Bepanah Pyaar 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir looks after Pragati’s father

Bepanah Pyaar 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghbir and Pragati bring her father home. Raghbir tells him that he dint do it right by coming here. You could have come to our house. We would have taken good care of you. Pragati’s father says it does not look nice to stay at daughter’s house. Raghbir argues that it is his right to stay in this house. They cutely bicker over it. Pragati’s father says I cannot argue with you. I am sure Pragati too would lose out in the argument. Raghbir says you are mistaken by her innocent face. Pragati tells him to go home. I will stay with Papa till he recovers. Raghbir refuses to leave them. I will stay here. He receives Badi Ma’s call and tells her about their decision. She tells him about Priya’s roka. It is due next week. Pundit ji chose the date but we will get a new one. Raghbir denies. We will be back in 1-2 days. He hands over the phone to Pragati’s father. He tells Badi Ma not to delay the roka. They are acting stubborn. I will send them back in 1-2 days. Badi Ma agrees. Take care of yourself. Aditi isn’t happy with Raghbir’s decision but Devraj justifies it. Aditi says I don’t care if Pragati spends her entire life there but why keep Raghbir there. Devraj tells her to stop saying such things. Your son has changed so much because of her. Aditi wonders what magic Pragati has weaved on everyone.

Raghbir tells Pragati to cook and takes the broom from her. They both steal glances at each other while doing their respective work. She rushes to his side when he pretends to be hurt. He pulls her closer. She says Papa and runs away. Raghbir spends a lot of time with Pragati’s father and makes him laugh. Pragati’s father tells him to stop making him laugh. My head will ache. Raghbir asks him if it means the more husband and wife fight the more they are in love. Pragati’s father says maybe. Pragati smiles. Raghbir even escorts Pragati’s father till the bathroom. Pragati offers to hold him but Pragati’s father goes with Raghbir. Pragati watches them from the door and smiles. Raghbir sends her a flying kiss and assures her that her father is fine. Pragati falls asleep next to her father but Raghbir assures her he is here. She hugs him sweetly. He kisses her on her forehead and sends her to her room. Raghbir takes great care of Pragati’s father and spends quality time with Pragati too throughout.

Shalu asks Aditi what they should gift Dev and his family. Aditi asks her how she came to seek her help today. Oh, your beloved Pragati isn’t home today after all! You could have asked her but she is at her father’s place. Priya tells her not to say anything. Bhabhi’s father is unwell. Her needs her right now. Aditi says they have made Raghbir their caretaker. She is very close to you. She must have been here. Priya says she was here whenever it was needed. Shalu tells her not to argue with Aditi but Priya reasons that Pragati has gone out of her way many times to help them. She is where she is needed the most. She has done a lot for us. She is the one who united me with Dev but you wont understand. Aditi taunts Shalu. Your daughter has become very smart under Pragati’s guidance. You can ask her about the gifts. Don’t leave it here. I don’t want any mess in my room. She walks out in a huff. Aditi tells Shalu to come to her room. I will help you.

Raghbir and Pragati’s father are having fun time singing. Pragati and Raghbir slow dance while Pragati’s father sings Kabhi Kabhi song. Raghbir takes over. Pragati’s father coughs to remind them that he is in the room as well. He compliments Raghbir on his voice. Raghbir replies that his daughter has taught him.

Raghbir is pressing Pragati’s father’s legs. Pragati looks on from the window. He falls asleep in between. Pragati’s father puts him to sleep. Pragati and her father smile at each other. Pragati’s father says I fell asleep. Don’t know since when he was looking after me. Pragati says since an hour. Her father says I don’t share blood relations either with you or him but you both have looked after me so well. I am fine now. You and Raghbir must return home soon. She nods. Pragati decides to tell Raghbir the truth. I want to tell you that I am your Baani!

Everyone is busy with the preps. Aditi scolds a maid for coming late. Nakul teases Priya that mummy seems to be in a rush for her wedding. They decide to call Raghbir when Raghbir greets them. He tells Badi Ma that Pragati’s father will not be able to come in today’s function. Badi Ma nods. Pragati hugs Shefali and Priya. Aditi taunts Pragati. I thought you will come after roka. You wont be able to take any credit for roka today as we have arranged everything. You should just sit and look on. Badi Ma, Shalu and Priya confirm about some tasks with Pragati. Pragati assures them that everything has been taken care of. Aditi decides to teach a lesson to Pragati.

Raghbir notices all the men of the house sitting in one room with face packs and cucumbers on their faces. I feel as if I am in Goa! Priya requests him to apply it too. Pragati says you know your Bhaiya does not like it. She takes the bowl from Priya and applies it on Raghbir’s face stealthily. Raghbir makes a face. Pragati tells Priya not to ask. Simply apply it. Priya blackmails him. Pragati requests Raghbir as well. He lets Priya apply the face mask. Priya hopes Dev will also listen to her every wish like Raghbir. Someone asks about gifts. Everyone has ordered it except Raghbir. Pragati tells him not to worry. I have ordered it already. He says this is why Gods make wives. Please get out my bikini now that I am dirty too. Everyone smiles.

Aditi calls someone so she can plan out as to how to tackle Pragati.

Harshit gets up to go. Nakul tells him to sit for a little longer but Harshit jokes that he is already handsome unlike him. He walks out of the room as his phone rings. Harshit says there is a function at home. Everyone is here. I know. I will call you in the evening. He ends the call. What happened to (him/her)?

Raghbir is unable to clean his face and shouts. Pragati laughs seeing his face. He makes a face. She wets a towel and cleans his face. Raghbir looks at her sweetly. Music plays in the background. She cleans the mask from his lips with her fingers. He kisses on her hands.

Precap: Pragati is hiding in a room where the mystery guy meets a lady. She is stunned to see Badi Ma. She tells the mystery guy that he committed the biggest mistake of his life when he attacked Baani instead of Raghbir. Pragati’s eyes widen in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Hmm..
    As we expected Badi ma is negative but I’m not surprised coz she was to good to be real ??

    1. Exactly what everyone who has seen her act thought

    2. @Nthabiseng
      But the same old formula
      1st they show as if they r god n then negative ?

  2. I knew it badi maa is evil can’t wait to tell my friends

  3. Expected twist.. badimaa will play a negative role.. waiting for next episode..

  4. Nakabugo irene

    ??? I don’t know what’s bothering Aditi maa with Praghati she never loved her even asecond
    Ahaaa for the sake of Badima am not surprised it was expected
    Am now worried about Ragbilz reaction after the revring THAT PRAGHATI IS BANI

  5. Cute episode ?? loving Praghbir more and more ? i am a bit scared on how raghbir will react after he finds out she is bani but I am hoping they get together after, will be a treat to watch more of them together but episodes have been mind blowing. As expected badi maa is real culprit but no reason why yet, I think she was talking to the second villian in the precap ?

  6. Cute episode. Raghbir and Pragati are loving each other a lot and are very happy. Hope that after Raghbir comes to know that Pragati is Bani, he should not leave her and misunderstand her, but he should support her.

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