Bepannaah 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Noor is hired on probation

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Bepannaah 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya paces worriedly. God is testing us repeatedly. How will we arrange so much money in so less time? Aditya asks her if she will have to go to jail again. You don’t have to worry. You already have experience. Now the cockroaches of jail will be terrified to have you back! Mahi enters and Aditya begins singing a welcome song. What do you think? Will Zoya go to Jail for not being able to repay the loan or not? Mahi hides a smile and shrugs. Zoya tells him not to mess things if he cannot fix it. He asks her who she is to him. You are not my friend, enemy or family. have I opened a charity here? If the company closes them you will have to sell your house to repay loan to the bank and me!

Arjun tells his colleague Chirag to tell everyone to call him Coffee Nawaz from now on. Chirag is confused but Arjun tells him it is about the girl. Chirag asks him if they should hire her directly then. Arjun denies. She will surely pass the test. Noor looks at them. He can butter as much as he want but I only will get the job.

Aditya tells Mahi she need not worry. I wont throw you out of the house. Mahi smiles. Aditya says I will break that house, remodel it so your cheater husband’s name and everything is gone. I am sure you (Zoya) wouldn’t like to stay in such a house. No problem! You can buy a 1 BHK and stay there. Zoya is in tears. He tells her against it. I will help you as well. You can also stay there. What about them (staff) though? I cannot help so many people. I will have to open an organization for that! It is only you who can help them but are you capable enough to do so? Watch the episode “Zoya bachaye Office ko” to find out! He asks Mahi to come for the photo shoot. Zoya asks him how he can go to photo shoot in this situation. Aditya replies that the one who created the mess should handle it. Why should I bother?

Chirag and Arjun sit down to take Noor’s interview. Noor tells Arjun not to be so thrilled. Chirag tells them both to maintain some decorum. You both have come for the same post. Noor and Arjun apologize to him. Noor asks him if RJ AJ will not come to take the interview. Chirag declines. Arjun speaks badly about RJ AJ but Noor tells him to be quiet. I like his show very much. I feel there is some connection between us. He is so fantastic. Arjun says it isn’t some TV show but reality. What do you know about radio? Noor says radio is a medium of heart. You can feel what you cannot see. AJ’s show is similar. It isn’t just a show but a feeling which is attached to the heart. You (Arjun) wouldn’t understand though! Chirag stops himself from calling Arjun AJ. What do you think? Arjun seconds Noor. Someone shares their pain and we can feel it here. It is truly amazing. Chirag hires both of them. Your competition is amazing. You both will be on a month’s probation. Whoever performs well by the end of the month will become RJ AJ’s intern. Noor smiles.

Zoya thinks of what happened today at office. How will we arrange money in such less time? She rings doorbell and is shocked to see Aditya opening the door for her. You here? He nods. Come inside. Think of this as your own house. Do you want something? Zoya asks about her MIL. Aditya sits next (really close) to Mahi. We were alone till now but now you are here to create trouble. Tell her how was your day Mahi? Mahi talks nicely about him. Mahi’s mother rings the bell. Zoya opens the door panicked. Aditya smiles at her.

Noor thinks this is the chance to put some impression on RJ AJ before Coffee Nawaz. She asks peon about RJ AJ. Arjun is coming out of the room when he overhears them talking thus. He lies to Noor that RJ AJ is in a bad mood. You want to meet him in this situation? She asks him about it. He says he might have had a fight with his girlfriend. She hopes it is a serious fight and they both split up. He smiles. What did you say? She tells him she will not believe him. She turns to go inside when he tells her to take a call. Hope your first day wont become your last here. She gives in.

