Bepannaah 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya and Zoya are freed from all the charges

Bepannaah 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Both the family members pray for the well being of their kids.

Next morning, Aditya meets Harsh. Harsh says I made my choice. I have to get you out at any cost. If you want me to get Zoya out too then I will do it too! Promise me that you wont question me at all because of whatever happens in the court today. Aditya agrees not to question him till the time he saves both of them. Harsh looks relieved.

Court proceedings start. Harsh asks a question – why does someone kill anyone? Prosecution lawyer reminds him that this isn’t a philosophy class. how is it connected to the case? Harsh says there is no action without a reason. Why did the murders happen then? Yash and Pooja never had an affair. There would have been no question of murdering someone if there was nothing, right? Prosecution

lawyer calls it his fake theories. He is just wasting our time. Harsh reasons that he has never done it before. Rajvir showed us a CCTV footage yesterday. I would like to call the owner of that shop here and ask him a few questions. Judge allows him. The guy steps in the witness box.

Harsh asks him if these 2 people did come to his shop on March 19th. He affirms. They wanted to buy the same gramophone for their respective partners. They even fought during that time. Harsh asks him if they used to come there often. Mr. Charlie denies. Zoya was a frequent visitor but Aditya was not. Harsh thanks him for helping him prove that they met as a coincidence. Mr. Charlie takes his seat. Harsh adds that Aditya is a pilot. He would not know if his passenger was having a heart attack or not but he wanted him to be immediately taken care of. He got info about the bad weather about not going anywhere else only after he landed. He presents the conversation to judge. He next calls the employees of Zosh. They confirm that Zoya wasn’t willing to pretend to be Aditya’s wife but she had no other option. They met only in the office and weren’t talking much to each other. She was forced for the wedding also. Harsh stresses all these points. He next asks the divorce lawyer (Mr. Dixit) about the divorce papers. He asks the prosecution lawyer if Yash had signed them. He nods. Harsh says he wanted it because he was having an affair with Pooja. That is a crime though as he was already married to Zoya. I can prove it that there were some problems because of which Yash wanted to divorce Zoya. He again asks Mr. Dixit if Pooja told him that she wants to divorce Aditya. Mr. Dixit nods. She told me once but she dint get back to me any time after that. It happens very often. Harsh asks him if he is sure Pooja and Yash were having an affair. Mr. Dixit is doubtful. Harsh insists that when the affair isn’t certain then how can we call Aditya and Zoya their murderers!

Prosecution lawyer (Rana) asks Harsh if he thinks Pooja gave the cheque of 5 crores to Yash in charity. Harsh reasons that she made an investment. If I give you a cheque right now then would that imply that we are having an affair? Everyone laughs while Rana is left speechless.

Harsh explains that Aditya joined Zosh to recover his money and Zoya also joined Zosh with a motive to revive the company. Why did Yash make Pooja his target? Zoya is taken aback by the word. Harsh says Yash never knew how to do business. He first married a girl from a rich family. It became a problem as she ran away from her home to marry him. He dint get any of her money. He started taking loans to fulfil her demands. He met Pooja and made her invest 5 crores in his company. Aditya remembers what his father had told him before the court proceedings started.

Harsh continues speaking against Yash. He was neither a good husband nor a good businessman. Ashish steps in the witness box next. He affirms that Yash took money from Pooja even though he told him against it. yash and I met Pooja in a Ghazal night. I have told this to Zoya as well. Harsh asks him if he means that Pooja was only Yash’s friend. Ashish replies that he would not be able to comment on that. I dint saw anything like that. Yash needed money and took it as a loan from Pooja. He instead used it to buy properties in Mumbai and Mussorie. Harsh thanks him. He presents the list of all the loans that Yash has taken till date. Does it mean he had an affair with all of them? If not then why do we only keep joining his name with Pooja Hooda!

Rana reasons that Pooja lied to Aditya and went to meet Yash. Police even found Aditya’s credit card there. Harsh says every wife keeps the credit card of her husband. This is nothing new. Yash was clinically depressed in the court. He had anxiety attacks every other day. His financial problems increased so much that he committed suicide. Madhu ji is stunned. Arjun wonders why Dad isn’t using the proof in diary.

