Bepannaah 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya proposes Mahi for fake marriage

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Bepannaah 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Photographer clicks Aditya and Zoya’s photos. This is the best shot of the day. Aditya teases Zoya. This was your plan then? You spoke of going away but came closer instead. Mahi fumes. Zoya tells Aditya she would prefer to die instead of coming here. He says I came close once. I will come close again. She frees herself.

Noor comes with shopping bags. She smiles looking at herself in the mirror. Everything suits me. Mahi’s mother asks her what mess she has made in her room. Will someone say that you are Zoya’s sister? Zoya and Mahi stay busy in work while you keep shopping all the time. I am sure your parents must be really happy as they wouldn’t have to see you daily. You don’t do anything. Noor finds logic in her words.

Aditya looks at the photos. Now people will give us the contracts. Shawn asks him if he should upload the photos online then. Zoya asks Aditya to first delete those pictures. He teases her asking her about them. This cannot be! This isn’t me! This is a lie! Mona comes and informs them about a call for an event. Zoya reads a new contract. Virani Group wants us to organize an event worth 2 crores. Mahi realises that it is a famous company that makes spices. Aditya is surprised. How do they know about us when they themselves are in Canada? Zoya does not care. Everything will be fine then. Aditya laughs. No one reads the complete email. It has to be a family business and only then can we get the contract. They too have a family owned business. You know about my family already. I will have to find another wife? He stands up and looks at Zoya. Will you be my wife? Mahi looks at Zoya who is looking at Aditya in shock. Aditya takes Mahi’s name instead. Only for a few days. We will have to act like husband and wife. Qubool hai? Mahi looks thrilled. Zoya advises Mahi against it but Mahi happily agrees. She hides her excitement in front of everyone. I said I will do anything for company. Aditya says it is decided then. We will pretend to be husband and wife in front of Virani’s. For them we will be the couple who owns and runs this company. Zoya refuses. A new client means a new relation. We cannot initiate a new relation on a lie. He asks her if they should punish the company for her cheater husband. Do you have a reason? Do you not want us to act like husband and wife and are blaming the company for this? This morality is a sham to make things work as per your wish. Who is acting selfish now? Who isn’t thinking about company now? Every employee will have to bear its brunt. Zoya looks at everyone’s faces and thinks of her promise. Aditya asks her what is right then – your honest attitude which will take the company down or the harmless lie which can save the company! What to do – do something which is right only for you or do something which is right for everyone?

Mahi asks Zoya what the issue is. The solution is right here but you don’t want to accept it. Zoya does not want to lie to anyone to get the contract. Do you realise how they would feel if they find out the truth? There must be some way. Aditya smiles. Right! She asks him why he is smiling now. Why would you have problem with lies and cheating anyways? This is a game for your after all! He reminds her of her recent promise to the employees. Why are you running away when you got the chance? She calls him Janab Aditya Hooda. He asks everyone to grab the chairs. Shayari is about to start. She gets angry. You find everything a joke! Do you really care about anyone?. He denies. I don’t and I say it on the face but you do care about everyone! Why are you trying to take the company down? Or are you on my side now? She declines. I can never be on your side. He makes fun of the new Urdu word but she gives up on him. She tells Mona that they wont take the contract. My decision is final. Aditya says yes for the contract instead. My decision is also final. Mona nods in confusion. Aditya and Zoya look at each other. Aditya makes people vote. Zoya looks at everyone. Mahi, Mona, Akansha and Vinod stand with Aditya while Shawn and Mithilesh ji are on Zoya’s side. Zoya glares at Aditya. Aditya makes Mahi hold his hand. Shall we? He and his supporters go out. Zoya refuses to lie to make any beginning. She asks Mithilesh ji and Shawn to find some new contract asap. They agree. Zoya sits down worriedly.

Noor gets Arjun’s call. He calls as RJ AJ. I got to know that you are going to help me. She is all smiles. I am so excited to work with you. You are my inspiration. I will give my 100% from tomorrow. She ends the call. Arjun smiles as he disconnects the call.

Sakshi gets call from the blackmailer again. He says it is your old habit to not take things seriously. You dint take the news of your daughter’s affair seriously too. You know what happened next! She tells him that he cannot blackmail her like this. Anjana opens the door just then.

Aditya and Mahi are acting before everyone to make sure they appear genuine before Virani’s. Aditya holds Mahi’s hand. He speaks so positively about her. Mona praises him on the way he emotes it but Akansha points out that they do not appear to be so power couple. That feel is missing. She gives tips to Mahi.

Anjana asks Sakshi why she is looking as if she just got caught. Sakshi shakes her head. Anjana tells her to take her medicines on time. You appear to be careless about your health recently. Sakshi nods absentmindedly. Anjana tells her about her courier and goes. She seems so lost these days!

