Bepanah Pyaar 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati sleeps empty stomach

Bepanah Pyaar 7th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati comes in her room and closes the door hurriedly. She is shaken by Raghbir’s words / actions. She cries in a corner. The guy who was willing to give everything for my sake isn’t ready to give me even a penny today. No one even glanced at me! I cannot give up so easily. I have to fight with Badi Ma. I must bear everyone’s hatred if I have to win their trust.

Aditi says that girl came to this house as Pragati, married Raghbir, gained our love and has now backstabbed us now. She taunts Devraj who retorts that he did made a mistake in recognizing her. Will you stop now? Shefali tells Nakul not to talk to Dad like this. Priya tells her to stop. We have to focus on the main problem. Gopi suggests giving Pragati her share. Harshit says like Raghbir said, no one is even getting a penny. Gopi reasons that this is a legal matter. We wont be spared! Aditi seconds Gopi but Harshit tells them to stop. You have said enough. Kunti tells him to be quiet. She sits next to Raghbir. Pragati wants us to be her servants. I saw it that you were quiet in front of her. Have you melted already? He denies. She reasons that silence is not the answer here. it was your mistake to love her but we cannot let her do anything that she wants silently. Aditi says we must throw her out of the house. Raghbir heads to his room.

Raghbir knocks at his room’s door. He asks the servant to bring another key. He steps inside a bucket full of water upturns on him. Pragati laughs seeing him thus. Your head will cool down because of this. You wont succeed in your plan so it’s better to leave. He slips as he advances towards her. They slip on the bed and share an eye lock. Naino se Naina takraye plays. He steps away. Get out of here. she tells him that she wont be able to send her out. You are 49% shareholder and I hold 51% share. He asks her if she is threatening him. She calls it warning. You have insulted me enough by doing what you did outside just now. Don’t repeat it. He tells her that all this does not suit her after what she has done. You are a lie! I couldn’t understand it. She suggests him to find a legal way to throw her out of the house. Using force wont help you. Leave my room. He tells her to stay here if she wants to. This house will be no less than a jail for you! You can cry alone in a corner. No one will come to wipe your tears. Talk to the walls when you feel like as no one will speak to you. Stay here if you want to! He goes.

Aditi asks Raghbir to throw Pragati out of the house. Do something. Raghbir speaks of legal action. Harshit asks him if he is afraid of Pragati. Raghbir says I am not but I don’t want any of us to be in trouble because of legal action. Kunti seconds him. Priya asks her if they will stay like this. Kunti tells her to let it be. Raghbir walks away. They decide to have food. Priya says Raghbir left already. Kunti offers to give him food.

Kunti mixes something in Raghbir’s food. Harshit questions her on her recent actions. She replies that she has thought of everything. This medicine will only give pain to Raghbir. Do you think your Ma will let Raghbir rule the house? He bows down to her impressed. Someone should do your aarti as well. They both joke.

Pragati comes to kitchen. She is looking for food but the fridge is empty. Even the bowls are empty. She finds something but Aditi snatches the bowl from her just then. She throws the curry in dustbin. She instructs the servant to throw the leftover to the stray dogs. No outsider should get even a bit of food here! She glares at Pragati. You made a very big mistake by coming here. this family used to help you earlier but you will stay here as a beggar now. Raghbir looks on. He thinks of Kunti’s words. Pragati is headed to her room but Raghbir stands in her way. Did you understand if you are owner or a servant? You are worst than a servant as they get food from home. Welcome to hell, Pragati. She thinks she accepts being in Hell just to help him. I will make this hell heaven one day. He teases her as she does not retort. She goes to her room. Raghbir tells himself not to think about her when she dint care about his feelings.

Raghbir comes inside the room while is sleeping peacefully. He throws water on her. She wakes up with a start. He says you wont be able to sleep peacefully as you have kept me away. I thought to give you water as you seemed thirsty. Are you angry? It proves that all the emotions are dead inside you. She thanks him for caring for her. May God give a husband like you to everyone. He says no one should get a wife like you though. She completes his sentence. I know you will make my life hell. Try some new line next time. He experiences pain the next second. She gets concerned but he tells her not to call doctor. She tells him to lie still for a minute. Are you fine now? He tells her to stop showing fake concern to him. My family, my Badi Ma are here for me. I can bear this pain but I wont bear it if you will hurt my family. He leaves. Pragati and Raghbir think of the old times. They both look at each other.

Precap: Raghbir asks Pragati why she told the delivery guy that her husband will pay money. She says who else I will ask then. I have credit card but it’s in the bag. He asks her if she is using him like her credit card. She replies that that’s what women do outside.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Pragati is slaying thanks for the updates

    1. Pooja

      Most welcome Vani 🙂

  2. Even their fights are romantic..Pragati nailed it ..

  3. Great episode after long time, bit of emotions, humour and long time romance too. Looking forward to upcoming episodes really love their bond a lot ❤️ Thank you Pooja always for great updates ?

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome Khushi 🙂 Happy weekend to you 🙂

  4. Raghbir and Pragathi’s fights are so cute.Hope that Pragathi quickly wins Raghbir and the whole family’s love and trust again.

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