Harsh says on 19th March, Pooja Hooda went to ask for her 5 crores but he dint have the money. He ended up committed suicide and took Pooja with him. Aditya and Zoya are stunned. Harsh says Pooja was indeed murdered. My next witness will prove that. Dr. Singh (Yash’s psychiatrist) comes forward who confirms that Yash had clinical depression. He was worried about his financial condition. Such patients sometimes harm themselves or others too. They can commit suicide if someone asks for their money back in such situation. Harsh thanks him for his confirmation. Harsh says Yash kept taking one wrong decision after another. The worst decision that he took was to commit suicide! He is Pooja’s actual murderer! Madhu ji cries while Zoya is in shock. Judge says there are no proofs of Pooja and Yash’s so called affair. There is no question of murder then. Yash committed suicide. Pooja was with him at that time so she also lost her life. Zoya and Aditya are innocent and free from all the charges. Zoya looks at Madhu ji who looks away sadly. Aditya hugs his father. Mahi comforts her mother. Rajvir seems highly upset. Zoya thinks of Harsh’s theories.

Precap: Zoya glares at Aditya. He congratulates her but she holds her hand. You promised that your father would set everything right and save us but you ruined Yash’s name and his family’s respect as well! Would you have liked it some lawyer had proven it in the court that Pooja is characterless and that she was having an affair if Yash? Aditya raises his hand angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thnx for the update dear.. serial moved at d fast pace and I love dat… AdiYa freed yipeee.. but what to say about Harsh.. he was both right and wrong at the same time.. and I like how dey utilized every person for the witness… Saw in promo dat rajeev will kidnap zoya to kill her.. AdiYa dance at eid .. arjun nd noor too will be seen together..eager for nxt week

    1. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Pankh

    2. Ooshi

      Rajveer kidnap Zoya it will be interesting

    3. Im still not understanding why harsh is not using the diary….does anybody have answer?I am dying to know that..
      By the way,I am a newcomer.hello everybody!

  2. Oh my god….can’t wait till Monday….

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja

  4. Ooshi

    At last they came out but the precap don’t like it
    Zoya and her values y to make him angry don’t like it at all
    By the way Zosh employees and the shopkeeper came

  5. Siyuu

    poor zoyaaa

  6. Siyuu

    poor zoya.. but happy that zoditya get freed from dat hell rajvir n mahii

  7. Ooshi

    Harsh did his best but to make Zoya happy is……….
    With this precap how will AdiYa enjoy Eid happily
    But Eid is a festival to forget all fights so may be

  8. Neha1

    Very happy when that shopkeeper came and speak in favor of Adi-Zoya
    Very Happy when Mr.Hooda prooved why Aditya landed plane in Dehradun and present the ATC Report to judge.
    Happy when Yash’s friend Ashish came and give statement in favor of both…but he’s unsure about Yash-Pooja’s affair…
    But Very sad and disappointed with Mr.Hooda when they maligned Yash’s character and Yash-Zoya’s married life….He also proved that Yash was clinically depressed that he did murder of Pooja which is unbelievable….. It seems like Mr.Hooda was trying to save Pooja’s character bcoz she was his DIL…and Surname “Hooda” so that no one think that Pooja was characterless or she had an affair..???

    I still think that Harsh manipulated the truth that was related to Yash-Pooja’s death… And also he didn’t talked about Pooja’s diary….in that Diary, pooja had mentioned that she was attracted towards Yash…she started falling for him that she didn’t feel for Aditya in that way….So, the mystery remains as it is… How Yash-Pooja died….Whether it was unplanned death or it was a murder.???

    1. Neha1

      OMG..!?? What a precap…Angry Zoya and Aditya is about to slap..???
      Waiting 4 Monday…
      Without Bepanaah it’s a long weekend….

      1. Hey Neha1 !!!
        Hi I just wanna ask u that ain’t u that Neha1 who used to comment in krpkab comment box also. Just wanted to clear this.?

      2. Neha1

        Yes Shruti, I’m the same Neha1, that commented on KRPKAB TU page.?

    2. Pretty much possible that harsh manipulates the truth to save his dignity and what about the part that who gave ashish maheshwari money to go underground and wasim’s car dent on yash death night and pooja’s mother admitted that she knew about their affair whereas harsh proved that they didn’t had any affair.

