Bepanah Pyaar 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: The mouse cat game continues

Bepanah Pyaar 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Pragati and Raghbir looking at each other. They think of their past moments. He is in pain but does not let her touch him. You don’t have to touch me. She looks at him helplessly. We had shared a lot more than toothbrush. I promise you I will bring back that time very soon.

Priya hopes Bhai isn’t worried because of what Bhabhi did. She is surprised to see balloons. Who did this? Dev hugs her from behind. She panics thinking what if Raghbir sees him. He says I came from the window. She apologizes for the other day. He also says sorry. I couldn’t give you time due to work. This is a bribe from my end as I couldn’t speak to you properly and couldn’t even spend time with you. She says it’s okay but gets serious again. He asks her if something happened at home again. She tells him everything. Dev falls asleep in the middle of the conversation. Priya holds her head as she notices him thus.

Aditi is sure Pragati wont come here. I dint give her food or water. I even insulted her in front of servant. Kunti says you did the right thing. She has a lot of attitude. She wont get anything with that attitude. Pragati comes there just then. Aditi taunts her again but Pragati says I have come here to collect breakfast. Her breakfast is delivered. She tells the delivery guy that her husband will pay him. She shows the packet to Aditi. Raghbir opens the door. The delivery guy asks him to pay Rs. 500. You are Raghbir Malhotra? Raghbir nods. The guy explains that he had been waiting here since half an hour. Raghbir asks him why he dint ring the bell. He replies that he would have given bad rating otherwise. Raghbir pays him extra money for waiting time also.

Raghbir asks Pragati why she told the delivery guy that her husband will pay money. I told you that we share no relation. She tells him to tell this to the delivery guy. He asks her if this is how she will trouble him now. She says who else I will ask then. I have credit card but it’s in the bag. He asks her if she is using him like her credit card. She replies that that’s what women do in India. She leaves. She thinks to do some work when she notices a mobile ringing. It is Dev. She picks his call but Priya snatches the phone from her hand. Don’t you have manners? Who told you to touch my phone? Pragati says I thought it must be something important but Priya taunts her that she has done everything already. Stay away. Pragati says I will bring everyone close very soon. I wont let them stay away from me for too long.

Raghbir reaches office. He notices everyone sitting idle. He scolds them for wasting their time. You can resign and pass as much time as you want at your home! I want the annual report. A guy hands him a file but Raghbir tears it. I wasn’t asking for report card. Everything is going haywire everywhere!

Pragati offers to help Nakul in his assignment but he ignores her. She tells him to write short answers. She sits down sadly. You also do not understand me? Wont you ask me why I did that? Nakul says you ditched Bhai. We cannot go abck to how we were. We are so worried for Bhaiya. None of us will be able to forgive you. She asks him if he wont be able to forgive her too. He says I spent the best time with you but you have made it worst for me. He walks away. Pragati thinks that it was genuine. No one can see it but I will make sure that we will all be together again very soon.

Harshit is giving a presentation when Raghbir walks in. He notices the distracted looks on the faces of investors. He offers to explain to the investors and takes over. Harshit thinks Raghbir try to kill a fly last time. Do something similar this time also. It will be fun. Surprisingly, everyone pays attention to Raghbir and claps as he ends the presentation. They leave. Raghbir tells Harshit that the presentation was too unsavoury. No one was noticing anything till the time I took over. And what is going on in the office? The staff has become too casual. I gave you a post by trusting you. Either do it properly or let someone else do it. He walks out of the cabin upset. Harshit throws away his stick angrily.

Pragati receives a call from her credit card customer care. He speaks of the transactions done on her credit card. She asks about the last transaction as she scans her bag. He tells her a hotel name.

Pragati reaches the hotel. She notices Raghbir telling everyone that the drinks are on the house. My wife, Pragati is the sponsor of this party. Everyone claps. Pragati tells him that taking card from the bag stealthily is called stealing. He reasons that he took the card for party in return of the breakfast. She points out that she had a sandwich. He says what I should do if my taste is a little expensive. He dances with a girl. She asks about his drink. He says my life is a rollercoaster these days. I remain high without drinking. I can drink if you are drinking. She nods. He dances with the girls. Pragati looks on. He caresses her face and offers his hand but then holds the other girl the moment Pragati thinks of extending her hand. He hits her while dancing.

Precap: Sahas shifts to Malhotra House. Raghbir asks Pragati what story she has told Sahas that he is still believing you after knowing your truth.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Finally Raghbir will ask pragati I hope he realises soon

  2. These episodes always get to me ? hope they will not have so much hatred, love will always win. Excited for next week episodes ?

  3. Pragathi should quickly get support of Raghbir as well as his family.

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