Mahi’s mother asks Zoya about Aditya. What is he doing here? Zoya replies that she dint call him here. Mahi’s mother says I don’t know how you always manage to get inside the house. No one can come here without my permission. Aditya brings her inside holding her hand. This is what I like about you! I want to talk to you about your house. I want it. She is taken aback. Zoya tells him to talk to her. Don’t you have your house? He asks her if she lost her memory. We have to do photo shoot. Where else will we do it? Mahi readily agrees. It will be comfortable too. Our house is very artistic too. Her mother asks her about it. Aditya says we are rebranding Zosh. Zoya tells him against it but Mahi tells her not to overreact. It is a small photo shoot. Aditya touches Zoya’s MIL’s feet and then tells Mahi to show him her room tomorrow. She nods. He leaves. Mahi’s mother asks Mahi and Zoya about Aditya. Zoya dismisses it. Mahi tells Zoya to chill a little and heads to her room. Her MIL says it is no point explaining anything to Mahi. I knw you are working hard day and night for the company. I also know he is helping you in the same but I don’t want him to come here again. Zoya nods. Her MIL says I don’t want any girl of this house to keep any relation with Aditya Hooda. Zoya hugs her overwhelmed. I promise you that Aditya Hooda will stay away from us. I will manage everything. Her MIL goes. Zoya is happy to feel part of the family. I wont let her trust break. I will keep Aditya away from our family.

Constable has brought the little kid to police station. Inspector checks the card which the boy had found the other day. The card is already flagged by CBI. They get a call from Delhi CBI office. CBI’s Top Officer is scheduled to come to Mussorie. No one should try to meet Hooda family. Police officers discuss it.

Arjun asks his brother for how long will he drive around like this. You have made your driver and Papa has made me his runner. You guys should call me Ramu Kaka. Aditya asks him what else he needs to do. Arjun tells him to say what he needs. Aditya asks for 1 crore. Arjun halts the car suddenly. It isn’t a small amount. How do you think I can get it? Aditya says my accounts are seized and I am unemployed. Arjun agrees to try. I cannot promise though. Aditya is positive about his brother. Arjun asks him what his plan is. Aditya says nothing.

Noor hugs her sister. I am really happy. Zoya is worried for her. We wont be able to meet because of the odd shift timings. Why don’t you do some day shift like everyone? Noor replies that moon comes out in the evening only. Zoya cannot understand how her parents allowed her to do this job. I cannot speak to them about it. Tell me at length what they said to you. Mahi seconds Zoya. You can talk to your parents once to seek their advice. You can do this much for your sister. Noor tells Zoya she looks really tired. Sleep now. I will call them tomorrow for sure. Zoya agrees.

Next morning, Mahi keeps ogling at Aditya as he poses for the shoot. Zoya comes and notices everyone gathered around Aditya. Akansha tells her that Aditya has called them all for the shoot as well. Zoya calls him mad. Aditya asks her to join him as well. Akansha will take you to hair and makeup people. You should match up in the photos! Zoya refuses to take part in it but he tells her she has no business sense. We are not doing your portfolio. We are doing this for company PR. You can only sell what you can show! Co-owner of the company should have some interest in it. Mahi repeats his line. Aditya says only you understand my emotions. Let’s take some couple shots together. Zoya wont come. You should come. Mahi keeps her hand in his shocking Zoya. Aditya twirls her around and poses with Mahi. She says anything for company. He says you mean my company right. Aditya moves hair off her face. I wonder why I never noticed you.

Zoya does not like it at all. Aditya holds Mahi from behind. Mahi is over the moon. Zoya recalls her MIL’s words. Aditya loudly calls out to Mahi, sits on the chair and extends his hand towards Mahi. Zoya pulls Mahi before Mahi can hold it. I am the co-owner so I will get clicked. Aditya says your co-ownership is so confusing. I have never seen such a confusing girl! Come now if you insist so much. Mahi looks upset. Zoya stands a little away from Aditya as they pose for photos. Photographer asks them to come closer. Aditya shifts a little but Zoya stands rooted to her ground. He keeps his hand over her shoulder. She is taken aback and slips on her bag. She lands straight in his arms. Mahi looks away angrily while Aditya smiles at Zoya. Photographer clicks their photos.

Precap: Zoya reads a new contract. Virani Group wants us to organize an event worth 2 crores. Aditya points out the condition mentioned in the contract / email. It has to be a family business and only then can we get the contract. Are you ready to be my wife Zoya?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Riana

    Precap clearly says that this is the actual and businesswala reason behind AdiYa’s marriage ??????
    Hey everyone came after a long time here ??????