      1. Neha1

        Exactly, the same questions I had….but it’s true that Harsh manipulated the truth to save his dignity….also I agree whatever Zoya had asked to Aditya in Precap…Infact, when Zoya called Pooja a characterless and had an affair with Yash…Aditya gets furious on Zoya that he raised his hand but hold..He didn’t slapped Zoya…but this gesture of Aditya proved that he still can’t bear that someone else called her wife Characterless….. Then How Zoya could bear this about Yash’s character…
        As per Pooja’s diary, it’s clear that Pooja feelings developed for Yash…. Pooja felt Pitty on Aditya that she was cheated on Aditya by hiding this…and if both yash-Pooja had an affair then Why Would Yash killed Pooja….??? In Yesterday’s episode Harsh want to do this with Zoya by withdrawn her case and put blame on her but after Aditya’s condition he did the with Yash…only the difference was Yash is dead…
        So, the point is we don’t know the reason behind Yash-Pooja’s death..and don’t know that it was an accident or a murder…if it is a murder then who did it and why..??

      2. Neha1

        But, Anyways, I’m glad that Adi-Zoya are freed from all the charges…just want that Rajveer should be suspended…!

  9. Neha1

    Upcoming Twist : This is how Aditya Will pacify an angry Zoya during Eid Celebrations, Kidnapping Twist ahead…

  10. I don’t know wat to say about zoya .yash cheat here even then y she worried for him . Harsh finally win the case then she hv to be happy but she got angry with aditya. It’s too much. Zoya please don’t get angry with aditya . Show this to mahi please.

    1. I will be so disappointed if Zoya goes back to Mahi and Mummyji to explain and all that…we already know Mummyji’s reaction – she will taunt/insult Zoya, and Mahi will do jalle par namak wala kaam. Anyway excited for Arnoor scenes! And also to find out how Yash and Pooja died after all.

      1. Yes exactly

  11. Ohh god!!! Again a fight..but I think zoya is correct in her point of view..

  12. Ooshi

    I think it would be better if Adi didn’t threat Harsh to save Zoya it would be much better than that

  13. Oh god what’s wrong with zoya..? I understand she is upset! But dint she the guests there? She could have taken adi elsewhere and spoke to him…And this was the only way they both could have been saved easily… And it was true that yash did have debts everywhere…so it was easily convincable!

  14. Superb episode…
    Harsh nailed it… He just gave a tight slap on rajveer for trying to frame his son… I won’t blame him… As he wanted to rescue his son who was trapped badly… He could have tried to get the facts about the accident… I think he can’t do it as anjana told him something in yesterday’s episode…
    Apoorva is a fabulous actor… The frustration and helplessness was well portrayed…
    Here I am not with Zoya… She’s not ready to talk the truth about Mahi as per her mother in law’s wish… She don’t want yash to get blamed either… And trusts adi that his father will save them… So how on earth is harsh supposed to save them?
    She can’t say the truth and can’t buy the lie by harsh…
    I believe harsh was not wrong… Yash was bad at business… That was already proved… So no question in that… And abt trouble in marriage… That too was true..they had compatability issues which Zoya realized later.. . He never pointed Zoya to be a bad girl… He said yash was bhind her money…
    He just glorified Pooja to prove that she was not involved in affair.. That’s it… He had to do that coz that’s the motive pointed by rajveer… The entire murder case’s root cause was the affair… He cut down the root… And the tree will automatically fall…
    Zoya still have that soft spot for her husband although he cheated her…

    1. I really liked Harsh today. He totally nailed it and I don’t think that he was wrong. Being a lawyer it’s his duty to save his client at any cost . Really liked today’s epi but not the precap. Anyway eagerly waiting for Monday’s epi

    2. Exactly the way harsh kept his arguements in the court was commendable.. He turned all the points in favor…. And he had to prove that there was no affair.. And this was the best way…or else adi cud not have been saved… Even if he would have proven Pooja characterless it cud have been possible that adi killed her after knowing her truth… No wonder harshvardhan hooda is the leading lawyer… Today he proved he is the best… He stole the show today… I really want zoya to be more practical and matured… She just doesn’t understand the seriousness of the issues

