Bepanah Pyaar 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sukaniya traps Raghbir more

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Bepanah Pyaar 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati says to father that I didnt like Sanket’s uncle, he was staring at me. Father says you should have told me, tell me about Sanket. Pragati says he was too busy with his phone like Raghbir. Father says why you keep talking about him? Pragati says he is weird.. She sees her father snoring and says he slept? She smiles and covers him with sheet. She sees Sanket’s message that I liked meeting you, sorry I talk less. Pragati smiles and says its okay. He says I am not that boring. She sees Raghbir calling and picks it up. Raghbir asks her to go to Rajshree. Pragati says at this time now? Raghbir says you are my employee. Car is waiting. She ends call and tells her father that Raghbir is calling work, I will come soon, she leaves.

Raghbir sits in car and says Sukaniya you are gone now.
Pragati sees car outside and goes to Rajshree. Someone is following her.

Pragati meets Raghbir and says I got Rajshree’s card which she used to go to Sukaniya’s house. She gives him card. Sukaniya’s man sees them together. Raghbir says we are going to her house. She says this is wrong, I am not going. She tries to leave but he holds her hand and brings her in car again. Pragati says this card is active for 24 hours only and only 1 hour is left.

Raghbir’s mother says to Misha that Raghbir did wrong so leave him. Misha’s father says what is this? Misha says he doesnt care about me.

Pragati goes to Sukaniya’s house using her card. She throws card from balcony to Raghbir. Raghbir tries to go inside house but guard stops him and asks who is he? He says Singhania called me, you want me to leave? Guard lets him inside.

Misha says that Raghbir is behind Sukaniya, he is lying about her. His brother says that Raghbir challenged to bring their truth out.

Pragati says to Raghbir that I did your work, can I go back now? Raghbir says all will eye me if I go alone in party. Pragati says we should leave. Raghbir puts mask one her face and says we have to go. She holds his hand and goes in party with him. He says we have to go to in her room. They see people everywhere. Host announces for dance. Pragati says I cant. he says shut up and starts dancing with her. Raghbir looks around. Pragati says this is wrong. Raghbir says why are you helping? Pragati says I am like that, I like to help others and follow them. I am scared. Raghbir says throw away your fear. He leaves with her.

Man comes to Raghbir’s car and takes USB from there.

Raghbir comes to Sukaniya’s room with Pragati. He turns on lights and looks around. Pragati says she is lying. Raghbir says but we dont have proofs. Pragati says we should check her office. He tries to open her door but its locked and card expired.
In party, security guard gets message from blocked entry machine and tells it to Sukaniya.
Raghbir asks Pragati to hide outside window. He lifts her and puts her outside window ledge. Sukaniya comes in room and sees Raghbir, she says you deny us infront of all but come to my room like this? this is not London where you can deny me. Raghbir says shut up, you are nothing to me, my life and wife was Bani, I was in trauma in last 3 years. Sukaniya says I was with you for 6 months, you were drunk every night, I was with you to make you sleep, eat and even wipe your vomits, I remember everything, I listened to your stories about Bani, we laughed and cried together, I made you leave alcohol, I brought you out of that trauma, you even said that you love me. Flashback shows how Raghbir was drunk. Sukaniya helps him. Raghbir says why you help me so much? Dont know what happened to me. Flashback ends. Sukaniya says then you left me one day and said you cant do this? Pragati hides outside window and says they both seem to tell truth. Raghbir says to Sukaniya that nice story but you are lying, we didnt have a affair. Sukaniya tries to stop him but they fall down on bed. Raghbir pushes her away and says stay away from me. He leaves.

Scene 2
Balijit and Misha’s family comes to Devraj’s house. Raghbir rolls his eyes seeing them. They all sit together. Beeji asks Misha what is her decision? She goes to Raghbir and says I cant leave him, I will do this marriage, she hugs him and asks if he is angry? He says why? for your yes or not saying no? She laughs and says I am sorry for doubting you against that Sukaniya. Sukaniya’s manager comes there and shows Raghbir and Sukaniya’s photos on bed together. Rai Singhania calls Devraj and says he says he doesnt have a relation with daughter but do you see photos? He ends call. Raghbir sees photo and says they dont have good lighting. Raghbir’s brother asks why he went to their house? Raghbir says to find proofs against her. He thinks that she proved herself right before I could prove her wrong, why she is doing all this?

PRECAP- Pragati’s father tells her that if God wants to give you happiness today then take it.
Raghbir’s brother tells him that dont mess with Singhania, he is a powerful man and will destroy us.
Singhania says to Devraj that your son made fun of my daughter, not anymore, now he has to marry her or go to jail. Sukaniya smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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