Bepanah Pyaar 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati’s father gets hurt


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Bepanah Pyaar 7th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati falls down while running. The mystery guy takes out a knife. He hears the siren of approaching PCR van and looks back.

Raghbir is trying Pragati’s number. The phone is in the car.

Mystery guy drives away seeing the PCR approaching them. Pragati heaves a sigh of relief. She picks up her phone but decides against telling him anything. I will tell him everything when I will meet him. She starts walking.

Raghbir wonders why Pragati isn’t picking his call. She does not even break traffic rules.

Pragati enters in the venue. It is beautifully decorated with candles, flowers and lights. She calls out Raghbir’s name and is greeted by a flower shower. Maahi Ve plays. Raghbir kneels down in front of her and extends his hand. Dance? She keeps her hand in his. He pulls

her closer for the dance. She looks down. He tells her a story. There was a broken, mad guy who was lost in his own world. A girl came in his life who held his hand and taught him about love. Falling in love is actually rising in love. She taught him not to look back or it will hurt a lot. You will feel all alone. Learn to live in today. Life is in present. I am that guy and that girl is you. She tries to talk but he keeps his finger on her lips. Only I will talk today and you will listen. You taught me how to rise after falling. You gave me a new life; taught me how beautiful life is. I thought alcohol is medicine but you taught me that prayers are stronger. Anyone can live in the dark easily. You taught me how to live in light. I wanted to say this to you since I realised it. All my feelings are from you. I have been meaning to tell you this. He cups her face. She hugs him out of fear as lights go off. He assures her that everything is fine. Why are you so afraid? She recalls her chance encounter with the mystery guy. He decides to check what has happened but she requests him not to leave her alone. He agrees to stay with her and reprimands the manager for the electricity cut. Light comes back in a minute. Raghbir asks Pragati why she got so afraid. What bothered you so much? She shakes her head. Raghbir holds her hand and is about to kiss it when he notices the scratches on her arm. What happened to you and how did you get hurt? She decides not to tell him the truth. A biker hit me when I was coming to meet you. He asks her why she dint tell him from there itself. She says everything would have been spoiled if I had called you there. He reasons that he did it all for her. You are most important. What if something had happened to you? You should have told me. Come what may, nothing should happen to you. Are you hurt somewhere else also? She shakes her head and hugs him. I wanted to tell you that I am your Baani but I couldn’t tell you. I also couldn’t tell you that the one who has killed your Baani tried to kill me today too. I don’t know who he is but he certainly knows who I am!

Raghbir tells the Inspector to find out who hurt his wife. Pragati requests him not to tell about the accident at home. He nods. They are greeted with many questions as soon as they enter inside the house. Shefali asks about Pragati’s saree. How did it get dirty? Raghbir gives an excuse. Badi Ma tells them to go out some other time. You will get many chances. Dev shares that they will get other chances too. I proposed Priya and she said yes. Priya shows her ring to everyone. Shefali teases Priya. Priya notices her mother’s worried face and asks her if she isn’t happy. Shalu says you should have told us before accepting it. What about your Baba? Gopi says I was only testing Dev. He has my nod already. Everyone smiles. Priya and Dev hug Gopi. He tells Dev to make sure his parents accept Priya with all their heart too. Raghbir assures him that he has tested Dev already. He knows me well. Nakul and Gopi tease Dev.

Pragati is thinking of all the incidents that have happened till date with her. I dint tell Raghbir about the other accidents. What if the mystery guy is tracked? She hears Raghbir talking to the Inspector. He is miffed hearing that the CCTV’s of that area weren’t working. She tells him she is completely fine. You don’t look good in this mood. She pats at his face as she requests him. He holds her close. Really? How do I look good? He teases her with his hand around her waist. He leans closer for a kiss but she takes Badi Ma’s name and runs away. Raghbir gets thinking.

The mystery man gets inside Pragati’s father’s house stealthily. Pragati’s father wakes up and heads to the kitchen to refill his bottle. Mystery man starts scanning Pragati’s room. Her father hears some noise and gets alert.

Raghbir has blindfolded Pragati and takes her upstairs. She is surprised to see the terrace beautifully decorated. When did you do this? He replies that he was busy planning this when she was gossiping with Priya, Nakul and Shefali. He does not let her see the menu and holds her close. What’s the rush? She gets Priya’s message. She may need something. He tells her to switch off the idiot box. She does not want to know anything. She only wants to know what we are doing here. She speaks of menu. What is it? He tells her to smell, taste and tell the name of the dish. She guesses it correctly. He tells Pragati to make her eyes stronger than her taste buds. My date would have flopped if a biker had killed you before my date!

Mystery guy reaches out for a suitcase when Pragati’s father calls out to see if someone is there. Mystery guy hides. Pragati’s father does not see anyone. He begins to go but then comes back inside to check. Mystery guy drops some stones on the floor from a nearby bowl. Pragati’s father loses his balance and hurts his head on the table. He does see someone jumping out of the window but then loses conscious. Blood droplets trickle on the floor.

Precap: Pragati thanks Raghbir for doing all this for her. No one has done this for me before. They share some cute, romantic moments.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Can some one say the plot story from beginning coz started to watch the show 5 6 days back and dont wnt to watch all epi because they r muted in youtube 😬😬😬
    How ragbir and pragati got married ?
    Who killed bani ?
    How bani returned as pragati ?
    N very imp is badi ma posative or negative coz she looks to good to be real 😜

    Pls some one narrate the story in short 🙁

    1. Exactly what I thought about badI ma bcoz all the shows I watched with sudha she is negative and I feel like she might turn out to be the mastermind behind harshits plan

      1. She was going to warn him the girl he’s marrying is only marrying him for revenge, but before could say anything she dress up as bride and got married
        -Ranbir brother murder bani and someone else which we don’t knw yet but family member
        -banis face was disfigured after accident so dey did plastic surgery
        -as for badi MA we also suspect her to be the brother’s partner but don’t know….. 🤔

      2. @Nthabiseng
        Ohh thank you so much 🙏🙏
        And ragbirs brother is harshit right ?

  2. @Nthabisen
    Yeah same here i feel she is the mastermind but cant judge because just started to watch the show 🙁
    So have no idae from beginning

  3. i think badi maa is main khiladi

  4. @Sharlene
    Thank you so much 🙏🙏

  5. Kunti is the main Mastermind behind the show

  6. Nakabugo irene

    I think it’s time for praghti to be open to Raghbil coz she is alone the Mistry guy is capable of doing any thing at any time she needs anther hand samehow
    And for the sake of Badima ohaaa a hidden devil I think is lnside her

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