      1. Hardika… right … harsh stole the show mann…. this was indeed the best way to save both of them and also hoodas respect…. beacause pooja did wrong and yash did wrong ….so ofcourse he will save his family’s dignity.. hes a lawyer.. what zoya expects from him ? He was the best ..i agree

    3. U stole my words … cant agree more …
      Even i also commented on same issue…

    4. Jisha …ur soooo right… even i had the same feeling … u cn read my comment too
      Cant gree more with u … thats y nothing beats maya … what u do to her comes to u

      1. I read your comments… Same Yaar…
        Adi was ready to risk himself to save Zoya as per his conditions to harsh… N Zoya is okay risking her life… Agreed .. It’s your life. But how can you risk adi’s life? She was ready to do that for that Mahi… Who backstabbed her…

  15. Rithu17

    AdiYa saved Yaaay!!!…but I agree with Zoya on the precap… today’s star was Harsh Hooda..he literally stole the show!!! …what a performance!!!
    Btw saw the new promo guys???…gosh can someone kill that rajveer for me… He’s really getting on my nerves…what is his motive!!!… can’t wait for monday!!?

  16. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally zosh team and shopkeeper testified in favour of zoya and aditya…?????

    2. Can’t believe Harsh, as he was helpless, due to aditya blackmailing and harsh was not able to put blames on zoya, he put all blames on yash???????, just too save his family dignity..?? Very bad…..??????

    3. Best secene was when Harsh made all things in favour of zoya- aditya and mahi-rajvir face was soo confusing and shocked (ki yeh kya hua, kaise hua, kyu hua)?????????????????????? bhut hi hasssi aa rehi thi mujge to??????????

    4. I hope zoya don’t speak anything right now for sometime, I know jo ho raha hai bhut galt hai, infect bhut hi painful hai- but iss tym situation yehi hai ki fihal bachh jaao, and then sach ki jaddhh tak jaao…????????????

    5. Aaj ek baat ka doubt aa raha hai, may be pooja wanted divorce and before signing, yash signed but may be changed his mind- and before that both died and story turned this way…????????????????

    6. One thing got missed that was rajvir needed to be suspened, for wrong investigation…

    7. Precap is right… Zoya is right on her part, if pooja ke character pr koi aise hi ungli utta toh kya hota..??????????????

  17. Neha1

    Up next Aditya-Zoya’s dance performance in Eid Celebrations..

  18. Awesome papa Hooda rocked in court what a mind blowing arguments ?unexpected twist was yash psychiatrist ?how well he played with his strong points and proved yash case is suicide and he murdered pooja Wah really commendable arguments. Hooda saved his son his ex daughter in law respect and future DiL life at one masterstroke .i expected he will interrogate mussorie shop keeper but yash friend maheshwari statement was very strong. How well he cleverly manipulated and hid his daughter affair in law so well and entire blame was shifted to Yash. Thank God Zoya didn’t react emotionally. But whatever it is yash and pooja is wrong because they both decided to divorce their respective partners if they were friends why they applied for divorce. But Anyways AdiYa is released Rajvir failed miserably.

  19. wow great episode… I Really love it..
    Now this mahi rani how can get insurance money?…. hehe now may be she can inherit her lovely brother loan too… awesome mr hood ah… make great point… what ever mahi get great damage come cry as much as u can. It’s make my heart really healthy… stupid zoya put fight with adithya as much as usual want it give us another super duper romatic stuff to reduce my hunger for romance….totally great episode love it 🙂

  20. zoya .. this character really angers me . I understand that yash’s image was maligned but if i were at zoya’s place i should have litreally breathed a sigh. Man she got away from false charges and from the inhumane torture. Yash was a cheater . If i would have given someone my life for his love and even to an extent that i left my family i wouldn’t care what happens to his image if he had cheated me . And she cares about mahi and yash’s mom. Like really . She instead of talking and hugging her parents sees her so called mummyji . Honestly i would have celebrated and thank harshvardhan hooda for his theory to save both of them. Zoya always takes her family for granted and trusts wrong persons. Noor always warned her about mahi too but to her noor doesn’t understand . And now instead of thanking hoodas she will be a spoilsport. She was even ready to sacrifice adi’s life by not telling wrong about mahi. I really want her to be practical . Honestly i would have asked to wasim siddique for a family trip with hoodas away from all negativity. I would take arora house and tell mahi to get put and let mummyji stay and give mahis room on rent. Take insurance money and give to all employees and start a new conpany with adi and have a fresh start .
    But but but …its a show after all ! No offence but just being practical