Sakshi resumes her call with blackmailer. I don’t have anything to give you. He insists upon getting something big. Pooja was the DIL of such a big house. Fulfil my demands or I might do something. She takes the courier and resumes the call. What did I do to you? Why are you after me? He suggests her to check the packet first. She is taken aback. Blackmailer says think what all I can do when I can come to your house to give delivery. Sakshi looks at the photo and is shocked. Blackmailer demands for 3 lacs in 2 days. I will otherwise send such similar gifts to Hooda family very soon!

Mahi asks Aditya and Mahi to put each other’s photos as wallpapers. Mahi likes the idea but Zoya reasons that this way the lie wont turn true. We cannot take support of a lie. This company is already in problem. Police is already watching our moves because of the insurance money. A contract is a legal thing. We will all be in jail this way. Mahi asks her if she has some other solution. Zoya denies. we can find one together. Aditya calls someone and ends the contract. It is Zoya Madam’s final decision! He congratulates everyone. The company will now close down anytime and you all can find a new job! Aditya looks at Zoya. I thought you were weak but you are strong. You underestimate yourself. You are stronger than you think. It is because when the company will be closed and everyone will be on road, you will atleast sleep peacefully thinking you dint lie! Your cheater husband brought them here but you will take them down! Aditya tells everyone to let him know if they need any recommendation. Everyone looks tensed.

Aditya is looking at his watch. Zoya and the staff are busy in finding a solution.

Aditya looks at his watch and looks outside. Team brings in some small budgeted events. Mahi taunts them. It will be around 10 lacs and we will gain a profit of 10k only. This is what we deserve now! She asks Zoya what her problem is. It is a small lie. We will not publicize it. We will take the contract and finish it! They will not come from Canada to verify about Aditya and my wedding. There is still time. We will get the contract. Zoya tells her against it. We must not lie to gain any contract!

Sakshi keeps looking at the photo. I just have one day left. How will I arrange the money? I could share it only with Aditya and I have to hide all this from him only! He will never forgive me if he finds out this truth! I must give money to blackmailers.

Peon brings coffee for everyone upon Aditya’s request. You all must be tired after bearing Lady Yudhishtir. Anyways, I am going to watch Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Zoya asks him if he is going back in time (1994). He asks her if she has problem in him watching it again. Mahi agrees to go with Aditya but Zoya tells everyone to get back to work. Zoya thinks of Aditya’s words and is tensed.

Precap: Zoya and Aditya argue about the mangalsutra. He tells her that he got it for Mahi so he will make her wear it. She tells him against it. It is very pious! I will make her wear it. He insists that the wedding isn’t real. She tells him to be quiet. You wont understand. Virani’s come there just then. Shall we talk about business if you guys are done fighting? Make your wife wear it before that! Zoya shakes her head.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Ha ha ha…. Shadi ka plan kisi or ke sath or shadi ka drama kisi or ke sath….??????????? show is nice but tooo slow… I really get bored sometime due to slow run of it..

    1. Pinku

      Yes shraddha they r dragging it a lot these days

    2. Yes I also getting boredd

  2. It’s totally different in each’s like what we see is not what really happens…waiting for better episodes.

  3. Boring…Stop this Adi flirting with Mahi stuff…This is seriously not the way a widower who has just lost his wife behaves.

  4. Adi try to make zoya strong but I don’t like he flirt with Mahi . It’s irritating . Alrdy they didn’t solve yash and pooja affair . But now lot of dragging I just see cause adiya. But I’m getting so bored nowadays. Please fast . Please get some interesting episode . Please stop adi to scold zoya In front mahi. Make adi advice zoya infront Mahi. I know adi do this all to make zoya more strong and he don’t want zoya to know that he help her. But the way it’s irritating. He use Mahi ???? so later if Mahi know she will become psycho. Please solve the previous issue and make adi and zoya superb scenes. Btw they really look good when they argue in the office in today episode

  5. Lokesh

    Thanx Pooja, but this show very slow, so kal ho gi shadi galti se mistake, Zoya mil is samajhdar and treating all girls as her daughter, and the blackmailer he knows about Pooja affair but wid whom, in btw I enjoyed chocomatti talks.

  6. I think the dopeher ka tadka scene for this episode will be at the point where adi says that this is not me in the pictures and then flashbacks of picture of yash and pooja in the shopping store will be shown…purely my guess though??

  7. I think this marriage will lead to adi and zoya’s wedding

  8. Irritating nowadays targeting only how many episodes not content

  9. Mellu

    hello everyone, our show has been nominated for this award , so plz vote through this link , and even ask your friends to vote

  10. Priyu

    Episode is dragging according to me. Always Adi is blaming or humiliating Zoya. It’s too much now. I hate it.


  11. Medha

    Hey Wishing you a Happiest Birthday dear Sanaya….
    Have a great year ahead !!

  12. Us photo mein Kaun tha?
    Please reply.

    1. Medha

      Hey Naina
      Pic mein Yash Pooja aur Sakshi the

  13. Ooshi

    So sakshi knows about hash and Pooja I know it

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