Bepanah Pyaar 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir confronts Sukaniya

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Bepanah Pyaar 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghbir breaks everything in house hearing tera waada song on tape. He asks guard who was playing this? Guard says I dont know.

Raghbir comes to his office and recalls Bani’s words that she needs a simple wedding. He falls down and says I just have your memories with me. He sings kia hua tera waada.. he cries and breakdowns. He hears some noise and goes in corridor. He grabs the girl and asks who are you? She says Pragati.. Raghbir recalls how he used to pin Bani like this. Pragati says I was called in office to send papers to London office. Raghbir brings her to window and says tell media that I am alone here. Pragati tells media that Raghbir is not here. Sukaniya comes there and asks media to not interfere in their lives, let him live calmly. Pragati says aww how cute. Press shows her photo with Raghbir. Pragati sees her social media and shows his and Sukaniya intimate picture. She says they are together.

Misha says to family that Raghbir promised to not cheat me. He said that he will not cheat on me. Raghbir’s father Devraj comes there and says to Misha’s father that Raghbir promised Misha and he will marry her, if Raghbir says he doesnt know this girl then trust him. Father says okay we trust you. He tells Devraj that Sukaniya is Singhania’s daughter, he can bring us on road, why she is doing all this?

Pragati asks Raghbir if she can leave? He says I will drop you. Raghbir brings Pragati in his car. He asks his driver to drop her off.

Raghbir is sleeping at night and sees dream of loving Bani… He dreams about her falling from cliff again. He wakes up. Devraj brings psychologist. Doctor says its good that we can talk about your condition. Raghbir says I dont care what you say. His mother shows reporters talking ill about Raghbir and trusting Sukaniya against him. Doctor says you need help. Raghbir says I went to London, went for dinner, media was there and must have snapped our pictures, I was drunk and forgot it. Brother says we know that you loved Bani too much. Doctor says you loved her too much that you dont accept loving someone else thats why when you fell in love with Sukaniya.. Raghbir says dont you.. I loved Bani and will love her only, she is only one in my life. Doctor says this is PTSD, mind only remembers selective memory, your heart liked Sukaniya but you mind didnt accept it so you forgot her. Raghbir says I will talk to Sukaniya only.

Scene 2
Pragati scolds her father for eating ghee. He asks her to get ready as groom’s family is coming, he gets emotional. Pragati says dont worry, he asks her to not work too much, you are working for my surgery, she says your heart needs it.

Raghbir says to his employees that you couldnt find Sukaniya? Pragati comes there. He asks if she is in his team? She says no. He asks her to leave. Pragati says Rajshree is my friend, she works in a SPA and Sukaniya booked appointment there today. Raghbir takes her from there. He brings car infront of Pragati away from media. She sit in car, he drives away.

Raghbir comes to SPA with Pragati. He says I want to meet Sukaniya, manager says you cant go inside, she is in middle of session. Raghbir goes in room. Sukaniya says he doesnt stop. He is my special guest, let him come inside. Guard tries to take Pragati away but Raghbir says leave her hand or else I will break your hand. Sukaniya asks Raghbir if they can talk inside? Pragati thinks take him and keep talking. She leaves from there. Sukaniya brings Raghbir in room. All girls leave except one. She gets stuck in room. Sukaniya brings Raghbir on balcony. She says I am happy to see you here. Raghbir says stop it, you think this is a joke? whats your agenda? Sukaniya says you think I am joking? I should have forgotten marriage and promises. Raghbir says I just met you in a party, why are you lying? Sukaniya shows him bracelet and says you cant forget this? Raghbir recalls how he gifted that bracelet to Bani and she promised to not let it go even after death. Raghbir thinks it was with me after Bani died then how she has it?

PRECAP- Raghbir forcefully takes bracelet from Sukaniya’s hands. She says dont do this, this is our love’s identity. He doesnt listen and leaves. Sukaniya cuts her wrist.
Raghbir looks at bracelet and says you are just perfect Bani, what was yours will remain yours.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. most of Ekta’s serials are about rich and affluent families of the society and the romance between the Prince Charming of that family with a middle class girl…it is almost a decade since that simple and beautiful love story between Manav and Archana was telecast…Can never forget Pavitra Rishta….we can not complain against Jodha Akbar …they looked natural because they were not fictious characters….Really getting bored of these larger than life characters,gaudy settings and large,artificial and noisy joint families….I do love joint family settings but I could not make out who is who in Raghbir’s family…time for Ekta to concentrate on simple joys of life which certainly come without the vulgar glitter of wealth…she should not produce stereotypical stories and force them on the viewers using her clout in TV business….Disappointed with this serial as nothing new in it….typical Ekta’s brand..

  2. When i watch this serial’s promo i think it will interesting to watch it but my whole expectation goes away. Ekta mam should create serials like pavitra rishta.

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