    1. Ooshi

      Agreed about Zoya towards her family and her mummy g

    2. I completely agree with you. I can’t understand what Zoya wants. Mahi and Mummyji treated her so badly (Mahi especially) and still she cares about them and no one else. She has a problem when good people are framed as bad people, but she doesn’t mind when bad people pretend to be good. In the real world jagat mata type of characters cannot survive so I hope Zoya becomes a little smarter/practical with time and starts valuing her parents and Noor more too. Apart from that loved the episode – completely made up for opposition’s disappointing arguments.

  21. Todays episode was fantastic… but precap is also stunning… todays part harsh saved his house respect but what about zoya yush and his family??… her qtnz are absolutely right… anyway liked all the performences… especially harsh…. waiting for monday… writerz keep doing… nice work

  22. Lokesh

    So pyaar bht huya Ab takrar hogi.thanx Pooja

  23. Amazing episode harsh hooda rocks after watching him I will say that I never see lawyer like him in daily soap. Eid Mubarak to all Bepanah family.
    Precap adiya right on their place

    1. Ooshi

      Thank you Zain

  24. Ooshi

    Loved the episode as it was a nail biting episode for rajveer

  25. Ooshi

    How much Zoya cares for Yash and his family’s respect if she cares 1 percent of it for her parents she never run and married yash

    1. Yeah… right ! She takes them for granted .
      And runs behind mahi and mummyji …
      I miss u maya ?

  26. the best part was harsh’s dialogue “agar maine abhi aapko five crore ka cheque diya toh iska matlab humara affair chalra hai”

    1. Neha1

      Yeah, that was quite funny..??

  27. Episode was good…but mystery still remains…
    1. Who bribed Ashish?
    2. Why Yash had to take so many debts?
    3. When and how Yash-Pooja fell in love?
    4. Poosh death – murder/accident/suicide with mutual consent
    5. Who is Rajveer?
    6. Why Pooja didn’t sign divorce papers?
    7. Was Pooja pregnant? If yes then whose child? Or did she have any other illness?
    N precap was ok. Why Zoya feeling so much for someone who cheated her?..I don’t want to c Adiya fight anymore….?

    1. Yes, there are too many mysteries to unfold

  28. Yippee, ??? adiya are now freed from charges nd sad y she is caring about yash so much when he didn’t and upcoming promo of eid …Rajveer kidnap zoya ??? he deserve ???? I can’t but I want aditya will do it ..Can’t wait for Monday

  29. Harsh nailed it ?..glad to see rajveer n mahi r upset..but zoya oh god agn yash n fly respect drama..harsh put het back in jail, then she wl realise..

  30. what i fail to understand is that how come zoya is so worried about aroras when they have given her nothing but hatred and pain.mahi or madhu apni maa,baap,behen, apni aazaadi or jaan se b zyada q pyaare hain zoya ko??when that cheater failed to fulfill his responsibilities as a son, a brother and also as a husband.yash was not only a failure as a businessman but was a total failure in every department.worst son,worst brother,worst husband, worst friend and worst businessman.whatever harsh said about him was absolutely true and truth is bitter.

    1. Ooshi

      Never conclude anything about anyone without knowing the whole truth

  31. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice, thrilling and awesome court- Room drama. Harsh rocks as a lawyer. Really impressive! Aditya and zoya are free birds now. Waiting for upcoming episodes! Nice lesson to Rajveer and Mahi!

  32. Neha1

    Another Spoiler of Bepanaah :- Zoya trapped in WATER TANK, Bomb Blasts scares in Bepanaah.

  33. Neha1

    And It’s only Rajveer who trapped Zoya in water tank and also put Bomb in Hooda Mansion during Eid Celebration…!
    Hate this Rajveer…but We know our Hero Aditya will save Everyone’s lives and Zoya too..

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