Bepannaah 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya stuck in office because of riots

Bepannaah 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

At home, Aditya enjoys Zoya’s video as internet sensation. He was intrigued by the smirk on Mahi’s face while police was taking Zoya. Arjun convinces Aditya that Zoya isn’t Yash, the company isn’t Yash as well; no one can hurt Yash now. Aditya is only destroying his own life. Aditya sends Yash for Zoya’s bail.
Noor reaches Zoya’s house to surprise her. Yash’s mother tells her about Zoya’s arrest. Noor was worried that her father is already angry with her and Zoya, what they must do now.
There, Arjun gets a bail for Zoya. Zoya was thankful for him to save her the second time. Arjun apologizes that he couldn’t help her last night, he offers to drop her. Zoya says she is used to do everything herself now, will go home as well. Zoya turns around towards the bar and kills the cockroach with her hand. Noor was standing at the entrance of police station and was happy to see Zoya there. Zoya goes to hug her; the sisters cry.
Later in a garden, Zoya asks Noor why she came to Mumbai and why? Noor says she only came for internship. She asks Zoya why she has let Aditya Hooda be a party of her company, he is an ill-mannered person who must be sent to jail. Zoya says Aditya always insults her and Yash, they must somehow prove Pooja only loved Aditya. Once they prove Yash as innocent she can get rid of that Aditya. She will do this at any cost.
Harsh orders to cancel Aditya’s partnership in company’s accounts. He calls someone to ask about the diary and mentions a person who can connect the various parts of this puzzle.
At home, Yash’s mother insults Zoya for ruining all the respect. Her family has been cursed the day she married Yash. Noor questions if she still holds Zoya responsible even after what Yash did to her. Zoya stops Noor from misbehaving with her elder and apologizes. Mahi calms everyone down and asks Zoya to freshen up. Mahi speaks to Noor that she feels really bad about what she has seen on her first day. Noor questions Mahi why she didn’t come for bail of Zoya. Mahi calmly says Arjun Hooda has high contacts and reached before her. She asks Noor about her commitment. Noor says she came for internship and will live here with Zoya. Mahi was alert of Noor’s sharpness, Noor senses cunningness in Mahi.
Everyone in the office watch Zoya’s video with Aditya on social media. The office staff was upset with this. Aditya reaches office. The staff stops him and asks what they must do now about the video. Aditya says if it’s company’s fate to shut, no one can stop it. An inspector comes to office and asks Aditya about details of details of yesterday’s events, vendors, bills and other papers. He further asks to speak to Aditya alone. In the office, the inspector taunts about Aditya’s trick to loot on insurance company by proving your company as bankrupt. He says he knows well what relation Aditya had with Yash Arora. Zoya comes there and clarifies that it’s a misunderstanding, they haven’t taken over the company to ruin its reputation. They also wish to find out the one behind this incident. The inspector stares at Aditya and warns he is close to the truth; it will soon drown many as a storm. When the inspector has left, Zoya tells Aditya to tell the truth to police if he knows something. Aditya asks her to open her eyes and look around, why would he save her by causing all the trouble. Mahi wonders what’s this matter of police and how can she take an advantage of the situation.
Noor walks down the street deciding to find a job soon. She saves a stray dog from being killed by cars, it causes an accident. Arjun comes out of his car, Noor disperse the traffic apologizing and leaves.
Mahi comes to meet the inspector in jail and asks about Yash’s case. She cries in front of the inspector gathering pity for herself and her mother. She asks for a glass of water and deliberately drops it. Yash’s file was in the table. She takes a chance to open it and snaps a photo of Yash’s photo with Aditya in the file. The inspector asks her to leave if done.
In the office, there were news of riots in the city. Zoya allows an off to everyone from the staff and herself decides to stay in the office.
Noor comes to a restaurant, Arjun was in the same restaurant. She orders a cold coffee with the name of Maharani ChocoMati. She turns to see Arjun and tries avoiding him. As the news play, everyone in the restaurant was tensed because of riots, the police comes to warn everyone about the curfew.
Aditya was walking down the street drunk, a watchman warns him against the public. Aditya tries to hire a taxi to Bandra but no one was ready to take him. Zoya decides to sleep in the office, then wonders what if Aditya reach here. She decides he won’t come here anymore because of curfew. Aditya climbs a cart on street.
A group of riots attack the office.

