Bepanah Pyaar 2nd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir’s new avatar

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Bepanah Pyaar 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghbir says all that shouldn’t have happened, happened between us. There was no one else and you were so drunk. You would have recalled some of the most beautiful moments of that beautiful night if you were in your senses. She thinks she wanted to first tell him that she is his Baani. Raghbir continues his story. She says I wasn’t in my senses but you could have controlled the situation. He says no one can control themselves in such situations even when they are in their sense but I was also inebriated. She murmurs against it. He insists he couldn’t control himself or the situation. She asks him why he couldn’t. He smiles. Nothing happened between us. She calls it a lie even though he insists he isn’t lying now. Relax. Nothing happened between us. I swear on the bottle. She still refuses

to believe him. What you said earlier was true. He swears upon her. I may not be in my senses but I wont do any such thing. I told you that I may look bad but I am not a bad guy in reality! The owner of the house enters. Pragati goes to change clothes. Raghbir takes the lady outside. She complains of his clothes and how he took her out of her own house. He calls her Amma which irritates her. He calls her Madonna. She does not know who she is. He tells her and continues to praise her. She asks him if she had been trapped in rain with him then would he have been with her too. He says I wouldn’t have even looked at her (Pragati) if you were there. She says you have a good body but the girl with you is extremely thin! He seconds her opinion. Pragati is watching them from inside.

Devraj finds out info about Raghbir’s car. He receives Raghbir’s call just then. Raghbir looks at Pragati. I will make her eat something first and then we will come together. Badi Ma agrees. Tell her father too. He agrees. Aditi is yet again miffed that Raghbir is concerned about Pragati even in this situation but Badi Ma tells her to be glad that they are fine.

Raghbir says she weighed 150 kgs. You don’t know how it feels when such a lady hits you! My arm is still hurting. She reminds him that he had called her Madonna a while ago. Raghbir asks the driver to switch on radio. The weather is turning hot here. Main to Raste Se Ja Raha Tha plays. Raghbir dances on it. Pragati ends up smiling. Raghbir tells the driver to switch it off. He turns to Pragati. I really like one thing about you. You are like namkeen mixture. You are sometimes sour sometimes sweet. Driver says even I think the same about my wife. Raghbir advises him to put his earphones on. Don’t listen to what we are saying. Driver obliges. Raghbir shouts to confirm he isn’t eavesdropping now.

Raghbir asks Pragati her favourite song. She is about to say it but stops. Time is changing. My favourite song is also changing with time. She asks him his favourite song. He replies that for her, it is time which is changing but for him, his entire life is changing and so is the song. She asks him what’s changing. He says I am changing as my life is changing. Everything starting from love, relations, friends! The most important thing right now in my life is trust. I worry what if my trust is broken. Raghbir removes one earphone from the driver and asks him to stop the car. He gives double money to the driver. Raghbir suggests a combination which Pragati finds weird but the driver praises it. Raghbir puts his earphone back on.

Pragati eats Maggi with tea. Raghbir asks her to feed him too. She gladly agrees. He compliments the food. Another guy sitting at the stall says tea tastes good when they will pour it in the saucer and drink it from the saucer. Raghbir talks to him in his style. I am also from the same place and we have also drunk tea in a similar manner since childhood. He takes two saucers. Pragati and Raghbir drink it from the saucer.

Raghbir and Pragati enter home and are flooded with concern. Harshit thinks so many people died in the riots but Pragati is still alive! Tina asks Raghbir why he is getting so much concerned about Pragati. You used to care about Baani the same way. Raghbir walks up to her and smiles. You may think I will get upset hearing Baani’s name but it wont happen now. Wouldn’t Harshit Bhaiya have gone out to save you? They would, right? Everyone would do it for their family members. Tina walks away quietly. Devraj asks Raghbir why he dint react. Raghbir replies that he has stopped reacting now. I have started understanding life. I have understood that happiness lies in accepting all hurdles. Pragati smiles. Devraj asks him what happened in one night. Raghbir gives a reply which touches his father’s heart. He hugs him. God bless you son. Raghbir smiles.

Raghbir and Pragati come to their room. Raghbir says we wont have to sleep on the floor atleast. We dint even have pillow yesterday. He goes to freshen up. She has a shy smile on her face as she thinks of last night.

Everyone is seated at the dining table. Badi Ma asks about Shefali who comes downstairs wearing a saree. Nakul teases her. She tells him to say anything. I don’t care. Priya is also surprised. Shefali speaks of environment. I am only focusing on that from now onwards. She also refuses to have breakfast. Priya receives Dev’s call. Badi Ma, Gopi and Shalu tell her to go. Priya hugs her Papa before leaving. Devraj says I am so happy to see everyone genuinely happy.

Pragati is lost in thoughts. Raghbir asks her to take out his shirt. He notices her standing by the bookshelf lost in her own world. Maahi Ve plays. Raghbir walks up to her and whispers in Pragati’s ears from behind. You are thinking about me right? She turns around startled. It isn’t true. She shakes her head. He asks her again. She says I was thinking about something else. Do you want something? He asks for his shirt. She asks him if he will wear the shirt she will chose. He says I will wear the shirt chosen by my wife certainly. She smiles.

Precap: Pragati tells Raghbir to do his work on his own. Who will do it when I am gone? He gets tensed. What will I do? Earlier there was Baani and now it’s you! I must forget Baani to move on. Will you meet my Baani? She looks at him in surprise / shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Interesting hmm let’s wait for tomorrow and see what he means by that remark about meeting Bani.

  2. I love this serial thanks for updating

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