  2. OMG!!! Waiting for tomorrow’s epi love you adiya?????

  3. OMG!!! Today’s precap was amazing love you Adiya????

  4. After watching today’s episode I feel zoya-adi marriage will be a contract marriage and not real. There were rumours that their intimate pictures will go viral but I think this is fake spoiler. Let’s see. Anyways today’s episode was boring and day-by-day Mahi will start turning psychotic for Adi I guess.

    1. Ooshi

      Agreed to last point

  5. Adithya_Huda_CAJ

    I am jumping now
    I feel moon is next to me
    Thanks Pooja
    I am so happy
    I might not need food for the next 4 days

    1. Ooshi

      Calm down Adi

  6. The way Aditya asks Zoya “Kya tum meri biwi banogi?” Oh goodness this stole my heart. Luv u Adiya :*

    1. Ooshi

      Happy u commented keep commenting

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally yash mom atleast considered zoya and noor part of her family… I hope her annoyance will also end soon…???

    2. Noor and arjun nok nok was just mindblowing…. ????????

    3. Mahi is turning psycho day by day, i hope aditya realise this soon….

    4. For getting contract aditya and zoya will marry, but i read that their marriage will be due to finding truth of yash and pooja murder mystery…. Either i am wrong or may be that news was fake… But in both condition, zoya and aditya will marry…. ????

    5. Rest episode was ok… But show is running slow… Need to speed up little

  8. Haii everyone..
    I think story is moving on with new twists and threads..It seems like people around Adiya thinks that something is cooking between them and Zoya is jealous over Mahi..Zoya’s good intentions won’t be talked by anyone..And like a whirlwind Zoya is coming into Adi’s hands and into his life..?
    I didn watched the episode but from this nice update it’s clear.precap is exciting..waiting for bepannah..!!!

  9. Lokesh

    Thank s Pooja looks like it was a long epi today,so shaadi is happening without any relation, gud epi.gud nyt everyone.

  10. Anonymousaa

    Can someone tell me how and why Adi’s accounts are seized and he is unemployed?

    1. Mr.Hooda has frozen Aditya’s accounts so that he cannot use any money to save bankrupt ZOSH. He is a professional pilot but he is barred from flying for 6 months bcos he was unable to fly the plane after Zoya enlightens him about his true feelings. Check out episode 5.

  11. Hi…as per some spoilers Aditya will ask Zoya to pretend as if she is his the marriage will be fake it seems not real..they do this to get Mr.Virani’s contract of Rs 2 crores.

  12. wow… waitng fr tmrw..

    n coffee nawab n chocomatii kii nok jok is so cute…

    bt i really dnt lyk d creep mahiii

  13. Guess I figured out the sequence of events:-
    1. Zoya will pretend to be Adi’s wife to procure Mr.Virani’s contract.
    2. Rajveer(Apoorva) will attend the function as mr.virani’s friend but is actually an undercover cop investigating yash-pooja murder mystery.
    3. During the course of function Adiya will indulge in fake romance to look like a couple.
    4. Their fake intimate pictures will be clicked by either Rajveer or Mahi to trap them. The pictures will become viral.
    5. Adiya will then be forced to tie the knot in real.
    6. Just like it happened in beyhadh after arjun-maya marriage, police will enter after Adiya marriage and arrest both of them on murder charges.

    1. Ooshi

      Nice guess let’s see what will happen

  14. Mellu

    nice episode.. I don’t like this mahi but actually in yesterday’s episode she was acting like funny joker ??
    last photo shoot was so awesome ????loved adiya?? and mahi was so jealous , uska muh dekne layak tha???
    waiting eagerly for the episode when noor will come to know that rj AJ is non other than her coffee nawaz

  15. Mellu

    why so less comments today , ??!!! hello bp rockiesss where r u all , seems to b busy !
    if u all can plz comment I like to read all comments and reviews of this page ??

  16. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Sweet- cute episode!

  17. Aqsa.M

    Episode was good but I really hate Mahi’s closeness with Adi she always spoil my mood whenever I see her with Adi ?? however the photo shoot scenes were amazing and felt so relaxed to watch Mahi’s jealousy ??
    So finally we came to know about the reason behind their marriage,It’s going to be more interesting this week ❤❤

  18. Funny and boring

  19. Hope this drama will not be like others which always have fake marage melodrama..then both are getting close then….same daly soap family problems..etc..

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