Bepanah Pyaar 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahas creates misunderstandings between Raghbir and Pragati

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Sahas requests Pragati to open the door. I give you the swear of our friendship. She opens the door. He clears the glass pieces out of her way. She sits on the bed and starts crying again. He tells her he understands what she is going through. You aren’t at fault. It is those people who were laughing at me. I have been alone my entire life. People pressurize those who get afraid. Look them in the eye and retort like old Baani. She nods. He goes to bring coffee for her while she sits down to clean the floor. He steps upon Raghbir’s letter when he is going out of the room. He picks it up stealthily and then leaves the room. He reads it outside. You dint say anything but I heard everything. Trust me, irrespective of whatever happened between us, I do respect women. Talk to me once. I will find out who is behind this. He tears the letter. Don’t do this Raghbir! She does not care about you or your forgiveness anymore. She only cares about Sahas!

Raghbir is bothered by what happened in the party. Shefali pats at his shoulder. You should talk to Bhabhi. He tells her that he left her a letter and is waiting for her reply. She suggests him to speak to her directly. She might not have read it. He says I did go to speak to her but the door was locked. She tells him to break open the door. Clear out everything with her. He says we had to discuss something about you. She assures him she isn’t going anywhere. First take care of bhabhi.

Pragati is drinking coffee really slow. Sahas tells her to drink ir fast or it will turn into cold coffee. Raghbir calls out to Pragati. How will I speak to you if you open the door? She thinks of what happened today and shouts at him to leave. I don’t even want to see your face. He says I will turn my back to you then. you asked me for many chances and I did give you. I feel bad for what happened even though I am not at fault. I don’t know who did this and why but I swear, I dint do it. I know you know me this much. She opens the door. Sahas drops coffee intentionally on his shirt. Raghbir keeps his back towards Pragati. I wasn’t at fault in whatever happened. Sahas opens his shirt in the background. Raghbir apologizes to Pragati. Sahas calls out to Pragati. You left things in between. Raghbir stomps inside the room and notices Sahas wearing his shirt. He tells him it isn’t what he thinks. Pragati seconds him but Raghbir shouts at both of them. I thought you would be shaken up after whatever happened. Sahas tries to explain but Raghbir warns him to be quiet or he wont spare him. Pragati insists this isn’t true. Raghbir says everyone was right. I was wrong to trust you. It was the biggest mistake of my life! I am a fool to believe you! I knew that you threw me out of your heart but you let someone else in so soon! She tells him he is mistaken. He folds his hands. I will either die or kill someone now! He walks out of the room angrily. Pragati cries / shouts after him but in vain. Sad song plays in the background. Sahas tries reaching out to Pragati but she runs after Raghbir. He is crying in a corner. She tries to stop him but he walks away from her. She follows him to his room. He shouts at her to leave. She requests him to hear her out once. Even I was taken aback! He points out that Sahas was shirtless. She asks him how he can even think of that. He replies that he wouldn’t have thought of it if she hadn’t done that. Sahas smirks.

Raghbir says you know I don’t like him; you know we don’t get along and that I hate his antics yet you are with him. She reasons that she cannot turn her back to her friend for her love and vice versa. He tells her to remember the limitations of friendship. Everyone knows it. If one doesn’t know it then it is actually friends with benefits. Don’t expect it from me that I will melt. Doctor will support you and take care of you. Go now. Leave the door completely open. You aren’t ashamed of anything now. I saw it already. Let everyone else see it too. Add his name in front of your name! She tells him to stop. I was quiet till now thinking that you will understand with time. I thought you aren’t responsible for what happened today but now I think I was wrong. You said I wasn’t the one you loved and trusted. Today I say that about you. My Raghbir could trust me with closed eyes but you cannot do that even with open eyes. I tried my best to make you understand but after what you did today, I am finishing this forever. You are not the guy who I had loved! You could neither understand nor respect this love and you don’t even deserve it! She walks out of the room sadly. Sahas compliments her mentally. This story was supposed to remain incomplete so our story could reach a climax.

Pragati’s words echo in Raghbir’s head.

Sahas asks about Pragati. She asks him why he removed his shirt. He shares that coffee fell on his shirt. Plus, I was asking you why you left coffee in between. Did he misunderstand it? She cries. He offers to speak to Raghbir instead. I will be fine if he will hit or scold me. She stops him. Misunderstandings happen when trust breaks. Now there is nothing left. She walks away. Sahas compliments himself on his acting. Now I will be with you.

Raghbir is miffed with Sahas. He recalls all the past times he had seen him with Pragati and fumes.

Precap: Kunti raises her hand to hit Pragati but she holds it. You can tell your son anything. I don’t care if your beloved son becomes Devdas. He has done my last rites and Chautha with his own hands. Kunti and Harshit discuss their next plan of action. Pragati overhears them. I was right about them!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Verma4

    If there is no trust then the relationship is doomed anyway. Really starting to hate sahas. Well Raghbir is at fault. He should has listened to wanker Sahas. Maybe she should go to Sahas because Raghbir is a complete dickhead.

  2. I don’t actually understand Raghbir and his jealousness. You and your family treats her bad Nd insults her at every given opportunity yet she endures bcuz of her love for you Nd you have the guts to suspect her? Boy bye!

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