adi reminiscing his moments with Zoya are the scenes which I enjoyed a lot.

  24. Ab Zoya ko adi se Pyaar hua ya na par mujhe Harshad se Pyaar ho gaya hai. Ab jungle romance dekne ko Mila. Bahut maza aayaga. Pata nahi adiya kaisi tiger ? se escape karenge. Can’t wait 4 monday.

  25. Adi & Zoya – Good to see you both together

  26. Ooshi

    Just now watched all episodes of this week
    Now I can say eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode but the good thing is Saturday is passing and just Sunday left on Monday we will have our serial

  27. Ooshi

    I felt that Adi is falling for Zoya
    Although when he thinks about pooja and yash it hurts him but not is the same case with zoya when he thinks about her as the wife of yash he don’t wants to help her but still he understands her It’s my strong feeling about zoya little little

    1. Actually from the beginning Adi seemed to have a soft corner for Zoya …He was always her knight in shining armour…But zoya was indifferent but now she has also started feeling for Adi…I liked the way she expressed her complete trust on him…As per the story promised by makers an intense unshakable bond will emerge between them..☺️..But I am really very happy that so far makers sticking to the original concept…

      1. Yeah ,it is so nice of the makers that they are sticking to the original concept of the show and not contriving a plot just for the sake of trp or other pressure.The way they are building the relationship of Aditya and Zoya is surreal.Hope that they will keep up the good work and don’t succumb to the pressure by giving some unnecessary twists.

  28. i jus lvd this serial…. one of ma faav???

  29. Ooshi

    PLS,Medha,Riana,Zahra,Fenil where r u all I know u will be busy but please comment once here ur 1 comment will be enough for me to feel ur presence
    And Aayush and Shruti where r u waiting for u

  30. Mellu

    Just awesome episode , specially last part was really cute and lovely , when zoya slept on adi’s shoulder and the title track played just awesome moment ????????
    Finally arjun came to know his chocomathi is non other than zoya’s sis ( noor)
    Now mahii and rajvir are all set to execute their so called next plan??, but ok with that because v all know that now adiya are together n any plan will never gonna affect them ??, eagerly waiting for monday ???

  31. Ooshi

    Today is Sunday and tomorrow is

  32. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice thrilling episode! Last scene is beautiful with background song! Noor and Arjun’s telephonic conversation is also sweet! Obviously Zoya and Aditya’s truck ride is interesting!

  33. Ooshi

    Wish u all a great weak ahead
    Good Morning
    My best wishes are for u all and for all …… and ……..

    1. Mellu

      Good morning dea ooshi and all bp fam , wishing u same ooshi

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