PRECAP: Aditya tells Zoya that it’s her mistake that Yash has an affair with Pooja, just as it was his mistake his wife conducted an affair with an already married man.

Update Credit to: Sona


    Noor was really funny in Coffee shop. And even I think spoilers can be wrong because Aejun really seems like a nice guy and i think he would bw paired with noor.

    1. Rithu17

      I also think Arjun and Noor r gonna get paired.. they look good together..☺️

    2. Pinku

      I agree aayushi… I wouldn’t like story go that way

    3. AAYUSH

      Pinku its Aayush not Aayushi

  2. Ooshi

    thanks for the update Sona

  3. Ooshi

    my favourit dialogue of the epi
    Lakin Agr Us Shutrmurgh ko pta chal gya to
    i think noor and arjun will be a pair too
    like noor’s entry specially in mahi’s matter as now someone had no wrinkles on mind/who can understand real nature of people will be with Zoya
    may be the pic clicked by mahi also reach to Adi and he came to know about that pic

  4. Good epi. hey how many times adi is slapped by zoya? bt he deserves it lol When did noor and arjun meet? Im confused. they showed some flashback scene. Did I miss it? Which epi is that?

    1. Lokesh

      When Arjun went to Mussoorie, to find the diary.

    2. It was the episode where Arjun went to look for the diary in Mussoorie. I think the episode that aired April 2nd…

    3. Ooshi

      it was 2nd april’s epi u can watch or read it according to ur like it’s the 2nd slap tomorrow if i am not wrong and he didn’t deserves this his problem is he has accepted pooja & yash to be in relationship and he can’t forgive them and hurting himself as well as zoya

    4. Oh thanks guyz…. may be I missed that epi k.

    5. Ooshi

      no need of thanks it was our responsibility/duty

  5. thank you very much sona…

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented

  6. Lokesh

    So finally she killed the cockroach,#mayaiscoming . Gud to see an intelligent noor who will have an eye on Mahi, does Yash and Aditya step brothers,as we don’t know abt Mahi father yet, waiting for next gud nyt guys, and whr is fenil bhai please lata di ?

    1. Lokesh

      Not please lata it was p lata di.

  7. Fenil

    Awesome ?

  8. Pinku

    I did not see the episode I will watch it on voot and tomorrow I will give my comments

  9. For Unknown Hindi people’s should know little better and brief of every words from every dialogues

    1. Priyu

      I agree with you

  10. Priyu

    ??? Noor is back? hope at least she would help Zoya truly. Arjun seems to be good! Aditya ??? he looks awesome ???????????

    1. Fenil

      welcome to Bepannah Family !!

    2. Priyu

      Love you Bhai ???

    3. Ooshi

      happy to see u hear Dear

    4. Priyu

      Same here ooshi ??

  11. Anee

    Epi was very very nice Noor and Arjun really looking good together.

    1. Ooshi

      agreed happy u commented

    2. Anee

      Mee too!!

    3. Ooshi

      happy to know that u r happy as according to me this me too couldn’t be for agreed as in this conversation Arjun and noor’s pair was first ur thought

    4. AAYUSH

      Absolutely they really look good together

    5. Anee


  12. Zahra

    “Jo pehle se tabah hai woh tabhayi se kya dare”… And then He gave a blank cheque to Arjun and said: uski bail karwa dena..!!!

    Aditya Hooda The perfect…No No No…in his own words perfect is overrated…he is just overrated…!!!!!

  13. Zahra

    Zoya: Ab ek hi raasta hai Aditya ko rokne ka Noor: Ha usse na gaadi se udaa dete hai

    After all Noor reached Mumbai and her swag..!!!

  14. Zahra

    Employees : Aab hum kya kare sir?
    Adi: Bhangra..
    his sarcastic replies are so damn…

    “Itna pasand aagaya mein tumhe”…

    #AdiYa rocks !!
    #Bepannah rocks !!

  15. Aleeza

    Happy to see noor back ???
    Arjun &noor look so good together
    Hope arjun is not the real culprit

    One more slap ???

    1. Ooshi

      he is not the one and he can’t be as well

  16. Priyu

    I watched this again and Harshad’s dressing sense is ?omg I can’t believe that even such a boy exists in this world ???????

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